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Monday, January 08, 2007


A new feature for the Newswire looking at the PR companies and record labels to see how they tick! First up UK based PR company Frontier Promotions who have promoted a diverse set of artists from Alison Krauss, Eve Cassidy through to the purple violin man Ed Alleyene Johnson and ex-Runrig vocalist Donnie Munro.

Check out the feature in Hifi Plus magazine this month on our residential studio - Grange Studio.
Sue Williams
Frontier Promotions

Brief history of how your PR company and musical genres covered...

ROOTS TO ROCK hopefully to cross over to mainstream audiences.

How many staff work for company? 4

What have been the most successful releases so terms of sales

Eva Cassidy & Alison Krauss

Which newer band(s)/artist(s) have you been most proud of in terms of getting them noticed and reviews etc.

Slaid Cleaves, Eric Bibb, Susan Tedeschi, Joe Bonamassa & The Dunes

What do you look for when promoting an artist? What makes a good PR campaign in your view?

We look for an artist/band that has something unique - a great voice or song is a good start.

Which bands/artist would you like to promote in an ideal world...

How as 2006 for you and the bands you promoted - highlights/lowlights...2006 has been a great year we have recorded and promoted Eleanor McEvoy and Mike Harrison (Spooky Tooth) and have had great results in the press and on radio & tv with new albums from Eric Bibb, Joe Bonamassa and The Dunes.

What have you got planned for 2007 & beyond...

More of the same


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