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Friday, November 03, 2006

Former CHIMAIRA/SOILWORK drummer Richard Evensand is currently in the studio recording drums for the comeback album by LION'S SHARE. Photos from the recording session can be viewed at the band's MySpace page at Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Toxication Rave", "Cult Of Denial", "Bloodstained Soil", "Trafficking", and "Emotional Coma". Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has already recorded a guest solo for the song "The Edge of the Razor". The new album will be the group's fifth, with the first four having been released by Century Media and Massacre Records between 1995 and 2001. LION'S SHARE's upcoming CD will mark the band's debut with new singer Patrik Johansson (also in ASTRAL DOORS), who replaced Tony Niva in 2005. reports that VAN HALEN has officially hired 15-year-old Wolfgang Van Halen — the son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen and estranged wife Valerie Bertinelli, and nephew of drummer Alex Van Halen — as the new bassist for the band. A ROTH era reunion is rumoured for next year.

THE WILDHEARTS have announced the addition of bassist Scott Sorry (BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, AMEN) to the group's ranks. The band's current lineup — Sorry, Ginger (guitar/vocals), C.J. (Chris Jaghdar; guitar/vocals) and Ritch Battersby (drums) — will make its live debut at a special one-off Christmas show at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall on December 21. Ginger says: "The show will be filmed for a future DVD and promo video so come and get yer beautiful faces in on the action."

RHINO BUCKET’s drummer Jackie Enx has left the band.

As a result of the recent competition Thunder ran to choose unsigned bands to support them on their upcoming tour Thunder have announced details of the winners and the bands that will support them on their UK dates in November. The full list is as follows (good to see GLYDER make it!):
15th Nov Plymouth Pavilions - Vitriolic
17th Nov Llandudno North Wales Theatre - Vitriolic
18th Nov Oxford Apollo - Instill
20th Nov Portsmouth Guildhall - Instill
21st Nov Wolverhampton Civic Hall - Even Nine
22nd Nov London Forum - Even Nine
24th Nov Manchester Academy - Glyder
25th Nov Newcastle City Hall - Glyder
27th Nov Sheffield City Hall - Glyder
28th Nov Glasgow Academy - Rosewood
29th Nov Inverness Ironworks - Rosewood


REWIRED-The Electric Collection
Release Date Nov 14th 2006

UNICORN DIGITAL is proud to announce that Guitarist Daryl Stuermer has signed a deal with the label to release his new solo album
Daryl Stuermer’s new CD Rewired - the Electric Collection signals a renaissance and vital shift in musical direction for the Genesis/Phil Collins guitarist. Stuermer, formerly with fusion violinist Jean-Luc Ponty (1975-1978) and Genesis (1978-1992) as well as an essential part of Phil Collins' band since 1982, has chosen a collection representing aggressive, edgy, guitar centric compositions.
Rewired is an opportunity for electric guitar to take the spotlight. Newly edited and completely re-mastered, Rewired is a must-have for anyone interested in the artist’s remarkable career. File under: guitar heavy rock/jazz.
This is a Daryl’s first solo release since his Urban Island Music releases, Rewired will be unveiled, worldwide on UNICORN DIGITAL, November 14, 2006.
You can visit the Daryl Stuermer's web site here:

Lots of news this time around!
First off, thank you to all the UK and European fans who came out in
full force to the Y&T shows this September & October. You guys made
for an exciting and successful tour that the band thoroughly enjoyed.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who braved the extreme heat of the venue and
had their faces melted for the DVD shoot on October 8 in Zoetermeer,
The Netherlands. People came from all over Europe, the UK (and even
the States!) to be a part of the first-ever Y&T DVD! Thank you for
making it a FANTASTIC show!
The DVD will be released in late spring/early summer 2007. Check the
web site often for "sneak preview" clips of the upcoming DVD. And be
sure to check out the Discussion Forum from time to time for updated
DVD information posted by Dave Meniketti.

Don't miss the annual Y&T Mystic Theatre weekend! It's such a special
event that people fly in from all over the world to attend. This
weekend always SELLS OUT so get your tickets now while there are still
some available. Ron Keel opens both nights. For ticket information,
go the Tour Dates page of the web site and click the Mystic Theatre
OK all you parents, you've been asking for a Y&T show where you can
bring your kids. Now you have one! Friday night's Mystic Theatre
show is 16 & over (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).
If you have a child younger than 16 that you'd like to bring with you,
you can always try calling the venue to ask permission.

New Y&T tee shirts have just arrived! If you attended any of the
shows in 2006 (or even if you wished you could have, but couldn't make
it), you'll want to get one of the 2006 Tour Dates shirts to
commemorate the year. These new shirts have *ALL* of the 2006 tour
dates on the back and the Y&T logo on the front. Many people have
been asking for a shirt with the Y&T logo on the front, so there you
have it! Order yours today from the Merchandise page of the web site.
Just a reminder that once a shirt design is sold out, it's gone!!!!
We have a limited quantity of the Black Tiger/Mean Streak re-release
shirts in stock, so get yours before this "classic" design celebrating
the re-issues is gone for good!

Earthshaker and In Rock We Trust re-mastered CDs will be here by
Christmas! Great liner notes written by the band, bonus track, and
the first time ever released domestically on CD for Earthshaker, make
these two re-issues extra special. These CDs will be available only
through this web site and at Y&T concerts.
Check the Merchandise page of the web site later this month to get
yours by Christmas, and be sure to frequent the web site Discussion
Forum for updated information posted by Dave Meniketti.

We're happy to announce that Y&T's song "Rescue Me" will appear in an
episode of the television show "America's Funniest Home Videos" this
season. We don't have the air date yet, but we've been told it's
slated for use in a segment that will air either this fall or spring
'07. Watch the web site Discussion Forum and your email for updates.

NYE 2006
Y&T and New Year's Eve...the South Bay tradition is back!
Rock your way into 2007 with Y&T, plus special guests the Eric Martin
Band and the Ry Kihn Band. Celebrate the ending of the most
successful year for Y&T since the band's return in 2001!
A limited supply of tickets are available directly through our web
site Merchandise page...order through us and save on service fees!

November 9 ~ Redding, CA, Redding Convention Center
Rock & Wrestling / Y&T, Warrant's Jani Lane, Death Angel
Plus International Wrestling Superstars: Shark Boy, Rude
Boy, The Head Shrinkers, Zach Gowen, and the Bump N
Uglies Crew

November 10 ~ Fresno, CA, Rainbow Ballroom
Rock & Wrestling / Y&T, Warrant's Jani Lane, Death Angel
Plus International Wrestling Superstars: Shark Boy, Rude
Boy, The Head Shrinkers, Zach Gowen, and the Bump N
Uglies Crew

November 17 & 18 ~ The Mystic Theatre
NOTE: The Friday night show is 16 & over (anyone under 18
must be accompanied by an adult)
Ron Keel opens both nights.

December 31 ~ The Avalon, Santa Clara, CA
New Year's Eve and Y&T...back in the South Bay!
Y&T plus special guests the Eric Martin Band and the Ry
Kihn Band.

*Schedule subject to change. Be sure to verify with each venue.*
Check the web site for the most up-to-date concert information.

Thanks for your support!
The official Dave Meniketti and Y&T website.
5255 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite #233
Santa Clara CA 95051


Amity Lane: The Sound of Regret

Imagine the missing link between Busted! and Charlie's new band Fightstar minced with a bit of Blink 182, then you can imagine what this lot are like. Its punky music with serious boy band pop sensibilities. Lots of emotion and angst but none of it too scary or aggressive. You can imagine the lead singer with a goofy smile on his face as teenage girls bounce around in the front of the stage. 'Running Away' is just one such track with its catchy as stink chorus and sensibilities. Its a bit goofy, a bit twee but also a heck of a lot of fun. Teenage girls will love this lot and you might expect to see them on the charts sooner or later. If you got an open mind its hard not to like this lot even if it’s not your style of music.

Rating: 3/5
Marty Dodge

3 Mile Scream

Metalcore with serious thrash sensibilities including some serious blastbeat drumming. Drumming is indeed impressive on this release, he must be an admirer of the Paul Bostaph school. This is modern metal done with a great respect for past metal. In the middle of what could be said as bog standard metalcore you get a soaring solo snuck in for good measure.
A good example of this is 'Dare to Question'. While some of the lead singer's screaming can get a bit old at times his ability to go from high pitched screeching to death metal grunt is impressive. I can imagine this is what Mastadon sounded like early in their career. There is a lot of potential on this CD and with a few listens its starts to ooze out. It will be interesting to see where this lot is headed with their next release. Let’s hope they live up their potential. Certainly a band to watch.

Rating: 3/5
Marty Dodge

Red Orkestra: life with machines

Sub-Coldplay mellow plod with whingeing vocals and Middle-of-the-Road sensibilities. Just check out tracks like 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' for proof of that. The CD was tough for me to listen to as it so bored me I fell asleep half-way through at least once. Eleven tracks of utter tedium from this lot. It is well enough played and arranged, it just lacks any sense of originality or warmth.

Rating: 1/5
Marty Dodge

Thunder: Robert Johnson's Tombstone

Despite the title this is not a tribute album to the blues legend but merely the title of a cracking track about the great man. This is another strong album from the most-underrated bands to reside on this isle in many a moon. Never quite high profile they meticulously put out excellent rock albums and entertain their avid cadre of fans whether at last years shows up and down the country. And unlike some bands this is not a half-arsed album to gve them an excuse to tour but eleven exemplary tracks of Thunder & roll. There is obviously blues, a Zeppelin-esque rocker in the form of 'Last Man Standing' and at several cracking ballads including the acoustic 'My Darkest Hour'. Embarking on another tour this autumn Thunder yet again prove why we love them. Quality British heavy rock delivered with class, ability and tongue-in-cheek, what else do you need?

Rating: 4.5/5
Marty Dodge

Unleashed: Midvinterblot

This is one of those metal albums that invoke your inner Viking warrior, check out the chug of the title track. Think Tim Taylor of Tool TIme fame with swords instead of power tool doing his uber-male grunts. Its headdown Odin-worshipping heavy dark metal. You really want to have to hand the next time some happy-clappy nuisance comes to your door wanting to ask you about your relationship with Jesus. Its death metal attitude but lyrically its all Viking mythology played with a grim determination to get everything out of their instruments. Its not wonder this lot are one of the most respected in death metal circles. Like Opeth's death metal stuff this isn't merely grunting and fast playing, there is skilled musicianship on show here with monster riffs and killer hooks.
This is brilliant epic stuff that evokes the mood of North sea storms followed by the fierceness of full raid. 'Valhalla Awaits' sounds damn good to me lads.

Rating: 4.5/5
Marty Dodge


Call me a pessimist, but deep in my heart I know that I should not expect to come across many more live albums capable of competing with classics such as “Live After Death” (Iron Maiden), “Unleashed in the East”(Judas Priest) and “Operation:Livecrime” (Queensryche). Is it because there are not many great live bands left out there anymore, or that the market has been flooded with uninspired and money-orientated releases that put people off? I guess that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and I certainly don't blame any one of you who has made a conscious decision to invest solemnly in studio recordings. Yet, having just finished listening to Kamelot's latest live album “One Cold Winter's Night” I feel that most of us should definitely consider making an exception to this rule.
I was indeed deeply impressed by this release, but definitely not surprised by the band's performance, seeing as I have attended quite a few Kamelot gigs so far in my life - those of you who have no idea how this Symphonic Power Metal outfit reproduces their songs in a live environment, though, are really in for a treat! In plain words, Kamelot are one of the best live metal bands and “One Cold Winter’s Night” is here to prove it.
It is true that Power Metal is quite a predictable genre, but what makes Kamelot stand out as one of its most important representatives is not only the fact that their impressive compositions combine many different musical elements, but also because of their high-standards of musicianship - both of which are clearly audible in this double live release. The album was recorded in Oslo/Norway as part of the second leg of the band's world tour for the promotion of the amazing “The Black Halo”, and that explains why most of the compositions performed that night belonged to that specific release. Their decision, though, to put emphasis on their latest releases like “Karma” and “Epica” should not be misinterpreted as lack of enthusiasm towards their earliest material but as a logical decision, as their first era was covered in their previous live effort “The Expedition” (2002), leaving "Nights of Arabia" as the only common link between them.
A comparison between the two live releases is of course both understandable and inevitable, but rest assure that “One Cold Winter’s Night” comes across as the absolute winner for many different reasons. Enjoying the privileged position of the headline act meant that Kamelot had more time in their hands not only to present a more focused and varied material, but also to achieve the participation of their Norwegian fans, something hat happened quite early in the show, and should be credited mainly on Roy Khan's brilliant vocal performance. God knows how demanding compositions such as "Soul Society", "Center of the Universe" and the all-time classic "Nights of Arabia" can be, but the talented Finn passed all the tests with flying colours. Additionally, the participation of many guest musicians, such as Mari Youngblood, meant that not only demanding compositions like "Elizabeth (Part I, II & III) or the emotional ballads "Abandoned" were given an extra colour, but that this already impressively tight outfit would elevate their performance to the highest possible levels.
There is no doubt in my mind as to why “One Cold Winter’s Night” deserves to be added in my CD collection, and that is not from the perspective of a loyal/subjective fan. Most of the compositions here sound better than their original studio versions, and the atmosphere that is present throughout this release is so strong that not only did my eyes fill with tears on several occasions, but it also made me feel quite jealous for not having been part of that great audience! Well, if Norwegians are willing to support with such great passion a band that does not sound remotely like their beloved Black Metal, that's a clear indication of how special this release is!

John Stefanis
Rating: ****1/2 (4.5/5.0)


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