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Thursday, October 12, 2006

10 Q's with MIKEY JONES (KICK)

Mikey Jones has just released a rather splendid solo album 'The Light Of Day'. He is also a member of UK hard rockers KICK and before that released one album as part of FREEFALL.

1.What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Well, today I’m signing copies of my new solo album for those that have kindly ordered a copy from my website…At the moment we have a deal, whereby the first 20 people get two copies of the CD, one for themselves and another for a mate…I am also considering the idea of doing a video for DRUNK ON EMOTION, as this track has caught the ears of several radio DJs… I would love to play live and hopefully, I’ll be able to give some news on that soon!

2.Could you take us through the songs (e.g. ideas behind the songs) on your excellent solo album..?

The album is definitive of what I like to sing and play, which is a mixture of hard-hitting power-rock and radio-friendly-rock, with big drums, majestic keyboards and monster guitar riffs; examples of which can be heard on SUFFOCATING, WHO…? and title track, THE LIGHT OF DAY …However, there are some more moodier/atmospheric moments and I think AS ONE and LAMENT work well along side the heavier stuff…I have kept the lyrics as simple as possible - each has a story to tell and I hope that the listener can relate well to them…DRUNK ON EMOTION was a track I wrote for my wife on our wedding day last year – you can’t get more personal than that!

3.What does the future hold for Kick? Have the band been frustrated at the lack of promotion behind Kick when signed to Sanctuary, a label that doesn't seem very good at breaking newer bands?

KICK had to take a break because Chris (KICK guitarist), Nick (KICK vocalist) and I had other more personal commitments in our lives, which required attention… However, Nick has recently recorded a cool new album called OPEN MINDS with his band EDEN - and of course, I completed my album…Time is a commodity which defies us all, it seems, but use of time is very important -KICK took up a lot of time and NEW HORIZON (KICK’s third album) was enjoyable to record, but other avenues opened up and one seeks to destroy, so to speak! Sanctuary could have broken the KICK, but you can’t tie a shoe properly with a short lace, because soon or later it’ll slip off! Hmmm…. frustration is part of the game, I’m afraid to say!

4.What have been the live highlights so far and why?

KICK enjoyed the tours more than anything else - that is the life and I’m pleased to say that I sampled the big venues, played in front of a three thousand strong crowd and have the memories that so many musicians hope to have…The THUNDER tour in 1999 was tremendous – we were on cloud ten and things looked great for KICK…but the MAGNUM tour of 2002 was my personal favourite, because we all mucked in, appreciated the venues and those that paid to come and watch – it was superb - I want those times again!

5. What happened to Freefall after the 'Rebel Hard' album and any future plans to maybe re-releasoude this album? (An underated gem IMHO!)

Thank you for the compliment! The FREEFALL album was released in 1996 and Chris and I were happy with the sales, which amounted to about eight thousand copies, including our first taste of ‘success’ in Japan… KICK was born a year later and I was happy enough to pass the vocals to Nick Workman, so as to concentrate on the songwriting - Sanctuary signed KICK in 1998, so we were even happier with the career progression… There are no plans to re-release REBEL HARD, but hey, the tenth anniversary is upon us here, so who knows!!!

6. How do you think you have developed musically over the past year or so? Any other bands out there that have caught your eye?

I am happy to say that I am enjoying songwriting more than ever…I am at an age now that I can fully appreciate that I have something of a talent and using it to good effect… I believe that my vocals have improved and, I’ve always been a ‘frustrated’ lead guitarist hoping to throw some shapes at venues up and down the land! I love FEEDER and recently got into MUSE and GREEN DAY, but my heart is still fond of the eighties rock movement… U2 are just amazing!

7. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

I was 17 years old when I started playing at London venues, such as Dingwalls and the old Marquee Club, so a real baptism by fire… Recording songs was another skill to learn and to write songs, that people would give two hoots about, meant several more years of dedication… I dare anyone to get out there and take the initial criticisms and heartache, and to strive for the chance to secure that elusive record contract… It took many years to achieve for me, but you can’t knock anyone who has a go…go get!

8. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

Every time I pick up a guitar, there is a tale to tell and that is the beauty of making music! But I guess you want to hear a good rock and roll story, huh? One that comes to mind is when we were on the THUNDER tour 1999, playing Nottingham Rock City – after the show, we took the stairs down to the dressing room and there standing on the table were two girls, each in skimpy rock-chick outfits – tight miniskirts, leather boots, black lace – you get the picture? One of the girls said, ‘If you sing the stripper tune, we’ll take our clothes off’, so we did, and they did - but one of the girls left her knickers on, daring one of us to take them off with our teeth…Naughty by very, very NICE, though difficult to sing the stripper tune when you’re mouth is otherwise engaged … Now tell me you don’t want to be in a rock band!!!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

TIME – there’s that four-letter word again! When I’m not indulging in writing songs, I have a gorgeous wife and border collie to take out on days off… I like to do a lot of walking and often, I take songs ideas with me and choose the melodies as I exercise… I am blessed with where I live and there is a pub about two minutes walk away and a huge common around the corner – could a rock star be any happier?

10. Message to your fans...

On behalf of all musicians – THANK YOU for buying the albums, it is always a pleasure and I hope to see you in the near future…KEEP ROCK ALIVE – you’re doing a brilliant job so far!


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