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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DEPECHE MODE re-issues

A Broken Frame

Originally released in 1982, A Broken Frame was Depeche Mode's first album following Vince Clarke's departure, and featured "See You," their highest-charting single to date, as well as the early classics "The Meaning Of Love" and "Nothing To Fear." Bonus DVD includes three bonus tracks plus six songs from a 1982 concert at London's Hammersmith Odeon. In addition, the 27-minute film Depeche Mode: 1982—The Beginning Of Their So-Called Dark Phase chronicles a pivotal period in the band's history and features recent interviews.

Some Great Reward

Their 1984 industrial/mainstream masterpiece spawned the hit "People Are People" and also features the signature songs "Somebody," "Blasphemous Rumors," and "Master And Servant." Bonus DVD includes three additional tracks and a remix of "Somebody," plus five songs recorded live in Basel and Liverpool in 1984. The 27-minute DVD film Depeche Mode 1984: You Can Get Away With Anything If You Give It A Good Tune captures the band during this time and features recent interviews.

Songs of Faith and Devotion

An explosive #1 album when it was released in 1993, Songs Of Faith And Devotion continued the band's winning streak and introduced the hit "I Feel You." Also features the classic tracks "Condemnation," "Walking In My Shoes," and "In Your Room." Bonus DVD includes eight additional tracks and seven remixes. Also, the new DVD film Depeche Mode 1991-94: We Were Going To Live Together, Record Together And It Was Going To Be Wonderful chronicles the band at the time of this massive album and features recent footage.


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