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Friday, September 29, 2006

Shout! Factory announces the release of the official soundtrack to the hit television comedy series, “My Name Is Earl.” My Name Is Earl – The Album features brand new, never before released tracks from Matthew Sweet, Uncle Kracker, John Hiatt and rock newcomers Van Nuys, recorded exclusively for the soundtrack. In addition, the album includes some of Earl’s favorite songs used in episodes which aired during the premiere ’05-’06 season. Shout! Factory worked with Earl (Jason Lee) and the show’s creator Greg Garcia to put together the soundtrack, which also includes key sound bytes from the show, and an unheard vocal version of the “My Name Is Earl” theme song. My Name Is Earl – The Album arrives in stores September 19th for the suggested retail price of $18.98.

My Name Is Earl – The Album was conceived as a gift from Earl to his brother Randy. As Earl writes in the booklet, “Some of the songs are ones that kinda play in my head sometimes when we’re walking around and stuff. There’s a bunch on here. Those CD’s can hold a lot.” Earl continues, “We put on some Skynyrd, Jerry Reed, that rap song that is B-7 on the Crab Shack juke box, I even found a song called ‘Joy’.” Uncle Kracker covers The Band’s “The Weight,” Matthew Sweet rocks out to Electric Light Orchestra’s “Livin’ Thing,” and John Hiatt recorded a rollicking, garage rock-inspired version of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.” Also new is a sinister twisted folk-metal version of Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” recorded by the new, all-star mystery band Van Nuys.

The My Name Is Earl – The Album CD release coincides with the September 19th arrival of the “My Name Is Earl” Season One DVD Collection from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The “My Name Is Earl” Season One DVD collection boasts a hilarious, never-before-seen DVD exclusive short entitled "Bad Karma: An Earl Misadventure," which reveals the twisted path Earl might have taken if he chose NOT to live by the laws of karma. The DVD also features audio commentaries from the crew, the cast and their mothers, deleted scenes, blooper reel, a featurette and is available for the suggested retail price of $49.98.

Official site

1. “East Bound And Down” – Jerry Reed (From “Stole Beer From A Golfer” Episode)
2. “The Weight” – Uncle Kracker (Original Version By The Band Is In “Monkeys In Space” Episode)
3. “One Time One Night” – Los Lobos (From “Didn’t Pay Taxes” Episode)
4. “Bust A Move” – Young M.C. (From “Ruined Joy’s Wedding” Episode)
5. “Livin’ Thing” – Matthew Sweet (Original Version By ELO Is In “Quit Smoking” Episode)
6. “It Takes Two” – Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock (From the series’ Pilot and “Bounty Hunter” Episodes)
7. “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)”– Sammy Davis, Jr.(From “Quit Smoking” Episode)
8. “Gimme Three Steps” – Lynyrd Skynyrd (From “Ruined Joy’s Wedding” Episode)
9. “Joy” – Harry Nilsson (From “Something To Live For” Episode)
10. “Amos Moses” – Jerry Reed (From “Teacher Earl” Episode)
11. “Instant Karma” – John Hiatt
12. “What Goes Around Comes Around” (My Name Is Earl theme song - vocal version)
– Nescobar-a-lop-lop and the Camden County Band
13. “99 Red Balloons” – Van Nuys (Original Version By Nena Is In The Pilot Episode)
Rumours of a BLACK SABBATH reunion albeit under the name of HEAVEN & HELL. The line-up would consist of Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Ronnie James Dio and they would tour next year. Mind you Sharon Osbourne will doubtless have some say in this…
One fact though is that Ronnie Dio & Tony Iommi recently worked together for the upcoming box set of the Do years of Sabbath, due out next year.


Ronnie James Dio and Meat Loaf guest on the Tenacious D song 'Kickapoo'. This is to be featured on the soundtrack album for the movie 'Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny', due out in mid-November. Dave Grohl of the FOO FIGHTERS also guests on one track.

FOO FIGHTERS release their new album ‘Skin and Bones’ on Nov 6th.

NIGHTWISH, which recently entered the studio to begin recording its first album since the departure of singer Tarja Turunen, has posted the following message on its official web site:
"There has been again false news about NIGHTWISH vocalist in some media, at least in Finland. There has not been any decisions made concerning the vocalist and there will not be any before year 2007. When the band chooses the vocalist, they will inform all [members of the] media about it. Once again: Do not trust any news if it's not found in!"


Arena - Ten Years On - Available October 30th!!
Yes, the release date of the new Arena 'Best Of' album has been set (October 30th)..... but why wait until then? Order your copy right now at the Verglas store. Look out for the special new recording of Rob singing 'Empire of a Thousand Days', as well as a new live mix of the popular anthem, 'Chosen'.
Don't forget, any advanced orders (made before October 30th) will be signed by founder members Mick Pointer and Clive Nolan.

Arena World Updated
With the forthcoming 'Ten Years On' Arena album on the way, there will be a new look to Arena World. This will be on line very soon, so please do pay a visit...

Clive Nolan - Caamora
The Clive Nolan rock opera project 'Caamora' moves forward. As well as their European dates in November they are now confirmed to take the 'two man' show into Chile and Argentina. All the concert information can be found at
To find out all about Caamora, their planned album release, as well as the EP 'taster', why not visit their website at
Or...You can simply keep up to date with their activities by joining their newsletter at

The Shattered Room
The official Arena Forum is growing all the time. Lots of conversation, news and gossip. Why not get involved and become a vital part of the extended Arena family.....
Join up now... or simply go check it out at

29 Sept - NOTTINGHAM - ROCK CITY - AOR Rock Club Nights, 10pm doors, 11pm ostage, bar til 2am
02 Oct - NUNEATON - QUEENS HALL - supporting legendary USA band Y&T - remember their Summertime Girls hit from the Baywatch series ????
04 Oct - CREWE - LIMELIGHT - supporting DANTE FOX - UK band since 1989 often compared with Heart & Vixen www.dantefox.xom
06 Oct - COALVILLE - VIC BIKERS PUB - with AC:DC Tribute band Live Wire - 9pm til late
14 Oct - SHEFFIELD - Moorfoot Tavern 9.30pm
10 Nov - LEEK - WINKING MAN - with AC:DC Tribute band Live Wire - 9pm til late
09 Dec - SHEFFIELD - Moorfoot Tavern 9.30pm

UK rock stalwarts THUNDER have a new album out ( will tour in November 2006 and have opened their support slots to up and coming UK rock bands, to be won through a text vote. We've already got quite a few votes in there and will be going to the see the band anyway if we're not supporting, but we'd love to get on stage and play our own music to their fans and we're sure they'll enjoy us too.
So to vote for Tara's Secret to support Thunder simply text gig taras secret to 87121 - charges vary for different networks - MANY THANKS !!!

We're now available across Europe through most rock specialists. We've gained fantastic reviews in magazines in Holland, Norway, Italy, with more to come very soon in Sweden & Germany. We were featured in Japanese rock magazine Melodic Renaissance and have picked radio in South America again !!

Printed reviews will be published in the next couple of days in the UKs leading melodic rock magazine FIREWORKS and also in POWERPLAY which usually caters or the heavier stuff but also has a couple of melody friendly scribes on board. Both magazines are available at Borders book shops and larger magazines stores.

Those who have seen us recently will have heard 2 new songs "Natural High" and "Homeland" brought into the set. Homeland did feature about 12 months ago, but this is a completely different version. Both have gone down really well and got people up dancing straight away. We've several even newer songs coming through, so maybe the next album isn't that far away already!!!


JJ MARSH ‘Music From Planet Marsh’ (2006)

JJ Marsh has been for the past few years the guitar foil for Glenn Hughes and now he has this solo album out with guests including the Flower Kings’ keys wizard Thomas Bodin and drummer Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes/Great King Rat/Electric Boys). This really is a labour of love and the first three songs you could easily imagine Glenn Hughes singing on; indeed the bass lines are very Hughes funk style. ‘Play the Game’ really shines and the earthy Hammond sound adds greatly to the song. The eleven minute ‘The Change’ certainly does go through some musical changes although it is more a musos delight than a casual listener’s to be honest.
Enjoyable album that features some wonderful playing from JJ Marsh and a decent set of tunes stepped in 70’s rock music. Worth a listen if you are a Glenn Hughes fans too.

Jason Ritchie

Billy Ray Cyrus “Wanna Be Your Joe” New Door Records

Mention the name Billy Ray Cyrus and most people would think “Achy Breaky Heart”, but with country rock being big business in the US this CD is miles away from that- and could be one of my favourite albums of the year.
“I Want My Mullet Back” is a tongue in cheek rocker that is somewhere between Lynyrd Skynyrd and the lighter side of Poison, whilst throughout the album there are moments reminiscent of the country elements of the Rolling Stones, particularly on “The Man” and “Lonely Wins”- which is the best track on the CD. “Hey Daddy” is a poignient tribute to Billy Rays Dad (who recently died from cancer), “Country Music Has The Blues” features country legends George Jones and Loretta Lynn. There is even a full blown tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd “The Freebird Fell”- co written by Skynyrds Ed King and Artimus Pyle, and bonus track “A Pain In The Gas” is a political track relating to oil, petrol and the various taxes and issues involved.

Tracks to Burn- “Lonely Wins”, “I Wouldn’t Be Me” and “I Want My Mullet Back”

Why Buy? Fans of country rock will love this CD.

Nikk Gunns 5 out of 5

Thursday, September 28, 2006

WIN REAMONN t-shirt & CD

Thanks to those genersous fols at Planet Earth Publicity we have a tour t-shirt a copy of REAMONN's new CD up for garbs.
To stand a chance of winning this simply answer the following question -

What is the name of the band's new album?

E-mail your answer to by 1st Novemeber.

RIP - SIR MALCOLM ARNOLD The conductor of Deep Purple’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra has passed away at the age of 84


"The recently reunited legends VAIN and TIGERTAILZ have been confirmed as the headliners for the inaugural Wildside Festival, set to take place on November 18, 2006 at the MG Ballroom in Nottingham. The official website is online at and tickets priced at £20 are on sale now.

The Wildside Festival is a new venture from the Wildside Club — a monthly sleaze-glam club night held in Nottingham that has become the home of glam in the U.K. at present. Organizer, promoter and DJ Al White explains: "We've been running the Wildside nights for over three years now, and it's been a resounding success right from the start. The reason why glam rock fans have taken to us so passionately is probably due to the fact that we don't deviate from what we set out to do — and thats put on a full on sleaze-glam night! No deviations into other genres here! We've had everyone from L.A. GUNS to ROADSTAR play the Wildside club, and people have travelled from all over — even other countries as far as Sweden and Spain! We're at a point where we now feel the time is right to venture into putting on something spectacular and special. So what we have here is the two headliners VAIN and TIGERTAILZ (featuring Kim Hooker, Pepsi Tate, and Jay Pepper), undisputed leaders of the genre who've both got themselves back together and relased new albums that are fresh, relevant and in line with their classic albums — receiving universal critical acclaim across the board. And we've decided to team them up with the very best of the new and current sleaze rock bands the U.K. has to offer at present! Wildside is always looking forward to the future, rather than the past."

The festival lineup is currently as follows:


The festival also has its own MySpace at this location - "

This is the release that has gone out to press including -

On a personal note - we've put together a lineup that we feel represents exactly what Wildside is and stands for. We've given you the two headliners - Vain and Tigertailz.... Vain being the underground legends that released the greatest and unsurpassed sleaze rock album "No Respect" with Tigertailz... the best glam-metal band the UK ever produced... and put them together with a lineup we feel that is 'the best of Wildside'. All of them have played before at Wildside and paid their dues, tearing the roof of the place and raising hell in the process! And we're giving you all this for the fantastic price of £20!! And don't forget, when both Vain and Tigertailz last came through the UK on a tour ticket prices for them on their own was getting towards £20!

Along with that you get to experience the Wildside Clubnight after till the early hours of the morning! Of course with all you would expect from a festival with merchandise stalls, food, a great bar and music all day long!

For more information email the festival at

And don't forget to sing up and drop us a comment on our MySpace!

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited ZION album on December 8th 2006!
ZION is Freddy Curci’s brand new project/band set to bring back his magical voice on an all new material that could resemble the best production of his ALIAS and SHERIFF days.

Freddy Curci is arguably one of the best vocalists in Rock History. He's got the combination of vocal talents that all singers strive for. He can sing a ballad with a beautiful, smooth voice like Steve Perry of Journey or Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and then turn around and belt out rocker with a rough edge on his voice like Brad Delp of Boston.

He started his career in SHERIFF recording a classic album in 1979 and (four years later!) having a number one song in the USA charts, called "When I'm With You". That song put Freddy into the World Records Book for holding a note for almost 30 seconds!

Hot on the heels of the chart success, Freddy and former SHERIFF bandmate Steve DeMarchi on guitar fromed legendary band ALIAS together with ex HEART members Steve Fossen, Mike Derosier and Roger Fisher. Alias released one album in 1989 for EMI worldwide. That record had two U.S. top ten hits: "More Than Words Can Say" and "Waiting For Love", which was penned by famed songwriters Brett Walker and Jeff Paris.

In 1994 Freddy Curci debuted as a solo artist with a cd called "Dreamer's Road" achieving good success in Canada. Six years later a compilation featuring some unreleased songs was unleashed on the market, marking the start of his cooperation with Frontiers Records who released that album in Italy.

Freddy then started his new ZION project which almost took four years to make it to completion “I got really sick for a long time and I couldn't sing for over a year... But I'm glad to say things are much better now and I am very excited to come back after such a long time! I could not even realize so much time passed. I guess In my mind I never left.. It was the journey I took that that brought me here now. To quote Paul McCartney, It was a long and winding road....”. “Zion is” continues Freddy, “one of those things that if there's enough demand, I'll ask the guys if they want to go on the road and tour this record! This would be a fun record to tour… it really rocks!”

Featured on ZION are professional musicians such as Jason Hook (ex BULLET BOYS) and Joey Scoleri on guitars, Paul Marangoni (KIM MITCHELL, THE WORKS, CONEY HATCH) and Joey Greco on drums, Ken Malandrino on bass and Ross Greene on keyboards with the collaboration of Fabrizio Grossi on bass as well. He gathered the best songs from his repertoire written with Steve DeMarchi (Curci’s ALIAS and SHERIFF songwriting partner), Jeff Paris, Marc Ribler and Bob Marlette, among others.

The resulting record simply entitled ZION is everything the ALIAS fans would have wanted to hear from Freddy and more!

Final tracklisting: Only Takes a Minute; How Much Longer Is Forever; One Man Alone; Dangerous; I Am Running Home; Everybody’s Watching; No Surprise; Sky Is Falling; Devil’s Dance; Who Do You Think You Are; Crash The Mirror.

Don’t miss the return of this AOR legend on December 8th 2006. Release in Japan was settled on King Records.


27th September- Cannock, Los Angeles Rock Cafe (near Birmingham)
28th September- Southampton Nexus
2nd October - Osaka Club Quattro
3rd October - Nagoya Club Quattro
4th October - Tokyo O-East

27th October - Nottingham - Junktion 7
28th October - Blackpool - Riffs
29th October - Dumfries - The Venue
30th October - Aberdeen - Kef (formerly Lava)
31st October - Glasgow - The Classic Grand
1st November - Keighley - New Variety Club

16th UK London The Underworld
17th Nottingham Rock City
18th Dudley JB's
19th Bradford Bradford Rio
25th Denmark / Copenhagen The Rock

Nov. 06 - London Dingwalls
Nov. 07 - Dudley JBs
Nov. 08 - Bolton The Soundhouse
Nov. 09 - Bradford Rio

L.A. GUNS (Tracii Guns version) + BULLETBOYS
Oct. 27 - Farmington, NM @ Big City Nite Club
Oct. 28 - Aurora, CO @ Hubba's
Oct. 30 - Lees Summit, MO @ Alley Catz
Oct. 31 - Middleton, WI @ Warehouse Stage
Nov. 01 - Mankato, MN @ What's Up Lounge
Nov. 03 - Wareen, MI @ The Ritz
Nov. 09 - Baltimore, MD @ Club Mate
Nov. 11 - Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz
Nov. 15 - Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
Nov. 17 - Philadelphia, PA @ Whiskey Dix
Nov. 18 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
Nov. 22 - Saint Petersburg, FL @ The Garage Bar
Nov. 24 - Jonesboro, GA @ Breakers Music Hall
Nov. 26 - Little Rock, AR @ Hall Of Industry
Dec. 06 - Billings, MT @ The Railyard
Dec. 07 - Rapid City, SD @ Venue Eight
Dec. 08 - Casper, WY @ Eagles Lodge
Dec. 11 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
Dec. 13 - Tacoma, WA @ The Factory
Dec. 14 - Portland, OR @ Outlaws Bar & Grill
Dec. 16 - West Hollywood, CA @ Viper Room


THE FEELING ‘Twelve Stops And Home’ Universal (2006)

The Feeling have produced a gem of a pop rock album that takes in influences from 60’s/70’s greats like ELO, Brian Wilson and 10CC plus adding their own distinctive sound. There are just so many damn fine tunes on here from the pop classic ‘Fill My Little World’ with its piano riff and uplifting chorus through to ‘Love It When You Call’ where the guitars are whipped out for some catchy riffing. ‘I Want You Now’ ‘Never Be Lonely’ again sees the band’s good use of harmonies whilst ‘Blue Piccadilly’ rounds the album off in style. In fact the weakest song on here for me bizarrely is the single ‘Sewn’ but I am sure anyone who loves well crafted pop rock tunes will find delights on this album.
If you have in your CD collection anything by ELO, 10CC, XTC, Dodgy, Supergrass, Semisonic, Supernaturals or Squeeze then get this damn fine CD ASAP.

Jason Ritchie

THE POGUES ‘Rum, Sodomy & the Lash’ Rhino (2006)

Ahhh this takes me back to my student days… This is the Pogues second album and is rightly regarded as one of their classics. When I first heard this album back in 1986 it really showed you could bring folk music to the masses but without the stereotypical images of beards, tankards and twee music. With Shane McGowan on vocals the band were assured of exposure with his exploits and luckily they more than had the musical talent and tunes to back this up. Take your pick from ‘The Old Main Drag’, the frenzied ‘Jesse James’ or ‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’ (amazingly this single peaked at no.72 in the UK yet many people know the band for this song alone). Six bonus tracks on here including ‘London Girl’ with its quick fire drum and accordion backing and the laid back ‘Rainy Night In Soho’ – a classic late night tune.
If you only have one Pogues album make it this one!

Jason Ritchie

Wildside festival

"The recently reunited legends VAIN and TIGERTAILZ have been confirmed as the headliners for the inaugural Wildside Festival, set to take place on November 18, 2006 at the MG Ballroom in Nottingham. The official website is online and tickets priced at £20 are on sale now.

The Wildside Festival is a new venture from the Wildside Club — a monthly sleaze-glam club night held in Nottingham that has become the home of glam in the U.K. at present. Organizer, promoter and DJ Al White explains: "We've been running the Wildside nights for over three years now, and it's been a resounding success right from the start. The reason why glam rock fans have taken to us so passionately is probably due to the fact that we don't deviate from what we set out to do — and thats put on a full on sleaze-glam night! No deviations into other genres here! We've had everyone from L.A. GUNS to ROADSTAR play the Wildside club, and people have travelled from all over — even other countries as far as Sweden and Spain! We're at a point where we now feel the time is right to venture into putting on something spectacular and special. So what we have here is the two headliners VAIN and TIGERTAILZ (featuring Kim Hooker, Pepsi Tate, and Jay Pepper), undisputed leaders of the genre who've both got themselves back together and relased new albums that are fresh, relevant and in line with their classic albums — receiving universal critical acclaim across the board. And we've decided to team them up with the very best of the new and current sleaze rock bands the U.K. has to offer at present! Wildside is always looking forward to the future, rather than the past."

The festival lineup is currently as follows:

The festival also has its own MySpace at this location - "

This is the release that has gone out to press including -

On a personal note - we've put together a lineup that we feel represents exactly what Wildside is and stands for. We've given you the two headliners - Vain and Tigertailz.... Vain being the underground legends that released the greatest and unsurpassed sleaze rock album "No Respect" with Tigertailz... the best glam-metal band the UK ever produced... and put them together with a lineup we feel that is 'the best of Wildside'. All of them have played before at Wildside and paid their dues, tearing the roof of the place and raising hell in the process! And we're giving you all this for the fantastic price of £20!! And don't forget, when both Vain and Tigertailz last came through the UK on a tour ticket prices for them on their own was getting towards £20!

Along with that you get to experience the Wildside Clubnight after till the early hours of the morning! Of course with all you would expect from a festival with merchandise stalls, food, a great bar and music all day long!

For more information email the festival at

And don't forget to sing up and drop us a comment on our MySpace!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DEPECHE MODE re-issues

A Broken Frame

Originally released in 1982, A Broken Frame was Depeche Mode's first album following Vince Clarke's departure, and featured "See You," their highest-charting single to date, as well as the early classics "The Meaning Of Love" and "Nothing To Fear." Bonus DVD includes three bonus tracks plus six songs from a 1982 concert at London's Hammersmith Odeon. In addition, the 27-minute film Depeche Mode: 1982—The Beginning Of Their So-Called Dark Phase chronicles a pivotal period in the band's history and features recent interviews.

Some Great Reward

Their 1984 industrial/mainstream masterpiece spawned the hit "People Are People" and also features the signature songs "Somebody," "Blasphemous Rumors," and "Master And Servant." Bonus DVD includes three additional tracks and a remix of "Somebody," plus five songs recorded live in Basel and Liverpool in 1984. The 27-minute DVD film Depeche Mode 1984: You Can Get Away With Anything If You Give It A Good Tune captures the band during this time and features recent interviews.

Songs of Faith and Devotion

An explosive #1 album when it was released in 1993, Songs Of Faith And Devotion continued the band's winning streak and introduced the hit "I Feel You." Also features the classic tracks "Condemnation," "Walking In My Shoes," and "In Your Room." Bonus DVD includes eight additional tracks and seven remixes. Also, the new DVD film Depeche Mode 1991-94: We Were Going To Live Together, Record Together And It Was Going To Be Wonderful chronicles the band at the time of this massive album and features recent footage.


Listening Party

Tour dates & new release dates can now be found here –
Tour dates

OASIS have confirmed they will be releasing an EP this autumn. ‘Stop The Clocks EP’ will be headed by the former B-sides ‘Acquiesce’ and ‘The Masterplan’, which appeared on the flip side to ‘Wonderwall' in 1995. The package will be augmented by a demo version of the classic ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ plus a live recording of ‘Some Might Say’ from over a decade ago.

KISS' classic live performance from the Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1976, along with footage of the historic "Kiss Day" in Cadillac, Michigan in 1975, will be given a special big-screen showing on October 26 at 8:00 p.m. local in select theaters nationwide.


Swedish melodic hard rockers House Of Shakira are set to rock Italian fans with a six live gigs over six days in November.

The band signed to Lion Music have won worldwide acclaim with albums such as “Lint” and “First Class” and for their live performances at “Firefest 2005” (captured on the live DVD “House Of Shakira – Live At Firefest 05”) and 2006’s “Sweden Rock Festival” have taken a break from the writing and recording of their forthcoming studio album to perform to their Italian fans.

House Of Shakira vocalist Andreas Eklund comments, “When this opportunity came up it was too good to turn down. The chance to play live in Italy to fans that haven’t seen us before and have some fun on the road will help fire us up even more with the new material when we get back in the studio”.

The confirmed dates and venues are:
SAT 4 NOVEMBER - ROMA (Venue to be announced)

Web links


HIM have cancelled their upcoming US tour.

MICHAEL SCHENKER is planning a Japanese tour later this year and possibly UK dates to follow.

Robert Plant is to play a charity show with his band Return Of The Honeydrippers on December 23. It happens at Kidderminster Town Hall, wkith all proceeds being donated to a fund trying to raise 25.000 to aid 41-year-old Jackie Jennings, who's suffering from a brain tumour.

Flotsam And Jetsam have cancelled their planned UK/European tour for November. This is because vocalist Eric K has been accepted into a helicopter flight training academy.

Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm 29/10 at 22:30

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The upcoming new PINEAPPLE THIEF album will be entitled Little Man and is to be released on the Cyclops label on November 27th.

NEIL YOUNG wins Artist of the Year recognition at the Americana Honors and Awards held in Nashville.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has been battling hepatitis C for three years and wants to raise awareness of the disease. He explained the infection is "non-existent" in his bloodstream after a year of interferon treatment.


Caamora is the name of the latest Clive Nolan (ARENA/PENDRAGON) project. It is a collaboration between Clive and Agneiszka Swita. The two are working on a project called She.
The musical version of She is based on the classic novel of the same name by Victorian adventure writer H. Rider Haggard. Spearheaded by Clive and Agneiszka, this epic production will feature guest vocalists, instrumentalists, orchestra and choir, forming a two-hour musical journey. An album will be recorded in the summer of 2007, with a partly staged performance to be filmed in a theatre for DVD in September 2007. The album and DVD box set is planned for release in October 2007.

The Story:
Two explorers travel to Africa and stumble into a world of mystery and intrigue. They discover lost tribes living in vast underground caverns and worshipping a living Goddess... 'She who must be obeyed'... Ayesha, the queen who is believed to be a woman of vast age. She welcomes the explorers, but her true motives soon become apparent. Ayesha has been waiting for the return of the man she loves... a man she murdered over 2000 years ago!
The two are currently looking for guest vocalists and musicians for their project. Bob Catley of Magnum has already been muted for one of the two male roles.

As a taster Nolan and Swita will be doing some performances as support act of Galahad. They will also be releasing a special EP which will be available at these gigs and through the website.
1. Half Moon Street (reworking of a Shadowland song)
2. World Somewhere (written for the upcoming She project)
3. Sacrifice (new orchestrated version of Strangers On A Train track)
4. The Bonding (written for the upcoming She project)
5. Closer (track especially written for this EP)

Hey all,
Long time no speak. We're gearing up for our October tour now - if any of you would be so kind as to help us promote the shows that would be fantastic. If you live relatively near to any of the shows we're playing (near enough that you would consider going yourself) and are up for it then *please* message us back with your address so that we can send some stuff to you. You'll receive our gratitude instantly and hopefully some kind of reward when we can think of one!

Here are the dates:
18 Oct 06 :: Stockport, UK
19 Oct 06 :: Leeds, UK
20 Oct 06 :: Wolverhampton, UK
21 Oct 06 :: Southampton, UK
22 Oct 06 :: Derby, UK
23 Oct 06 :: London, UK
26 Oct 06 :: Leeuwarden, NL
27 Oct 06 :: Vreren, BE
28 Oct 06 :: Gent, BE
29 Oct 06 :: Rotterdam, NL
05 Nov 06 :: Birmingham, UK

Please get in touch if you can help - otherwise hope to see you at one of the shows!

Season's End


01 Mar Sheffield City Hall
02 Mar Newcastle City Hall
05 Mar Nottingham Royal Centre
06 Mar Manchester Apollo Theatre
09 Mar Cardiff International Arena
10 Mar Bournemouth International Centre
13 Mar Birmingham NIA
14 Mar London Hammersmith Apollo

JON ANDERSON & RICK WAKEMAN’s UK tour is still on although the dates for Glasgow & Doncaster have been cancelled.

Dec 5th Underworld, London

Dec 20th -23rd Birmingham NEC (features JASPER CARROTT, LENNY HENRY, SUZI QUATRO & ROY WOOD amongst others)


THE LEVELLERS ‘Chaos Theory’ Eagle Rock (DVD 2006)

The first disc is a complete concert - a 23 song set – recorded with a very good sound quality throughout and decent camera angles that don’t seem shaky or far away like some concert DVD’s. A good mix of classics like ‘One Way’ segues seamlessly with the newer material like the storming ‘Last Man Alive’. A very enjoyable live set and one that will please both fans old and new.
The second disc features the Levellers acoustic show highlights at Buxton Opera House with guests Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span), Nick Burbridge, Rev Hammer and Nick Harper. Songs include 'Julie', 'Boatman' and 'Dirty Davey' plus a tour diary and fans cam. The acoustic numbers take on a whole new life and Maddy Prior in particular is on her usual good vocal form.
A well packaged and thought out DVD – a ‘must have’ for all fans of this wonderful band.

Jason Ritchie

Disc 1: A complete concert recorded in stereo and 5.1 surround sound.
1. England My Home
2. 15 Years
3. Last Man Alive
4. The Road
5. For Us All
6. 61 Minutes Of Pleading
7. Wheels
8. Belarus
9. Beautiful Day
10. Elation
11. Men-An-Tol
12. Confess
13. Forgotten Ground
14. Carry Me
15. Dirty Davey
16. The Game
17. Come On
18. Riverflow
19. 3 Friends
20. One Way
21. Liberty
22. Another Man's Cause
23. What You Know

Wingspan Records

This guy is a talented multi-instrumentalist – and here takes on 5-string electric violin, mandolin, bass, guitar, keyboards and computer programming. Fine indeed, but not all will appreciate his take on these 9 well known 70s rock tracks.
There’s nearly 4 minutes of ambience on track 1 before we get the classic opening chords of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” – done like you’ve never heard it before.
Bowie’s “Life On Mars” and Led Zep’s “Kashmir” get a similar instrumental work out. And Skynyrd’s “Freebird” takes a few bars before I recognised it. But an interesting take on a beautiful and moving song. A little heavier in the second part too when the keyboards and programming come in.
“Parisienne Walkways” is another great track, shame he can’t quite replicate Moore’s guitar sound. Worth a listen anyway.
“Child In Time” gets a 10 minute arrangement and the riff to Focus’ “Sylvia” should bring back memories if you were a rock fan at the time.
Some good music and some definite talent but really not sure if many will appreciate these arrangements.

Joe Geesin

Ethnolution AD
SPV 80001062

Melodic German metal, with keyboards and twin guitar combining well to give a full, tuneful, solid and well polished metal.
This is a kind of a concept album, with a look at modern politics (quite a lot of ammunition there, then).
The opening title track is a lengthy six part job, coving both the Ku Klux Klan and the middle-east conflict.
Very melodic but solid as hell too, riffs aplenty, and catchy too. The vocals are a breath of fresh air, the keyboards intricate, guitars chunky. The opening guitars in “River Of Pain” are great, a sound that continues throughout the song making it an uptempo classic.
Not as operatic as Freedom Call or Rhapsody, but classic melodic metal. Who cares if it’s cliché if it’s this good.

Joe Geesin

Revolutions Per Minute

Million selling American metal band are back with their 5th album, and they’re definitely a lot more metal with new vocalist Johnny Solinger, who replaced Bach a few years back.
Full on American metal, they’ve lost most of the sleaze, and without any grunge or thrash it’s just good guitar led rocking material.
“Another Dick In The System” (politics, music industry, could be anything) keeps up the high octane catchy metal, with the guitars taking turns to avoid cluttering.

“When God Can’t Wait” is fun celtic rock’n’roll with a touch of the Pogues.
A good metal set and better than expected. Fans and more will love this.

Joe Geesin

JOHN MEYER ‘Continuum’ Sony/BMG (2006)

John Mayer is a great singer and is here at work with some great musicians (his trio, plus guests such as Charlie Hunter). That said, for me, it stops short of being a great album. I think perhaps it all just sounds a little too good, too polished – my taste is for a harder, earthier blues. An example of this is the first track (‘Waiting on the World to Change’) opening with a rocky guitar backed by glockenspiel like vibes – for me that’s just not the blues. The sound is best for me when most stripped down on such tracks as ‘Stop the Train’ – a wonderful song, Mayer coming close to the sweet soul-like voices of Curtis Mayfield and even Sam Cooke. Mayer’s cover of Hendrix’s ‘Bold as Love’ is also a great track, raw, impassioned and rocky, adding to the appreciation of the song. Other songs on the album, while being accomplished enough, just don’t really do it for me. Though tracks can at times remind you of Mayfield, Peter Green and Cooke but at other times they can remind you of Jack Johnson, James Blunt and even…ughh…Curtis Stigers. Please move to a harder sound!
My recommendation is to give this album a go – it’s quality certainly merits it, and though you may find the sound too light and middle of the road, you may love it. Many do!

Steven Lenton

FELONY ‘First Works’ Escape Music (2006)

Swiss based pomp/power metal band unleash their debut album and the twist is the female vocals which rather than take the operatic route of many female metal singers goes down the melodic rock route. The music is suitably grandiose (amazingly so given that only one band members plays all the keyboards!) and the vocals are very accessible and melodic. The only downside is that a couple of tunes sound a bit too similar although they are still worth listening too! Fans of Saga, A.C.T. (Felony have that quirkiness of A.C.T. at times) and Voyager will lap this album up.
A very assured debut album by a band that with the right push could become a power/pomp metal favourate for years to come.

Jason Ritchie

THE BLACKOUT (CD mini-album 2006) Fierce Panda

Six-piece band from Wales who mix punk pop riffs with some modern metal riffery. They have some catchy hooks and a screamer on the choruses but they sound like Lostprophets wannabes and the aforementioned band do it so much better. That said ‘Hard Slammin’ and the melodic refrains of ‘It’s High Tide Baby’ are worth grabbing.
Some will like it but doubt anyone will be playing it in a couple or more year’s time…

Jason Ritchie


With October 28th fast approaching, it looks as if FF3 will be the busiest show to date. Tickets have been flying out the door (quite literally to places such as Chile, Brazil, South Korea and wait for this one…..China!!).The pre show party is now as good as sold out!! Thank you. For the main day , we have finally managed to come up with a suitable running order which we’re sure will appeal to everybody. Less bands, more stage time seemed to be the order of the day from the huge number of e mails we received, so bearing this in mind here’s the running order and stage times for FIREFEST 3 , October 28th

Doors Open : 12.15
NEXX : 1.00 - 1.45
TREAT: 2.05 - 3.00
WIG WAM : 3.20 - 4.20
FAIR WARNING: 4.40 - 5.40
BONFIRE: 6.00 -7.00
GOTTHARD : 7.25 - 8.35
WINGER : 9.00 - 10.30

Please note due to a music curfew at Rock City all stage times will be strictly adhered to so please be sure to make a note of what time your favourite band hits the stage. At the end of the show on Saturday night , if you feel like continuing the party a little longer ALL fans attending the FIREFEST show can enter The Rig downstairs and party away until 2.00am to the sounds of more quality melodic hard rock. As you leave the main room , make your way downstairs and into the Rig by taking the door to the right at the bottom of the stairs. ADMISSION to The Rig is FREE as long as you do not leave the building and re enter.

Merchandise : All bands appearing at the show will have a selection of merchandise available , cd’s , dvd’s , tee shirts etc. and these can only be purchased from the official merchandise desk located at the rear of the venue . You can also pick up your Firefest 3 event t shirts there. On the subject of t shirts , t shirts will be available for pre order on very shortly. We did have a small glitch with the shirts but they are due back from the manufacturers any day now. There will be 2 styles available, plain black short sleeve and two colour baseball style. Make sure to grab yours a.s.a.p. as there is a strictly limited run of 100 only shirts.

As you may know we are giving away a guitar (signed by all the bands appearing at FF3) in a free raffle on the day. Now, not only is the guitar a sweet piece of axe but courtesy of our good friends over at they have agreed to supply a top quality hard case to carry it home in. Now that’s one hell of a prize!!!

Cameras: Rock City have asked us to once again point out that the use of camcorders and/or mp3 recorders/mini discs etc. are strictly prohibited on the day, and people found using them will have the item confiscated and be ejected from the venue. You are however encouraged to bring along your camera to capture your favourite artists .

And for those of you who cannot make the show in person on the day ARFM led by the legend he is , Steve Price will be doing an outside broadcast from Rock City on the day with lots of music , interviews and news. Be sure to tune in to ARFM on the web at to catch it as it happens.

The PRE SHOW: With the event now almost sold out the running order for the pre show is as follows:

Doors Open :6.45 pm
Alibi :7.00 - 7.30
Newman :7.50 - 8.35
Bombay Black : 8.50- 9.40
Bad Habit 10.00 - 11.00

As soon as the live portion of the show is finished anybody who has attended the gig can remain in The Rig until 2.00am to party the night away to the very best in aor/melodic rock , but the best bit is (aside from Dave Reynolds being the quizmaster and a stack of great spot prizes , including yet another class guitar from those great people at which also includes a hard case) is the fact that we are having a promo night in the alcohol department. No I hear you cry, but sadly yes, all draught larger will cost only £1.50 ALL NIGHT and a double JD & Coke a princely £2 a shot!! Value for money or what!! Now as is the case with every pre show, the various members of bands playing the following day will be at the pre show and more than happy to say hello or pose for a photo , so far Bonfire, Treat, Nexx and Fair Warning will be in attendance so make sure you do say hello and extend a big Firefest welcome to them.

We would like to thank everybody who has supported the show thus far. It genuinely does look as if it will be very, very busy . For all the latest updates please log on to where the message board is waiting for your comments, good, bad or indifferent. We hope to see everybody in Nottingham on Oct 27th and 28th .

Monday, September 25, 2006


We're pleased to announce the schedule for the Summer's End Festival on 30th Sept / 1st Oct - headlined by Pendragon and The Flower Kings - at The Robin in Bilston, UK. Tickets remain available from and

SATURDAY 30th September
1.00 - 2.00 Ezra
2.20 - 3.20 Credo
3.45 - 5.00 White Willow
6.30 - 7.15 John Mitchell & John Beck (It Bites, Kino)
7.30 - 8.30 Strangefish
9.00 - 11.00 Pendragon

SUNDAY 1st October
1.00 - 2.00 Darwin's Radio
2.20 - 3.20 Pure Reason Revolution
3.45 - 5.00 Flamborough Head
6.30 - 7.15 Guy Manning
7.30 - 8.30 Also Eden
9.00 - 11.00 The Flower Kings

JOURNEY UK tour dates 2007

01 Mar Sheffield City Hall
02 Mar Newcastle City Hall
05 Mar Nottingham Royal Centre
06 Mar Manchester Apollo Theatre
09 Mar Cardiff International Arena
10 Mar Bournemouth International Centre
13 Mar Birmingham NIA
14 Mar London Hammersmith Apollo

10 Q's with ROBIN GEORGE

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

I’m in the studio mixing the Damage Control album…I think it’s the best band/album I’ve ever been involved with, but then I always say that!

2. Could you take us through the tracks on the new album 'Crying Diamonds' (BTW a superb album & back to your best) and any stories behind the songs?

Thanks for the compliment. They are my versions of the songs Robert Plant, Glenn Hughes and other great singers had performed but not released (yet!) so I knew the songs were good enough to be heard. In a different time I’m convinced tracks like Haunted and Learn the Dance would have been hits, (but it aint over yet!)

3. This album has seen a release before on Zoom Club Records. What changes did you make for the Majestic Rock release and any plans to tour around this release?

It’s been re-mixed and mastered and I’ve added a couple of tracks to make it worth while for people to listen to (I hope). Zoom Club didn’t really release the album, it sort of escaped!
It wasn’t available in most shops, and so Geoff Gillespie (he was A&R at Zoom Club at the time) thought it was too good to waste, so now he’s at Majestic Rock, he asked to re-release it through them, so here it is.
I’m planning to do some gigs with a major British act later this year…watch this space.

4. Damage Control - how is this album progressing and how did you hook-up with Pete Way? How did Spike of the Quireboys get involved?

As I said we‘re at final mix stage and it really rocks as an album.
The ideas started to flow during the Waysted back from the dead mixing session (I was mixdown producer). At the end of each day, I’d play Pete a few of my tracks, and in return he’d attack one of my beautiful guitars and execute some of his ideas. We started recording straight after we finished the Waysted mixes and really liked how the songs sounded. I was singing lead, which Pete really liked, but I felt we needed a stronger voice, and a power front man.
Enter Spike. He and Pete have been friends for years and Pete suggested he did some backing vocals on the album…the rest is history…as soon as I heard Spikes’ voice, I knew he was the man for the gig.
Chris Slade is a superb drummer and also fantastic to work with.

5. Are there any artists/bands out there you would like to work with if given the chance and why?

I’m sticking with Damage Control for now even though I’ve had a few great offers lately…typical!

6. What have been the most memorable gigs and why?

The ones I can’t remember! I can’t remember why!!

7. Why do you think the 'Heartline' single never became the hit is so rightly deserved?

Bronze records went broke as it was breaking as a single wordwide, so the money ran out…shame; I really liked Gerry Bron and his team.

8. You have worked with two of the most famous vocalists in rock, Phil Lynott and David Byron. What was it like working with them and what are your fondest memories of them both?

It was an honour and a privilege to have worked with both Phil and David, and a tragedy to lose them so young. I have so many memories, all of them fond; it would take all day to recount them.
They were both real stars, but I’m proud to say they were also my dear friends who taught me lots about this business.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Making music.

10. Message to your fans...

Thanks for all your support and goodwill over the years… it’s priceless to me.


1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

I am currently preparing for some solo gigs, writing/producing Trev Lukather's album, getting ready to go to Nashville to start a very hush hush "supergroup" (I HATE that word!), hum... waiting here at home for my new guitar to show up from MusicMan and typing.

2. Could you take us through the songs (e.g. ideas behind the songs) on your solo album, 'Vibrate' please...

Human Race - one of the last songs that I wrote on the album. It is about being patronized and propagandad (is that a word?) and having people manipulate the truth and thinking that they can pull the wool over your eyes. I am not going to share my politics here, but it is not what you might expect!

Open Your Eyes - This is about trying to help a friend out of depression.

Friend By My Side - Funky, funky funk! This is about funk! I like funk an' funky thangs. I like songs that sound like you have a room full of relatives in the background singin' along. I mean, I used to listen to a lot of 70's funk and so this was a little taste - a hitcherino if you will. I also had much fun playing recently with Richie Kotzen - who is the bomb when it comes to funk/rock and I wanted to include this aspect to my playing - Richie is also playing on this. (Oh.... lyrically it is about trusting your instincts!)

Elderberry Trees - This is a love song (no shit!). It's about the feeling you get when you meet your soul mate! It is also about gardening.

In America - America; land of hope and the Ancient Greeks (sorry TH !). Everyone rags on this place yet everyone wants to live here. A good place to come to if you want to find opportunity. Even when you don't find what you want there is always another stone to turn over.

No Regrets - This is a Petty type storyteller ballad about people compromising themselves. It is about accountability.

Smile - Trying to help out a friend who had more than their share of shit shoveled upon them.

Killing Time - I was pissed off at a girlfriend who was extremely negative. This goes out to all the negative people out there - you know who you aren't!

Long As You Live - This is a positive song written with my friend Joe Brucato, one of the most beautiful souls out there although he has the tact of a mountain! (Sorry joe!). Written a long time ago I wanted to include it as I love the message that it presents.

Haunted - This is a reflection on how your experiences carry forward into the rest of your life - there is a lesson that I had to learn here and that was to enter each new experience innocently and as new...

She Couldn't Cry - Another storyteller about a girl who reached the lowest low.

Water's Edge - This has nothing to do with Roger Waters! Although it is a tribute to one of my favorite artists ever... I wrote this for someone who was very lonely.

3. How did you get some top draw musicians on your album such as the Toto guys? Any plans to play some gigs on the back of the album's release in Europe?

I have been fortunate enough to work regularly with these musicians for quite some time. When it became time for me to do this they contacted me and wanted to be involved. If things go well with this album I would love to come to europe to tour.

4. Beggers & Thieves were a very underated band - was there ever a second studio album made by the band? Any chance the band would get back together again?

They made a second album after I left. There is no reason that we wouldn't get together again. We would need it to be financially viable .. and Louis would need to return the guitar he took!

5. You've appeared on many albums by the French legend musical Johnny Hallyday. How did you hook-up with him and why do you think he's never really has success here in the UK and even the US?

I played on the demo of a track that he covered on his Rough Town" album and his producer - my long time friend Chris Kimsey - fell in love with the part. Chris asked me to come and play it on the actual record and we all hit it off from that point. Johnny called me up and asked me to be in his band; what a band! Shane Fontayne, Jim Prime, Ian Wallace, Tim Moore and Robin Le Mesurier. I think that the French market has always been very intrinsic - nothing comes in and nothing goes out and that is why he has never been heard of in many other countries. Despite that, he remains the 4th biggest selling artist in music history for the world!! Fuckin' unbelievable, huh. We call him the Grand Fromage!

6. You played on Ozzy's 'Ultimate Sin' album. What was it like at the time working with Ozzy who wasn't at his most sober during this album! Why did you leave the band?

It was an amazing time. Metal had never been so big, Ozzy's gigs had never been so well attended and I had major success with a song that I wrote. My closest friend was in the band with me and I liked Ozzy very much and we became good friends even out of the workplace. I think that Ozzy drinks because he is bored but I never liked people making fun of that. Ultimately (!) I had business disagreements with Sharon regarding future publishing arrangements and I decided to move on. I think that she took that really personally and she has certainly never forgiven me for that. I was close with her at the time and I have no hard feelings. I had a great time with them. It seems that they either really like people or they really dislike people and there is no ground inbetween. Maybe one day we will all just get along again.

7. Apart from your new solo album ,what album(s) that you have appeared on are you most proud of musically and why?

That has to be Steve Lukather's "Luke" album. I consider Steve to be one of the greats and we have a great friendship and writing relationship. I wrote half of this record and of that I was an incredibly proud. The tour that followed became the most fun I have ever had on the road in terms of musical quality and just fun. Gregg and Brett were fantastic and every night we would take all those songs and see how far we could improvise and "stretch" them, completely pushing the limits of our musical ability. I grew as a musician and as a bass player.

8. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

I answered every bass player wanted ad in the back of the Melody Maker! Learn as much as you can about your instrument and other instruments and learn to be tasteful!! Don't give up and realize that the first project that you leave marks the beginning of your musical journey!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like to ride motorcycles, take photographs, drink with friends. I like to have sex and honk at pedestrians. If you honk twice and really short they will think that you know them and it will leave them wondering the rest of the day.

10. Message to your fans...

Thanks for being there and being interested, thanks for letting someone else into your head. Write me and tell me what you think - I try to respond to all of my fans!


CREDO released their second album, 'Rhetoric' via F2 Music last year and it has been getting rave reviews ever since. If you like Fish era Marillion/Genesis with a modern touch then it is really worth a listen.
Over to vocalist Mark Colton...

What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Well, we are gigging lots to promote RHETORIC and have small tours lined up with both Landmarq and (seperate dates) Quidam from Poland. We are in the process of confirming the first F2 show with Ezra, Magenta and us and hopefully that will become a more substantial tour. We are also starting to write the follow up to Rhetoric (Just in case Dave from F2 is reading this......)

2. Could you take us through the excellent new album 'Rhetoric' and where the song ideas came from?

The lyrics are all I can talk about with authority, and pretty much cover my 25 years as a gigging/recording musician, I have plagarised myself in places from my old bands like Casual Affair, and Freewill, and the songs cover a lot of my experiences over the years.

As for the individual songs, see below.

"Skintrade": Inspired by a conversation with a, then, girlfriend, who announced one night she wanted to be in Porn Films! What do you say to that, it's a no win situation! Her view was she wouldn't be the one being exploited, it would be the people buying the magazines (to do whatever it is people do with that sort of literature!) Just got me round to thinking one day, what makes people want to do that sort of thing!!! Most of the story is editorial licence and doesn't reflect on her at all, but that was the seed for the song

"Turn The Gun": I was looking to write a sequel, or prequel, to "Kindness" from the first album, I would love to play the two songs together live at some point, but I ended up using the lyric originally when I was in Freewill. With Freewill's demise I still thought the lyric was valid, and let's face it, if you are going to plagiarise someone, yourself is a good (and safe) starting point! I love the power and intensity of this song, without being overly heavy it captures the insanity and claustrophobia that the cult of celebrity has bought to the modern world.

"From The Cradle…" Typical of my lyric writing I guess, bleeding heart poet time, but I think it is as good as anything I have ever written. It feels that most people of our age seem to be on second marriages, or despising the relationships they are in, and spend far too much time thinking about what might have been. Again it is a fictional person in the song but is based on so many people who have touched my life in the last thirty years. There are some pretty vivid images in the song relating to the feeling you get when you return to your old hometown and the places you always used to go, it doesn't matter how much they have changed, the ghosts of yesterday still hang heavily in the air! Listen out for the great backing vocals from Sam Collins, from Janison Edge, in the end passage; again it's hairs on the back of your neck time!

"…To The Grave" is a continuation of the previous song and deals with the same story from the perspective of the other partner, who doesn't view that relationship through quite the same rose tinted glasses!!! There are always two sides to every story, and this one details the anger and frustration of someone who gave everything they could, but was made to feel guilty that they couldn't fulfil the aspirations of a demanding partner, and ended up being painted as the villain of the whole affair, and can't quite believe the audacity of the other person. There is a great instrumental interlude at the end of the song, with a great rhythm which sounds simple but challenges every "air drummer" that has had a go at it! A true story? Maybe! We meet the protagonists again on the last song on the album!

"The Letter" is the oldest song on the album, we played it live at the `FoV' launch party, again inspired by the end of an unsatisfactory relationship and as angry as it gets! A particular live favourite that we have now recorded three times. This is the only version that has ever captured the anger, frustration and pain that you can experience when your whole fragile world collapses due to the actions of someone else. It also contains my favourite line that I have ever written!

"Too Late…" The first part of a duo of songs that was inspired by the poems written in the trenches during the First World War. The power, emotion and majesty of those poets moved me as much as any song I have ever heard. When I first heard the music the swagger, tension and power of the chorus demanded a lyric that matched it for power and simplicity, there are any number of vocals on that track which seem to perfectly capture the chaos and fear that people would have experienced when they would have gone "Over The Top". Great violin from Mike on the second verse that blew us all away the first time we heard it. The verse allows the lyric to breathe and conjure even more poignant images before we hit the instrumental section that leads to

"…To Say Good Bye". The closing section of the song which takes us in a different direction and highlights the vocals of Jim and Mike as we take the song to the end. The end section works wonderfully well live and every time we have played the two pieces together the audience has gone mad!!!

"The Game" From my perspective is very interesting, as the main body of the lyric was written when I was 16 0r 17 (years not stone!) whilst some of it has lyrics that were completed earlier this year!
It's a lyric that deals with loves young dream going horribly horribly wrong, and the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent! Another true story? You may think that, I couldn't possibly comment!!! There are some great light and shade moments on the track, the main guitar solo is amazing and the final keyboard/vocal section is my favourite part of the whole album.

"Seems Like Yesterday" Well as I said the couple from "Cradle to the Grave" appear in the last number again, and by this point, there is a degree of reflection and sorrow from both partners who finally get the opportunity to say all the things they really wanted to say.
Feels a bit like a coffee advert following these two! But there is more to follow in the next album, which if our recent run rate is anything to go by should be out in 2016!

3. How do you view the current music scene, especailly progressive rock? Has the evolution of downloading and the wide use of the Internet helped spread the word more about your music? From a CREDO perspective our perogative is to get our album heard by as many people as possible, the internet has helped, I am not so sure I would be so positive if I was in, say IQ or Pendragon and know that thousands are downloading my music for free!

As for the current Prog scene, to be honest, my view is it has'nt changed much in the last ten or so years, you sitll got Pink Floyd and Genesis who, if they reformed, would be the worlds biggest grossing acts for the following Twelve months and then you got your next level, almost your championship level of Marillion, Tull etc, and then it's down to the next level, IQ, Pendragon, Magenta, Pallas etc, hopefully we are knocking on the door of this level after RHETORIC, seems to be the case from the reviews I have read!!!

4. How did the new line-up of Credo come about? Do you still keep in contact with past members of the band?

Mik left so long ago now I can't remember his reasoning, on reflection it was as good a thing as could have happened to us. Mik was a tremendous lyricist, but I am sure he would agree Mike Varty is an infinitely superior musician (as I am sure his Shadowland/Landmarq/Janison Edge credentials highlight). Paul was another matter, I have remained close to Paul and Robyn and his departure was a huge blow for us musically and personally. I think he just didn't enjoy the music we were playing anymore and wanted to get back to playing what he plays best, he is a phenomenal drummer, but again Martin brought a new edge, power and precision to what we do, Rhetoric wouldn't be the album it is if Martin hadn't come on board.

Mike Varty has added so much to the band, we now have two musicians (along with Tim Birrell our guitarist) who can solo and make the hairs on the back on your neck stand up! Mike produced the album, and from a personal perspective coached the vocal performances out of me when I was in and out of hospital and my health was shot. His engineering and production work is phenomenal, his playing and song writing is superb and he is a nice bloke too, so between them they have made a great difference.

5. Where do you get your songwriting ideas from and who musically is an influence on you?

Well, historically I have always tended to write lyrics very much born out of the fact I was unable to maintain a satisfactory relationship! Neil Matthars (from Casual Affair) always refers to them as the "Oh you bitch you left me and broke my heart" sections!
When Iwas single I think the other members of CREDO used to get real worried when I turned up with a new girlfriend at a gig, I am sure they used to warn them about the distinct posibility of having their lives thrown into a song! However, during that time, and I know that Jason you have seen me in three of my bands, I have always felt capable of incorperating issues that move me into a lyric. Bradford City FC fire and murders in Ireland (Too Late To Cry - Casual Affair), Play With Fire (youth drug culture, CA again), Skintrade (Prostitution and the loss of innocence (Freewill & CREDO) as well as things like Too late to Say Goodbye (CREDO) are some pretty good examples of what I mean

6. What was it like getting back to performing live again after such a long time?

Bloody scary! But great fun.

7. Casual Affair - Your other band are back giging. Have you been enjoying the gigs again? Why did the abnd call it a day and whatever happened to Freewill?

The Casual gigs were/are great fun, and it was that that made it all possible, the split felt very acrimonious at the time and I don't want to go over old ground again, there are some scabs that are just best left unscratched! Ultimately we had just run our course, but couldn't see it. FREEWILL, on paper, should have been huge, but the chemistry musically just wasn't right, it ended up sounding like FISH fronting the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS at a STEVIE WONDER plays METALLICA convention, love the guys in the band, despised the music.......

8. What have been the most memorable gigs and why?

CASUAL AFFAIR - The Night Mickey Moody opened for us & The night Carl announced he was leaving after we destroyed a support band featuring members of Terraplane/Thunder, The Opera On The Green in 89, opening for ZODIAC MINDWARP etc etc

FREEWILL - Opening for GALAHAD/PENDRAGON, farewell gig!

CREDO- Opening for WISHBONE ASH, JOHN WETTON, PORCUPINE TREE, KINO, ARENA, Pallas, Mostly Autumn etc etc Both albums launch gigs, the night we signed to CYCLOPS, the night CREDO split after me and Tim had a huge row and someone found me dragged me back to the venue and we suddenly realised just how good CREDO could be

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sleeping and avoiding the doctor!!!

10. Message to your fans...

Come up and say hello or drop me a mail, stay alive and buy the album!!!


Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera has released a solo album. The project is called Chinese Fire drill, while the record is titled 'Circles'. Get a copy from

Escape Music have announced the signing of Final Frontier for the release of the album Freelight. Featuring lead vocalist Rob Moratti alingside Von Groove's Mladen who handles guitar, bass and keyboard duties the album also features Lawrence Falconer on Lead Guitars and a special guest appearance by drummer Kevin Howley. The music on 'Freelight' is very similar to previous Final Frontier albums and yet much stronger. 'Freelight' will be released on 17th November 2006 with the following track listing:
Freelight, Dynamo, Foolish Pride, Only The Lonely, I Hope You Don't Mind, Someone's Watching You, All The Way, Nothing Is Easy, Lion's Den, The Witches Mask plus two bonus tracks in the shape of Half Way Home and Delia which be feature on the limited edition first pressings of the album.

Machine Head are continuing work on its sixth studio album, "The Blackening", which is tentatively scheduled for release in early 2007. The group is recording the new CD at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA, with frontman Robert Flynn returning to the producer's chair, and Mark Keaton once again handling engineering duties. Potential song titles set for inclusion onfor "The Blackening" include "Clenching the Fists of Dissent", "Aesthetics of Hate", "Halo", "The Beautiful Mourning", "Now I Lay Thee Down", "Slanderous Love", "Wolves" and "A Farewell to Arms".

W.A.S.P. have inked a deal with Steamhammer/SPV for the release of their new studio album, 'Dominator' ,scheduled to hit the streets on November 13th.

Patrick Simonsen (ex-HUSH) is the new vocalist in S.I.N.


Fields Of The Nephilim

***'Genesis & Revelation' 2xCD + 1xDVD set released October 23rd, NFD Live in London Oct. 6th***

A 3-disc set of unreleased Fields of the Nephilim audio & visual rarities, 'Genesis & Revelation', is to be released on October 23rd on Jungle. It includes some of their earliest studio recordings as well as early and their most recent live shows.

Disc 1 contains studio recordings from 1985, 1986 & 1997, comprising never-before-heard early demos, remixes and an alternate mix from their 'Power' session, plus the only evidence of an ill-fated original line-up reunion. Disc 2 is a live set from a rare live show, Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2000. The DVD, Disc 3, features fascinating excerpts of two early live shows in 1986; a new video promo for 'Power'; the last live Nephilim gig in 2000 at a huge German festival; plus an interview.

Fields of the Nephilim gained a huge following in the late 80's with three acclaimed albums 'Dawnrazor', 'The Nephilim' & 'Elysium' on Beggars Banquet, but following two sold-out nights at the London Forum vocalist Carl McCoy split from the band at their peak in 1991. After subsequent projects The Nefilim and Rubicon ended, an aborted full reunion turned into collaboration between McCoy & bassist Tony Pettitt, resulting in the album 'Fallen' in 2002.

The reclusive Carl McCoy, who’s earned his mysterious and maverick reputation through various disappearing acts, recently released a new album 'Mourning Sun' as Fields of the Nephilim. Tony Pettitt's new outfit NFD gig regularly and have just released a well-received second album 'Dead Pool Rising'. Original drummer & guitarist brothers Nod & Paul Wright have issued two albums as Last Rites, recently issuing 'The Many Forms'.

DISC 1: Studio rarities Power (Powered Up mix); Secrets (Cloak & Dagger mix); The Tower ('86 O'Higgins mix); Dawnrazor; Secrets; Power (all 1985 demos); Power (Power Surge mix); Deeper Deepest Dub (1997 reunion). DISC 2: Live at Roskilde Festival, 2000 Intro (The Harmonica Man); Preacher Man; Moonchild; For Her Light; Love Under Will;

Shine; Zoon (Pt 3 - Wake World); Xodus; Dawnrazor; Psychonaut.

DISC 3 - DVD: Video-Promo: Power; Brighton Zap Club 1986: Laura, Trees Come Down; Croydon Underground 1986: Dawnrazor; Mera Luna Festival 2000: Moonchild, For Her Light, Love Under Will, Psychonaut; Bonus Feature: 1998 interview with Carl & Tony.

Cat. No. FREUDCD086



Oct 28 JB's, Dudley, England
Oct 29 Shepherd's Bush, London, England
Nov 02 Salle Kursaal, Limbourg, Belgium
Nov 03 Plato, Helmond, Netherlands
Nov 04 De Kade, Zaandam, Netherlands


ZENO ‘Runway to the Gods’ MTM Music (2006)

Eight years since the last studio release ‘Listen to the Light’ and no Michael Flexig on vocals, instead step forward Jaded Heart’s Michael Bormann. The album starts well with ‘Fanfare of Love’, a typical Zeno number with epic production, catchy chorus and some great guitar playing, as too is ‘Land of Illusion’. But as good a vocalist Michael Bormann (although I find Jaded heart a tad too generic in their sound) is you really do miss the almost operatic voice of Flexig and the harmonies have been toned down slightly as well. Aside from these two songs ‘Refugees’ hits the mark but ‘Shades of Blue’ and the title track never really get going. Some instrumentals to allow Zeno Roth to take centre stage and these are well constructed and stand up to repeated plays.

You can’t fault the songs and certainly not Zeno Roth’s playing which is as impressive as ever, however for me I would have much preferred Michael Flexig on vocals and more harmonies which the earlier Zeno albums were noted for. Certainly give the album a try if you’re an existing fan as many will doubtless enjoy Bormann’s voice.

Jason Ritchie


It's funny to think how the same band that has released albums of unique underground nature such as "Morbid Visions" and "Schizophrenia" has ended up becoming one of the most legendary extreme metal acts ever. Yes, Sepultura have quite deservedly received a legendary status within the metal community, especially by bringing to life albums of colossal musical strength such as "Beneath the Remains", "Arise" and Chaos A.D" - albums that continue to sell like hot potatoes. What we have here is a "best of" release issued by the band's former label Roadrunner Records - let's see if this is an album worth buying...

For someone like me who owns all of the band's studio releases, a Sepultura collection will have to contain something really special and rare so as to convince them to invest in it. I am afraid that, even though this thirteen track CD contains some of the band's best compositions to date, with the exception of "Biotech Is Godzilla" (New Model Army cover), it is one of the poorest collections that I have ever come across!

The songs that are featured here cover the band's most successful period, that between 1987 and 1996, so you are spared from samples of meaningless releases such as "Against" and "Nation", but that is not enough of a motivation as far as I'm concerned. You see, even in terms of general presentation, the label could have bothered to provide us with a richer booklet, or with a few nice pictures and an analytical bio - but, the only thing that we have here is a three page presentation by Don Kaye (Guitar World, Revolver, Kerrang), which is not even sufficient to inform the band’s youngest fans of their rich and important past.

Something tells me that this collection will end up receiving the same treatment as the label's 2002 release "Under A Pale Grey Sky" - an album that was never recognised by Sepultura as part of their discography, and rightly so. It is very obvious that what Roadrunner is trying to make easy money from a CD that has no place whatsoever in your collection. Stay away and go get the band's studio albums instead!

John Stefanis

Leverage – Tides (Elements Music)

Seems like 2006 is the year of melodic metal, making a comeback of sorts.
The forthcoming Winger album, the much highly praised Brother Firetribe album and now, Leverage.
Hailing, from Finland, yet another band to appear from out of nowhere and come out with all guns blazing!

Leverage also share the golden voice of Brother Firetribe singer, Pekka Heino, a singer who could sing the phone book and make it sound interesting. Here his voice is about as versatile as you’ll hear anywhere.
All this would be pointless without great songs, and ‘Tides’, has ten of them!
Where Brother Firetribe is more AOR, than anything really, Leverage are all about driving guitars, catch melodies galore.
While the keyboards do provide some of the musical melodies, they aren’t over reliant on, Leverage are all about rocking your socks off.
‘Tides’, is not an immediate album, like, BFT, ‘False Metal’ is. Many plays are required to get through the many layers and only then are you able to fully appreciate this great album of work.

Highlights? Well all ten songs are top notch, not a dud to be found, no fast forwarding here, press play, sit back, relax and get hooked by Leverage’s brand of turbo charged melodic metal.
For years, there has been many over hyped bands from this genre that promise much and ultimately deliver nothing.
Leverage is definitely the real deal and this is a strong release that will make the melodic rock world stand up and take notice.
It’s a flip of a coin for this years top release for me, Brother Firetribe or Leverage ?

Let’s just call it a draw and enjoy both!

Graham Boyle

BOB SEGER ‘Face The Promise’ Capitol (2006)

Bob Seger returns, minus the Silver Bullet Band, for his first new material in over eight years. Starting off with a no frills rocker ‘Wreck This Heart’ sets the album off nicely, whilst the title track keeps the rock quota up. ‘No Matter Who You Are’ is a Seger classic – mid-tempo, allowing his vocals and lyrics of the everyday man to shine through. ‘Simplicity’ is an attempt to add some variety with its horn and modern backing but sadly it fails to stay in the listener’s mind. That is the problem with a few songs on here they are fine to play and listen to but they don’t really entice you back for more plays unlike previous Seger albums.

There are two duets on this album, first off is a bar room stomp with Kid Rock on ‘Real Mean Bottle’, great fun. Patty Loveless duets on ‘The Answer’s in the Question’ although personally I find Loveless’s voice a tad to whiny for my liking.

Not a bad album but when you stack it against his previous work it is not one of his best. There is also a bonus DVD with live footage from 1978 and a ‘making of’ on this new album.

Jason Ritchie

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The 2006 edition of the Bloodstock Festival kicks off in next Friday at the Assembly Rooms in Derby. The full running order for the event has now been announced and is as follows:

4.00-4.30 MARSHALL LAW
5.00-5.45 MAJESTY
7.45-8.45 AXEL RUDI PELL
9.30-11.00 PRIMAL FEAR


11.30-12.05 ILLUMINATUS
12.35-1.15 SPELLBLAST
4.00-4.40 MACHINE MEN
5.15-6.05 BRAINSTORM
6.45-7.30 ONSLAUGHT
8.10-9.00 DEATHSTARS
9.45-11.15 MY DYING BRIDE

In addition to the running the organizers have released the following info with regard to the two days of the festival:

1. Doors will open at 2pm on the Friday giving you ample time to get in before the bands kick off at 3.30pm

2. Passouts are available for both days.

3. The venue now is a NON SMOKING venue

4. Online tickets will be for sale up until Thursday night. Last day to order online and post out will be Tuesday 26th September before 4pm. Go to shop to get your tickets now. Tickets ordered after 26th September will be available to collect on the door. Please bring proof of ID.

5. Ticket prices on the door will be:

Friday 29th - Sat 30th 2 day ticket = £60.00
Friday 29th single day ticket £30.00
Saturday 30th single day ticket £40.00

Friday, September 22, 2006


As a feature for the Classic Rock Newswire and to mark what would have been he 60th birthday of Freddie Mercury and the re-release of three classic ELO albums it would be great if you could give a few words (or lots if you wish) on the following...

Favourate piece(s) of Queen music and why...

Fondest memory of Freddie Mercury & Queen and gig/live if you were lucky enough to see them live...

Favourate piece(s) of ELO music and why...

PETE FEENSTRA (Blues promoter/reviewer) –

Seven Seas of Rye
fine early slice of Prog rock, that suggested there was many more fine songs to come

Re Freddy
didnt really like Queen initial album, but became totally convinced after their/his Live Aid performance - a real stadium band at their best with a charismatic front man par excellence.

Love lots of their stuff but I’d go back to the 10538 Overture (hope that is correct) which was the perfect meeting of Jeff Lynn/Roy Wood together with their Beatles influences.
Loved ELO because of their post Beatles mix of bomabastic rock, tempered by Jeff's commercial muse. Jeff Lynn was a talent waiting in the wings since The Idle Race, When Roy left and the Electric Light Orchestra became ELO, he fulfilled his potential, though I drew the line when he embraced a later career Bee Gees style disco format.

SEBBE ROSS (vocalist with SHINE)

I love their "JAZZ" album. Excellent songs and with good sense of humour. Awesome!!!!!!!
Anders gave it to me on vinyl for my birthday a couple of years ago, good bandmate.

Favourate piece(s) of ELO music and why...
The song "Twilight". Don't need to tell you why, do I?


It HAS to be "Bohemian Rhapsody"... this created such an impression on me as far as the production and it was also the same time as I got my first stereo vinyl record player! Hearing things flying across the room from one side to another and the changes, the sounds and the vocals... Not many tracks like that in existence!

Fondest memory of Freddie Mercury & Queen and gig/live if you were lucky enough to see them live...

Seeing them on Top of the Pops in the UK in 1974. They had transitioned from a regular teen glam band to the seriously cool rock band that they were to become...

"A New World Record" "Mr Blue Sky" These are things that remind me of a great time in my life! A time of discovering what I loved about music and production. I was already getting into the idea of what I really loved about record production!


Favourate piece(s) of Queen music and why...
My favourite has to be "I'm going slightly mad' because its one of the few Queen's songs I can sing. Like the gist of the lyrics as well.

Favourate piece(s) of ELO music and why...
'Evil woman' because I have had to deal with a few of those in my lifetime.

Head honcho - /

Favourate piece(s) of Queen music and why...

"Now I'm Here" - the only rock track we could get the DJ at school discos to play in 1977. He wasn't exactly up to date with his selections.

Fondest memory of Freddie Mercury & Queen and gig/live if you were lucky enough to see them live...

Going to see them live for the first time on the "Hot Space" tour and having the joyous delight of catching the J Geils Band as one of the support acts. They rocked my world, unlike Queen who were lamentable.

Favourate piece(s) of ELO music and why...

"Mr Blue Sky" - cos I'd heard it on the radio and went along to Jeffreys Furnishing Stores (who for no obvious reason sold records) and buying the 12" picture version for a friends 13th birthday, in the full knowledge that he had no record player, which meant he had to leave it in my house!

Please feel free to contribute, either add a comment below or e-mail

Chris Singleton Troubadour, London 19th September 2006

Off to the legendary Troubadour club for the first time for the album launch of ‘Twisted City’ by singer/songwriter Chris Singleton. Not a bad little venue at all, located underneath the restaurant above and good acoustics. An amazing array of musical legends have appeared here including Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Led Zep and Keith Moon to name but a few.

Support came from the Sunstones, an acoustic trio with just a double bass and acoustic guitar as the musical accompaniment. Upbeat tunes although I did struggle to catch the lyrics at times and sadly the tunes failed to lodge in your head after one listen. A pleasant enough listen but nothing to grab your attention.

Chris Singleton first came under my radar with his debut single ‘Worry Number One’ and after reviewing this I found out his girlfriend Emma worked in the same office as me! So no pressure then on reviewing this gig… Kicking off with the single it was a fine set of quality pop rock tunes (latter day XTC is as near as I can get for a comparison) mixed with slower acoustic led songs. Next up was the next single ‘Get Up’ and I defy anyone not to be taken in by this song after their first listen. Catchy tunes don’t come much better than this. Backed by a very tight and able five piece band, they played most of the debut album including ‘Gimme Something’ and ‘Twisted City’. Encore was the delightful ‘Tonight’ (shades of John Lennon here), topping of a very assured and enjoyable launch of his debut album.

If you like pop rock, bands like XTC, Crowded Hose and well crafted tunes then go and buy this album as you will enjoy it, trust me J

Jason Ritchie

News 22nd Sep


BOB SEGER's `Face The Promise' debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 album chart with over 150,000 SoundScan units sold. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY debut at no.21 with MASTODON at no.32 and the mighty SUGARCULT debut at no.64. BUCKCHERRY has now clocked-up 21 weeks on the charts and is still in the top 75, not bad at all for band who couldn't get a record deal…

AGENT STEEL should have a new album out early next year on Mascot Records.

REM start work on a new album with a late 2007 release expected.

Blackmore's Night are to release a 'holiday album' at the end of November. To be called 'Winter Carols', it will be on the AFM label, and features covers of Christmas carols.

OPETH are to include their cover of Deep Purple's 'Soldier Of Fortune' on the expanded re-issue of the 'Ghost Reveries' album, due out next month. This will also feature a DVD.

SYMPHONY X have pushed their new album back to early 2007.


Frontiers Records is particularly excited to announce the release of STYX & the Contemporary Youth Orchestra album "One With Everything" on the European markets on November 10th 2006 !

STYX and CYO cooperation started last year when the band was asked to join the Orchestra for a concert. Having in the past worked with solo artists, including Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, Ray Manzarek, Graham Nash and Jon Anderson, it was not the first time for them to be involved with Rock music, but was definitely their premiere with a full scaled band !

STYX has performed only one other time with a symphony and "while it was a wonderful experience, we had not been inclined to revisit it until we heard that the members of this particular orchestra were all between the ages of thirteen and nineteen" says STYX singer and guitar player Tommy Shaw, adding "From the very beginning, the
enthusiasm has been extraordinary. Their grasp of our music, their flexibility and willingness to go far beyond what any of us imagined, has been incredible. Director Liza Grossman is to be hailed as the heroine extraordinaire tonight, for her steady
guidance and the unflinching belief in the members of CYO".

On May 25, 2006 then STYX took the stage in Cleveland for a new venture accompanied by the 115 piece Contemporary Youth Orchestra and a 60 member chorus. With a setlist that combined the band's classics, new songs and cover versions, this was a truly unique event.

This very special album will include the following 14 songs (not final order):
Blue Collar Man; One With Everything; Don't Make Sense (If You Can't Make Peace); Everything, All The Time (NEW SONG); I Am The Walrus; 6. Just Be (Studio Version, NEW SONG); Fooling Yourself; Boat On The River; I Don't Need No Doctor; Crystal Ball; Too Much Time On My Hands: A Criminal Mind; Miss America; Renegade.


The Wildside Festival is a new event taking place on November 18th at the Marcus Garvey Ballroom in Nottingham. The event features appearances from Vain, Tigertailz, Kid Ego, Red Star Rebels, Rattlesnake Remedy and Sweet Seduction amongst others. Full details on the show, including information on how to get tickets can be
found here

News 20th Sep 2006


Good Charlotte are to release their fourth album in February. To be called 'Good Morning Revival!' and it's been produced by Don Gilmore and mixed by Andy Wallace.

Twisted Sister have posted their version of the classic 'White Christmas' at This is to feature on the band's covers album, 'A Twisted Christmas', due out next month.

Brian Wilson will be playing a series of six shows (5 in the U.S./1 in London) featuring performances of Pet Sounds in its entirety. For the four East Coast shows, Wilson will be joined by former Beach Boy Al Jardine, making these their first appearances together in decades. Mike Love however will not be involved.

Our Lady Peace will release a compilation called "A Decade" on Nov.21st, it will feature the brand new single "Kiss on the mouth" as well as all their hits.

Escapi Music has set an October 24 release date for the reissues of the TROUBLE albums "Psalm 9" (1984) and "The Skull" (1985). The re-releases are expected to include vintage footage on bonus DVDs "that nobody has seen or heard before," the details of which have not yet been revealed.


AVENGED SEVENFOLD have now cancelled their US dates as well.