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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MIKA takes the no.1 spot in the UK singles this week on downloads alone. QUEEN fans will love this guy!

Damage Control, the band featuring UFO bassist Pete Way and Quireboys frontman Spike alongside guitarist Robin George and drummer Chris Slade will release their self titled debut album in February through Cargo Records. The album will feature the following track listing:
Dead Man Walking, Savage Songs, Alice, Selfish, C'Mon Down, Damage Control, Victim, Raw, One Step Closer, Redundant, Seven Golden Daffodils & Bitchin' Blues


Here's the news that might be of interest to you... - courtesy of
Known by a few for some months, now it's official. Jerry Donahue of FOTHERINGAY, FAIRPORTS and HELLECASTERS fame, informed DME that he's "been given the go ahead to finish the "Fotheringay 2" album and got access to all those wonderful recordings". The work's afoot already and, if things go according to plan, it will come out on Fledgling Records in October.
Tracks to be included are original versions of "Eppie Moray", "Gypsy Davey", "Late November", "Lowlands Of Holland", "John the Gun", "Wild Mountain Thyme", "Knights Of The Road", "Silver Threads And Golden Needles", "Two Weeks Last Summer", "Bold Jack Donahue" and as yet unnamed instrumental written by Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue. Many of those are well-known in Sandy Denny's solo versions, some found their way into the connoisseurs' hands on bootlegs. Fortunately, the great band's heritage is in the caring hands now and the previously unfinished masterpiece will eventually see the light of day.
DME's set to follow the project's progress so check in at regularly to be in the known.

Best regards,

THE CULT start work on a new album for release later this year.

MEGADETH’s new album has now been moved back to May.

Respected folk rockers PENTANGLE are to reunite their original line-up for this year’s BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards next month.

"Credible rumors have surfaced that the members of Fifth Angel are considering a reunion for some European shows later this year. No firm lineup has been announced, but vocalist Ted Pilot and bassist John Macko are in the mix for this. Aside from a couple of record label showcases back in the mid 1980s, Fifth Angel has never performed live, so this would be a historic occasion for fans of the band if it does indeed happen. Don't expect a quick update, but when more details are unveiled, I'll be sure to keep fans posted at"

Rage Against The Machine are reuniting to headline America’s Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in late April. It’s understood to be a one-off performance for the Los Angeles band, who split up in 2000.

American Dog have recorded, mixed and mastered their fourth album – titled Hard – all in less than a week. Including the cult classic Sometimes You Eat the Pussy, Sometimes the Pussy Eats You, it’s due in March.

Dinosaur Jr’s original line-up has reformed to release a new studio album called Beyond on April 30.

Marilyn Manson is to call his new album Eat Me, Drink Me. It’s due in the spring.

Following the departure of Tony Mills to TNT, UK band Shy have announced details of their new frontman in a posting on their website. The full text of the announcement is as follows:

"After several months of careful consideration, we are delighted to name our new lead singer as Lee Small. Lee has sung with his own band Surveillance as well as featuring on the new Phenomena album. He has a very soulful voice reminiscent of Glenn Hughes which we hope to exploit on the new material we are currently working on. The band believes that our best way forward is to spend the year concentrating on writing and recording a new album for release early 2008. However this does not mean we our turning our back on the gigging front as we hope to try out some of the new stuff live later this year as well as introducing some of our older material that you've not heard in a while. Whilst not straying too far from what we did on Unfinished Business and Sunset and Vine, we hope the new material will come across as a natural evolution to its predecessors.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony O'Hora for his time and we wish him all the best for the future. Likewise, we'd all like to wish Tony Mills every success with TNT and all his other ventures".

London’s World Famous Hammersmith Palais has been entertaining millions of Londoners since it opened it’s doors in 1919.
From act such as the “Dixie land Jazz Band” of the 20’s to entertaining the troops during the Second World War through to famous UK acts such as Lou Praeger in the 40’s, Humphrey Littleton in the 50’s and Joe Loss in the 60’s the
Hammersmith Palais has always been a part of London Life.
Bands that have since graced it’s stage are the Clash (White Man at Hammersmith Palais), R.E.M, U2, The Cure, Duran Duran, Siouixie & The Banshees, The Alarm, Robert Plant, Kaiser Chiefs, Pete Doherty, Justin Timberlake, Charlatans, Doves, Rolling Stones, The Music, Embrace, Missy Elliot, Hard-Fi, Good Charlotte, Basement Jaxx, Tom Jones, Beautiful South, Burning Spear, Katie Melua, Dandy Warhols, New Order
The Ramones, Elvis Costello, The Killers, Blondie, and many…..many…..more.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are considering letting this historic landmark be turned into another faceless block of offices.
To ensure that your children and theirs can continue to enjoy part of Londoners heritage I urge you to email the below link to object to turning a historic building situated in a conservation protected area into yet another block of offices.
All objections should be sent before 24th January 2007.

To quote Ian Dury: “Hammersmith Palais…..three reasons to be cheerful.”

Please email or post:

Dominique Chambers
Development Management Services
3rd Floor, Hammersmith Town Hall Extension,
Kings Street, London, W6 9JU


1 Newcastle Arena
2 Birmingham NIA
4 Glasgow SECC
5 Nottingham Arena
6 London Wembley Arena
8 Plymouth Pavilion
9 Bournemouth BIC
11 Manchester MEN
12 Cardiff Arena


Roaring Of Dreams
Frontiers FRCD323

Third album from this melodic hard rock / power AOR band, featuring vocalist / guitarist / pianist Jim Peterik (he co-handles these parts with others).
Opener “Heaven On Earth” nods at anthemic, and is a touch grandiose too.
“Book Of Life” features some neat heavy guitar, good backing keyboards, and some nice vocal harmonies; think Toto at their heavier end.
The softer vocals on “Love’s Eternal Flame” nod more at Foreigner, it’s ballad Survivor territory. “Language Of The Heart” is a faster, with vocals, guitar and piano playing equal part.
In places a little derivative, but it’s solid, strong, well played, heavy; very as good as melodic / power AOR can get.

Joe Geesin

Frontiers FRCD322

Singer / guitarist / pianist Vaughn is formerly of Fastway and Tyketto, and now releases this strong solo album with guitarists Tony Marshall and Pat Heath, former Ten bassist Steve McKenna and Paradise Lost drummer Lee Morris.
It’s a strong melodic rock album, with a nod at heavy AOR, and the vocals are to the fore here. “Badlands Rain” features a heavy chunky guitar while “Traveller” kicks off with some acoustic strumming with electric solos over the top.
There’s a touch of G’n’R in there too, which some will enjoy.
Good, strong, commerecial.

Joe Geesin

Dead Again

Seventh studio album form these gothic doom metal heads, and kicks off in fine fashion with the title track; uptempo and emotional, taking gothic doom to the extreme. Yes it’s not far off thrash in places.
Imagine the heaviness of 90s Black Sabbath, the melodies of the late 70s / early 80s, the doom of the early 70s Sabbath. Goth it up a bit with some alternative thrash and there you go! As the press release says, killer riffs, and that they are.
Throughout the album we also get “This recording is the property of Type O Negative, Brooklyn, New York”. Don’t know if it’s a label promo thing or just the band being strange, but either way it is a little annoying.
Ten tracks over 77 minutes, it’s a doom epic. For metal heads, it’s well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin

Listen To The Sky
Rev Ola / Cherry Red

This complete history (64 – 73), takes us through the complete recordings of The Others and through the bands they morphed into. Several tracks unreleased too.
The Others sound good quality early British Invasion. Mix the r’n’b (there I mean Rhythm’n’Blues) of the Rolling Stones with the innocent chirpiness of the Beatles.
The Sands’ cover of “River Deep Mountain High” is pretty 60s Garage.
It’s a well annotated compilation that will please many 60s fans. A good package.

Joe Geesin

If I Was You (single)

Saxon return with a new album The Inner Sanctum, and this release is in conjunction with promoter Harvey Goldsmith, who has worked with the band and filmed a documentary for Channel 4.
The track was already written and recorded for the album, and is about gun culture. A great track, some good guitar work, Byford’s vocals on form. The band just continue to get better. Heavy as ever with a nod back at the 80s and 90s.
The remix (also available for download) is a little harsher, will not be of huge interest to fans (any remote fan would or should buy the album anyway – trust me), but this new sound will also attract new fans.
The CD single also comes with “747 Strangers In The Night” which was re-recorded for the Heavy Metal Thunder album a couple of years back.
Love this band, here’s the evidence.

Joe Geesin

It’s Better Than Working
7 T’s / Cherry Red

The glam rock band’s fourth album (or second, if you discount the first two as party records), was issued in 1977 to much acclaim. Glossy production, cheesy keyboards, neat vocal harmonies, boogie guitar, it was classic Mud. “Beating Round The Bush” is a good number.
Sleevenotes, lyrics, loads of artwork make for a good package, and a plethora of extra tracks, some of which are new to CD.
Of you’re a glam fan, you’ll love this.

Joe Geesin

Off The Rak: The Singles 1975 – 1979
7 T’s / Cherry Red

Taking in the band’s post RAK (ie post party music) era, when they were signed to Private Stock and RCA.
Kicking off with “L’L’Lucy” is a good way to open any CD. There’s ballads, rockers, glam and schmutz, we get all the period A and B sides. Many new to CD.
Again a well presented package, essential for fans and a good intro to this part of the band’s career.

Joe Geesin

One More Won’t Kill Us
Measured Records

This new album kicks off with the crunchy guitar led guitar/pop sound of “Heatseeker” (doesn’t sound too PC). The female vocals work well, a nod at punky.
“Couldn’t Leaver Her Alone” adds a kind of uptempo Pretenders sleaze.
Definitely a pseudo metal feel, some good melodies, but you feel it’s at the punky metal end of guitar pop, with not much over the 1 trick formula.
“Fallen Star” does feature some good riffs and harmonies that I could go for, and “Stop Look Listen” is a real blast.
If you’re in the mood for it, it’s a good listen beginning to end.

Joe Geesin

Critical Discs CDISC001

Indie rock with a retro feel. Opener “Dusted & Rusted” features a good riff, chant like chorus, touch of orig r’n’b.
“Pennies On A Plate” features a nice catchy riff, the lyrics a gripe that I’m sure we could all agree with, but something about it I can’t nail that just doesn’t flow.
The sound also has an honest homemade feel, something you can easily empathise with, but the songs are a little disjointed in places.

Joe Geesin

Battle Hymns For A New Republic
One Little Indian

An interesting guitar intro before we get “As The Pinson Turns”, which has to be one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever listened too. Art / Indie metal at the extreme, disjointed, a mess. And the first 7 lines all start “We”! Add some extra guitar to a U2 song, make the vocals even more monotonic, then put the whole song through a blender. At times you wonder if they’re playing the same song.

Much of the album continues in a similar vein. Yes there are odd moments, riffs, rhythms, but like exotic nuclear particles, they appear, spiral off and then vanish into the ether.
This guitar led noise is either arty and clever, or just plain horrible.

Joe Geesin

Anser’s Tree
ProgRock PRR270

This progressive folk set is led by singer, songwriter, story teller and multi instrumentalist Guy Manning, and he’s joined by a saxophonist, a lead guitarist and a violinist.
The vocals are very akin to Jethro Tull, a sound augmented by a flute on opener “Margaret Montgomery”, the music ranging from early Tull and prog folk up to more modern folk rock. The approach ranges from whimsical to rocking, and even a nod at morris dancing on one track.
Interesting, but a little too ‘out there’ for me.

Joe Geesin

Lion Music LMC199

Italian progressive power metal, melodically extreme.
Musically intricate, very in your face power, almost harsh production. Solid vocals that occasionally strain to match the ferocity, and lengthy instrumental passages.
Nothing operatic here, but some damn good (and long) melodies.
Prog metal for the extreme metal fan.

Joe Geesin

3 Track Demo

This unsigned band produce a decent, hard sound, with “Atmospheric Tumult” a solid track. A little technical sounding, but for a young band it’s great there’s no guitar/pop formula. “Further Down The Road” features a strong catchy harmony in the chorus.
“My Name” is quite mature, and a touch melodic mixing well with the crunchy riffs.

Well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin


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