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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Brand new Kevin Chalfant CD!
In the next two weeks, Clique Records is releasing a brand new Kevin Chalfant CD entitled "FLY2FR33DOM". We are in the mixing stages at this point, but we have decided to offer advanced autographed copies and/or bundle a tour package together as well, stay tuned for all of the details. We plan to host two record release parties and you can secure your tickets right here.
As soon as all of the legal paperwork is finalized, we will be releasing sound bytes on this site, as well as
Thanks for your patience and continued encouragement.
2007 is going to be a year to remember.
You friend,
Kevin Chalfant

Smashing Pumpkins forthcoming album will be titled 'Zeitgeist'. Founding members James Iha and D'Darcy are both missing from the reformed band. Only drummer Jimmy Chamberlain features with Corgan in the revised line-up. Corgan is yet to reveal who plays with him on the record or who will feature in the line-up of the touring band. 'Zeitgeist' will be released on the 7th of the 7th, 07 through Martha's Music/Reprise. It was produced by Corgan and Chamberlain with Roy Thomas Baker and Terry Date.

Foghat are to release 'Live II' at the end of May. It will be on the Metro City label.

L.A. GUNS has recruited HOOKERS 'N' BLOW's Scott Griffin as the replacement for the recently departed bassist Adam Hamilton.

Eagle Rock release a new live QUEEN DVD in the autumn recorded at Montreal in 1981.

GREAT WHITE have signed to Frontiers for their new album due in August.

China Blue currently features Tony Mills (TNT) on vocals, Josh Ramos (The Storm, Hardline) on lead guitar, Eric Ragno (Takara, Vox Tempus) on keyboards, Rev Jones (Michael Schenker Group) on bass and Zane Petersen (Conditioned Response, Malicious) on drums. You can hear some extended clips of these new mixes (along with pictures and video) at
Interested parties can contact the band at



Press Release / Faster Pussycat was formed out of the streets of Hollywood, California, with their name derived from Russ Meyer's movie "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!". The band was signed to Elektra Records in December 1986. Faster Pussycat went on to record three studio albums, selling over two million records worldwide. The song "House of Pain", was a top 40 single and the # 1 most requested video on MTV. The band has toured the world over with the likes of Guns N Roses, Kiss, Motley Crue, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, and Poison.
Maxim magazine named Faster Pussycat the #1 most metal moment and Vh1 included the band twice in their list of 101 metal moments. After a eight-year career, the band played its final show together on July 6, 1993 in Japan, until a line-up of the band briefly reunited in 2000.
Now, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Faster Pussycat, the band will hit the road one final time. Led by original members Brent Muscat, Eric Stacy and Brett Bradshaw, the band will perform classic tracks, as they were recorded.
No Re-mixes, No BS [Note - and no Taime Downe on vocals either!]
For more: and
The band would like to make mention that Faster Pussycat is a registered trademark of Brent Muscat!


RAZORBACK ‘Deadringer’ AOR Heaven (2007)

Razorback feature guitarist Rolf Munkes (Empire), bass player Chris Heun and vocalist Stefan Berggren (Company of Snakes/M3). They are joined on this album by drummer Mike Terrana (Masterplan). Although Stefan Berggren has been known for his work with former Whitesnake members in Company of Sankes/M3, he is a deadringer for Ronnie Dio’s voice on here. Just take a listen to the album’s stand out track ‘The Last Man Standing’ or ‘Line Of Fire’ for proof. The playing is top notch as you’d expect, it is only the songs at times that let the album down with ‘Miracle Baby’ and ‘Let Me Give Livin’ outstaying their welcome. Mind you album closer ‘Razor Blues’ ends the album on a high note with some mean and dirty blues guitar playing.
By no means essential and I personally prefer Rolf Munke’s other band Empire to this but if you like Dio like metal then this is certainly worth a listen.

Jason Ritchie

THE IDLE RACE ‘Back To The Story’ EMI (2007)

A two CD set that encompasses all of this 60’s bands output. Idle Race are best known as the band that formed from Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders and featured on guitar/vocals future ELO main man Jeff Lynne. This album has been out before in 1996 although this mid-price re-issue drops the two Nightrider tracks.
This really is a collectors/completists release as an ELO fan will find this tough going at times unless you like psychedelic. That said there are some pop gems on here including the Move like ‘Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree’, ‘The Birthday’ which wouldn’t look out of place on the first two ELO albums and ‘Follow Me Follow’ with its string backing, an early forerunner of the classic ELO string sound to come. Some great English whimsy like ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Mr Crow And Sir Norman’. Worth listening to the band’s version o ‘In The Summertime’ as well, which was a big hit for Mungo Jerry.
Definitely of interest to fans of late 60’s psychedelic pop music and ELO/Move collectors, although the latter will doubtless have bought this CD on its first release.

Jason Ritchie

STARCASTLE ‘Song Of Times’ ProgRock Records (2007)

Pomp rockers Starcastle are back with a new album, a mere 29 years after their last one ‘Real To Reel’. This album features original members including bass player/vocalist Gary Strater who sadly passed away in 2004 and original REO Speedwagon vocalist Terry Luttrell also guests.
Starcastle are like Yes, especially as vocalist Al Lewis can hit those high notes like Jon Anderson but with more keys and harmonies. It’s Yes turned up to 11 if you like. Just check out ‘All For The Thunder’ – swirling keys, beautiful harmony vocals and a real 70’s feel to the overall sound – like prime time Styx. The nine minutes of ‘Babylon’ just flies by and for an acoustic moment ‘Love Is The Only Place’ fills the need and then some. ‘Children Believe’ is the heaviest song on here where the guitars get more of the limelight. You just don’t get albums played like this anymore, mores the pity and the instruments all slot in well, adding wonderful backing to the vocal arrangements.
Fans will be after this like a shot and those who enjoy pomp rock/prog in the style of Yes or Styx would be well advised to get this wonderful album.

Jason Ritchie

SYLVAN ‘Presets’ ProgRock Records (2007)

The band’s sixth album and in a change for them one which was recorded in parallel with their last album ‘Posthumous Silence’, with this album containing twelve songs most of which clock in under the five minute mark. Having never heard of the band’s previous work helps as this is apparently not their normal fare.
The press release quotes Coldplay and Keane as similar sounding bands and can hear these in tracks like the piano led ‘Verge Of Tears’. But for me they are much closer in sound to Dashboard Confessional, Porcupine Tree and Marillion with lush soundscapes and clean, precise guitar solos. ‘One Step Beyond’ could easily gain airplay with a soaring chorus that puts Keane to shame. The title track though delves right into prog rock with multiple time changes and extending mid-section soloing.
The key to the success of this album will be to get it heard outside of the prog rock fan base as these tunes heard by fans of mainstream bands like Snow Patrol, Coldplay et al This album is just too good to become just a genre hit.

Jason Ritchie


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