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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Foo Fighters are to have their 1997 album 'The Colour And The Shape' re-issued at the end of June. This will have bonus tracks.

Alice Cooper has apparently brought in guitarist Jason Hook, to replace the recently departed Damon Johnson.

Puddle of Mudd’s new album "Living On Borrowed Time" via Flawless Records will be released July 24.

The Stereophonics have revealed that the title of their sixth studio album will be called ‘Pull the Pin’ to be released in the autumn.

SHINETH are working on a new album and promising ‘some interesting guests’.

DOKKEN will use drummer Vik Foxx (ex-ENUFF Z'NUFF) to fill in for Mick Brown for several live shows that Mick Brown is unable to play this summer.



Would the last member of Tara's Secret Please turn off the light!!
That's it Folks, Tara's Secret are soon to be no more. (What ??? we hear you cry!!)
The band will play their final 2 shows this month and then go their separate ways (there's a song there!!). We've had a great time over the last 3 years writing and performing our own brand of melodic rock. We have had some very high points along the way and had to face a few though times too. But we have had to face the reality that the music scene has changed so much and the people that wanted new and exciting melodic rock music in 1988, aren't that hungry anymore.
The reviews for our second album "Tomorrow The World," were fantastic, some even saying "Best Rock Album of the 2000s" but unfortunately record companies and promoters failed to listen.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us, buying the CDs, coming to the shows, shouting for us online and writing about us in magazines and newspapers. Only this month, the band has featured in Burrn Magazine in Japan and last month gained a 2 page interview spread in Fireworks Magazine - hell, we even got a line in Classic Rock Magazine at last !!! Numerous USA rock radio stations are still playing our music alongside that of our rock heroes.

So, this month, we intend to go out Rocking!!
Come along and say goodbye to us at:
Friday 4 MAY - COALVILLE, The Vic Bikers Pub - onstage 10pm + support - free door, full set
Saturday 12th MAY - SHEFFIELD, The Moorfoot Tavern, - onstage 9.15 - Cumberland Street - free door, full set

Our album "Tomorrow The World" will remain onsale
£6.00 (inc UK P&P) and £7.00 (inc overseas P&P) from
Only £5.00 at the gigs

Where do we go from here??
Craig & Glyn have started up a new band "Tomorrow The World" with 3 long term Tara's Secret fans Ian, Debbie & Dave.
The style will be a bit softer - sort of Foreigner, Starship etc.
Check out the fledgling website at

Johnny is currently writing a solo album and singing with Rock Covers band "Storytellers Night" go to

Rich will soon launch his solo guitar work at He is also considering continuing his Van Halen dream and forming a VH tribute

Bolty is taking a break from music right now to focus on his home life but he can be found at

The band would like to thank Mark, Paul & Brian who have stepped in and done us proud and we thank them for all their effort and enthusiasm.

Thank you for 3 years of support and some great memories.
from Johnny S, Rich, Craig, Mark, Paul, Bolty, Glyn, Chris & Brian (and the Blackcat)


METALLICA will be joined at their Wembley Stadium gig by Mastadon, Bullet For My Valentine
and HIM.

ALTARIA ‘Divine Invitation’ Metal Heaven (2007)

Look around the Internet for reviews of this band and they get some very favourable ones, with bands such as Royal Hunt and Stratovarios mentioned as comparisons. Their past line-ups have included future members of Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. This nineteen track album is a ‘best of’ with two new songs featuring new vocalist Marco Luponero and seven demo versions of previously released songs. I must admit I must be missing something others are hearing as although the songs are well produced and have crisp metal guitar riffs they just seem to wash over me. Only the bombast of ‘Darkening Highlight’ and one of the new songs ‘Ball & Chain’ keep me coming back for more listens.
If you like melodic metal give this compilation a go but personally I’ll stick with Royal Hunt, Intense, Sonata Arctica et al.

Jason Ritchie

THE SIMON HOPPER BAND ‘A Land For The Many’ (2007)

A very talented singer/songwriter and this album is a ‘must have’ for fans of traditional British folk rock in the tradition of Fairport Convention. The title track alone, with its lyric praising the positive impact of immigration and attacking the far right, is one you could easily imagine Fairport Convention tackling. Then there is the traditional folk backing on ‘Gewgaw’ (a neat attack on the disposable consumer society), whilst ‘Trevor Square’ is just one of those songs to chill out to.
Singer/songwriter based folk music doesn’t come much better than this and it is heartily recommended for fans of Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson and Steve Tilson.

Jason Ritchie

SHAKARA ‘Infected’ AFM Records (2007)

Swiss hard rockers Shakara return with their latest album and it is a damn fine slice of melodic hard rock, not unlike fellow Swiss band Gotthard. But nearest comparison has to be Def Leppard as the vocalist Mark Fox has a Joe Elliott style rasp to his vocal delivery and the harmonies are very Def Leppard, just listen to ‘Inferno’ or ‘The One’ for proof. The band really know how to pen guitar heavy rockers and ‘Make Your Day’ is an instant hit after just one play, it is so addictive! A couple of slower numbers add some variety with the closing track ‘Acheron’s Way’ the pick of them. This track features acoustic guitar melded neatly into the vocal parts.
Catchy and well played melodic hard rock from a band who deserve as much success and credit as their fellow countrymen Gotthard. If only Def Leppard could make an album like this nowadays…

Jason Ritchie


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