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Friday, November 10, 2006


After a hugely successful national tour Breed 77’s third studio album ‘In My Blood’ has debut ed at number one in Germany’s MRC Album Chart making it the most played album in all national German rock clubs. Last week the album saw off competition from releases by rock heavyweights Trivium, My Chemical Romance and The Deftones to land the top spot.
News of Breed 77 chart triumph comes as Metal Hammer’s ‘Best British Act’ nominees confirm that they will be appearing at this years Underground Uprising festival where they appear alongside Pitchshifter and Sikth. The festival will exclusively showcase UK talent and takes place at the London Astoria on Friday December 15th. Tickets are £16.50 in advance.

In support of their building German profile the band will be performing the following German shows:
Nov 22nd Hamburg, Logo
Nov 23rd Berlin, Mudd Club
Nov 24th Cologne, Underground
Nov 25th Munich, Metropolis

This is what the critics have said about ‘In My Blood’:
“An absolutely colossal album from start to finish.” – Big Cheese

“’In My Bloody’ is a great record of which Breed 77 can be unashamedly proud.” – Kerrang!

“En Mi Sangre is by far the most accomplished record so far from a young band whose career should surely now be set to explode.” – Classic Rock

"'In My Blood...” is a member of that rare club, an album without a duff track on it, and it is the work of five young men rapidly approaching the peak of their game. They, and you, should enjoy the experience for all its worth!" - Metal Hammer

“Surely, it can only be a matter of time before Breed 77 waltz over the others pretending to be this good.” – Burn Magazine


Happy Christmas!
On 25th December 2006 Frank Turner is releasing his brand new single ‘Vital Signs’ on Xtra Mile Recordings as a download-able Christmas gift!
Just as Santa will leave reindeer socks and snowflake pants nicely wrapped under the tree, this other bearded bearer of presents will deliver his new single straight into the inboxes of fans ready to download on Christmas morning. For more information on how to get the single for free please visit:

‘Vital Signs’ is an anthemic autobiographical tale of living life on the road, and living life in the present; punkrock sensibilities that lie at the heart of Frank’s solo music. Also available with this track is the typically humorous, and outrageously honest album demo, ‘Heartless Bas***d Motherf***er’.
This single precedes the release of Frank’s long awaited solo album ‘Sleep Is For The Week’ released on 15th January 2007. Building on the inspiring punk protest, anti-folk tunes of his debut EP ‘Campfire Punkrock’, ‘Sleep Is For The Week’ sees Frank further explore the perils of wasted weekends (‘The Real Damage’), heartbreak and loneliness (‘Worst Things Happen At Sea’) whilst detailing wry political and social observations (‘Once We Were Anarchists’ and ‘Ladies Of London Town’) with witty storytelling Billy Bragg would admire. It perfectly captures the essence of Frank’s songwriting and lyrical talents, and positions him at the forefront of a burgeoning UK alt. folk/country scene.

“Frank Turner is already one of our greatest songwriters.” Play Music

“Enchanting and magical.” The Fly

“A total star with an acoustic guitar.” KKKK Kerrang!

“His songs shine and show that his future as a solo artist is as bright as Einstein.” Big Cheese

“Next year, he'll be an established solo artist in his own right, just wait and see.” Rocksound

“Modest, humorous but with utter conviction, Frank Turner deserves a larger airing....” Artrocker


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