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Monday, April 23, 2007

TNT’s new studio album The New Territory has the following track listing:
1. A Constitution, 2. Substitute, 3. Are You Blind?, 4. Golden Opportunity, 5. Something Special, 6. Now We're Talkin', 7. Wild Life, 8. Fountain of Love, 9. June, 10. Can't Go On Without, 11. 2 Seconds Away, 12. Milestone River, 13. Let's Party Mills. Japanese bonus tracks: Don't Come Too Near and Harley Davidson (Live).
No label has been announced as yet.

Former RATT bassist Juan Croucier has issued the following statement:
"It is with deep regret that I must inform you that there will not be a full reunion of the surviving RATT members.
"Considering the original band broke up fifteen years ago and there have been several questionable incarnations of it since then, my hope was maybe this time we could give the RATT fans what they have wanted all along; the original band. I made an exceptional and painstaking effort to work things out with the others, only to reach an impasse.
"There has not been a sincere attempt at redemption by my former band mates, for their insidious and sometimes malicious wrongdoings in the past, toward me. Even when they withdrew critical conditions to help facilitate a long-term reunion, I continued to hope, trying to stay focused on a positive outcome for everyone, especially the fans. I told them, in no uncertain terms, that if we could reach a point of reasonable compromise, in good faith, I would return to the band. To my dismay, near the end of negotiations, ulterior motives prevailed and I was eventually simply stonewalled. Therefore, since nothing has changed, I am left no other choice but to abstain from a reunion. I also made it clear that I was not doing this for the money. My attempt was motivated by my desire to instill credibility back into the name RATT, settle unfinished business and to give the RATT fans what I believe they would truly enjoy seeing and hearing the most. However, their ignorant and unscrupulous habits came into focus once again; a stark reminder of our tumultuous and dysfunctional past.
"Unfortunately, the biggest losers in this equation are the RATT fans, and for that I am truly very sorry. It was my sincere hope throughout several months of negotiations that many of the people that never got to see the original band could at least finally see the surviving members, delivering the bombastic assault of what has come to be known as Ratt N Roll.
"The band that will be opening for POISON this summer will be basically the same partially reformed band with Stephen [Pearcy] coming back to do vocals. I will be recording a follow-up to my LIQUID SUNDAY solo record and playing shows with my band."



To whom it may concern, I, Jeff LaBar am no longer the guitar player for the band, Naked Beggars. I have been fired, as a musician by the powers that be. I am however, still booking the band & my own project as well, until further notice. Feel free to contact me at for any booking inquiries regarding myself, Naked Beggars, Bellevue Suite, Evick, Skin Kandy, Wiser Time, Sex & Patriotism, 7 Days Away, Baptized by Fire, Goldylocks & even bands such as Lynam, Gibbs Bros. & Saosin.
Also, keep an ear open for my internet radio show with my lovely wife, Debby on We'll be spinning & ranting about the best rock music of the 70's & 80's with stories to coincide with every tune as well as turn you on to the best new young bands in the country!
As it stands right now, it will be late night on Fridays, right after the Hayden James' show. Check it & me out & we'll talk, J.L." / /

Magenta - "The Singles" will contain 14 tracks consisting of every song that has made up the band’s four EP/singles. 8 of these tracks have been specially re-recorded exclusively for this release, and none of them have been available on a full length CD before. Until the official release date of 21st May, the album will only be available at Magenta gigs and, very soon, from the Magenta shop at
Rob Reed explains the decision to release the album: "Most of these songs have been an important part of Magenta’s live set for several years now and they have evolved as the band has performed them live. We felt it was time to record and release definitive versions with our current line up, which includes Dan Fry on bass. We hope that fans of the band that have our three albums, but have not yet had the chance to hear these songs, will enjoy this equally important aspect of the band’s music. However, we hope that those that already have some of this material will appreciate how these songs have evolved over time and that you all love the new versions.“
Included on the CD is Night and Day (originally recorded with Annie Haslam) which features a complete lead vocal from Christina for the first time, plus Sunshine Saviour, a new piece adapted from Children of the Sun from the band’s first album Revolutions.
The three bonus tracks contain an additional 25 minutes of music including the full 14-minute director’s cut of "Pride".

Track listing:
Speechless (Single Version)
King Of The Skies
I'm Alive
Call Me
Sunshine Saviour
Lemminkainen's Lament
Night And Day
Essence Of Love (Instrumental)
Cold (2007 acoustic mix)

Bonus Tracks:
Opus 3 (Instrumental)
Pride (Director's Cut)
Sloth (String Mix)


DEVIN TOWNSEND presents Ziltoid the Omniscient Inside Out (2007)

Devin Townsend had prior to this all solo album, two outputs for his music the melodic metal of the excellent Devin Townsend Band and the crushing riffery of Strapping Young Lad (SYL), a band I have never warmed too. This time around Devin Townsend has produced a true solo album as he plays and composes all the music himself (including the computer software ‘Drumkit From Hell’!). A concept album and one that uses classic 50’s sci-fi imagery for the cover. The main theme though is to quote the man himself ‘one of no matter who you are or what you do you are existing, so just go to work’.
After a suitably grand intro and Ziltoid requesting the finest cup of black coffee on earth (this coffee is a recurring theme throughout the album) it is into ‘By Your Command’, with a brutal riff and one that fans of SYL will identify with straight away. To counteract all this bombast ‘Solar Winds’ sees Devin in more melodic mode and ‘Hyperdrive’ is classic Devin Townsend, crisp guitars and rums overlaid with layer sof vocals – sheer bliss. ‘The Greys’ melds his two worlds together nicely with melodic passages battling away with his more guttural voices.
The spoken word passages can grate after a few plays as you just want the music to kick in, case in point being the album closer ‘Tall late’ which is funny the first time but is one to skip on repeated plays.
Devin Townsend does it yet again producing a highly polished piece of melodic metal, prog metal or better still Dev metal. Be interesting to see after his totally solo approach whether he goes band to his band again. Buy with confidence and enjoy!

Jason Ritchie

EDGAR WINTER ‘Live at the Galaxy’ Track Records (2007)

This concert was recorded back in 2003 and has previously seen the light of day as a DVD released by Classic Pictures. A very lively set including an eighteen minute workout of ‘Tobacco Road’, which includes blues, jazz and some scat in it! ‘Frankenstein’ is most probably Winter’s most identifiable tune thanks to ‘Wayne’s World 2’ and again it is a marathon jam at seventeen minutes. Some great sax and guitar playing on ‘Show Your Love’ as well.
An enjoyable live release from a artist who covers blues, rock, soul and a bit of jazz with ease.

Jason Ritchie

BONFIRE ‘Live’ (DVD 2007)

Last year's Firefest III at Nottingham Rock City provides the occasion and venue for this DVD which marks the amazing 20 years anniversary of German melodic rockers Bonfire. With only a reasonably small stage, a basic stage set with only a logo backdrop and no gimmicks its always got to be the music and performance that win the viewer over and to be fair, with their 13 song set Bonfire do impress. Drawing from a number of their albums they open with 'Day 911', really hit their stride on the two Point Blank cuts 'Tony's Roulette' and especially 'Hard On Me' which sounds so much better live, and receive most audience reaction perhaps unsurprisingly for the four tracks culled from the 'Fireworks' release namely 'Never Mind', 'American Nights', Ready 4 Reaction' and perhaps their best known track 'Sweet Obsession' which again benefits from the harder live work out.

Benefiting from eight cameras and superb sound available in both PCM and 5.1 surround options its an admirable set however, due no doubt to it being a festival audience you can't help noticing that after the first five or six rows the remainder of the audience are in the main watching passively. Having said that the band are fairly static as well with the obvious exception being front man Claus Lessman who carries the show superbly with a display of genuine warmth and enthusiasm and its largely down to him that the live set gets the thumbs up.

Full marks to the band for offering up extensive bonus features to complement the show. The "Behind The Scenes at Firefest" footage serves a purpose but is largely filler as the handheld camera footage suffers from poor sound. Following the band to the stage and capturing the on-stage final bow from the bands perspective is a nice touch but it's most frustrating when, due to surrounding noise, a local radio backstage interview with Lessman is rendered near inaudible. The five promo videos are the big bonus and hark back to the major label days of the late 80s when Bonfire were regulars on MTV Europe and the Headbanger's Ball. 'Starin' Eyes', 'Sweet Obsession', 'Sleeping All Alone', 'Hard On Me' and 'Sword And Stone' are all featured and whilst definitely remnants of a different time they also serve to remind you just how good the band sound today with the versions included in the live segment. Finally a three song feature culled from German TV's famous Rockpalast series captures Bonfire live in 2002 performing the excellent 'Under Blue Skies', 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Proud Of My Country' in front of a partisan crowd, although disappointingly it does not share the sound quality of the 2006 set.

Overall an enjoyable release that has certainly had me digging through the CD boxes fishing out my old Bonfire discs that haven't been played in years, however I can't help thinking that maybe this would have been an even better and more fitting celebration if it had been a live show with the band headlining in their own country.

Bill Leslie

Singles bar

THE SESSIONS ‘What Is This Feeling’ *** the band’s debut single and one for lovers of soul meets indie rock. Neat guitar and vocals make for a decent tune although not a classic by any means.
GO CADENZA ‘All The Same’ ***1/2 have been looking in to the Coldplay/Keane book of songwriting as they have conjured up lush sounds and in ‘Hot Air Balloon’ they sound almost Floyd like, with its spacey sound and vocals.
SILVERFALL (EP) ***1/2 in vocalist Jenny bailey the band have a wonderful vocalist. She sounds like Stevie Nicks and the brooding piano led ‘Don’t Cry Michael’ could easily be a Fleetwood Mac number. Three very enjoyable songs and a band worth seeking out if you like Fleetwood Mac and more modern day bands like the Sundays.
DARKWATER ‘Easy Weakness’ *** female fronted hard rockers who sound like Garbage – that’s the band not how they sound! It is good riffed based rock but nothing new or outstanding. If you like female fronted rock then give them a try.

Jason Ritchie

HELLSONGS ‘Lounge’ (2007)

Now this one will set the cat amongst the pigeons! They play lounge versions of metal classics with a female vocalist, Harriet Ohlsson. Never have you heard Metallica’s ‘Seek & Destroy’ played like this! Mind you ‘Run To The Hills’ sounds very different and does work well in this format. I draw the line at ‘Breaking the Law’ though, as the handclaps just had me reaching for the skip button! The best is saved to the last though in the shape of Motorhead’s ‘Orgasmatron’, I mean can you ever imagine a Motorhead tune with piano and female backing vocals?
Like many novelty ideas eg dread Zeppelin the shelf-life is limited and many metal fans will detest this big time I am sure. But of you’re after something a bit different then Hellsongs prove that the test of any good song is that it can be played in any style.

Jason Ritchie


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