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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Forty nights fundraising

As it is my 40th birthday in 2008 I thought a novel way to raise funds would be to have forty bands/authors I have enjoyed so far in my life and have them kindly plug this fundraising page for donations to their fans (be it through a gig, email newsletter, etc) to this worthy charity, the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre who help people through music.

Please support the bands/authors who have supported my fundraising efforts by going to one of their events or buying their music or books (feel free to use the Amazon links on the sidebar of this page).

The artists...

ROBERT RANKIN author of many fabulous books (everyone should read all of his Brentford trilogy books and 'The Toyminator') will be kindly plugging this site throughout 2009! His books are hard to categorise although dark comic fanatsy is the maybe the nearest description.

NEWMAN is the band of Steve Newman, a very talented hard rock/AOR singer/songwriter and he will kindly plug this site in November as part of his website relaunch. Check out his new CD 'Primitive Soul' or any of his CD's (the song 'Last Known Survivor' is a classic)for that matter as you will get hook filled melodic hard rock/AOR.

CHRIS SINGLETON will plug the funraising page on Saturday 24th Nov via his blog.
I chose Chris as he is a very talented singer/songwriter who composes pop rock gems -check out his song 'Get Up' for proof. Easily one of the best new singer/songwriters I have heard in the past few years.
A 2006 interview with Chris.

GLYDER will plug this fundraising idea and page on Friday 18th January when they launch their new album, 'Playground For Life' at the Sugar Club, Dublin. Glyder are the natural successors to the mighty THIN LIZZY and are one of the best new bands out there who mix the classic 70's rock sounds into their own modern hard rock style.
Click here old interview with the band.

RHODE ISLAND RED featuring my good friend NIKK GUNNS will plug this fundraising page on Feb 3rd at Bearstock 3 gig.

More to be added soon including some of the bands I grew up listening to like UFO and MAGNUM plus newer finds like POWER QUEST and CREDO.

What is music therapy?

“The overall aim of music therapy is to actively engage individuals in their own growth, development and behavioural change and for them to transfer musical and non-musical skills to other aspects of their life, bringing them from isolation into active participation in the world. We create music through improvisation or composition specifically to meet the needs and capabilities of our clients”.


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