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Monday, October 02, 2006

Angel Air news

M & S Advert uses Sailor song!
The Sailor song ' A Glass of Champagne' is currently being used to promote Marks and Spencer's autumn womenswear range.

The track features in the current M&S TV advert and appears on the latest Angel Air album 'A Glass Of Champagne - Live 2-CD set'.


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Released in October 2006

[Release date 02.10.06]

STACKRIDGE Purple Spaceships Over Yatton - Best Of (SJPCD228)

Held dear by fans for their irreverent, idiosyncratic attitude and musical eclecticism, STACKRIDGE formed in 1969 when James Warren defected from Bristol band Dawn to join Andy Davis and Crun Walter, late of west country blues outfit Griptight Thynne.

Studio debut 'Stackridge' was produced in 1971 and some 7 albums in total were released over the next 30 years from which all of these tracks were drawn except 'Purple Spaceships' which has been revisited.

When Stackridge cut these songs, the prevailing musical climate encouraged freedom and creativity. This is the first time a 'Best Of' has ever been released and the songs freshness and diversity remains engaging.


[Release date 02.10.06]

CARMEN Fandangos In Space/Dancing On A Cold Wind (2CD set) (SJPCD229)

CARMEN was the brainchild of flamenco guitarist and vocalist David Allen and in 1973 the band released it critically acclaimed progressive rock album 'Fandangos In Space' followed by in 1974 by 'Dancing On A Cold Wind'

By early 1975 the band was opening for JETHRO TULL on their 13 week USA War Child Tour. The ROLLING STONES then requested they open for them on their next tour BUT 'management' had screwed things up and the band was broke and unable to continuing touring. However they recorded some tracks and ended up producing a third album.

Despite great critical acclaim and rave review from USA and even though 'Hot Producer' Tony Visconti had produced both the first two albums Carmen broke up in July 1975.

Listed in Record Collector’s Rare Album Guide both albums portray the bands unique fusion of flamenco and progressive rock.


Released in November 2006

[Release date 06.11.06]

STACKRIDGE Stackridge (SJPCD230)

'Stackridge' was created on 16-track equipment at Kingsway Studios, London in 1971 with the help of producer Fritz Fryer of Sixties harmony group the Four Pennies; engineer was Martin Birch, who went on to produce many famous heavy metal acts. Quite what he made of Stackridge’s cast of characters that inhabited their songs is not known. This album was originally released on 6th August 1971.

Now remastered by James Warren and Andy Davis - enjoy English popular music at its creative best.


Released in November 2006

[Release date 06.11.06]


1982 was to prove one of After The Fire's busiest years since signing to CBS Records in 1978.

With three major support tours with ELO and Queen in Europe and a mammoth trek around the US and Canada opening for Van Halen it is extraordinary that not only did they record and mix their worldwide hit 'Der Kommissar' in between all this 'hectivity', they also booked Eastbourne's ICC Studio 2 to lay down ideas for their next album 'AT2F'.

However the band split up in 1983 and the album was never released until now.

Mixed back at Peter Banks' own studio these are the results, capturing what the band did best, playing live and enjoying themselves!

Peter Banks, Andy Piercy, John Russell, Peter King


[Release date 10.10.06]

RACING CARS 76-06, 30th Anniversary Concert NJPDVD626 (DVD9 NTSC all regions)

Most people's introduction to the music of RACING CARS would have come in the spring of 1977 when they had a UK Top 20 Hit Single with 'They Shoot Horses Don't They?' Now over 30 years later they are still releasing critically acclaimed albums and touring heavily in the UK.

It is 30 years since Racing Cars unique blend of rock and funk first found favour with the UK's gig goers and this DVD was filmed at their 30th Anniversary Concert to a packed house at Pontardawe Arts Centre, Wales on 7th July 2006.

Racing Cars have plenty of laps left in them and as this DVD shows they remain one of the great British bands.

Also included, interviews with JOE ELLIOTT (Def Leppard) and GARY PICKFORD HOPKINS (Wild Turkey, Rick Wakeman).

- GRAHAM WILLIAMS- guitar and vocals - MORTY- vocals, - SIMON DAVIES- keyboards and vocals, CHRIS THOMAS- bass and vocals, - COLIN GRIFFIN- drums.


[Release date 28.08.06]

IAN GILLAN BAND Live At The Rainbow 1977 NJPDVD608N (NTSC all regions)

Guitarist RAY FENWICK recalls touring with The IAN GILLAN BAND in the 70's was a wild affair, both on and off stage: 'In the best traditions of Rock n Roll we courted our fair share of controversy, but come Showtime we turned into a tight professional outfit, performing our own unique brand of rock music'.

It was on 14th May 1977, in front of a full house at The Rainbow, Theatre, London we were promoting the 'Clear Air Turbulence' album. Chris Blackwell the label owner was there that night checking out his "investment"...

What is presented on this DVD is an important chapter of an essential British Rock performer, whose successes have now spanned four decades.

'Of the Purple songs featured 'Child in Time' is the most impressive and magical' The versions of 'Smoke On the Water' and 'Woman From Tokyo' are also pretty impressive. add to this a selection of rare recordings, played to a montage of rare photos of the band, and a brief interview with Ian Gillan from the period and a recent interview with guitarist Ray Fenwick this makes for interesting watching. Classic rock from a classic artist.

'Highway To Hell', Adrian Lyth (July 2003)

[Release date 28.08.06]

THE KORGIS DVD Kollection NJPDVD622N (NTSC all regions)

Includes the promo video for 'Something About The Beatles'

The KORGIS hit the big time with their worldwide Hit 'Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime' which had followed hard on the heals of their very first Hit Single 'If I Had You'.

This first ever Korgis DVD is a mixture of stunning live sessions recorded in 2005 as well as original promo videos rounded of with interviews with all band members to create the 'Off The Leash' Korgis documentary which delves into membership of Stackridge as well as Andy's time with Tears For Fears, James recording session at Abbey Road with George Martin and John's performance on the Tears For Fears album 'Elemental'.

...What stands out is just how talented the trio are as they swop songs around and perform a devastatingly simple set...They are superb songwriters with a knack for capturing the spirit of the three minute single and the wealth of material on display proves that they should really have had a higher profile.

Classic Rock Society (September 2005)

[Release date 28.08.06]

ROGER CHAPMAN Family And Friends NJPDVD611N (NTSC all regions)

ROGER CHAPMAN shot to fame as lead singer/songwriter with FAMILY in the late 60's/early 70's notching up TOP 10 Hit singles and albums . Now Roger Maxwell Chapman will be 60 years old this year and there is perhaps no better time to reflect on his burgeoning back catalogue.

In co-operation with the Mystic Audio release Angel Air Waves filmed Roger in concert at a sold out Newcastle Opera House during the opening leg of his UK tour in the autumn of 2002. His Band SHORT LIST support Roger as he trawls through his enormously popular catalogue and provides over 2 hours of classic rock sung and played the "Chappo" way.

This concert, recorded late last year at Newcastle's Opera House, features songs throughout his career, right up to current efforts' As you would expect from someone like Chapman, he surrounds himself with the best players around' Chapman, as always, gives a 100% performance. The man's a national treasure.

Extras include a frank interview with the man himself and a comprehensive written history of his career to date. This is quite the best Angel Air Waves DVD yet released, even topping the recent Culture Club 20th anniversary concert.

Record Collector (May 2003)


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With Samson vocalist Nicky Moore, drummer Billy Flemming and bass split between Paul, Ellis and John McCoy, this excellent album was left with McCoy to finish after Paul’s untimely death in 2002. With McCoy adding some rhythm guitar and co-production, it’s been well worth the wait.

Musically excellent, 'Brand New Day' stands out, Moore’s distinctive bluesy vocals making for a classic solid hard rock tune...Top marks for McCoy for getting this finished, some great musicians at the top of their metal game. Sadly one is no longer with us.

Joe Geesin, (September 2006)

Paul's guitars shine, the same goes for Nicky's voice in an otherwise uneven sound.

Apparently there was a good deal of material that was recorded on two track that must have caused John a lot of work. The song material shows that Paul still had a lot of music in him; 'Do Right', 'Shooting for the Moon' and 'It’s Going Wrong' are really good tracks. Blues-based riff dominated (hard) rock dominated this disc and all in all the experience is clearly audible.

This CD is filled with the last recordings of Paul, so probably the most interesting CD release of PAUL SAMSON. The man was a legend, which can be heard on these last couple of recordings. Paul died during the recordings and so guitarist JOHN MCCOY finished the final guitar parts, so this CD can be seen as a tribute to Paul. The included music is high quality 80s inspired British Melodic Hardrock/Heavy Bluesrock meets NWOBHM Melodic Heavy Rock/Metal and surprisingly sounds very strong, just listen to the fast opener “No Way Out”.

What a sad day it was in August 2002 as one of Britain’s most underrated guitarists died. This CD shows the man had a lot more sensational to offer. Fans of Classic British Hardrock, like WHITESNAKE, BAD COMPANY, PAUL SHORTINO and the old SAMSON records will have to buy this CD asap. The sound is a bit raw, but the recordings are rare and very interesting, especially for fans of Paul. (Points: 8.1 out of 10) or

PAUL SHUTTLEWORTH Mixed Up Shook Up Girl The Solo Sessions 1977-1980 (SJPCD227)

He's brilliant throughout, but Willie de Ville-penned title cut and evergreen "Young Blood" from the former category aren't as effervescent as "Say Hello (To Your Pretty Friend)" from the latter. It's all different anyway, so "Clown To The World" and smoothly orchestrated "Just One Smile", sung in warped crooning, Gene Pitney mode, sit snugly side by side with bubbly middle-of-the-road of "It Hurts To Be In Love" that bears Mike Hurst trademark.

Before him, Paul was lucky to work with another hit-making producer, Mike Batt, yet here's a genuine continuity in music, a rare example of sound-shapers working for the singer, not vice versa which speaks volumes about the artist.

...a short solo career retrospective and a long-overdue rediscovery of the great artiste - no pun intended! ****1/2

...cleaner and poppier than the Kursaals' sound, more Gene Pitney than pre-punk pub rock...

Maverick (September 2006)

MOTT THE HOOPLE Live Fillmore West, San Francisco (SJPCD226)

Truly excellent live material from the personal vaults of Overend Watts....This is what Mott the Hoople were really about.

Maverick (August 2006)

The inclusion of a further four tracks captured at the same venue in the following year lends added appeal to a splendidly vibrant package

Kevin Bryan, Hartlepool Mail (August 2006)


...the arrangements cleverly work for the melodies, and the tunes are top-notch here so the songs could grace the MTV, as "Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" is one of those ballads that has a timeless quality about them, if only for a couple of sentimental cliches thrown in. Sometimes cliches are good, the closing rousing hurricane blues that's "Emaheevull" the finest proof. In the end it's the fun that all the desperados have. ****1/2

MO FOSTER Live At Blues West 14 (SJPCD207)

Another high-calibre outing for bass king Mo and his usual hardy band of super-skilled session friends...great music to play and to listen to it, just relax and let it float

New Gandy Dancer (September 2006)

GILLAN Live Edinburgh DVD (NJPDVD625)

...some rare and impressive stuff from a line-up that hardly gets talked about...

Sea of Tranquility (August 2006)


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