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Friday, October 06, 2006

THE SISTERS OF MERCY have confirmed that they are working on a new album, although plans for the release of a series of singles - starting with a track called 'Summer' - before the album release have been abandoned.

PRINCE has contributed a brand new track, 'Song Of The Heart', to the soundtrack of a new animated film 'Happy Feat'. The soundtrack also features a version of Prince's 'Kiss' from Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman who voice characters for the movie.

The Wolfmen: Kama Sutra
7" vinyl and download, release date: 20 November 2006
Label: Damaged Goods, DAMGOOD 272

Kama Sutra is the debut single from The Wolfmen, following hot on the heels of August’s limited edition Jackie Says EP. Damaged Goods – the label that brought you the Manic Street Preachers and, more recently, Holly Golightly – says there’s “a bit of a T-Rex flavour” to Kama Sutra and calls the B-side, TV’s On John Wayne’s Been Shot Again, “a mad 2 minute punk techno noise fest.”
Jackie Says received massive radio support in the summer, with airplay from Jonathan Ross, Phil Jupitus, Mark Lamarr, Marc Riley and Gary Crowley. Blog site says “There is a real sense of 'now' about what The Wolfmen are doing... Some of the smartest, most concise pieces of pop you are going to hear this year. Fact.” And the BBC website declared “Is (Marco & Chris') music as necessary in 2006 as it was nearly 30 years ago? In a word, yes. In more words, too f***ing right it is.”
The Wolfmen are Marco Pirroni (guitars) and Chris Constantinou (vocals/bass). Marco first appeared on stage alongside Sid Vicious in Siouxsie and The Banshees and, with Adam and The Ants, he co-wrote five number one singles and two number one albums. In the 90s he joined Sinead O’Connor as co-writer and guitarist. Chris joined Adam Ant’s band in 1982 and went on to work with Junior Vasquez and Guy Chambers, and, in the 90s, formed Jackie Onassid and toured with Iggy Pop.
Also out now: Granny Takes A Trip on SonyBMG/Only Lovers Left Alive (Marco’s own label). Psychedelic sounds from 1960s London’s coolest boutique featuring Johnny Kid & The Pirates, Velvet Underground and The Byrds.

Mark Mondesir will be the drummer GLENN HUGHES upcoming tour.

"Following the triumphant success that was the Listening Party at The Bolt Hole in London on October 3rd, we're extremely happy to announce that "Robert Johnson's Tombstone", the 8th Thunder studio LP, will go on sale as of October 30th.
It's being hailed by some as their best LP to date. Some say that, like the great man himself, they've sold their collective soul to the Devil, and that's how the LP became so great. Others say they simply bought one on special from Sainsbury's and sold that to him, but you'll have to be the judge of that.

For online customers only, "Robert Johnson's Tombstone" is going to made available with a limited edition bonus acoustic CD. Entitled "The Tombstone Acoustic Session", it features 4 of the songs from the new LP. All 4 were re-arranged and re-recorded specifically for this limited edition, and whilst we don't want to spoil the surprise, we can say they offer a very different take from the versions on the LP. The "stay late" attendees of the Listening Party will no doubt testify to that. Please note that "The Tombstone Acoustic Session" is not available separately, it is only available as part of the 2 CD deal with "Robert Johnson's Tombstone", and you will not find it in the shops.
Please also note that it's a strictly limited edition CD, so once stocks sell out, the 2 CD deal will end and "Robert Johnson's Tombstone" will revert to a single regular CD. Then the only place you'll be able to get a copy will on eBay or similar auction sites, and if past history is anything to go by, they won't be cheap, so don't hang about, pre-order NOW to avoid disappointment".
For more information you can visit Thunder's official website at

New interview with TNT's TONY MILLS


Skid Row “Revolutions Per Minute” SPV (Cat No 80001014)

Continuing on the course started by 2003’s “Thick Skin” album, Skid Row are about to release new album “Revolutions Per Minute”- a modern sounding album that sits nicely alongside their familiar back catalogue. Indeed there are a number of tracks that would fit nicely on their earlier albums- “Nothing”, opening track “Disease”, the crunching “Another Dick In The System” and my favourite track on the album “Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me”. There is also an outstanding cover of The Alarms “Strength” that is well worth checking out.
With the band sounding fresh and with vocalist Johnny Solinger more than capable of filling Sebastian Bachs boots, the only downside to this album are the “tongue in cheek” sounding tracks. Whilst “White Trash” gets away with it and countrified (buts gets louder!!) bonus track “You Lie” just about getting away with it, there is also the Pogues-like, Celtic sounding “When God Can’t Wait”- I’ll think you’ll find he can!!

Tracks to burn? “Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me”, “Nothing”, “Strength” and “Disease”
Why Buy? All in all a good album worthy of the Skid Row name.

Nikk Gunns 3 out of 5

Rattlesnake Remedy “Magic Man” BEM Records

There are a number of great British bands at the moment that, although not well know, are releasing albums and Rattlesnake Remedy are amongst the best of them.
In “Magic Man” they are releasing an album that is not afraid of putting ballads such as “Don’t Say Goodbye” and slower blues numbers like “Freestyle” in with the AC/DC style sleaze of debut single “Drag You Down”. You can hear the influence of great bands like AC/DC, GnR, The Stones and Led Zeppelin throughout. Other outstanding tracks here include “Reach For the Line” and “Nothing Right”.

Tracks to Burn? “Drag You Down”, “Freestyle” and “Nothing Right”.
Why Buy? A good band live and a record worthy of a bit of success.

Nikk Gunns 3 out of 5

The Dunes ”Socializing w/life” Curve Music (Cat No Curv 7)

Toronto band The Dunes new CD ”Socializing w/life” crafts together parts of both Radiohead and Coldplay and even throw in a hint of The Stereophonics- whilst still maintaining there own sound.
The standout tracks here are “Now”, “Calling All Cars”, Do It All The Time” and “Rio Grande”. Not an album that will suit everyone’s tastes but it does grow on you.

Tracks to Burn? “Now”, “Calling All Cars”, Do It All The Time” and “Rio Grande”
Why Buy? If you like Coldplay and Radiohead then this album will please you.

Nikk Gunns 2 out of 5.

3milehigh “S/T” Global Music Development (Cat No GMDCD003)

Yet another great new British band worth checking out. Leeds based 3milehighs self-titled debut album is a good modern sounding record. There are a number of outstanding tracks on this CD including first single “Always Watching”, “Plastic Superstar”, “Cardboard World” and definite single material “Adrenalin”.

Tracks to Burn? “Always Watching”, “Cardboard World” and “Adrenalin”.
Why Buy? Fans of the Foo Fighters will love this CD

Nikk Gunns 4 out of 5

Nemo “Life Span” Deepsee Records

“Life Span” is a 3 track electronic punk pop debut single that is an edgier sounding Kaiser Chiefs- especially on the title track, “5 Min. Heroes” has an 80’s feel to it whilst “Truth or Die” is overly electronic.
Certainly worthy of chart entry and a band that would be good to catch live.

Nikk Gunns 2 out of 5


BACKYARD BABIESNov. 20th - Oxford Zodiac
Nov. 21st - Dudley JB's
Nov. 22nd - Manchester Academy 3
Nov. 23rd - London Mean Fiddler

Dec 10th - Dudley JB's
Dec 11th - London Camden Underworld
Dec 12th - Sheffield Corporation
Dec 13th - Liverpool Barfly


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