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Friday, September 29, 2006

Rumours of a BLACK SABBATH reunion albeit under the name of HEAVEN & HELL. The line-up would consist of Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Ronnie James Dio and they would tour next year. Mind you Sharon Osbourne will doubtless have some say in this…
One fact though is that Ronnie Dio & Tony Iommi recently worked together for the upcoming box set of the Do years of Sabbath, due out next year.


Ronnie James Dio and Meat Loaf guest on the Tenacious D song 'Kickapoo'. This is to be featured on the soundtrack album for the movie 'Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny', due out in mid-November. Dave Grohl of the FOO FIGHTERS also guests on one track.

FOO FIGHTERS release their new album ‘Skin and Bones’ on Nov 6th.

NIGHTWISH, which recently entered the studio to begin recording its first album since the departure of singer Tarja Turunen, has posted the following message on its official web site:
"There has been again false news about NIGHTWISH vocalist in some media, at least in Finland. There has not been any decisions made concerning the vocalist and there will not be any before year 2007. When the band chooses the vocalist, they will inform all [members of the] media about it. Once again: Do not trust any news if it's not found in!"


Arena - Ten Years On - Available October 30th!!
Yes, the release date of the new Arena 'Best Of' album has been set (October 30th)..... but why wait until then? Order your copy right now at the Verglas store. Look out for the special new recording of Rob singing 'Empire of a Thousand Days', as well as a new live mix of the popular anthem, 'Chosen'.
Don't forget, any advanced orders (made before October 30th) will be signed by founder members Mick Pointer and Clive Nolan.

Arena World Updated
With the forthcoming 'Ten Years On' Arena album on the way, there will be a new look to Arena World. This will be on line very soon, so please do pay a visit...

Clive Nolan - Caamora
The Clive Nolan rock opera project 'Caamora' moves forward. As well as their European dates in November they are now confirmed to take the 'two man' show into Chile and Argentina. All the concert information can be found at
To find out all about Caamora, their planned album release, as well as the EP 'taster', why not visit their website at
Or...You can simply keep up to date with their activities by joining their newsletter at

The Shattered Room
The official Arena Forum is growing all the time. Lots of conversation, news and gossip. Why not get involved and become a vital part of the extended Arena family.....
Join up now... or simply go check it out at

29 Sept - NOTTINGHAM - ROCK CITY - AOR Rock Club Nights, 10pm doors, 11pm ostage, bar til 2am
02 Oct - NUNEATON - QUEENS HALL - supporting legendary USA band Y&T - remember their Summertime Girls hit from the Baywatch series ????
04 Oct - CREWE - LIMELIGHT - supporting DANTE FOX - UK band since 1989 often compared with Heart & Vixen www.dantefox.xom
06 Oct - COALVILLE - VIC BIKERS PUB - with AC:DC Tribute band Live Wire - 9pm til late
14 Oct - SHEFFIELD - Moorfoot Tavern 9.30pm
10 Nov - LEEK - WINKING MAN - with AC:DC Tribute band Live Wire - 9pm til late
09 Dec - SHEFFIELD - Moorfoot Tavern 9.30pm

UK rock stalwarts THUNDER have a new album out ( will tour in November 2006 and have opened their support slots to up and coming UK rock bands, to be won through a text vote. We've already got quite a few votes in there and will be going to the see the band anyway if we're not supporting, but we'd love to get on stage and play our own music to their fans and we're sure they'll enjoy us too.
So to vote for Tara's Secret to support Thunder simply text gig taras secret to 87121 - charges vary for different networks - MANY THANKS !!!

We're now available across Europe through most rock specialists. We've gained fantastic reviews in magazines in Holland, Norway, Italy, with more to come very soon in Sweden & Germany. We were featured in Japanese rock magazine Melodic Renaissance and have picked radio in South America again !!

Printed reviews will be published in the next couple of days in the UKs leading melodic rock magazine FIREWORKS and also in POWERPLAY which usually caters or the heavier stuff but also has a couple of melody friendly scribes on board. Both magazines are available at Borders book shops and larger magazines stores.

Those who have seen us recently will have heard 2 new songs "Natural High" and "Homeland" brought into the set. Homeland did feature about 12 months ago, but this is a completely different version. Both have gone down really well and got people up dancing straight away. We've several even newer songs coming through, so maybe the next album isn't that far away already!!!


JJ MARSH ‘Music From Planet Marsh’ (2006)

JJ Marsh has been for the past few years the guitar foil for Glenn Hughes and now he has this solo album out with guests including the Flower Kings’ keys wizard Thomas Bodin and drummer Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes/Great King Rat/Electric Boys). This really is a labour of love and the first three songs you could easily imagine Glenn Hughes singing on; indeed the bass lines are very Hughes funk style. ‘Play the Game’ really shines and the earthy Hammond sound adds greatly to the song. The eleven minute ‘The Change’ certainly does go through some musical changes although it is more a musos delight than a casual listener’s to be honest.
Enjoyable album that features some wonderful playing from JJ Marsh and a decent set of tunes stepped in 70’s rock music. Worth a listen if you are a Glenn Hughes fans too.

Jason Ritchie

Billy Ray Cyrus “Wanna Be Your Joe” New Door Records

Mention the name Billy Ray Cyrus and most people would think “Achy Breaky Heart”, but with country rock being big business in the US this CD is miles away from that- and could be one of my favourite albums of the year.
“I Want My Mullet Back” is a tongue in cheek rocker that is somewhere between Lynyrd Skynyrd and the lighter side of Poison, whilst throughout the album there are moments reminiscent of the country elements of the Rolling Stones, particularly on “The Man” and “Lonely Wins”- which is the best track on the CD. “Hey Daddy” is a poignient tribute to Billy Rays Dad (who recently died from cancer), “Country Music Has The Blues” features country legends George Jones and Loretta Lynn. There is even a full blown tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd “The Freebird Fell”- co written by Skynyrds Ed King and Artimus Pyle, and bonus track “A Pain In The Gas” is a political track relating to oil, petrol and the various taxes and issues involved.

Tracks to Burn- “Lonely Wins”, “I Wouldn’t Be Me” and “I Want My Mullet Back”

Why Buy? Fans of country rock will love this CD.

Nikk Gunns 5 out of 5


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