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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Lion Music have been releasing a fine string of prog metal albums (Sun Caged, Mattsson et al), solo albums by noted guitarists plus getting House of Shakira's albums made easily available.

Brief history of how the label founded and musical genres covered...

company founded in 1988, as record label we have been active regularly since January 2000.

How many staff work for the label?


What have been the most successful releases so far...

Our 2 Jason Becker Tributes, Mattsson - Another Dimension, Ritchie Kotzen - Slow, Empire - Trading Souls, Sun Caged - Sun Caged, Joe Stump - Speed Metal Messiah, Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings, Book of Reflections and Saryrian - Eternitas

Which newer band(s)/artist(s) have you been most proud of in terms of getting them noticed and reviews etc.

Seventh Wonder, Satyrian, Venturia, Hauteville, Sphere of Souls...

What do you look for when signing a band/artist?

originality and skill

Which bands/artist would you like to sign up on the label in an ideal world...

the next Jimi Hendrix, Beatles or Deep Purple, a young band that will change the world:-)

How as 2006 for the label and its bands - highlights/lowlights...

File sharing is killing music, specially music that is on the more artistic side... Classic hard rock/AOR is dead. Some older bands still survive but for younger ones it's over. Progressive Metal does still have a small but dedicated fan base.

What have you got planned for 2007 & beyond...

A number of high quality prog metal releases from bands such as Sun Caged, Mind's Eye, Delphian, Daniele Liverani's new band Twinspirits and a new album from Dogpound


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