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Monday, October 09, 2006

Interview – Krokus (Marc Storace)

Interview – Krokus (Marc Storace) for web site Get Ready To Rock!
by Joe Geesin.

1). New album “Hellraiser”’s rather good. How do you feel about it?

MS. “I think it’s the best one since “Metal Rendezvous” and “Headhunter” even
though the new touch is hard to compare!!!”

2). Vibes in the band must be good right now?

MS. “They are fantastic!!! We are gearing up to tour and have worked a
generous amount of new songs into our live set.”

3) Why did long time guitarist Fernando Von Arb move on?

MS. “He basically did not want to tour.”

4). It must feel good to have Mandy Meyer (g) back in the band?

MS. “It’s very good to have someone who is very enthusiastic about the band
and our music sharing the stage with us again. On top of that, this is more like his
home coming.”

5). The new album mixes that old Krokus sound with some more melodic and mature songs, even the odd ballad. Was that intentional?

MS. “It all happened quite naturally and unforced, actually. This was a very turbulent
but also the most creatively and productive writing period of my life! In the
end we chose the songs best suited for Krokus. Our previous "studio" album
did not contain a ballad, so it was high time!”

6). Your previous album, a double live set, did quite well didn’t it?

MS. “Yes, “Fire & Gasoline” reached No.6 in the Swiss Charts. That’s
marvellous considering it’s a double-"live" album. Not many "live" albums ever make
it in the charts at all!!! On the other hand it also contains 20 great
Krokus classics and captures a phenomenally great atmosphere.......?”

The full interview will appear shortly online at


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