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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Music Nation to Launch Global Music Talent Search Using the Power of Local Radio, Viral Distribution and Emerging Technology

Clear Channel Radio to Provide Backbone to Bring Contest Alive in the U.S
Epic Records, Mercury Records, Typhoon/EMI to Distribute Music

NEW YORK, October 19, 2006 – Committed to uncovering genuine, fresh music talent through emerging channels and connected communities, artist development company Music Nation is launching an online video music competition to empower both new and established musicians across the globe. Agreements have been reached with Clear Channel Radio, Epic Records (U.S.), Typhoon/EMI (Asia) and Mercury Records (Europe and Latin America).

Music Nation will accept entries for the U.S. competition in mid-November for free – inviting musicians and bands ages 13 and older to submit their video entries in the rock, pop and/or urban genres at or local radio station websites for a chance to be among three winners of a recording contract with Epic Records. Beginning January 1, 2007, entrants will submit $25 with their videos to compete. In addition, the winners will be showcased on STRIPPED, Clear Channel Radio’s exclusive in-studio performance series.

Local radio personalities will drive artist participation, host weekly webisodes, promote local performances of contestants and provide on-air support, tapping into Clear Channel Radio’s audience of 110 million weekly listeners and network of 1,200 stations.

“The music space has evolved. Music fans are online and they find music virally and through communities. They cannot be told what to listen to – word of mouth determines what becomes a hit,” said Daniel Klaus, CEO Music Nation, Inc. “These partnerships will help us make a difference to bring more music to the forefront that people want to hear.”

“We are committed to artist development and the role that our listeners play in finding new music. The Music Nation team has chosen an innovative approach that works well with what radio does best – foster local communities,” said Evan Harrison, executive vice president of Clear Channel Radio and head of the company’s Online unit. “This competition is a tremendous opportunity for listeners to uncover and champion local musicians.”

"Partnering with Music Nation's expertise in emerging technologies will enable us to find talent in a more organic and natural fashion,” said Charlie Walk, President of Epic Records. “This will truly be a powerful scouting tool for untapped talent and is a modern step towards revamping the way we find great artists."

"The creativity and consumer-driven concept behind Music Nation will help Typhoon/EMI to enhance, evolve and extend its current business model in a new and exciting way,” said Norman Cheng, Chairman, Typhoon/EMI Music Asia. "It will also provide us with a unique audio and visual opportunity, something that will introduce consumers to a new generation of artists."

Music Nation has created a business model that harnesses emerging channels such as IPTV and a connected community to cultivate and empower new and established musicians. The company’s founders bring extensive experience in the record industry, artist management/development, Internet media and e-commerce technologies.

After the U.S. launch, Music Nation competitions in other markets will roll out throughout 2007.


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