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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wildside festival

"The recently reunited legends VAIN and TIGERTAILZ have been confirmed as the headliners for the inaugural Wildside Festival, set to take place on November 18, 2006 at the MG Ballroom in Nottingham. The official website is online and tickets priced at £20 are on sale now.

The Wildside Festival is a new venture from the Wildside Club — a monthly sleaze-glam club night held in Nottingham that has become the home of glam in the U.K. at present. Organizer, promoter and DJ Al White explains: "We've been running the Wildside nights for over three years now, and it's been a resounding success right from the start. The reason why glam rock fans have taken to us so passionately is probably due to the fact that we don't deviate from what we set out to do — and thats put on a full on sleaze-glam night! No deviations into other genres here! We've had everyone from L.A. GUNS to ROADSTAR play the Wildside club, and people have travelled from all over — even other countries as far as Sweden and Spain! We're at a point where we now feel the time is right to venture into putting on something spectacular and special. So what we have here is the two headliners VAIN and TIGERTAILZ (featuring Kim Hooker, Pepsi Tate, and Jay Pepper), undisputed leaders of the genre who've both got themselves back together and relased new albums that are fresh, relevant and in line with their classic albums — receiving universal critical acclaim across the board. And we've decided to team them up with the very best of the new and current sleaze rock bands the U.K. has to offer at present! Wildside is always looking forward to the future, rather than the past."

The festival lineup is currently as follows:

The festival also has its own MySpace at this location - "

This is the release that has gone out to press including -

On a personal note - we've put together a lineup that we feel represents exactly what Wildside is and stands for. We've given you the two headliners - Vain and Tigertailz.... Vain being the underground legends that released the greatest and unsurpassed sleaze rock album "No Respect" with Tigertailz... the best glam-metal band the UK ever produced... and put them together with a lineup we feel that is 'the best of Wildside'. All of them have played before at Wildside and paid their dues, tearing the roof of the place and raising hell in the process! And we're giving you all this for the fantastic price of £20!! And don't forget, when both Vain and Tigertailz last came through the UK on a tour ticket prices for them on their own was getting towards £20!

Along with that you get to experience the Wildside Clubnight after till the early hours of the morning! Of course with all you would expect from a festival with merchandise stalls, food, a great bar and music all day long!

For more information email the festival at

And don't forget to sing up and drop us a comment on our MySpace!


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