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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brian Eno (U2, Roxy Music, David Bowie) will produce the new album by COLDPLAY.

Uriah Heep regret to announce that, due to ongoing health problems, longstanding drummer Lee Kerslake is to leave the band with immediate effect. A replacement is being looked for ASAP.

THE POLICE have confirmed that they will be the opening act at this years Grammy Awards in the US, but have remained quiet on rumours stating they are planning to tour together. The Grammys will take place on February 11th.

THE EAGLES plan to release their new studio album in April/May.

SQUEEZE's forthcoming compilation 'Essential Squeeze' will now be released on April 30th.

LET IT ROCK is a new 70's retro classic rock band featuring: Davey Pattison - vocals/guitar (Gamma/Robin Trower); Tom Miller - vocals/bass (Greg Allman, Eddie Money); Kevin Russell - vocals/guitar (707) and Andy Doerschuk - drums (Rick Derringer/Steppenwolf).
"These four guys have been pals for years. They have decided to pay homage to the music they grew up on and so love. The music that shaped a generation. That music is known today as “Classic Rock”. Who better to play this music than the guys who were there! Gamma, Robin Trower, 707, Eddie Money & Greg Allman are all part of the “Classic Rock “ genre' today! Let It Rock is a rockin' fun time band that kicks serious ass!"

Avril Lavigne will release her new album "The Best Damn Thing" on April 17.


Edsel Records (through Demon) will be releasing a selection of seven Gillan and Ian Gillan Band albums in March and April. These will comprise of five chart albums, which were originally released between 1979 and 1982, including Glory Road which charted at 3 and Future Shock UK at 2. Together the seven albums feature eight chart singles.
The first batch of Gillan releases hit outlets on 2nd April and include Mr Universe (1979), Glory Road (1980), Future Shock (1981) and Double Trouble (1981). These will be followed on 7th May with Ian’s first solo album Child In Time (Ian Gillan Band, 1976), Live At The Budokan (Ian Gillan Band, 1977) and Magic (Gillan, 1982).
All seven albums have been digitally re-mastered by Ray Staff (Bohemian Rhapsody, Physical Graffiti, Corrine Bailey Rae, Deep Purple) and will feature bonus tracks including live recordings, and ‘b’ sides as well as album out-takes. The deluxe packaging will contain photos, lyrics, memorabilia and some wry observations of the times by Ian Gillan himself.
Gillan says: ‘It’s about bloody time!’

These albums feature some of Ian’s cohorts including Janick Gers, Bernie Tormé, John McCoy, Colin Towns and Mick Underwood as well as the Gillan classics Sleeping On The Job, No Easy Way, Trouble, Mutually Assured Destruction, New Orleans, No Laughing In Heaven, Nightmare, Restless and Living For The City. There are also fabulous live versions of Deep Purple classics including Child In Time, Smoke On The Water and Woman From Tokyo.

Ian Gillan is rock royalty, and has become an erudite elder statesman of the genre. He was the original Jesus Christ Superstar and – with Deep Purple – he co-wrote and sang Smoke on the Water (one of the most popular songs of all time) among dozens of other hits. He’s always made music for music’s sake, not to appease critics, the industry or anyone else; to quote the man…’It’s important to step off the highway sometimes and take the scenic route.’ He has played to tens of millions of fans, and sold over one hundred million records. To this day he approaches writing, recording and touring with the zeal, passion and commitment of an eighteen year old. Currently on tour with Deep Purple - His life is music – listen and enjoy.

Gillan’s new DVD, Ian Gillan Highway Star: A Journey In Rock is also released 2nd April. Deep Purple tour in the UK from 21st April.

MR UNIVERSE [1979] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1004]
1. Second Sight
2. Secret Of The Dance
3. She Tears Me Down
4. Roller
5. Mr Universe
6. Vengeance [BAT 12 A]
7. Puget Sound
8. Dead Of Night
9. Message In A Bottle
10. Fighting Man
Bonus track:
11. Smoke On The Water [live at Kingsway Studio] [b-side of “Vengeance”, BAT 12]

GLORY ROAD [1980] [Demon cat no: EDSD 2003, 2 CD]
1. Unchain Your Brain
2. Are You Sure?
3. Time And Again
4. No Easy Way [VS 362 A]
5. Sleeping On The Job [VS 355 A]
6. On The Rocks
7. If You Believe Me
8. Running, White Face, City Boy
9. Nervous
FOR GILLAN FANS ONLY [originally a free LP in the first 15000 copies of “Glory Road”]
1. Higher And Higher [VS 355 b-side, also on “For Gillan Fans Only”]
2. Your Mother Was Right [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
3. Redwatch [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
4. Abbey Of Thelema [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
5. Trying To Get To You [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
6. Come Tomorrow [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
7. Dragon’s Tongue [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
8. Post Fade Brain Damage [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
9. Egg Timer [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
10. Harry Lime Theme [from “For Gillan Fans Only”]
Bonus tracks:
11. Handles On Her Hips [Virgin single VS 362 b-side]
12. I Might As Well Go Home [Virgin single VS 362 b-side]

FUTURE SHOCK [1981] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1005]
1. Future Shock
2. Night Ride Out Of Phoenix
3. The Ballad Of The Lusitania Express
4. No Laughing In Heaven [VS 425 A]
5. Sacre Bleu
6. New Orleans [VS 406 A]
7. Bite The Bullet
8. If I Sing Softly
9. Don’t Want The Truth
10. For Your Dreams
Bonus tracks:
1. Trouble [Virgin single VS 377 a-side]
2. Your Sister’s On My List [Virgin single VS 377 b-side]
3. Mutually Assured Destruction [Virgin single VSK 103 a-side]
4. The Maelstrom [Virgin single VSK 103 b-side]
5. Take A Hold Of Yourself [Virgin single VS 406 b-side]
6. One For The Road [Virgin single VS 425 b-side]
7. Bad News [Virgin single VS 425 b-side]
8. Lucille [Virgin single VS 425 b-side]
9. Spanish Guitar [Lyntone LYN 10599, free with “Flexipop” mag, Dec 1981]

DOUBLE TROUBLE [1981] [Demon cat no: EDSD 2004, 2 CD]
DISC ONE [Studio]
1. I’ll Rip Your Spine Out
2. Restless [VS 465 A]
3. Men Of War
4. Sunbeam
5. Nightmare [VS 441 A]
6. Hadely Bop Bop
7. Life Goes On
8. Born To Kill
1. No Laughing In Heaven [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
2. No Easy Way [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
3. Trouble [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
4. Mutually Assured Destruction [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
5. If You Believe Me [Rainbow 4.3.81]
6. New Orleans [Reading Festival 29.8.81]
Bonus tracks:
7. Bite The Bullet [Reading Festival 29.8.81] [Virgin single VS 441 b-side]
8. On The Rocks [Reading Festival 29.8.81] [Virgin single VS 441 b-side]
9. Mr. Universe [Reading festival 22.8.80] [Virgin single VS377/C1]
10. Vengeance [Reading festival 22.8.80] [Virgin single VS377/C2]
11. Smoke On The Water [Reading festival 22.8.80] [Virgin single VS377/D]

MAGIC [1982] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1005]
1. What’s The Matter
2. Caught In A Trap
3. Long Gone [VS 537 A]
4. Driving Me Wild
5. Bluesy Blue Sea
6. Living A Lie
7. Demon Driver
8. You’re So Right
9. Living For The City [VS 519 A]
10. Demon Driver (reprise)
Bonus tracks:
1. Breaking Chains [Virgin single VS 519 b-side]
2. Purple Sky [Virgin pic disc single VSY 519 b-side]
3. Fiji [Virgin single VS 537 b-side]
4. Helter Skelter [album outtake]
5. Smokestack Lightning [album outtake]
6. South Africa [Virgin single VS 1088 a-side]
7. John [Virgin single VS 1088 b-side]
8. South Africa [ext. version] [Virgin 12” single VST 1088 a-side]

CHILD IN TIME [1976] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1002]
1. Lay Me Down
2. You Make Me Feel So Good
3. Shame
4. My Baby Loves Me
5. Down The Road
6. Child In Time
7. Let It Slide

LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN [Japan 1977; UK 1983] [Demon cat no: EDSS 1003]
1. Clear Air Turbulence
2. My Baby Loves Me
3. Scarabus
4. Money Lender
5. Twin Exhausted
6. Over The Hill
7. Child In Time
8. Smoke On The Water
9. Mercury High
10. Woman From Tokyo


8th Linkin Park, 9th My Chemical Romance and 10th June Iron Maiden will be the headlining acts at this year's Download Festival, Donington.

22nd March - Scarborough Vivaz
23rd March - Edinburgh Henry's Cellar
25th March Shepherd’s Bush empire, London (supporting GLENN HUGHES)
28th March - Bristol The Fleece
29th March - Sutton In Ashfield The Diamond
30th March - Hull The Springhead
01st April - Farnborough The Tumbledown Dick
02nd April - Oxford Zodiac
04th April - Newcastle Trillians
06th April - Leighton Buzzard The Wheatsheaf
07th April - Cannock The Tackeroo

Feb. 23 - The Tavern - Wigan, UK
Feb. 24 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
Feb. 25 - Cert 18 - York, UK
Feb. 27 - Adelphia - Hull, UK
Feb. 28 - TJ's - New Port - Wales
Mar. 01 - Gasworks - Bradford West Yorkshire, UK
Mar. 02 - The Tunnels - Aberdeen, Scotland
Mar. 05 - The Underworld - London, UK
Mar. 09 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 10 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 11 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 12 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - Paris, France
Mar. 15 - Theatre Barbey - Bordeaux, France
Mar. 16 - BCS Cafe - Poitiers, France
Mar. 17 - Anciens Abattoirs - Cognac, France
Mar. 18 - Signing Session / Le Grand Cercle - France
Mar. 19 - French Promotional Tour With UNDERCLASS - France
Mar. 20 - Le Nouveau Casino - Paris, France


JULIAN SAS ‘Resurrection’ Provogue (2007)

Blues guitarist Julian Sas returns with his new album and a new drummer, Rob Heijne. This is an album of classic blues rock and Sas certainly has a it of Hendrix in his playing style – just listen to the guitar on ‘Ain’t No Change’. It’s a good mix of slow blues like ‘Runnin’ All My Life’ and more rock orientated numbers such as ‘Moving To Survive’. His playing is top notch, never to flashy but very enjoyable and suiting the tempo of the songs.
Enjoyable blues rock album and Sas has a gruff touch to his voice which suits the songs perfectly. Worth checking out along with current hot shot Joe Bonamasa.

Jason Ritchie


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