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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ted Nugent releases a new album in early July. Called 'Love Grenade', it's produced by Nugent's Damn Yankees band mate Jack Blades.

Guitarist Jeff Bloggs has left Hydrogyn to be replaced by current DIO guitarist Craig Goldy.

Obituary guitarist Allen West has been jailed for undisclosed offences. He is not expected to be free until next February, but remains an official member of the band, who are currently touring and recording without him.

Hammerfall are to release a compilation album in mid-October. Its to be called 'Steel Meets Steel: Ten Years Of Glory'. This will feature three new songs.

Last November, Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover donated his painting,'Compassion', to be auctioned for The Linda McCartney Cancer Centre. It sold for 900. Now, 100 signed, limited edition prints are available. They are priced at 80, plus p+p, with all money raised going to the cancer centre. For details, please call 0151 706 3153, or visit

THY MAJESTIE has announced the addition of Dario Cascio (vocals) and Simone Campione (guitar) to the group's ranks. "We are so pleased to have them in our team!" the band writes on its web site. "They brought us life and new enthusiasm. They are officially in the band. We look forward to starting working on the new album!"

MATCHBOX 20 release a ‘Best Of’ in October via Atlantic.

ZZ TOP are keen to start work on anew album although they are still without a record label.

JACK BRUCE has all but ruled out any further CREAM reunions due to ongoing animosity between himself and drummer Ginger Baker.

HARDWAY have signed with Angel Milk records (home to NEXX) and will have MARK SPIRO handling vocals on their debut album.


AFM Records update

On Friday, March 30, Doro Pesch performed the Warlock classic “All We Are“ live on Pro 7 TV. Doro played the entrance song for the female box world champion Regina Halmich in front of 19,000 people in the German Köln Arena as well as millions of TV viewers. In the context of “Mc Fit Fight Night”, Regina did a friendly match against German top comedian Stefan Raab and she won the fight after 6 rounds. Doro performed the song live in the boxing ring with her friends Schmier (Destruction), who played the bass, guitar player Bas Maas (After Forever) and the well-known live and studio drummer Tim Husung. Now, the metal queen re-recorded the song in this new version to eternalize it for her close friend Regina. A special CD with the new version of “All We Are” plus other rare material and different bonus videos will be released on May 25. The playing time of the CD will be around 45 minutes.


After a six-year break, Swedish melodic metal masters Lion´s Share have returned with their finest effort to date, “Emotional Coma”. The revamped outfit, which now features singer Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors, Wuthering Heights) and bassist Sampo Axelsson (Glenn Hughes) alongside band mastermind Lars Chriss (guitar) and session/non-touring drummer Richard Evensand (ex-Chimaira, Soilwork, Therion), continues to produce modern-sounding heavy metal that revolves around Chriss' thick, power-packed riffs while showcasing Johansson's hauntingly melodic delivery. Songtitles such as “The Edge Of The Razor”, “Bloodstained Soil” and “The Arsonist” pull few punches, highlighting the band's heavier, more aggressive approach without sacrificing the traditional elements which made their earlier efforts such cult favourites. After four successful releases, Lion´s Share is ready to make its strongest impact to date with what is undoubtedly the most focused effort of the band's career. Stars like Kiss' Bruce Kulick, Glen Drover of Megadeth and Mats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion) have given the band their stamp of approval by making guest appearances on “Emotional Coma”. Look for Lion´s Share to hit the road later in the year, with several dates already scheduled, including an appearance at this year's Sweden Rock Festival.


The new Evidence One album, “The Sky Is The Limit“, will be released on June 22. On the new album, the band is combining melody and heaviness into one without disappointing the fans of their first albums. Diverse songwriting, cleverly arranged, with a high class sound - this is what Evidence One stands for. Without leaving their musical way, the band made another step forward what is hard to believe when you already know their previous works.


The new At Vance, “VII”, will be released on June 29. As the name already says, the band built around fabulous guitarist Olaf Lenk, already releases its seventh album. So what's different then? Well, in truth not much, but did you really expect that a band who had established its own sound so strongly on the last six releases would break the mould and do away with its very own interpretation on neo-classical power metal that crosses elegantly with the true spirit of 80s hard rock? No! All they've done is to step ahead again. Listen to the dramatic groove snaking through “Shiver” or the ultra catchy “Cold As Ice” where the new At Vance singer Rick Altzi shows his brilliant range.


BON JOVI will do a full world tour but not until early next year.


RUFUS WAINWRIGHT ‘Release The Stars’ Geffen (2007)

Rufus Wainwright has gained rave reviews for his music and rightly so as he is the master of crafting highly listenable songs that embrace many musical genres be it pop, acoustic or folk. The Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant is executive producer and appears on many of the songs as well.
On first listen this album’s musical arrangements sound a lot like latter day Divine Comedy. It is only Rufus’s vocal that lets this album down at times as his delivery is often at one level only.
Lyrically he is on fine form taking a pop at George Bush and then going off on a song about masturbation! The songs with the rich backing are the ones that keep me coming back for more such as ‘Sanssouci’ and the opening track ‘Do I Disappoint You’ that even throws in a children’s chorus to the musical mix.
Another fine release from Rufus Wainwright, possibly his best work yet and perfect for fans of the Divine Comedy.

Jason Ritchie

JOHN MACALUSO & UNION RADIO ‘The Radio waves Goodbye’ Lion Music (2007)

Drummer John Macaluso (Malmsteen/Ark) has assembled a strong line-up of fellow musicians on this solo album. They include Dream Theater’s James La Brie, Ark’s Adrian Holtz, Riot vocalist Mike Dimeo, Chris Caffery (Savatage/TSO) and fellow Malmsteen band mate Randy Coven.
As you’d expect the music follows a progressive metal vein although at times the melody can be lacking in favour of extended solos. Highlights? James La Brie belting it out on ‘Soul In Your Mind’, the instrumental ‘T-34’ and ‘Gates To Bridges’ where Mike Dimeo puts in a sterling vocal performance.
Not an instant album by any means but worth persevering with and of definite interest to fans of Dream Theater, Ark and Savatage.

Jason Ritchie


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