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Monday, April 16, 2007

New interview with TOMMY SHAW (STYX)

Suzanne Vega is to release her first studio album in years on July 16 with a new long player called 'Beauty and Crime' via Blue Note Records. The album revolves around the theme of New York City, Vega's hometown.

Traveling Wilburys, the eighties super group made of George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, are to re-issue their two albums in one 3-disc package on June 5. The self-tilted CD/DVD will have previously unreleased tracks 'Maxine' and 'Like a Ship' and videos for 'Handle With Care', 'End Of The Line', 'Inside Out', 'She's My Baby' and 'Wilbury Twist'.

Talisman bid a fond farewell on home turf –
In announcing a tour that has been on and off more times than a bride's nightie, Hillock productions takes its life in its hands by putting out the dates for Talisman's Farewell Tour. Beginning in the UK on 20 May and concluding with a party night at Sweden Rock on 8 June, the tour will take in (hopefully) the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Gran Canarias, France and Sweden. The dates that have been confirmed thus far are:
Sunday 20 May - UK, Sheffield - The Corporation (Support 'Crimes of Passion')
Monday 21 May - UK, Dudley - JB's (Support 'Crimes of Passion)
Thursday 24 May - Greece
Friday 25 May - Greece
Sunday 27th - Belgium
Tuesday 29 May - Germany, Hamburg - Headbangers Ballroom
Thursday 31 May - Spain, Madrid or Barcelona - Venue TBA
Friday 1 June - Spain, Barcelona or madrid - Venue TBA
Saturday 2 June - Spain, Bilbao - Venue TBA
Tuesday 5 June - Gran Canarias - Venue TBA
Friday 8 June - Sweden Rock
As more infill dates are booked they will be added to the list and the lists will be posted on the Talisman, JSS, Hillock Productions and MelodicRock sites (and anyone else who cares to post them).
This will be an unique tour for a unique band - don't miss it!




On May 14th 2007 Frank Turner releases the much-loved and highly praised ‘The
Real Damage’ as an EP through Xtra Mile Recordings.
Favourite with fans and industry alike, The Real Damage is a funny, real-life
tale documenting the perils and pit-falls of those all too familiar wasted
weekend with friends; Frank’s astounding lyrical and storytelling talent coming
to the fore. It will be available as an EP accompanied by previously unreleased
tracks 'Sea Legs', 'Back To Sleep', 'Sunshine State', and 'Heartless Bastard
Mother Fucker' from the album recording sessions.
The Real Damage is the opening track on Frank’s debut solo album ‘Sleep Is For
The Week’ which came out in January. Recorded in a home studio in Oxford with
Dive Dive’s Ben Lloyd, ‘Sleep Is For The Week’ perfectly captures Frank’s past
18 months in brutally honest and heartfelt detail. From the split of previous
band Million Dead, to triumphantly supporting The Automatic late last year,
‘Sleep…’ details life’s highs and lows with wit, intelligence and personality.

14 FROG The Mean Fiddler, London
20 London, Camden Crawl O Bar
22 Manchester Night and Day
23 Newcastle Uni Global room
24 Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
25 Inverness Ironworks
26 Glasgow Nice and Sleazys
27 Liverpool Korova
28 Leicester Charlotte
29 Stoke Sugarmill
30 Sheffield The Plug

1 Cambridge Junction
2 London Bush Hall
4 Nottingham The Social
5 Nothampton Soundhaus
6 Birmingham Bar Academy
7 Bristol The Thekla
8 Exeter Cavern
9 Penzance Acorn
11 Tunbridge Wells Forum
12 Oxford Zodiac
13 Norwich Arts Center
Tickets £7 except London £9

17 The Great Escape, Brighton Drowned In Sound Stage at Zap Club
"Genius is a term often bandied about these days but Mr. Turner will deserve it
if he continues down this road." 4/5 The Sun

"Turner is such a sharp observer that he really ought to write a book." The

"(Frank) has come up with a selection of originals...Bittersweet requiems for
teen punk dreams and dark folk adventures in the flesh trade." Daily

"Frank has unplugged his guitar and become Billy Bragg for 20-something
punkers." The London Paper

"You may well take the punk rocker out of punk rock, but on this evidence, you'd
struggle to take the punk rock out of the punk rocker.7/10 NME

"Turner's songs are jaunty, melodic, smart and instantly digestible." KKKK

“This is an album to clutch close to your heart.” 5/5 PlayMusic

“It’s hard-hitting. It’s brave. It’s happy, it’s sad, it’s amusing, it’s
harrowing. In short, it’s bloody great.” 8/10 Rocksound &


14-Jun Gelsenkirchen
19-Jun Hamburg
22-Jun Marlay Park
23-Jun Hyde Park Calling
25-Jun Dresden
26-Jun Hannover
29-Jun Amsterdam
30-Jun Rock Werchter
02-Jul Piazza Duomo
03-Jul Rome
05-Jul Arezzo
06-Jul Venice
08-Jul Locarno
21-Jul Blickling Hall
25-Jul Toulon
27-Jul WOMAD Charlton Park
11-Aug Skanderborg

20/07/07 Metal Camp 07, Tolmin, Slovenia
21/07/07 Earthshaker Fest, Kreuth, Germany
04/08/07 Subtacto Progfest, Oslo, Norway
06/10/07 ProgPower USA, Atlanta, USA
26/10/07 Firefest IV, Nottingham, England
03/11/07 CRS Autumn Rokfest, Rotherham, England
09/11/07 ProgPower Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
24/11/07 Metal Forces Festival XI, Lörrach, Germany

URIAH HEEP, RICHARD THOMPSON & THE SAW DOCTORS headline the second stage at this year’s Guilfest.

INTENSE ‘As Our Army Grows’ Napalm Records (2007)

Intense return with their second full album and a new record label with Threshold’s Karl Groom and Richard West helping out on production duties (West also tinkles the ivories when needed on the album as well). The opening trio of ‘Anger Of The Ancients’, ‘Mirror Shroud’ and the title track blast out of the speakers highlighting all that is great about this band – powerhouse drums (special mention to Neil Ablard who doesn’t overuse the bass drum pedal like some metal bands and keeps a very tight sound), driving rhythm guitar, well crafted guitar solos and the powerful vocals of Sean Hetherington. They really do beat recent Iron Maiden output hands down for me. ‘Temptress’ is the only song on here that hasn’t quite hit the spot for me but doubtless it will!
The three part ‘Chronicles Of The New Flesh’ really sees the band expanding their sound, from the almost Rush like ‘Trojan Transmission’, the semi-acoustic ‘Strange New World’ and the final part ‘Long Live The New Flesh’, which closes the album in true metal style.
A step up both production and song wise since 2004’s ‘Second Sight’, this new album will not only win them new fans I am sure but puts more established bands into the shade. The power metal genre is growing, especially here in the UK and Intense should rightly ride the wave of success.

Jason Ritchie

FREEDOM CALL ‘Dimensions’ SPV (2007)

This is the band’s fifth studio album, although I’ve not heard any of their previous albums. After repeated listens this album is one for fans of Michael Kiske era Helloween and Gamma Ray. Vocalist Chris Bay is at times uncannily like Michael Kiske – just listen to ‘Innocent World’ or the oaring vocal parts on ‘Queen Of My World’ for proof. Great tunes though and even ‘Mr. Evil’ is a cracking metal romp despite the corny lyrics. ‘Far Away’ is a novel song with bagpipe backing and a drinking song chorusline over the top. Sounds bizarre but it works! The only drawback of this album is that too many songs have a ‘whoa whoa’ added into them and the intro track is fine for a few plays but has you soon skipping it.
Fans of the band and Helloween, Gamma Ray and Rhapsody Of Fire will love this album but maybe not for the general metal fan as this style of metal is one you either love or loather as being to corny/fantasy based.

Jason Ritchie

Run DMC ‘Live At Montreux’ Eagle Rock (2007 DVD)

This is pretty much what any fan would expect from a DMC DVD – no more, no less. They still perform, they have meaty tunes, are energetic, and are loud. Then again, there are only so many times you want to hear someone telling the audience to put their hands in the air and say Ho! In short this is a good watch, but once is enough.
Highlights include the frenetic It’s Over, Peter Piper, and, of course, Walk this Way. Throughout also JMJ is fantastic.
I terms of DVD quality, though the sound is great, the camera work does nothing to heighten the atmosphere. And a few Extras would have been nice!

Steven Lenton

Frank Zappa ‘Classic Albums - Apostrophe And Over-Nite Sensation’ Eagle Rock (2007 DVD)

Terrific! OK, I admit I’m a huge fan already, but this is just a perfectly made documentary about two of the best albums from a great performer.
Though focused on Apostrophe and Over-Nite Sensation, what we see and hear is Zappa the whole man – expansive as always. We have footage of original Zappa interviews, analysis from Dweezil and other band members, plus comments from Alice Cooper and Billy Bob Thornton among others. All this is interspersed with fantastic footage of live performances and rehearsals.
What is interesting about all the commentators is that they all approach Zappa and his music from their own angles – the personal interpretation from Thornton and Zappa’s sound engineer are every bit as refreshing and valid as Dweezil’s deconstruction of the tunes. This all goes to show that the depth of both Zappa and his music is a perfect subject for documentary.
A slight quibble is that the box states the running time as being 96 minutes – it is, but only when all the extras are included. The actual running time of the documentary is around 49 min. But don’t let that put you off…this genuinely good stuff!

Steven Lenton


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