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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brian Eno (U2, Roxy Music, David Bowie) will produce the new album by COLDPLAY.

Uriah Heep regret to announce that, due to ongoing health problems, longstanding drummer Lee Kerslake is to leave the band with immediate effect. A replacement is being looked for ASAP.

THE POLICE have confirmed that they will be the opening act at this years Grammy Awards in the US, but have remained quiet on rumours stating they are planning to tour together. The Grammys will take place on February 11th.

THE EAGLES plan to release their new studio album in April/May.

SQUEEZE's forthcoming compilation 'Essential Squeeze' will now be released on April 30th.

LET IT ROCK is a new 70's retro classic rock band featuring: Davey Pattison - vocals/guitar (Gamma/Robin Trower); Tom Miller - vocals/bass (Greg Allman, Eddie Money); Kevin Russell - vocals/guitar (707) and Andy Doerschuk - drums (Rick Derringer/Steppenwolf).
"These four guys have been pals for years. They have decided to pay homage to the music they grew up on and so love. The music that shaped a generation. That music is known today as “Classic Rock”. Who better to play this music than the guys who were there! Gamma, Robin Trower, 707, Eddie Money & Greg Allman are all part of the “Classic Rock “ genre' today! Let It Rock is a rockin' fun time band that kicks serious ass!"

Avril Lavigne will release her new album "The Best Damn Thing" on April 17.


Edsel Records (through Demon) will be releasing a selection of seven Gillan and Ian Gillan Band albums in March and April. These will comprise of five chart albums, which were originally released between 1979 and 1982, including Glory Road which charted at 3 and Future Shock UK at 2. Together the seven albums feature eight chart singles.
The first batch of Gillan releases hit outlets on 2nd April and include Mr Universe (1979), Glory Road (1980), Future Shock (1981) and Double Trouble (1981). These will be followed on 7th May with Ian’s first solo album Child In Time (Ian Gillan Band, 1976), Live At The Budokan (Ian Gillan Band, 1977) and Magic (Gillan, 1982).
All seven albums have been digitally re-mastered by Ray Staff (Bohemian Rhapsody, Physical Graffiti, Corrine Bailey Rae, Deep Purple) and will feature bonus tracks including live recordings, and ‘b’ sides as well as album out-takes. The deluxe packaging will contain photos, lyrics, memorabilia and some wry observations of the times by Ian Gillan himself.
Gillan says: ‘It’s about bloody time!’

These albums feature some of Ian’s cohorts including Janick Gers, Bernie Tormé, John McCoy, Colin Towns and Mick Underwood as well as the Gillan classics Sleeping On The Job, No Easy Way, Trouble, Mutually Assured Destruction, New Orleans, No Laughing In Heaven, Nightmare, Restless and Living For The City. There are also fabulous live versions of Deep Purple classics including Child In Time, Smoke On The Water and Woman From Tokyo.

Ian Gillan is rock royalty, and has become an erudite elder statesman of the genre. He was the original Jesus Christ Superstar and – with Deep Purple – he co-wrote and sang Smoke on the Water (one of the most popular songs of all time) among dozens of other hits. He’s always made music for music’s sake, not to appease critics, the industry or anyone else; to quote the man…’It’s important to step off the highway sometimes and take the scenic route.’ He has played to tens of millions of fans, and sold over one hundred million records. To this day he approaches writing, recording and touring with the zeal, passion and commitment of an eighteen year old. Currently on tour with Deep Purple - His life is music – listen and enjoy.

Gillan’s new DVD, Ian Gillan Highway Star: A Journey In Rock is also released 2nd April. Deep Purple tour in the UK from 21st April.

MR UNIVERSE [1979] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1004]
1. Second Sight
2. Secret Of The Dance
3. She Tears Me Down
4. Roller
5. Mr Universe
6. Vengeance [BAT 12 A]
7. Puget Sound
8. Dead Of Night
9. Message In A Bottle
10. Fighting Man
Bonus track:
11. Smoke On The Water [live at Kingsway Studio] [b-side of “Vengeance”, BAT 12]

GLORY ROAD [1980] [Demon cat no: EDSD 2003, 2 CD]
1. Unchain Your Brain
2. Are You Sure?
3. Time And Again
4. No Easy Way [VS 362 A]
5. Sleeping On The Job [VS 355 A]
6. On The Rocks
7. If You Believe Me
8. Running, White Face, City Boy
9. Nervous
FOR GILLAN FANS ONLY [originally a free LP in the first 15000 copies of “Glory Road”]
1. Higher And Higher [VS 355 b-side, also on “For Gillan Fans Only”]
2. Your Mother Was Right [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
3. Redwatch [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
4. Abbey Of Thelema [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
5. Trying To Get To You [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
6. Come Tomorrow [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
7. Dragon’s Tongue [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
8. Post Fade Brain Damage [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
9. Egg Timer [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
10. Harry Lime Theme [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
Bonus tracks:
11. Handles On Her Hips [Virgin single VS 362 b-side]
12. I Might As Well Go Home [Virgin single VS 362 b-side]

FUTURE SHOCK [1981] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1005]
1. Future Shock
2. Night Ride Out Of Phoenix
3. The Ballad Of The Lusitania Express
4. No Laughing In Heaven [VS 425 A]
5. Sacre Bleu
6. New Orleans [VS 406 A]
7. Bite The Bullet
8. If I Sing Softly
9. Don’t Want The Truth
10. For Your Dreams
Bonus tracks:
1. Trouble [Virgin single VS 377 a-side]
2. Your Sister’s On My List [Virgin single VS 377 b-side]
3. Mutually Assured Destruction [Virgin single VSK 103 a-side]
4. The Maelstrom [Virgin single VSK 103 b-side]
5. Take A Hold Of Yourself [Virgin single VS 406 b-side]
6. One For The Road [Virgin single VS 425 b-side]
7. Bad News [Virgin single VS 425 b-side]
8. Lucille [Virgin single VS 425 b-side]
9. Spanish Guitar [Lyntone LYN 10599, free with “Flexipop” mag, Dec 1981]

DOUBLE TROUBLE [1981] [Demon cat no: EDSD 2004, 2 CD]
DISC ONE [Studio]
1. I’ll Rip Your Spine Out
2. Restless [VS 465 A]
3. Men Of War
4. Sunbeam
5. Nightmare [VS 441 A]
6. Hadely Bop Bop
7. Life Goes On
8. Born To Kill
1. No Laughing In Heaven [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
2. No Easy Way [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
3. Trouble [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
4. Mutually Assured Destruction [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
5. If You Believe Me [Rainbow 4.3.81]
6. New Orleans [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
Bonus tracks:
7. Bite The Bullet [Reading Festival 29.8.81] [Virgin single VS 441 b-side]
8. On The Rocks [Reading Festival 29.8.81] [Virgin single VS 441 b-side]
9. Mr. Universe [Reading festival 22.8.80] [Virgin single VS377/C1]
10. Vengeance [Reading festival 22.8.80] [Virgin single VS377/C2]
11. Smoke On The Water [Reading festival 22.8.80] [Virgin single VS377/D]

MAGIC [1982] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1005]
1. What’s The Matter
2. Caught In A Trap
3. Long Gone [VS 537 A]
4. Driving Me Wild
5. Bluesy Blue Sea
6. Living A Lie
7. Demon Driver
8. You’re So Right
9. Living For The City [VS 519 A]
10. Demon Driver (reprise)
Bonus tracks:
1. Breaking Chains [Virgin single VS 519 b-side]
2. Purple Sky [Virgin pic disc single VSY 519 b-side]
3. Fiji [Virgin single VS 537 b-side]
4. Helter Skelter [album outtake]
5. Smokestack Lightning [album outtake]
6. South Africa [Virgin single VS 1088 a-side]
7. John [Virgin single VS 1088 b-side]
8. South Africa [ext. version] [Virgin 12” single VST 1088 a-side]

CHILD IN TIME [1976] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1002]
1. Lay Me Down
2. You Make Me Feel So Good
3. Shame
4. My Baby Loves Me
5. Down The Road
6. Child In Time
7. Let It Slide

LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN [Japan 1977; UK 1983] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1003]
1. Clear Air Turbulence
2. My Baby Loves Me
3. Scarabus
4. Money Lender
5. Twin Exhausted
6. Over The Hill
7. Child In Time
8. Smoke On The Water
9. Mercury High
10. Woman From Tokyo


8th Linkin Park, 9th My Chemical Romance and 10th June Iron Maiden will be the headlining acts at this year's Download Festival, Donington.

22nd March - Scarborough Vivaz
23rd March - Edinburgh Henry's Cellar
25th March Shepherd’s Bush empire, London (supporting GLENN HUGHES)
28th March - Bristol The Fleece
29th March - Sutton In Ashfield The Diamond
30th March - Hull The Springhead
01st April - Farnborough The Tumbledown Dick
02nd April - Oxford Zodiac
04th April - Newcastle Trillians
06th April - Leighton Buzzard The Wheatsheaf
07th April - Cannock The Tackeroo

Feb. 23 - The Tavern - Wigan, UK
Feb. 24 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
Feb. 25 - Cert 18 - York, UK
Feb. 27 - Adelphia - Hull, UK
Feb. 28 - TJ's - New Port - Wales
Mar. 01 - Gasworks - Bradford West Yorkshire, UK
Mar. 02 - The Tunnels - Aberdeen, Scotland
Mar. 05 - The Underworld - London, UK
Mar. 09 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 10 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 11 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 12 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 15 - Theatre Barbey - Bordeaux, France
Mar. 16 - BCS Cafe - Poitiers, France
Mar. 17 - Anciens Abattoirs - Cognac, France
Mar. 18 - Signing Session / Le Grand Cercle - France
Mar. 19 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - France
Mar. 20 - Le Nouveau Casino - Paris, France


JULIAN SAS ‘Resurrection’ Provogue (2007)

Blues guitarist Julian Sas returns with his new album and a new drummer, Rob Heijne. This is an album of classic blues rock and Sas certainly has a it of Hendrix in his playing style – just listen to the guitar on ‘Ain’t No Change’. It’s a good mix of slow blues like ‘Runnin’ All My Life’ and more rock orientated numbers such as ‘Moving To Survive’. His playing is top notch, never to flashy but very enjoyable and suiting the tempo of the songs.
Enjoyable blues rock album and Sas has a gruff touch to his voice which suits the songs perfectly. Worth checking out along with current hot shot Joe Bonamasa.

Jason Ritchie

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bullet For My Valentine have just started work on their new, as yet untitled album. Due out later in the year, it's being produced by Colin Richardson.

GOTTHARD will release their new album ‘Domino Effect’ in the summer rather than April as previously planned.

DENNIS DE YOUNG (ex-STYX) will release a solo album ‘The Grand Pieces Of Paradise’ later this year and he promises it will be a ‘rock album’.

ALICE COOPER has started work on his new album but no release date as yet.

BON JOVI are strongly rumoured to have made a country-rock album. Two songs – I Love This Town and Make A Memory – have been leaked into the public domain ahead of a release date in April.

BB KING has been released from a hospital in Texas after treatment for a flu-like fever. The 81-year-old blues guitarist suffers from diabetes and upon doctors’ orders postponed a pair of gigs to be taken in for observation. He’s expected to make full recovery.


Melodic rockers MADISON PAIGE, who have made name a name for themselves with their seamless blend of arena rock with modern sensibilities, have posted a brand new song to their Myspace page and website. The song, “What If Said,” is a stunningly powerful ballad that was first debuted a few months ago at the band’s hometown Hollywood acoustic show in Hollywood, CA.

In conjunction with the release of “What If I Said,” the band has launched “Nu-Tunes,” which gives fans the opportunity through their website to not only preview demos of songs the band is considering for inclusion on their forthcoming sophomore release, but to actually influence the album’s final track listing by telling MADISON PAIGE directly which songs are killer and which songs are filler. In addition to “What If I Said,” currently available for previewing are “Summer Rain” and “Time And Time Again,” (both significantly enhanced from the previously available online versions), “Without The World” and “Fisher King,” another song also debuted at their Halloween acoustic show. More “nu-tunes” will be added over the next few weeks.

The songs that make the cut will be recorded for a Summer 2007 release, the follow-up to the band’s successful 2004 debut album, Famous Last Words; that album was financed through advance orders from the die-hard fan base the band amassed while playing the Los Angeles club scene. The band is currently in discussions regarding their album and touring plans, both of which will be announced shortly.


March 20th - London Mean Fiddler
March 21st - Glasgow Garage
March 22nd - Nottingham Rock City

08/6 Lisbon, Portugal Passeio Maritimo Alges
09/6 Madrid, Spain Festimad
12/6 Munich, Germany Olympichalle
13/6 Katowice, Poland Chorzow Stadion Slaski
15/6 Italy TBA
16/6 Vienna, Austria Nova Rock Festivval
18/6 London, England Wembley Arena
21/6 Dusseldorf, Germany Ltu Arena
23/6 Tuttlingen, Germany Southside Festival
24/6 Scheebel, Germany Hurricane Festival
26/6 Copenhagen, Denmark Forum
28/6 Nijmegen, Holland Goeffert Park
29/6 Werchter, Belgium Werchter Festival

24 Norwich UEA May
25 Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall
27 Glasgow Academy
28 Newcastle City Hall
30 Wolverhampton Civic Hall
31 Liverpool Philharmonic
2 Manchester Apollo June
3 Bristol Colston Hall
5 Portsmouth Guildhall
6 Oxford New Theatre
8 London Shepherds Bush Empire
6 Brighton Dome

Feb. 21 - Dom Oficerov - Petropavl Kamchatsky, Russia
Feb. 23 - Fesko Hall - Vladivostok, Russia
Feb. 25 - Octobersky Con. Hall - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
Feb. 27 - Muzcomedy Theatre - Khabarovsk, Russia
Mar. 01 - Dom Oficerov - Blagoveschensk, Russia
Mar. 03 - Cosmos Concert Hall - Ekaterinburg, Russia
Mar. 05 - B2, Moscow - Russia
Mar. 06 - Lensoveta Theatre - St. Petersburg, Russia
Mar. 08 - State Circus, Samara - Russia
Mar. 09 - Busin. & Ent. Centre - Chelyabinsk, Russia
Mar. 10 - Club Hootch, Ekaterinburg - Russia
Mar. 12 - KH Oktyabrski, Kiev - Russia


UNION MAC ‘Lost In Attraction’ Escape Music (2007)

Swedish duo Kristoffer Lagerstrom (vocals/keys) and Mikael Klevengard (guitars/keys) have combined to produce this debut album and one stepped in the classic sounds of AOR/melodic rock bands in particular Europe, Skagarak and Saga. Highlights include opener ‘Bring Me In’ with a great keyboard run and swirling guitars, the ballad ‘Fading’ and the rock filled guitars on ‘Outside’. Excellent production throughout which a real must on albums like this.
The album does dip midway through with a few too many mid-tempo numbers but overall it is a solid melodic rock album and one for fans of 80’s Europe, Saga and Scandinavian AOR/melodic rock.

Jason Ritchie

VOLBEAT ‘Rock The Rebel/Meet The Devil’ Mascot Records (2007)

The band’s second album and they have already built up a biog following on mainland Europe including their native Denmark. This album is a very enjoyable slab of riff based metal and vocalist Michael Poulson sounds like Elvis one minute (‘Sad Man’s Tongue’ complete with a hillbilly intro!) and for some bizarre reason he also reminds me of Adam Ant’s singing! The guitar riffs are set to max (I defy anyone not to bang their head to ‘A Moment To Forever’) and fans of Metallica, Breed 77 (‘Devil Or The Blue Cat’s Song’ could easily sit on a Breed 77 album) and System of A Down will dig these tunes and them some.
Not an instant album but certainly worth persisting with as those riffs just keep you coming back for more…

Jason Ritchie

Saturna: All Night

This is an EP of indie space rock from Seattle that occasionally has touches of
Foreigner's riffs, Joy Division posturing, and even hints of Pink Floyd. This
five track CD (the sixth is a radio edit of "Just for Thrills") contains some
fairly mellow and laid-back trippy stuff that would be perfect when one is off
your head after heavy night of partying and needs to mellow out. Now, not
exactly heavy or even that original, it does have qualities that require
repeated listens and appreciations. Then again Seattle and Manchester have a lot
in common.

Rating: 3/5
Marty Dodge

Double Eclipse: Eloquent Face Down

It seems at the moment that some bands in the UK are all nostalgic for grunge.
Alas, this band has a few dabbles with grunge ("Save Me" for example is dreary
in extremis... ditto "Learn") and its light alternative. However, there are a
few rather good tracks on here that rise above the dross. "Sorry Wasn't Enough"
drifts towards a pleasant form of AOR. It's quite a good song which has lighter
in the air qualities about it. It's the track which features the best singing so
why was it left as the tail-end track?
The band which comprises of the brothers' Hackney does possess talent (that is
quite obvious) but it really needs to be a bit more focused. The guitar intro on
"Don't Be So Low" is quite fun as well. This is certainly a curate's egg of a
CD. Double Eclipse show a great amount of promise and are worth keeping an eye

Rating: 3/5
Marty Dodge

Yes: Essentially

You got five albums that didn't sell too well when released and are now
floundering. What do you do to give a kick up the sales arse? Well, if you are
Yes you slap 'em into a box set and have Classic Rock writer Dave Ling do a nice
write-up for you. This set is quite impressive looking and the sleeves for each
CD are rather nice as well. The live album included "Live in Montreux" is not
really one of their best, but that aside if you don?t have these albums, this a
good way of completing your Yes collection.
As with many of Yes' albums, each one of the four studio CDs has some good
tracks on it. For instance the title track to The Ladder was used in the game
Homeworld and is rather good. The title track to Talk is quite good as well. The
fact there is only one bonus track in the whole collection might irk some, it
has to be said.
So if you don't have the albums in this set and you like your Yes, then it has
worth. If you have more than say three it probably ain't worth it and this is
really not the best place to start your Yes education if you are unaware of
their talent.

Rating: 3.8/5
Marty Dodge

Diamond Head: To The Devil His Due

Diamond Head, beloved by Lars Ulrich and beevies of the New Wave of British
Heavy Metal fans, have had a rather patchy past with lame decisions and missed
chances. That is not to say the band is without talent and their influence on
metal should not be underestimated, whether it be the oft-covered "Am I Evil" to
constant Headisms that show up in the music of Metallica, Megadeth, and oodles
of others.
This is a live recording of the band's triumphant live gig at the Astoria in
London in 2005. It is not the original line-up as their former lead-singer, Sean
Harris, decided to sit things out. Nick Tart amply fills in and delivers the
power with a dash of pomp needed by the tunes. As you would expect this is
mostly a greatest hits show with "Am I Evil" and "It's Electric" taking
It's a pleasant enough CD that satisfies you DH hole. Still watching this you
have wish there was footage of the band at their '80s peak.

Rating: 4.2/5
Marty Dodge

Nils Lofgren And Friends: Live Acoustic

Nils Lofgren is quite a legend, it has to be said. And the amount of friends who
show up to play this rather long gig is quite impressive. It includes one of my
favourite musicians Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (guitarist, former Doobie, and defense
analyst of Department of Defense).
You will probably know more of the man's work with Bruce Springsteen and Neil
Young, but his solo stuff is pretty impressive as well. The DVD is stunning both
in audio and video with a five camera recording. If the main set is not long
enough for you there are an extra cadre of tracks (six) including a Patti Smith
"Because the Night", tune sung by the impressively voiced Mary Ann Redmond.
This is impressive no matter how you slice it. Mellow acoustic guitar
performance with some awesome musicians in the company of the impressive Nils.
An absolute must for fans as you might imagine and probably a damn good intro to
anyone wishing to get into the man's solo work. And guitarists will delight in
this DVD as well. One of the best gig DVDs I have had the pleasure of seeing...
pure class.

Rating: 5/5
Marty Dodge

Monday, January 29, 2007

MARILLION’s new album Somewhere Else will be released on April 9th through the band's own Intact label. The tracklisting of the new album is as follows:
The Other Half
See It Like A Baby
Thank You, Whoever You Are
Most Toys
Somewhere Else
Voice From The Past
No Such Thing
The Wound
The Last Century For Man

The album will be preceded by a single See It Like A Baby on 26th March.

BOSTON’s Tom Scholz has filed suit against latter-day guitarist Anthony Cosmo over the use of the band's name. Scholz made his move after Cosmo began advertising his connection to the group, which is a violation of his contract, according to the Boston Business Journal. Scholz is also upset because Cosmo and his father Fran, who was a lead singer with the group, played a show recently in St. Croix that they advertised as Boston. BOSTON are lining-up US dates for this summer.

MIKE OLDFIELD is to publish his autobiography Changeling through Virgin Books on 10th May 2007.

Vocalist Joey Belladonna has quit ANTHRAX for the second time. The band are trying to lure back JOHN BUSH.

David Bowie is to release another best-of compilation album on March 19 called Bowie The Best Of 1980/1987. The release is basically a watered down version of the 2005 triple CD The Platinum Collection which will feature 19 tracks of material recorded between 1980 and 1987. The package will also come with a DVD called Sight and Sound which features 15 videos including previously unavailable versions of The Drowned Girl and When The Wind Blows.


FIREFEST 4 will take place on October 26th & 27th but no bands are confirmed as yet.

Rumours now that there will be no Monsters of Rock festival this year although IRON MAIDEN & SAXON are tipped to appear at this year’s Download festival.

08/6 Lisbon, Portugal Passeio Maritimo Alges
09/6 Madrid, Spain Festimad
12/6 Munich, Germany Olympichalle
13/6 Katowice, Poland Chorzow Stadion Slaski
15/6 Italy TBA
16/6 Vienna, Austria Nova Rock Festivval
18/6 London, England Wembley Arena
21/6 Dusseldorf, Germany Ltu Arena
23/6 Tuttlingen, Germany Southside Festival
24/6 Scheebel, Germany Hurricane Festival
26/6 Copenhagen, Denmark Forum
28/6 Nijmegen, Holland Goeffert Park
29/6 Werchter, Belgium Werchter Festival

Feb. 21 - Dom Oficerov - Petropavl Kamchatsky, Russia
Feb. 23 - Fesko Hall - Vladivostok, Russia
Feb. 25 - Octobersky Con. Hall - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
Feb. 27 - Muzcomedy Theatre - Khabarovsk, Russia
Mar. 01 - Dom Oficerov - Blagoveschensk, Russia
Mar. 03 - Cosmos Concert Hall - Ekaterinburg, Russia
Mar. 05 - B2, Moscow - Russia
Mar. 06 - Lensoveta Theatre - St. Petersburg, Russia
Mar. 08 - State Circus, Samara - Russia
Mar. 09 - Busin. & Ent. Centre - Chelyabinsk, Russia
Mar. 10 - Club Hootch, Ekaterinburg - Russia
Mar. 12 - KH Oktyabrski, Kiev - Russia


JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS ‘In The Palace Of The King’ Eagle (2007)

This is John Mayall’s 56th official release! Now into his 70’s he can still play those guitar licks and then some. This album is a tribute to fellow blues guitarist Freddie King, who was a big influence on Mayall and fellow British based guitarists in the 60’s. King passed away in 1976 but his influence and songs live on helped by this fitting tribute by Mayall. ‘Goin’ Down’ is most probably the most instantly recognisable track on here, whilst the instrumental ‘Cannonball Shuffle’ sees Robben Ford guest on guitar and Mayall switching to harmonica. ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ and ‘Big legged Woman’ are other stand out tracks. Two Mayall penned tuens finish off the album with ‘King of the Kings’, the latter featuring some cracking boogie woogie piano playing.
A very enjoyable classic blues rock album with plenty of variety and John Mayall still on great form after all these years of playing and touring (his touring schedule would put many newer bands to shame!).

Jason Ritchie

RICK WAKEMAN ‘Live at the BBC’ Hux Records (2007)

Two CD set featuring Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble (who featured vocalist Ashley Holt) in concert back in 1976. One set from Radio 1’s ‘In Concert’ series and the other an ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’ recording. Set features an extended version of ‘Catherine Howard’ with its full guitar solo and Wakeman playing like a madman on ‘Catherine Parr’, one of my favourite Wakeman tracks. The two set lists are similar bar ‘Arthur’ and ‘The Forest’ being only on the ‘In Concert’ disc. Both discs form a fitting snapshot of Rick Wakeman in his solo prime and also the final concerts withy the English Rock Ensemble.
Very informative sleeve notes make for a ‘must’ have’ CD for fans of Rick Wakeman.

Jason Ritchie

VARIOUS ‘Fopp Award For New Music 2006 – SE/London’ (EP 2007)

The four bands on here are the regional winners of the music chain Fopp’s competition to find the best new music out there. An eclectic bunch, with singer/songwriter Conrad Vingoe worthy of further investigation. As too is the track by the Dials. If you heard this you’d swear it was a long lost 60’s psychedelic track! Great tune full of spacey riffs and a nod to the Byrds in the vocals. Olympus Mons are your standard indie guitar rock, okay but nothing earth shattering and the final track is by electro band the Outskirter. Not my cup of tea but a decent tune nonetheless. Good on Fopp for doing this but where are the rock/metal bands???

Jason Ritchie

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Please join this MySpace site - music related!

Youth centre campaign

Musical supporters already include BILLY BRAGG, LANDMARQ, SACRED HEART, LIGHTSPEED, GMT & BERNIE TORME, GLENN HUGHES, THE ANSWER, GLYDER, LYZA WILSON & many more. Please come and join us as the more Friends the better!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MIKA takes the no.1 spot in the UK singles this week on downloads alone. QUEEN fans will love this guy!

Damage Control, the band featuring UFO bassist Pete Way and Quireboys frontman Spike alongside guitarist Robin George and drummer Chris Slade will release their self titled debut album in February through Cargo Records. The album will feature the following track listing:
Dead Man Walking, Savage Songs, Alice, Selfish, C'Mon Down, Damage Control, Victim, Raw, One Step Closer, Redundant, Seven Golden Daffodils & Bitchin' Blues


Here's the news that might be of interest to you... - courtesy of
Known by a few for some months, now it's official. Jerry Donahue of FOTHERINGAY, FAIRPORTS and HELLECASTERS fame, informed DME that he's "been given the go ahead to finish the "Fotheringay 2" album and got access to all those wonderful recordings". The work's afoot already and, if things go according to plan, it will come out on Fledgling Records in October.
Tracks to be included are original versions of "Eppie Moray", "Gypsy Davey", "Late November", "Lowlands Of Holland", "John the Gun", "Wild Mountain Thyme", "Knights Of The Road", "Silver Threads And Golden Needles", "Two Weeks Last Summer", "Bold Jack Donahue" and as yet unnamed instrumental written by Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue. Many of those are well-known in Sandy Denny's solo versions, some found their way into the connoisseurs' hands on bootlegs. Fortunately, the great band's heritage is in the caring hands now and the previously unfinished masterpiece will eventually see the light of day.
DME's set to follow the project's progress so check in at regularly to be in the known.

Best regards,

THE CULT start work on a new album for release later this year.

MEGADETH’s new album has now been moved back to May.

Respected folk rockers PENTANGLE are to reunite their original line-up for this year’s BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards next month.

"Credible rumors have surfaced that the members of Fifth Angel are considering a reunion for some European shows later this year. No firm lineup has been announced, but vocalist Ted Pilot and bassist John Macko are in the mix for this. Aside from a couple of record label showcases back in the mid 1980s, Fifth Angel has never performed live, so this would be a historic occasion for fans of the band if it does indeed happen. Don't expect a quick update, but when more details are unveiled, I'll be sure to keep fans posted at"

Rage Against The Machine are reuniting to headline America’s Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in late April. It’s understood to be a one-off performance for the Los Angeles band, who split up in 2000.

American Dog have recorded, mixed and mastered their fourth album – titled Hard – all in less than a week. Including the cult classic Sometimes You Eat the Pussy, Sometimes the Pussy Eats You, it’s due in March.

Dinosaur Jr’s original line-up has reformed to release a new studio album called Beyond on April 30.

Marilyn Manson is to call his new album Eat Me, Drink Me. It’s due in the spring.

Following the departure of Tony Mills to TNT, UK band Shy have announced details of their new frontman in a posting on their website. The full text of the announcement is as follows:

"After several months of careful consideration, we are delighted to name our new lead singer as Lee Small. Lee has sung with his own band Surveillance as well as featuring on the new Phenomena album. He has a very soulful voice reminiscent of Glenn Hughes which we hope to exploit on the new material we are currently working on. The band believes that our best way forward is to spend the year concentrating on writing and recording a new album for release early 2008. However this does not mean we our turning our back on the gigging front as we hope to try out some of the new stuff live later this year as well as introducing some of our older material that you've not heard in a while. Whilst not straying too far from what we did on Unfinished Business and Sunset and Vine, we hope the new material will come across as a natural evolution to its predecessors.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony O'Hora for his time and we wish him all the best for the future. Likewise, we'd all like to wish Tony Mills every success with TNT and all his other ventures".

London’s World Famous Hammersmith Palais has been entertaining millions of Londoners since it opened it’s doors in 1919.
From act such as the “Dixie land Jazz Band” of the 20’s to entertaining the troops during the Second World War through to famous UK acts such as Lou Praeger in the 40’s, Humphrey Littleton in the 50’s and Joe Loss in the 60’s the
Hammersmith Palais has always been a part of London Life.
Bands that have since graced it’s stage are the Clash (White Man at Hammersmith Palais), R.E.M, U2, The Cure, Duran Duran, Siouixie & The Banshees, The Alarm, Robert Plant, Kaiser Chiefs, Pete Doherty, Justin Timberlake, Charlatans, Doves, Rolling Stones, The Music, Embrace, Missy Elliot, Hard-Fi, Good Charlotte, Basement Jaxx, Tom Jones, Beautiful South, Burning Spear, Katie Melua, Dandy Warhols, New Order
The Ramones, Elvis Costello, The Killers, Blondie, and many…..many…..more.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are considering letting this historic landmark be turned into another faceless block of offices.
To ensure that your children and theirs can continue to enjoy part of Londoners heritage I urge you to email the below link to object to turning a historic building situated in a conservation protected area into yet another block of offices.
All objections should be sent before 24th January 2007.

To quote Ian Dury: “Hammersmith Palais…..three reasons to be cheerful.”

Please email or post:

Dominique Chambers
Development Management Services
3rd Floor, Hammersmith Town Hall Extension,
Kings Street, London, W6 9JU


1 Newcastle Arena
2 Birmingham NIA
4 Glasgow SECC
5 Nottingham Arena
6 London Wembley Arena
8 Plymouth Pavilion
9 Bournemouth BIC
11 Manchester MEN
12 Cardiff Arena


Roaring Of Dreams
Frontiers FRCD323

Third album from this melodic hard rock / power AOR band, featuring vocalist / guitarist / pianist Jim Peterik (he co-handles these parts with others).
Opener “Heaven On Earth” nods at anthemic, and is a touch grandiose too.
“Book Of Life” features some neat heavy guitar, good backing keyboards, and some nice vocal harmonies; think Toto at their heavier end.
The softer vocals on “Love’s Eternal Flame” nod more at Foreigner, it’s ballad Survivor territory. “Language Of The Heart” is a faster, with vocals, guitar and piano playing equal part.
In places a little derivative, but it’s solid, strong, well played, heavy; very as good as melodic / power AOR can get.

Joe Geesin

Frontiers FRCD322

Singer / guitarist / pianist Vaughn is formerly of Fastway and Tyketto, and now releases this strong solo album with guitarists Tony Marshall and Pat Heath, former Ten bassist Steve McKenna and Paradise Lost drummer Lee Morris.
It’s a strong melodic rock album, with a nod at heavy AOR, and the vocals are to the fore here. “Badlands Rain” features a heavy chunky guitar while “Traveller” kicks off with some acoustic strumming with electric solos over the top.
There’s a touch of G’n’R in there too, which some will enjoy.
Good, strong, commerecial.

Joe Geesin

Dead Again

Seventh studio album form these gothic doom metal heads, and kicks off in fine fashion with the title track; uptempo and emotional, taking gothic doom to the extreme. Yes it’s not far off thrash in places.
Imagine the heaviness of 90s Black Sabbath, the melodies of the late 70s / early 80s, the doom of the early 70s Sabbath. Goth it up a bit with some alternative thrash and there you go! As the press release says, killer riffs, and that they are.
Throughout the album we also get “This recording is the property of Type O Negative, Brooklyn, New York”. Don’t know if it’s a label promo thing or just the band being strange, but either way it is a little annoying.
Ten tracks over 77 minutes, it’s a doom epic. For metal heads, it’s well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin

Listen To The Sky
Rev Ola / Cherry Red

This complete history (64 – 73), takes us through the complete recordings of The Others and through the bands they morphed into. Several tracks unreleased too.
The Others sound good quality early British Invasion. Mix the r’n’b (there I mean Rhythm’n’Blues) of the Rolling Stones with the innocent chirpiness of the Beatles.
The Sands’ cover of “River Deep Mountain High” is pretty 60s Garage.
It’s a well annotated compilation that will please many 60s fans. A good package.

Joe Geesin

If I Was You (single)

Saxon return with a new album The Inner Sanctum, and this release is in conjunction with promoter Harvey Goldsmith, who has worked with the band and filmed a documentary for Channel 4.
The track was already written and recorded for the album, and is about gun culture. A great track, some good guitar work, Byford’s vocals on form. The band just continue to get better. Heavy as ever with a nod back at the 80s and 90s.
The remix (also available for download) is a little harsher, will not be of huge interest to fans (any remote fan would or should buy the album anyway – trust me), but this new sound will also attract new fans.
The CD single also comes with “747 Strangers In The Night” which was re-recorded for the Heavy Metal Thunder album a couple of years back.
Love this band, here’s the evidence.

Joe Geesin

It’s Better Than Working
7 T’s / Cherry Red

The glam rock band’s fourth album (or second, if you discount the first two as party records), was issued in 1977 to much acclaim. Glossy production, cheesy keyboards, neat vocal harmonies, boogie guitar, it was classic Mud. “Beating Round The Bush” is a good number.
Sleevenotes, lyrics, loads of artwork make for a good package, and a plethora of extra tracks, some of which are new to CD.
Of you’re a glam fan, you’ll love this.

Joe Geesin

Off The Rak: The Singles 1975 – 1979
7 T’s / Cherry Red

Taking in the band’s post RAK (ie post party music) era, when they were signed to Private Stock and RCA.
Kicking off with “L’L’Lucy” is a good way to open any CD. There’s ballads, rockers, glam and schmutz, we get all the period A and B sides. Many new to CD.
Again a well presented package, essential for fans and a good intro to this part of the band’s career.

Joe Geesin

One More Won’t Kill Us
Measured Records

This new album kicks off with the crunchy guitar led guitar/pop sound of “Heatseeker” (doesn’t sound too PC). The female vocals work well, a nod at punky.
“Couldn’t Leaver Her Alone” adds a kind of uptempo Pretenders sleaze.
Definitely a pseudo metal feel, some good melodies, but you feel it’s at the punky metal end of guitar pop, with not much over the 1 trick formula.
“Fallen Star” does feature some good riffs and harmonies that I could go for, and “Stop Look Listen” is a real blast.
If you’re in the mood for it, it’s a good listen beginning to end.

Joe Geesin

Critical Discs CDISC001

Indie rock with a retro feel. Opener “Dusted & Rusted” features a good riff, chant like chorus, touch of orig r’n’b.
“Pennies On A Plate” features a nice catchy riff, the lyrics a gripe that I’m sure we could all agree with, but something about it I can’t nail that just doesn’t flow.
The sound also has an honest homemade feel, something you can easily empathise with, but the songs are a little disjointed in places.

Joe Geesin

Battle Hymns For A New Republic
One Little Indian

An interesting guitar intro before we get “As The Pinson Turns”, which has to be one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever listened too. Art / Indie metal at the extreme, disjointed, a mess. And the first 7 lines all start “We”! Add some extra guitar to a U2 song, make the vocals even more monotonic, then put the whole song through a blender. At times you wonder if they’re playing the same song.

Much of the album continues in a similar vein. Yes there are odd moments, riffs, rhythms, but like exotic nuclear particles, they appear, spiral off and then vanish into the ether.
This guitar led noise is either arty and clever, or just plain horrible.

Joe Geesin

Anser’s Tree
ProgRock PRR270

This progressive folk set is led by singer, songwriter, story teller and multi instrumentalist Guy Manning, and he’s joined by a saxophonist, a lead guitarist and a violinist.
The vocals are very akin to Jethro Tull, a sound augmented by a flute on opener “Margaret Montgomery”, the music ranging from early Tull and prog folk up to more modern folk rock. The approach ranges from whimsical to rocking, and even a nod at morris dancing on one track.
Interesting, but a little too ‘out there’ for me.

Joe Geesin

Lion Music LMC199

Italian progressive power metal, melodically extreme.
Musically intricate, very in your face power, almost harsh production. Solid vocals that occasionally strain to match the ferocity, and lengthy instrumental passages.
Nothing operatic here, but some damn good (and long) melodies.
Prog metal for the extreme metal fan.

Joe Geesin

3 Track Demo

This unsigned band produce a decent, hard sound, with “Atmospheric Tumult” a solid track. A little technical sounding, but for a young band it’s great there’s no guitar/pop formula. “Further Down The Road” features a strong catchy harmony in the chorus.
“My Name” is quite mature, and a touch melodic mixing well with the crunchy riffs.

Well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin

Monday, January 22, 2007

VELVET REVOLVER release their new album, ‘Liberated’ on 14th May.

SONATA ARCTICA have begun mixing their new album at Finnvox studio in Helsinki. "There is not much more I can say about the music," keyboardist Henkka Klingenberg writes on the group's web site. "Generally I feel that trying to describe music with words is basically like having someone telling the radio news by playing a piano can't win, and will definitely not know what's going on. Odd enough? Nevertheless, the stuff sounds really great. This is actually the first time we hear all the elements together, one of the drawbacks of using a zillion studios.”

Thee next instalment from the Neil Young live archives will be Live at Massey Hall which was recorded at the Toronto venue way back in 1971. Billboard reports that the album, which is out on March 12, contains favourites such as Don't Let It Bring You Down, I Am a Child, Ohio and Down by the River as well as The Needle and the Damage Done, Old Man and Heart of Gold, which went on to feature on his 1972 chart topping album called Harvest.

Guitarist Pete Morten has been named as Threshold's second guitarist for the band's forthcoming live shows, following the announcement that Nick Midson will be taking a break from the band.

SUN CAGED have announced that their new album entitled "Artemisia" is now finished and will be released on 23rd March 2007 through Lion Music.

Megadeth have uploaded a new track for streaming on their website, It's called 'Gears Of War' and comes from fortchoming album 'United Abominations'.

Steevi Jaimz, the band featuring Steevie Jaimz (vocals), Ace Finchum (drums), Joacim Sandin (bass), Trashi Benzi and Vic Zino (guitars). The five-piece have been working with Swedish song writing and production duo Chris Laney and Anders Ringman (Zan Clan, CrashDiet), and aim to release an album later in the year.


Frontiers Salutes the Multi-Platinum Metal Artists DOKKEN with
“From Conception: Live 1981”
A CD of an Unreleased Concert with 3 Previously Unreleased Tracks.

DOKKEN ruled the charts and airwaves in the ‘80s with a trio of platinum albums powered by an unforgettable mix of Metal and melody. With the band headed in the studio in January to record their ninth album – “Lighting Strikes Again” due out summer 2007 – Frontiers Records (Zink Music/Bonnier Amigo) revisits the quartet’s early days with a Live CD from 1981, packed with unreleased material.

“From Conception” finds singer Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch, drummer Mick Brown and bassist Jeff Pilson ripping through 10 unreleased live performances of several songs that were eventually recorded for the band’s debut album, “Breaking The Chains”, including “Live To Rock (Rock To Live)”, “Knightrider,” the title track, “Paris Is Burning” plus a showcase for Lynch’s formidable guitar heroics. The live disc also contains three previously unreleased tracks that didn’t make it onto the debut album because the label did not feel they were commercial enough at the time: “Goin’ Down,” “Hit And Run” and “You’re a Liar.”

“In 2006 I was asked to remix the original tapes for “Breaking The Chains” for a 25-year anniversary release” says Don Dokken. “So I went to our locker where we had been storing our master tapes for years and while I was there I noticed some old 2-inch tapes that were in faded boxes. When I put them on the machines, I was surprised to hear a few songs that never made it onto our future records”.

“I love the angst in the performance” continues Don, “we were hungry and ready to take on the world. It brought back a lot of memories hearing that show after all these years. I hope our fans will enjoy adding this to their DOKKEN collection—it’s definitely a blast from the past”.

Later this month, DOKKEN will return to their Redondo Beach studio to begin work on their ninth studio album, “Lightning Strikes Again”, their first studio release on Frontiers Records. Taking its title from a track from “Under Lock And Key”, the new album will be available everywhere this summer, featuring founding members Don Dokken and Mick Brown along with Jon Levin on guitars and Barry Sparks on bass.

Hi there everybody,
This is the first newsletter of 2007 and we hope that the New Year finds you all well.
We have arranged a couple of gigs towards the end of March and the tickets can be purchased in advance online :

The Talking Heads - Southampton - Saturday 24th March
(Go to to purchase online - tickets are £10 inc postage)

Herringthorpe Leisure Centre - Rotherham - Saturday 31st March
(Go to and click on the CRS gig guide ... or call 01709 702575 -
tickets for this gig are £11 to CRS members or £15 to non members)
If anyone on the Jadis mailing list would like to help us by handing out promo cards or sampler 3 track cds at gigs/festivals / record fairs then please get in touch and we will send you some.

We look forward to seeing you at the gigs.

It is my duty to inform you that due to unfortunate conflicting commitments that both Liam and Andy Jennings have departed Mostly Autumn. We can only wish them all the best for the future in whatever they pursue. Andy will be focussing his time with "Snowfight" who are at a very exciting position at present. Liam has issued the following statement...
"Although it has been one of the hardest decisions i've had to make, I feel I must sadly depart from Mostly Autumn. Working with Mostly Autumn has been a great experience and a truly inspirational journey, I sincerely wish them every success in the future, not only will I miss performing with such fine musicians, I will also miss everyone connected behind the scenes.

I will concentrate 2007 on working on my solo album which will hopefully see it's release in the not too distant future.

I would like to thank each and every one of the fans that have given the band tremendous support throughout the years and all the years to come. See you on the other side..."

Liam Davison.
I would like you to give a warm welcome to Gavin Griffiths, ex-Karnataka and Fish, who will be joining the band on drums. We have admired Gavin's playing from afar for many years now and are very much looking forward to working with him. We will not be replacing Liam in the immediate future.

All dates will go ahead as normal and more will be added.

So as we approach a new era I can only say that, although there will be a sadness connected with these departures, I have never felt more excited about the future of Mostly Autumn. We are in the process of signing some new fantastic record contracts for North America, Canada, Scandinavia and Europe and the response to Heart Full Of Sky has been stunning.

Thanks again to all of you who pre-ordered H.F.O.S they are almost gone now and I can say it has been heart breaking deciding which songs to leave out for general release, but after weeks of taking many things into consideration, the final order will be disc one with Further From Home" slotted in before Dreaming. Half A World and Pocket Watch may be released as singles in the not too distant future.

Happy new year everybody and hope to see you at the Astoria and beyond,
Cheers, Bryan Josh


SAXON ‘If I Was You’ SPV (CDS 2007)

Saxon’s first single release in many a year and it forms part of a new Channel 4 series ‘Harvey Goldsmith Presents’ whereby Goldsmith tries to get bands with a cult status into the big time again. The TV series starts in April but prior to this Saxon release this single today (20th January). This single is not half bad at all with a bit more polish on the old production to give it a radio friendly edge. The classic Saxon metal riffs are there and Biff Byford still sings like his life depended on it.
I am no big Saxon fan but this single does have the chance to make a top 40 splash and with a version of 747 (Strangers In the Night)’ on the single as well you can’t go wrong!

Jason Ritchie

CHARLIE ROBY ‘Ramble & Shuffle’ Malandrin Music (2007)

Born in northern England but now resident in Canada, singer/songwriter Charlie Roby has produced a satisfying collection of tunes that range from the jaunty ‘Yorkshire Shuffle’ through to the blissful ‘Cinnamon Road’, with its references to the Beatles. Nicely played and produced this expands the folk genre this release would normally be put in and with the addition of tabla and other traditional Eastern instruments on ‘Dust’ and the brass on Monument To Love’ you certainly get variety on here.
Enjoyable and one to play to unwind but sadly not an essential purchase.

Jason Ritchie

Friday, January 19, 2007

INTENSE have signed with Napalm Records for their new album, As Our Army Grows, which is scheduled for a 30th March release.

Sack Trick, GMT, Elixir and Headrush are to play a special show at the Walthamstow Royal Standard in London on February 9th. This is to celebrate the 50th birthday of former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. All proceeds will go to the Clive-Aid charity. For further details, go to

MTM announces the signing of Brazilian Melodic Metal band SCELERATA.
SCELERATA is a young and talented band from Brazil, now stepping into the scene with a very technical and powerful melodic metal debut album. Formed in 2003, they had no great interest in doing cover songs but immediately began writing their own songs. Heavy and also a bit progressive in style they wrote powerful metal tracks and began to elaborate them to sophisticated songs with high energy and beats that keep pushing forward.
Influenced by metal heroes like Helloween, Iron Maiden and Dream Theater, SCELERATA's songs represent the new era of modern and melodic but at the same time classic heavy metal music. Ambitious guitar work, fast and aggressive double bass parts and pretentious melodies supported by Carl Casagrandes brilliant voice.
Carl Casagrande: Vocals / Magnus Wichmann: Guitars / Bruno Sandri: Guitars /
Gustavo Strapazon: Bass / Francis Cassol: Drums
01. Land of the Sins
02. Holy Fire
03. Eminence
04. The Spell of Time
05. Ethereal Places
06. Endless
07. Darkness & Light
08. Spirits Looking For...
09. Wings to Fly
10. Adonai (Sacred Melodies)
11. Video Bonustrack “Eminence” + Making Of

MTM announces the signing of Swedish hardrock band MarysCreek. Their demos were already starting to create a "buzz" in the music community with fantastic reactions from fans, reviewers, publishers and radio, who often compared them to big guns like Soundgarden. and Kings X.
Guitar based melodic rock and heavy groove, successfully delivered in a big sounding modern production with sweet sounding, melodic songs bound to be remembered. A perfect mixture of traditional hard rock with heavy guitar riffs, modern sounding melodies and hook-lines, ennobled by Mats Nilsson's mighty voice. Famous Swedish producer Fredrik “Fredman” Nordstrom (In Flames, The Haunted, Dream Evil) mixed this powerful debut album. The worldwide release of their debut album “Some Kind Of Hate” is scheduled for March 2007. So be prepared to face the power of a perfect working hard rock machine!
Mats Nilsson: Lead Vocals & Guitar / Bobby Ho: Guitar & Backing vocals /
Stefan Halldin: Drums / Robban Möller: Bass & Backing vocals
01. A Little Bit Of Everything (mp3)
02. Down (mp3)
03. She (mp3)
04. There Is No God
05. Things What You Do
06. I Don’t Believe
07. I Can Feel It
08. New Religion
09. Hold On
10. State Of Mind
11. Some Kind Of Hate
12. Dying For A New Day

TESLA hope to release their covers album in April.

THE OFFSPRING have parted with drummer Atom Willard. He's apparently left to concentrate on Angels And Airwaves.

KORN are to release their 'MTV Unplugged' album in early March.

NIGHTWISH have announced that they'll make an announcement about their new vocalist in May. The band have officially confirmed that auditions have now ended to find the person to replace Tarja Turunen.

PETER FRAMPTON re-releases ‘Frampton Comes Alive II’ in the US this month with an extra 40 minutes of music added.

Fountains of Wayne will release a new album titled Traffic and Weather, on April 3 via Virgin Records.

HELLYEAH, the new band featuring former PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott alongside members of MUDVAYNE and NOTHINGFACE, will release its debut album on April 10 via Epic Records.


Hit the road!
Johnny Benn – (vocals) - Sam James – (guitar) - Dave Betts – (guitar) - Wayne Jones – (bass) - Matt Albon – (drums)
Bristol’s Undercut have been busy writing new songs and laying down their forthcoming single ‘A Bit of Education’ which is due for release later this year. To help dust off their Winter blues, the band have decided to showcase the material they have been writing in the studio by putting together a short UK tour.
The video for forthcoming single ‘A Bit of Education’ is a visual masterpiece and an impressive vehicle for one of the band’s finest songs to date. The video depicts the band being sprayed in a graffiti style onto famous landmarks including the Tate, London Zoo and Big Ben.

The band will be playing at the following UK venues:
23 Jan 2007 The Fleece, Bristol
26 Jan 2007 Bootlegger w/The Romance, Cleethorpes
2 Feb 2007 Bootlegger w/The Brightlights, Cleethorpes
7 Feb 2007 Turnmills, London
8 Feb 2007 Savannah Bar, Winchester
9 Feb 2007 The Lazy Lizard, Weymouth
16 Feb 2007 Crewkerne, Dorset
21 Feb 2007 The Cavern, Liverpool
23 Feb 2007 Escobar, Hartlepool
24 Feb 2007 Music Rooms, Sunderland
16 Mar 2007 University Ball, Bristol
23 Mar 2007 KU Bar, Stockton-On-Tees
31 Mar 2007 The Matrix, Grimsby

“The Bristol quintet embrace so many things that are great about up-coming British guitar music right now. It’s ambition, its energy, its confidence and its skilled song-writing. They’re easily one of Britain’s most promising bands.” Rocksound

“They may resemble regular blokes, but Undercut have the ambition, confidence and quiet charisma to take on the world.” Fly

“Bristol newcomers will go far with a sound akin to the Editors”. Sun

Happy New Year!
This year is already starting out busy for the Y&T camp. Dave, Phil,
John, and Mike plan to spend the first few months of the new year
viewing every frame of last October's 7-camera DVD shoot in
preparation for the upcoming Y&T DVD (scheduled to be released this
summer). And if that's not enough to keep them busy, they also plan to
hunker down in the studio during these cold winter months and write
some new material.

Join Y&T to celebrate the re-issues of Earthshaker and In Rock We
Trust on March 17 at the Independent in San Francisco and see the band
perform these two CDs LIVE all the way through! Last year's re-release
concert (Black Tiger and Mean Streak) SOLD OUT quickly, so get your
tickets early to this year's re-release concert (Earthshaker and In
Rock We Trust). Tickets go on sale January 21 at 10:00 a.m.
Re-released last month, Earthshaker and In Rock We Trust have been
newly re-mastered; they sound great, and have excellent liner notes
written by the band, + bonus track on IRWT, and the first time ever
released domestically on CD for Earthshaker. These CDs are available
only through the MERCHANDISE page of this web site and at Y&T
concerts. Order yours today or pick them up at the re-release concert
on March 17 at the Independent in San Francisco.

If you attended any of the shows in 2006 (or even if you wished you
could have), you'll want to get one of the 2006 Tour Dates shirts to
commemorate the year. These shirts have the 2006 tour dates on the
back and the Y&T logo on the front. To see what they look like and
order yours, go to the MERCHANDISE page of the web site. Get yours
while we still have some in stock.

More tour dates to come! Keep an eye on the TOUR DATES page of the web
site for new additions to the 2007 schedule.

March 17 ~ San Francisco, CA
An "evening with" Y&T!
"Earthshaker / In Rock We Trust Re-Release Concert"
The Independent
628 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA
The band has deemed this show the "official re-release party" for the
Earthshaker and In Rock We Trust re-mastered CDs. Come hear these
albums performed live by the band!
Tickets go on sale January 21 at 10:00AM.

April 26 ~ San Diego, CA
Brick By Brick
1130 Buenos Ave
San Diego, CA

April 27 ~ Tarzana, CA ***NOTE DATE CHANGE***
6101 Reseda Blvd
Tarzana, CA
Phone for directions: 1-818-342-1563
Tickets: 1-818-719-0091
Limited number of tickets available for this event.

April 28 ~ Santa Ana, CA ***NOTE DATE CHANGE***
Galaxy Theatre
3503 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA

May 18 ~ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lijnbaansgracht 234a
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 020 531 8181

May 19 ~ Hellendoorn, The Netherlands
Hellendoorn Festival
Hellendoorn, The Netherlands
+31 548619055

*Schedule subject to change. Be sure to verify with each venue.*
Check the web site for the most up-to-date concert information.


7th The Borderline, London


BEANGROWERS ‘Dance Baby Dance’ (CDS 2007)

Not a bad tune, spiky guitar lines with female vocals but sadly nothing really outstanding. Bit of Blondie in the sound but a tune nowhere as near as good as that band. The band’s debut album follows in March which could be more promising…

Jason Ritchie

30 Seconds To Mars ‘Attack’ Virgin (CDS 2007)

Another actor turned musician in this band with frontman Jared Leto (Fight Club), who handles vocals and guitars, with his brother on drums. Good, strong guitar melody and vocals that go from melodic to screams within the same breath (very catchy keyboard loop in the background as well). Fans of My Chemical Romance and the like will particularly enjoy this one.

Jason Ritchie

SHAW BLADES ‘Influence’ Frontiers (2007)

I have been waiting a long time for this album of covers that have influenced Tommy Shaw (Styx/Damn Yankees) and Jack Blades (Night Ranger/Damn Yankees). Their first album ‘Hallucination’ was released way back in 1995 and since then they have both been busy with their respective main bands. The duo handle all instruments on here bar drums which are handled in the main by ex-Foreigner/BLS sticksman Brian Tichy (Night Ranger’s Kelly Keagy guests on one track), with Michael Lardie (Great White/Night Ranger) on keyboards and Jack’s son Colin adding backing vocals to the Yes tune ‘Your Move’.
As you’d expect the duo have their gorgeous harmony vocals in place and they tackle covers by either staying true to the original as is the case with Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’ or they ‘rock it up’ like the other Simon & Garfunkel tune on here ‘I Am A Rock’. Sadly the latter sounds too weird to my ears due to the heavy guitar chords which seem out of place on this tune. They make the Hollies’ ‘On A Carousel’ their own and ‘California Dreamin’ was made for this pair, simply wonderful listening. What a dream team it would be having the Thorns teaming up with these two! Pick of the album? Has to be ELP’s ‘Lucky Man’, simply blissful.
Yes it is another covers album but Shaw & Blades have really put their heart and soul into these versions. Hopefully they will do an all original material studio album in the not too distant future but until then enjoy this album…

Jason Ritchie

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

After lengthy consideration and a healthy amount of soul-searching, Michael has decided to announce his departure from SAGA at the end of the year. Michael would also like to make it clear to everyone that his decision to leave is mostly of a personal nature. As far as the rest of the band are concerned, they have decided, for the moment, to keep all possible options open. An open letter from Michael to the fans can be expected in due time.

My Chemical Romance are having to tour Japan without guitarist Frank Iero. He's dropped out because of an unspecified illness. Todd Price, from Drive By, is filling in.

THEATRE OF HATE are to reform for a special show at this year's 'Westworld' event organised by Theatre Of Hate and SPEAR OF DESTINY frontman KIRK BRANDON, the reunited act are also recording new songs which will hopefully become bonus tracks on a forthcoming reissue of Theatre Of Hate's debut album 'Westworld'.

THE WATERBOYS new album will be called 'Book Of Lightning'and will be released on April 2nd with a single, 'verybody Takes A Tumble' preceding it on March 19th.

JANE'S ADDICTION frontman PERRY FARRELL has announced details of his new album recorded with his new band, Satellite Party, and which features a number of guest appearances including NEW ORDER bassist PETER HOOK and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS' FLEA. The release, entitled 'Ultra Payloaded', will come out in May.

QUEEN have reported that they are making good progress with their new album - which is being recorded with former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers - with guitarist BRIAN MAY going on to describe the new songs as "very different, they're very unlike anything that we've done, or anything that Paul's done."

SQUEEZE are to release a definitive album, 'Essential Squeeze', compiling the band's greatest musical moments on February 26th.


The nominations for the 2007 Brit Awards were announced earlier this evening with the legendary Bob Dylan up for best international male artist and album.

The full list is:

British male solo artist
James Morrison,
Jarvis Cocker
Paolo Nutini
Thom Yorke

British female solo artist
Amy Winehouse
Corinne Bailey Rae
Lily Allen
Nerina Pallot

British album
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Lily Allen - Alright Still
Muse - Black Holes & Revelations
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

British group
Arctic Monkeys
Snow Patrol

British breakthrough act
Corinne Bailey Rae
The Fratellis
James Morrison
The Kooks
Lily Allen

International breakthrough act
Gnarls Barkley
The Raconteurs
Ray Lamontagne

British live act
George Michael
Robbie Williams

British single
Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
The Feeling - Fill My Little World
James Morrison - You Give Me Something
The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way
Leona Lewis - A Moment Like This
Lily Allen – Smile
Razorlight – America
Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
Take That – Patience
Will Young - All Time Love

International male solo artist
Bob Dylan
Damien Rice
Jack Johnson
Justin Timberlake

International female solo artist
Cat Power
Christina Aguilera
Nelly Furtado

International group
The Flaming Lips
Gnarls Barkley
The Killers
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scissor Sisters

International album
Bob Dylan - Modern Times
Gnarls Barkley - St Elsewhere
Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds
The Killers - Sam's Town
Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah

MEATLOAF joins the bill for Sweden Rocks.

3 - South Shields, The Customs House
8 - Birkenhead, Pacific Road Arts Centre
9 - Sale, Waterside Arts Centre
10 - Bangor, Theatr Gwynedd
21 - Cheltenham, Town Hall
24 - Redditch, Palace Theatre
2 - Newtown, Theatre Hafren (acoustic)
4 - Ulm, The Roxy (acoustic)
6 - Koln,The Prime Club (acoustic)
7 - Bremen, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (acoustic)
9 - Kiel, Kulturzentrum Die Pumpe (acoustic)
10 - Unna, Kulturzentrum Lindenbrauerei (acoustic)
11 - Melle, Alte Stadthalle (acoustic)
18 - Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree
22 - Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan
23 - Penzance, Acorn Theatre
24 - Exeter, Phoenix Arts
30 - Royal Forest Of Dean College, Gloucestershire.
10 - Yeovil, The Octagon Theatre
11 - Stratford, Cox Yard Arts Centre
12 - Howden, Shire Hall
24 - London Edmonton Millfield Theatre
8 - Carnglaze, St Neot, The Rum Store
9 - Hailsham, Pavillion Theatre.
14 - Blickling Hall, Norfolk
29 - Nantwich, The Acoustic Festival of Britain
12 - Maidstone, Hazlitt Theatre
25 - Shrewsbury, Music Hall

10 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum
11 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum
12 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum
14 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
16 - Bilbao, Spain - Pabellon De La Casilla
18 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz
21 - Paris, France - Olympia
22 - Paris, France - Olympia
23 - Lille, France - Zenith
25 - Manchester, UK - Apollo
28 - Glasgow, UK - Academy
3 - Nottingham, UK - Arena
4 - Birmingham, UK - Academy
7 - London, UK - Brixton
8 - London, UK - Brixton
14 - Koln, Germany - Palladium
18 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
21 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso
24 - Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle
26 - Stuttgart, Germany - Porsche Arena
28 - Munich, Germany - Zenith
29 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
1 - Milan, Italy - Alcatrazz
2 - Zurich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
4 - Frankfurt, Germany - Volkshaus
6 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
7 - Oslo, Norway - Sentrum Scene
8 - Stockholm, Sweden - Annexet
10 - Helsinki, Finland - Old Ice Hall

11 - Vancouver, BC at Pacific Coliseum
13 - Edmonton, AB at Rexall Place
14 - Calgary, AB at Saddledome
16 - Regina, SK at Brandt Centre
18 - Winnipeg, MB at MTS Centre
20 - Sault St. Marie, ON at Steelback Centre
22 - Toronto, ON at Air Canada Centre
24 - London, ON at John Labatt Centre
26 - Montreal, PQ at Bell Centre
27 - Quebec City, PQ at Colisee Pepsi Arena
28 - Ottawa, ON at Civic Centre


CRYPTIC VISION ‘In A World’ ProgRockRecords (2006)

Cryptic Vision return with their second studio album with guest spots from Alan Morse (Spock’s Beard) and violinist David Ragsdale (Kansas). This is an album of very accessible and melodic prog rock, none more so that the wondrous ‘Merkaba’ which features Ragsdale’s violin to great effect. Needless to day this track has a Kansas feel to it as does ‘I Am The Energy’. In vocalist Todd Plant (Eyewitness/Millenium) they have a very capable singer who comes into his own on the slower songs such as ‘Point Of View’, a very credible slice of melodic rock. They are a very competent band and each musician gets a chance to shine especially on the longer, epics such as ‘Power To Mend’.
Very enjoyable melodic prog rock with a strong emphasis on melodies and tight soloing. Plus of course you get the highly listenable vocals of Todd Plant.

Jason Ritchie

MARTONE ‘When The Aliens Come’ Lion Music (2007)

Canadian guitar maestro Dave Martone has produced a literally out of this world album! The premise behind the music on this all instrumental affair is too imagine music as it would be played in 400 hundred years time. This being the case he whips out the SFX guitar and boy can he play! It is very space metal in sound although other instruments are added to the guitars/bass/drums including tabla. ‘Techno Bee’z’ is great fun, being an update of the classical piece ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’, whilst ‘Starz Scarz’ is highly addictive to the ears and has you using the old repeat button.
I am not usually a big fan of guitar instrumental albums but this one is worthy of repeated plays plus it has some very catchy tunes contained on it.

Jason Ritchie

Monday, January 15, 2007

RIP – Former SAMSON bass player Chris Aylmer

Come & join Pure Metal on MySpace –

Unsigned band KOOPA debuted at no.31 in the UK singles charts this week.

The second Steve Wilson/Aviv Geffen collaboration, aptly titled Blackfield II, will be released through Snapper Music in Europe on 12 February 2007 and through Atlantic in the USA early March. The tracklisting is as follows:
Once (4.03)
1,000 People (3.54)
Miss U (4.13)
Christenings (4.37)
This Killer (4.06)
Epidemic (4.59)
My Gift of Silence (4.05)
Some Day (4.22)
Where is My Love? (2.59)
End of the World (5.13)

The long awaited follow-up album by Steve Thorne, Part Two: Emotional Creatures will be with us real soon and the strength of the material has attracted another strong line-up of supporting guest stars including:
Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson)
Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, Genesis)
Geoff Downes (Asia, Yes)
Pete Trewavas (Marillion, Kino)
Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree)
John Mitchell (Arena/It Bites/Kino/John Wetton)

Toxicana Apocalypso
All The Wisemen
Great Ordeal
6am (Your Time)
The White Dove Song



The German POWER METAL legends PRIMAL FEAR are about to start the recordings for their new studio album. The final pre-production starts next week and then the band will finally enter the recording studio in the beginning of February.
"We decided to record again at the "House of Music" studio in Winterbach,Germany with engineer & co-producer Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Saxon, Halford, Hammerfall, Helloween etc.), who recorded and co-produced "Seven Seals" with me", says Mat Sinner, adding "We plan to record the first period till March 6th, then I will have a short break, we will record another vocal section until the end of March and then we will move to the famous Galaxy studio in Mol/Belgium to mix and master the album with Ronald Prent (Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Manowar, Def Leppard etc etc). The album will feature 11 tracks incl. a duet of Ralf sharing the lead vocals with a very well known female singer"
More details will be released soon.
Moreover PRIMAL FEAR are coming back to the US in 2007 with a brand new studio album! PRIMAL FEAR are confirmed as Co-Headliners Saturday for the ProgPower USA VIII festival, set to take place October 5-6, 2007 at Center Stage Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. Also scheduled to appear at the event are SONATA ARCTICA, VIRGIN STEELE, THRESHOLD and more. For more news


JADED HEART signed recently a new agreement with Frontiers Records for the production of their forthcoming studio album.
The group has been busy writing new tracks recently and among the new titles there are "See The Light", "Crazy", "Crush That Fear" and "You Can't Deny". The new album will be recorded during the spring 2007 for a release pencilled in the fall. You can expect another solid and riveting melodic Hard Rock album from Germany's finest!


Norwegian progressive metal band CIRCUS MAXIMUS will enter the studio in early January to begin recording its sophomore album for a tentative June 2007 release on Frontiers Records. A video compilation from the group's latest pre-production sessions for the new CD can be viewed at this location (Windows Media).
CIRCUS MAXIMUS released its critically acclaimed debut album, "The First Chapter", in 2005 via Frontiers Records.
CIRCUS MAXIMUS has been confirmed for the ProgPower Europe 2007 festival, set to take place October 5-7, 2007 in Baarlo, Netherlands. Also scheduled to appear are SIEGES EVEN, JON OLIVA'S PAIN, DREAMSCAPE, HEAVEN'S CRY, MECHANICAL POET and MEYVN. CIRCUS MAXIMUS is also one of the confirmed acts for next year's Sweden Rock Festival, which will be held June 6-9, 2007 in Sölvesborg, Sweden.


The German Melodic Hard Rock masters FAIR WARNING have launched their new official website Check it out !


Danny Vaughn has announced an release party for the release of the new album "Traveller" out on Frontiers Records on February the 16th 2007.
The party will take place on
Saturday, February 10 at THE RIG: ROCK CITY in NOTTINGHAM, UK
Straight from Danny: "This will be a very special party that we are having for ourselves and our fans. Where a lot of bands would put on the cd, sit back and get drunk, we're gonna play the album live! Oh yeah, we'll get drunk too, but that's later. Doors will open at 7:30 and we suggest you get there early. We will start promptly at 8pm. We're going to be playing a short, 45 minute set of about 8 songs from the new cd with a couple of your old faves thrown in for good measure".
The door charge for the event is 6 pounds in advance.

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of DANTE FOX new studio album entitled "Under The Seven Skies" on March 23rd 2007.
Recorded at MadHat Studios in Wolverhampton, UK, DANTE FOX's long awaited third album has all the classic signature hooks running through their veins with tracks like "Hold Out Your Hands" and "Goodbye To Yesterday" being typical examples. The new material has a strong classic hard rock flavour making this album something special when compared to the band's previous releases - more energy, more power and extreme excitement.
Guitarist Tim Manford presents the new effort saying that: "It is evident that individual performances are very impressive and the end results have produced a much more mature and confident sounding album". "We hope the fans will warm to the new music as much as we do", concludes Manford which points at the title track as the most relevant example of the new songwriting abilities "It was the first song written as a team by all the lineup members. This happens to be an nine minute epic, with string arrangements, classic Brian May-esque harmony guitars and as usual Sue's passionate vocal".
The new band's line-up includes now Mick Hales on drums (a veteran of the midlands rock scene), bass player Mike Dagnall and keyboard player / guitarist Roman Wieckowski.
The first track recorded "Breakin' Me Down" has had heavy rotation on Steve Price's Show on ARFM with great reaction and support. Same happened to the song "The Last Goodbye" which was exclusively aired during the Christmas holidays on the Frontiers Records myspace site.
"Under The Seven Skies" will include the following tracks:
The Last Goodbye; Firing Guns; Hold Out Your Hand; Breakin' Me Down; Goodbye To Yesterday; Walkin' The Line; Love Tried To Find You; Save Me; Lucky Ones; Under The Seven Skies.
DANTE FOX are looking forward to the release of the album and taking the new songs on the road. Frontiers Records will release the new album worldwide on March 23rd 2007.

MEGADETH/EIDOLON guitarist Glen Drover has recorded a guest solo on the new album from Swedish melodic metal band LION'S SHARE. Also scheduled to appear on the CD are drummer Richard Evensand (CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK), guitarist Bruce Kulick (KISS), and singer Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION, AT VANCE, KRUX), who is responsible for the backing vocals on the entire CD.
LION'S SHARE has uploaded some photos from the current mixing sessions with Ronny Lahti (ROXETTE, SAIGON KICK, EUROPE, GLENN HUGHES, ELECTRIC BOYS) at Lahti previously worked with the group on their third album, "Fall from Grace".
The as-yet-untitled CD, which is expected to be released in April/May, will feature the following tracks (not in final order):
01. Cult of Denial
02. The Arsonist
03. The Edge of the Razor
04. Clones of Fate
05. Emotional Coma
06. Toxication Rave
07. Trafficking
08. Bloodstained Soil
09. Soultaker
10. Hatred's My Fuel
11. Sorcerers
Bonus tracks:
12. Ring of Stupidity
13. TV Preacher

LION'S SHARE has been confirmed for this year's Sweden Rock Festival, set to take place June 6-9 in Sölvesborg, Sweden.
LION'S SHARE's new album will be the group's fifth, with the first four having been released by Century Media and Massacre Records between 1995 and 2001. During this period, the band toured heavily with such acts as DIO, MANOWAR, MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON, NEVERMORE, ICED EARTH, U.D.O. etc.

For contact and more info:


Friday 12th January 2007 USA, New Port Richey FL - Bourbon Street
Saturday 13th January 2007 USA, Jonesboro GA - Breakers Music Hall
Sunday 14th January 2007 USA, Murfreesboro NC - Zakk's
Tuesday 16th January 2007 USA, Hartford CT - Webster Theater/Underground
Wednesday 17th January 2007 USA, Worcester MA - Lucky Dog Music Hall
Friday 19th January 2007 USA, Newport RI - Newport Blues Café
Saturday 20th January 2007 USA, Springfield VA - Jaxx
Sunday 21st January 2007 USA, Farmingdale NY - Crazy Donkey
Wednesday 24th January 2007 USA, Caledonia OH - The Wet Spot
Thursday 25th January 2007 USA, Cincinnati OH - Rhino's (Bar & Grill)
Friday 26th January 2007 USA, Bridgeville PA - RPM's Rock Club
Saturday 27th January 2007 USA, Cincinnati OH - Rhino's
Wednesday 14th February 2007 Germany, Hannover - Musikzentrum
Thursday 15th February 2007 Belgium, Verviers - Spirit of 66
Friday 16th February 2007 Germany, Hamburg - Headbanger's Ballroom
Saturday 17th February 2007 Germany, Bochum - Matrix
Sunday 18th February 2007 TBA
Monday 19th February 2007 Germany, Scheinfeld - Pottrock Live Music Hall
Tuesday 20th February 2007 Germany, München - Backstage
Wednesday 21st February 2007 Switzerland, Pratteln (Basel) - Konzertfabrik Z7
Thursday 22nd February 2007 Italy, Seregno (Milan) - Seven 70
Friday 23rd February 2007 Italy, Trofarello (Turin) - Il Peocio
Saturday 24th February 2007 Italy, Cascina (Pisa) - Metarock
Sunday 25th February 2007 TBA
Monday 26th February 2007 Germany, Frankfurt - Sinkkasten
Tuesday 27th February 2007 Spain, Barcelona - Mephisto
Wednesday 28th February 2007 Spain, Madrid - Ritmo y Compas
Thursday 1st March 2007 Germany, Obermarchtal - Kreuz
Friday 2nd March 2007 Czech Republic, Prague - Retro Music Hall

The Pink Fairies are very sad to announce that due to circumstances beyond their control they will not be playing the Roundhouse on January 22. Unfortunately guitarist Larry Wallis - also a founder member of Motorhead and (very briefly) a member of UFO - has sustained a painful back injury making playing the gig impossible. The Pink Fairies' management say: "Larry has tried osteopathy, scupuncture, Chinese massage and strong drugs, all to no avail. Short of sacrificing a goat and dancing in the woods, he's run out of options…"
There are no plans to reschedule in the foreseeable future so any bookings made on a credit/debit card will be fully refunded back to the card. Any cash or cheque bookings will be refunded by a cheque sent out in the next two weeks. Any queries please contact the Roundhouse box office on 0870 389 1846.

September 14th - Academy: Newcastle
September 15th - Academy: Manchester
September 16th - Boardwalk: Sheffield
September 18th - Picturedrome: Holmfirth
September 19th - Rescue Rooms: Nottingham
September 21st - Festival: St Ives, Cornwall
September 22nd - Phoenix: Exeter
September 23rd - Point: Cardiff
September 25th - Pacific Road: Birkenhead
September 26th - Junction: Cambridge
September 27th - Shepherds Bush Empire: London
September 29th - The Brook: Southampton
September 30th - Robin 2: Wolverhampton


DAVID MARTIN ‘Something In Your Eyes’ Astonish (2007)

A very talented young man here as David Martin not only wrote all the music but produces his debut album as well. A good set of backing musicians as well including drummer Manu Katché (Peter Gabriel). Oh and his blond flowing locks will doubtless be a marketer’s dream! But is the music any good? Glad to report it is, being very mellow in style although ‘Stand’ (reminded me of Blessed Union of Souls – whatever happened to them!) and ‘Sing your Song’ up the tempo being tow fine pop rock tunes. Elsewhere Martin puts in a haunting vocal on ‘It Must Be’ and the title track almost verges into West Coast AOR. Lush production throughout and Martin has a very soft, melodic voice.
A very assured debut release and with airplay friendly tunes David Martin is a name to watch over the coming months.

Jason Ritchie

TRIGGERSoul “Restoration” Z Records (Cat No ZR0497117)

This 8 track CD is interesting. The opening three tracks are modern, aggressive rock, the remainder of the CD is made up of 5 songs that remind me of a heavier Nickleback. The songs are well written and were produced by Jeff Westlake mixed by Michael Wagener, who has in the past worked with Skid Row and Metallica, to name a few. The problem I do have is that this promo CD does not have a track listing, and I couldn’t track down this information on the Internet. This CD, however, will appeal to fans of heavier rock.

Why Buy? A good CD in the tradition of Metallica, Pantera , Megadeth etc.
Track to Burn? Numbers 2,3 &6!!!

Nikk Gunns 3 out of 5

Snakeryder “Back For The Kill” Chavis Records

This CD is a good slice of 80’s style, sleazy hard rock- not the glam end of things but the guitars and choruses are reminiscent of the late 80’s, with vocalist/guitarist AJ Fedz providing a modern sound to things. Opening track “Wake Up The Nation”, “Breakout”, “Can’t Stop The Insanity” and ballad “Love Steals” are the highlights here.

Why Buy? A good mix of modern hard rock, with a nod to the past.
Tracks to burn? “Breakout”, “Can’t Stop The Insanity” and “Love Steals”

Nikk Gunns 3 out of 5

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Brief history of how the label founded and musical genres covered...

Frontiers Records was founded back in 1996 in Napoli, Italy by Serafino Perugino. In just a few months, he became one of the most respected and well-known Italian distributors in the independent Rock market. His growing reputation among musicians and business people helped pave the way for the successful development of the company as a recording label. In 1998 Frontiers Records released its first CD: a double live album “Never Say Goodbye” from TEN. Since then, Frontiers Records have released many critically acclaimed albums, while several internationally renowned acts joined the roster: WINGER, STYX, TOTO, JOE LYNN TURNER, JOURNEY, THUNDER, SURVIVOR, GLENN HUGHES, HOUSE OF LORDS, DOKKEN just to name a few!

Besides that, Frontiers Records also set up during this time many new studio projects to bring back some of Rock's finest voices, or give some still established artists the chance to show a new side of their musical personality. Examples are VERTIGO, lead by former TOTO singer Joseph Williams; OVER THE EDGE featuring STARSHIP's Mickey Thomas; PLACE VENDOME fronted by former HELLOWEEN singer Michael Kiske; and the highly successful ALLEN/LANDE project. And not forgetting the evolution of KANSAS' Billy Greer and his SEVENTH KEY release, from a studio project to a real live band and the stunning PRIDE OF LIONS, featuring former SURVIVOR main songwriter Jim Peterik and vocal star Toby Hitchcock.

Frontiers Records' foreword has always been to dream together with the thousands of people that love quality Rock music. Achieving this means constant hard work from a well oiled and highly ambitious team at the Frontiers Records headquarters in Napoli.

How many staff work for the label?

Serafino Perugino: The company’s President and owner. He cares about the art direction of the label and follows closely all aspects of the company’s management.

Mario de Riso: Label and sales manager and marketing director. He was the first to join the newly founded label in 1998 and since then he was Serafino’s right hand. Graduated in Law he follows the legal aspects of the work too.

Lorenzo Pagliaro: Administration and accounting manager

Elio Bordi: Web promotion, Frontiers Records magazine coordinator, Italian promotion manager everything else tied to promotion and label management support

Giulio Cataldo: Art, design and production director. Customer care.

Ezio Benetti: Warehousing and shipments

Francesco Massara: everything else.

What have been the most successful releases so far...

In order… Toto “Falling In Between”, Journey “Generations”, Giant “III”, Ten “Spellbound” and “Babylon”

Which newer band(s)/artist(s) have you been most proud of in terms of getting them noticed and reviews etc.

Quite a few… talking of total newcomers I would start with STREET LEGAL, then ON THE RISE, URBAN TALE, LAST TRIBE, BLANC FACES, while in terms of new names with more familiar faces I’d go with SEVENTH KEY and PRIDE OF LIONS especially.

What do you look for when signing a band/artist?

Good, sorry GREAT, music. We like the music we are working with so we are very selective and picky. Songwriting and production quality are the most important things.

Which bands/artist would you like to sign up on the label in an ideal world...


How as 2006 for the label and its bands - highlights/lowlights...

Highlights were (apart from the obvious TOTO “Falling In Between” reference), SURVIVOR “Reach” and GLENN HUGHES “M4TD”. No particular lows to say expect the increasing problems caused by cd piracy over the internet.

What have you got planned for 2007 & beyond...


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 Q's with NORWAY

Norway have just released a superb melodic rock album ‘Rising From The Ashes’ via MTM. Over to Norway’s Jim Santos…

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Right now I'm keeping pretty busy promoting the new record, and starting to write for the next record. I assure you it wont be 6 years before the next one ! I'm also mixing a few songs for a project of a friend Kurt Vereecke, Frozen Rain. They have some really great stuff on there, Tommy Denander is playing guitar ( I added a couple of rhythm guitars and a lead so far) that should be out late spring 07

2. Could you take us through the tracks on the new album 'Rising From The Ashes' please (eg ideas behind the songs etc)...

1)Save Me-this was written by Dave Baldwin, and was the 1st song he brought to the project. We liked it immediately and it's one of our favorites. He wrote it at an emotional low point and I think the song just radiates genuine honesty and emotion. Dave 's a great writer and was really open to my "Norway-izing" his song .

2)Anything At All - I like this song a lot, it’s got a fairly heavy pervasive feel to it and a powerhouse chorus that goes with the positive message. Be confident, don’t give in to fear, stand by your beliefs. I was listening to a lot of U2 around the time I was working on this, so you can hear that in the prechorus section, and the section after the solo. But most of all this was the first collaboration of the new Norway, written by Joe Slattery, Dave Baldwin and myself.

3)Only One I Need - every NORWAY record has a big huge ballad on it, and in this case its this song. It’s one of our ties to the past in that one of the co-writers along with Joe and myself, was ex singer Glenn Pierson. We really like the way it builds from the acoustic opening into a strong power ballad. Very complex vocals, and I especially like the guitar solo through the ending of the song.

4)American Girl - I wrote this thinking about the differences between the sexes. On one hand when the guys go out and hit the clubs they want this rocking party girl, but on the other hand she will probably grow up and be someone's mother and wife. I mean, these girls would come backstage when we were playing the clubs and quite literally gang bang the band. Where are the now ? So I wrote a song. I know it's probably the most cliché song on the record,but there it is. It's upbeat and has some really nice playing on it too.

5) The Power of Gold - When I started this song, it was with the idea to write something in the style of two of our most popular songs Heartbeat (Night Dreams) and Givin' It All (Arrival). It ended up evolving into something else,conjuring up visions of the Spanish conquistadors seeking gold in the new world, and I also wanted something I could play a little "Blackmore" style guitar in.

6) Since You've Been Gone- This was the last song brought in by Dave Baldwin. He had a rough keyboard/vocal demo and I liked it right away.

He left it with me and I arranged it,recorded a better demo and added all the guitar parts and we fell in love with it.In fact he gave me co-writers credit on it. I think it started out being a Dennis DeYoung /Styx thing with the call and answer of the chorus, but ended up sounding very Journey-ish I think,with the guitars.

7)Tell Me - Another throwback song,cowrtten by Glenn Pierson and myself as yet another attempt to refine the Norway sound. Starts with the power chords, and an intro solo-breaks down to acoustic sections, rousing prechorus and another slamming Norway chorus! By the way, the middle solo break on this was played by Steve Massa (Ted Poley Band). Joe and Marty had been backing up Ted in the years we were idle and I had played a hundred solos for this song and wasn't happy. Steve came down and played a winner in one afternoon!

8)Wont Let You Down- I had written this song in it's entirety several years earlier. I had worked on it a bit with Glenn , but it was then put away.
When we were choosing songs I played it for Dave and he freaked! So we rewrote some of the lyrics and made a few chord changes and put it on the record. I didn't want to put an acoustic only song on the record, but it came out so well Dave and I felt we should.

9)Haunted - I had the music all written for this during the Arrival sessions, and again had worked on it a little with Glenn, but never had finished the lyrics. I wanted to do this song so I dusted it off, and I finished the incomplete lyrics. I wanted to do a huge bombastic number that recalled the metal power ballads of Def Lepard, and had some bluesy guitar riffing and complex multiple guitar parts like Zeppelin.

And briefly the song that's only on the Japanese release-Bridge of Faith. I wrote this for the "United" 9/11 benefit project that was never released.

I'm happy to have it released now, and I'm personally donating 50% of any royalties earned by this song to which is for instrument replacement for musicians who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

3. How did you hook-up with MTM?

It's quite ironic that they are the label for this release. We knew of MTM from before our indie debut, as former partner Magnus Soderkvist had sort of discovered us via our website, and at that time passed us to Georg Seigl of AOR Heaven,who was absolutely fantastic and was the one to urge us to do an indie release, and bought 250 copies to start us off. Then prior to Arrival we wanted to sign with MTM, our former singer Glenn Pierson had even visited with Mario Lehman, but the time wasn't right. This time I think I emailed Mario so many times he just gave up saying no !

4. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

We are currently not performing or touring, but when we had gotten together to rehearse, Haunted because it's so much heavier and louder live..and Giving it All from Arrival, and Heartbeat from Night Dreams. Those two sort of epitomize the NORWAY "sound" and we seem to be able to play effortlessly.

5. What happened after the 'Arrival' album released on Now & Then ie why did the band go on such a long break until this new album?

The fact is, that after Arrival we were prepared to begin another record about a year later. At that point we were signed with Now & Then, who happened to use Frontiers as the record label. When I started inquiring as to budgets for the next record, I was stalled for perhaps 6 months, before the told me they didn't want the "option" on the 2nd record. That was a shame because Arrival actually did fairly well. The problem was I think they were spending a lot more money than they thought ,buying Startrack studio etc, and looking back, at that point Now & Then was probably starting to feel the financial pinch. By now it was middle of 2002, and we agreed to a certain low budget figure, which I would produce and deliver for that amount. But still that dragged on, I sent demos, they only liked 3 or 4 songs, I sent more demo’s,etc. After another year, I asked to be released from my contract, which they agreed. So I really started on this record in May of 2003.

So now we had no label again. I bought some lo budget recording gear and got started recording "guide tracks" for the new songs for the band to learn. I usually play a guitar,synth,bass and add a rough vocal to a click track. Marty came to the house over the next 2 years and recorded the drums in my family room. At this time, our former singer Glenn Pierson was having some difficult times with some personal commitments and over the next year was basically unavailable to work on the songs. This put me in a spot,because we always worked together creatively on everything. I was holding back trying not to get too far ahead recording with Glenn. I didn't want to record a million guitar parts and get close to what I was doing, only to have him come in months later and say"It all sucks,lets start over" LOL ! But eventually I knew we had to part ways if I was going to continue making music. As it was when we talked, he understood fully and was actually quite relieved of the burden. We parted and remain close friends, I spoke to him a few weeks ago and we even talked about recording a few things.

So back to the story! Now it's 2004 and I have 6 songs with drums and just a few guitar tracks, and no lead singer. Enter Dave Baldwin. Dave had sung on my benefit song Bridge Of Faith and impressed me for being very professional, and a great singer. I asked Dave if he would consider working with me to complete the Norway project and he agreed. So over the next year and a half I kept buying better gear, we wrote the last 3 songs for the record and recorded all the other parts. The record was completed in Feb 2006, and the plan was to do another indie release. It took until July for MTM to pick us up.

6. Have you seen a upswing in interest in melodic/hard rock in the US recently or is it still very much classic bands touring eg REO Speedwagon, Styx but little in the way of exposure for newer/less established bands?

Yes, pretty much touring and t-shirt sales for "Used to be somebody's", not too much activity on new bands. There's some pretty nice stuff happening in my opinion from bands like Chemical Romance and Green Day, but it's really not melodic hard rock as we want it to be.

I liked Nickelback at first..but after a bit I realized it was the same song over and over. Even "classic rock" radio stations barely play anything new even by established artists. I don't even listen to radio anymore, I have SIRIUS satellite in my cars and house. Hair Nation 24/7!

7. If you could create a fantasy band line-up who would be in it and why?

Well first me,'cause I need a freaking break ! Actually I've played in so many cover bands I could probably play with all my fantasy band lineups.
I don't really think I can answer this one..I like too many different styles of music. Ill try a quickie

Guitars: David Gilmore, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Jimi Hendrix, Dicky Betts, Neil Schon, Todd Rundgren & Steve Vai -that should cover just about ANY JAM -
Bass- Rudy Sarzo for the slam, Jack Bruce for the Jam, Willie Weeks for some funk and groove, and McCartney & Greg Lake for some style and vocals
Drums- Bonham, Palmer,Dunsbar & Carmine Appice-enough said!
Keys - Wakeman for flash, Steve Walsh -because he can wail, and Gary Brooker for class and smooth vocals
You might as well throw in Tower of Power Horns and 3 or 4 girl backing singers -make it the Ronettes

Ld Vocals- It's got to be Ian Gillan, Robert Plant, Janice Joplin, Halford, & Lennon and McCartney for the sweet stuff.

8. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

Well back in the was my sister who was 5 years older than me who wanted a guitar, because her boyfriend and his friends had a "folk rock" group that played. Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger etc. So our parents bought a harmony Guitar and Gretsch amplifier that we were supposed to share. Of course it was only a few months and I could play a dozen Beatle songs and she had given up! From there it was the usual local bands playing at school dances, church functions and all that. That continued until after high school, we started playing clubs in various groups. I had been in a couple very large area cover bands in the early 80's and left the scene in '85 to pursue originals only.

And here I am.

Advice to budding musicians? Go for it! Don't listen to that "Don't quit your day job" nonsense. I can tell you from hard experience, just do it.

Work just enough to support your music and keep pushing forward. Don't get caught up in drugs and booze..that will slow you down.

And in my own case, while striving to "make it" I wasted years and years with musicians who didn't really want it. You know the type :

Cant make rehearsal or always late, doesn't know the parts, etc. I had one dear friend I played with for almost 10 years-and my loyalty and friendship to not throw him out, probably caused me to miss some bigger opportunities. We almost signed with Geffen in '85 and he would miss band practice when it was at his house !

So that's it. Go for it, don't look back.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What is spare time?? LOL! I do make sure there is some spare time on weekends for my wife and son.

Together we like movies and music. My wife and I like going to concerts, wine and gourmet dining. I read 1 or 2 books a month and I also collect guitars and do all my own repairs , setups, even refinished a few of them,so that's fun too. In the summer my son and I like to take trips to the beach, and we often shoot some billiards too.

10. Message to your fans...

I cannot tell you how grateful we are to our loyal fans who supported us for years without even a shred of hope we'd do another record.

It truly was a labour of love to do this record. We had no label,no record deal, and no singer. In a short time that turned around, and literally have Risen From The Ashes so to speak. Thank you all so much.

Jim Santos/NORWAY