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Friday, March 16, 2007

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Jeff Scott Soto (JOURNEY, TALISMAN, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, SOUL SIRKUS, AXEL RUDI PELL, TAKARA) is among the guest musicians who appear on the debut album from Brazil's TEMPESTT, entitled "Bring 'Em On". Recorded and mixed at LCM Studio in São Paulo, Brazil, the CD was produced by the band and Adriano Daga (Latin Grammy award winner) and is scheduled for release in Brazil at the end of the month via Dynamo Records.
Formed by BJ (vocals), Léo Mancini (guitar), Edu Cominato (drums) and Paulo Soza (bass), TEMPESTT was the support band for Jeff Scott Soto when he came to Brazil on April 27, 2002 for an appearance at the "Hard 'N' Heavy Party" in São Paulo.

Manic Street Preachers will return on May 7 with their eighth studio album called 'Send Away The Tigers'.

JONI MITCHELL will release her new album ‘Shine’ in June.

LOUD LION is Bleu and his friends paying homage to MUTT LANGE (they previously did the excellent ELO themed band LEO) –

Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler and Aerosmith's Joe Perry have expressed their sadness over the death of Boston's Brad Delp. "What an incredible singer Brad was -- one of the all-time greatest voices. He will be greatly missed," said Butler. Perry, meanwhile, recalled that Delp "was very down-to-earth and seemed like a great guy, without any of the ego baggage," adding, "He had one incredible, amazing set of pipes." Delp was found dead Friday at his home in Atkinson, N.H. He was 55. -

Styx singer-guitarist Tommy Shaw is mourning the death of Boston singer Brad Delp. Delp was found dead in his New Hampshire home on Friday (March 9th), and Shaw wrote on the official website, "We were all deeply saddened by this news and had been looking forward to seeing and hearing him in concert this summer... We will all miss him. He was THE most unaffected superstar vocalist I ever personally had the opportunity to meet and spend a little time with. He was naturally gifted and we will always be able to enjoy his earthly contributions to the soundtracks of our younger days whenever the spirit moves us by slipping in the Boston CD of our choice."
Shaw added, "Our sympathy goes out to his family, bandmates, friends, and to all Boston fans worldwide, who most certainly share our feelings today. God Speed, Brad Delp..."
Brad Delp, the lead singer for the band BOSTON who killed himself last week, left behind a note in which he called himself "a lonely soul," according to police reports released Thursday.


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the TWO OF A KIND self titled debut album on May the 11th, 2007

Anticipated by a very good response from the fans from the exclusive preview of the song “Light in the Dark“ presented on the Frontiers Records myspace website, TWO OF A KIND debut album is a bold statement from Dutch producer, songwriter and artist Fred Hendrix, well known to the Melodic Rock fans for his work with TERRA NOVA.

TWO OF A KIND features in the line-up Fred together with his brother Ron on keyboards and not one, but two female singers: Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr. Completing the lineup are Gesuino Derosas (also from TERRA NOVA) on guitar and Hans in’t Zandt on drums.

“The concept was to create a melodic album with two female singers. There are not that many female singers in melodic rock, so I thought this would spice up the scene a little bit. The bands core are the two female singers Esther and Anita” explains Fred, adding “I have been knowing Anita for quite some time while I found Esther by scouting”.

After a few writing sessions, Fred submitted the plan for his new band with a great melodic rock edge in BOSTON meets HEART style to Frontiers Records, who immediately loved the material and signed the band.

“For me personally it has always been a desire to write and produce for others and this was the right opportunity. And I think this band can have real nice future” concludes Fred Hendrix.

Tracklisting of the album includes the following songs:

Light in the Dark; The Longest Night; Little by Little; Give Me a Reason; Heaven Can Wait; Unbearable; Into the Fire; In Your Arms; Whole Again; To The Top; I Die a Little More Everyday.

Release date is settled on Frontiers Records in Europe on May 11th, with a Japanese release scheduled on King Records.

HOLLYWOOD (February 26, 2007) – Marc Ford, who has sold millions of albums worldwide and played in front of more than 50 million people across the globe, will impact the airwaves with his first solo album Weary and Wired March 13th [Blues Bureau Records]. Weary and Wired features Ford on guitars & vocals, Mark “Muddy”Dutton on bass and Doni Gray on drums.
Former Black Crowe’s blues-guitar guru has delivered an extraordinary album full of Classic Rock-soaked riffs, bluesy based crunch with Southern Rock twang. “My influences go way beyond as I do not play nor do I listen to rock," explains Ford. “What influences my playing is folk, blues, jazz, gospel, country, reggae and the list goes on...” Weary and Wired is a significant recording showing Ford’s strength as a singer/songwriter, fueled by large doses of his phenomenal guitar work that brings to mind such masters as Clapton, Hendrix and Beck.
Ford’s first record was with CBS’ renowned retro blues rockers Burning Tree in the late 1980’s. Burning Tree’s self-titled debut album was a much-heralded debut among guitar aficionados and led to Ford being asked to join The Black Crowes.
Ford put his stylized guitar stamp on the Black Crowes' second record “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” which went to number one on the Billboard charts, eventually going double platinum. Ford continued recording and touring with the band through their next two releases, 1994's “Amorica” and 1996's “Three Snakes and OneCharm” as well as making two additional records with the band, “Tall” and “band” which were recorded in the 90's and were previously unreleased until 2006. In 2002 Marc had self released his first solo record "It's About Time." The album was never officially released but by Marcs personal efforts as well as Amazon and iTunes. He still plays the music live as many have said this to be one of their favorites.
In 2006 Ford put out a press release announcing that he had left the Crowes in order to protect his hard fought sobriety and that he had recently produced albums for emerging artists The Pawnshop Kings and Ryan Bingham.
Shortly after this announcement Ford reunited with his Burning Tree bandmates for three gigs at The king king in Hollywood, CA. Following the impromptu dates, Ford enlisted Doni Gray to be his bandmate, along with Muddy and son Elijah Ford, for his new studio album Weary and Wired. “This album is special,” explains Ford. “Burning Tree was my first signed band. We played for years when we were really young. We started in garage, got a deal and toured. This is the first time we’ve played together in 17 years - it felt natural and flowed.”


Mar. 29 - The Bogie - Utica, NY
Mar. 30 - [to be announced] - Grand Rapids, MI
Apr. 03 - Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucet, CT
Apr. 04 - Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucet, CT
Jun. 08 - Sweden Rock Festival - Sölvesborg, Sweden
Jul. 13 - [to be announced] - Owensboro, KY
Aug. 03 - Clearfield County Fair - Clearfield, PA
Sep. 08 - Sky City Casino - San Fidel, NM

MADNESS have been confirmed as one of this year’s Guilfest headliners. BLONDIE, THE LEVELLERS & JAMES are other rumoured bands appearing over the three day festival in mid-July.


LUMSK ‘Det Vilde Kor’ Tabu recordings (2007)

Norwegian band who have set one of Norway’s premier poets Knut Hamsun and some of his work to music. Sung entirely in their native tongue (it never hindered Clannad!) this is an album worth spending time on. It is folk rock, with some haunting female vocals (although they can turn to twee at times as can be heard on ‘Paa Hvelvet’). The duet on ‘Om Hundrede Aarer Alting Glemt’ is simply stunning. The band have added strings and classical instruments such as clarinet and oboe to fill out the sound.
Not for everyone this one but those who like something mellow and along the lines of Clannad or Capercaillie this will be right up your street.

Jason Ritchie


Having signed so many of the top 80’s bands to their independent label, it is hardly surprising that Frontiers records are determined to make the most of them. One result is that Dokken have exhumed a 1981 live recording, baked the original tapes in an oven and transferred to digital format. The press release states it features the classic line-up although at that stage Juan Croucier, later of Ratt, was sin the band and not Jeff Pilson, while the venue is unclear although Do Dokken refers to the band being about to travel home after their tour.
The recording shows a band very much in development, already with two great songs in Breaking the Chains and opener Paris is Burning and the explosive chemistry between Don Dokken and George Lynch in evidence, but with rawer edges and with the songwriting still developing. Night Rider includes some audience participation, while as well as songs that ended on their first album there are unreleased tracks in Goin’ Down, Hit and Run and You’re a Liar.…
An interesting if not essential snapshot of the development of one of the best hard rockers to come out of America in the 80’s.

*** ½
Andy Nathan

Winger –Demo Anthology (2007) Frontiers

Having reformed the band to make the underrated Winger IV album and perform a controversial live show at Firefest, Kip Winger has emptied the vaults to delight both Frontiers Records and fans of the band with a double disc of 36 demos for the band’s first three albums. In general the demos are not too different in song structure from the finished versions, but significantly rawer and with programmed drums, which, together with the gang backing vocals, give many of them a distinct Def Leppard feel.
Around three quarters of the songs made it to the albums, but there are little surprises at every stage: Only Love, which didn’t make the first album, has a chorus to die for, and the four unreleased from ‘In the heart of the young’ are all gems, with All I ever Wanted particularly Leppard-esque. It is easy to see how the songs written for Pull didn’t make it, as they are distinctly more commercial than the darker turn that album took. You also get a couple of songs (Star Tripper and Hour of Need) which subsequently had new lyrics added to become Baptised by Fore and In my Veins respectively, and the odd song that ended up on other people’s albums (Without Warning, covered by Khymera).
A goldmine for Winger fans (even those with bootlegs already of this stuff) and for others a reminder of Kip Winger’s underrated songwriritng talent.

Andy Nathan

ELO ‘Balance Of Power’ Epic/Legacy (1986 re-issued 2007)

Funny how you remember trivial things in life as I remember rushing down to Newcastle(-U-Lyme) town centre in my school lunch hour to buy a vinyl copy of this album from John Menzies. Along with a couple of friends we were big ELO fans, although we took a lot of stick for this as ELO were never hip at school! I liked the album on release and here some 21 years later it still sounds good. As an added bonus there are seven bonus tracks plus sleeve notes by Jeff Lynne and single sleeve and band photos. These ELO re-issues have been a real treat for fans and of course have Jeff Lynne’s full involvement and backing.
ELO by the time of this album were down to three piece – Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy and Bev Bevan. Gone were the strings bar some synth generated ones by Richard Tandy and the sound was very synth/keyboard led, as can be heard on ‘Heaven Knows’ or ‘Secret Lives’. This album also marked the end of the band until 2001’s ‘Zoom’ and if you listen to some of the songs like ‘Getting To The Point’ you can maybe see Lynne was ready to call it a day. A foretaste of Lynne’s future production work after this album can be heard in ‘Endless Lies’ which is sounds like a Roy Orbison song! A couple of weak songs, namely ‘Is It Alright’ and ‘Sorrow About To Fall’ stop the album getting top marks from me, although it is easily one the band’s top five albums they released.
Of the bonus material two cracking b-sides, ‘Caught In A Trap’ (another bonus song sees this track get a total lyrical work over ‘In For the Kill’) and ‘Destination Unknown’, a real ELO stomper! The alternate version of ‘Heaven Knows’ is excellent, with the keyboards reduced slightly in the mix and a bigger drum/guitar sound.
An essential ELO purchase, made more so with some very worthwhile bonus tracks.

Jason Ritchie


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