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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Risisng Stars - DOUBLE ECLIPSE

1. What's happened for the band in 2006? (Any line-up changes, new music etc)

The biggest shake up is with regards to the line-up. This is the first album where Alan and myself have played all the instruments. We're really excited to know what people will think.

2. What bands have you been involved with live wise during 2006 and live highlight(s)?

We really haven't looked at the live scene this year as we've been fully focused on the 'Eloquent Face Down' cd. This is something we hope to address in 2007.

3. What have been the highlight(s) and low point(s) of this year?

For the first time in the ten year history of this band I can honestly say that there have been no low points for us. I'm pleased to say we're inspired and excited to get the new cd out.

4. Is your audience the same people who have followed the band since its early days, or are you picking up a different fan base?

We seem to be picking up younger fans now which is a by product of the excellent rock scene that is currently thriving.

5. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

I'll save them for my autobiography! ;)

7. Your take on the current music scene (both rock & in gerneal terms)...

I really feel that there's never been a better time for music. It's exciting to see so many youngsters into rock music as there was a time in the nineties where I felt the rock genre in particular was very tired. The downloading business is just the big labels getting scared. For little bands like us it's fantastic as we're not getting censored by label bosses. As a band who were signed to a label in our early days, and knowing what this entails, it's great to be this liberated.

8. Which new musicians/bands do you think have impressed you? Who would you like to work with in the future?

I like the new gothic bands coming through as I can hear the influence of classic rock/metal music but with a new twist.
As far as working with anybody we're pretty happy working with each other at the moment and have never really looked beyond that boundary.

9. What would you like to achieve ideally by this time next year?

By this time next year I'd like us to have been heard by as many people as possible. It'd be nice to think we will have played some decent venues in support of our third album too. I'd love to have written more songs with Alan too as we're really on a creative roll at the moment.

10. Message to your fans...

I'd just like to thank them for supporting us (we've been doing this since '94) and to let them know that we've pulled out all the stops on 'Eloquent Face Down'.
RIP - Bassist Ian Rilen, a founder-member of Rose Tattoo.

FROST have split-up despite only being going just over a year and releasing a critically acclaimed debut album earlier this year via Inside Out.

KISS are hatching plans to become the caffeine conquerors. Having just opened their first coffee house in Myrtle Beach, they now intend to flood the market, with 100 more planned in the next couple of years.

Sonic Youth are to release a compilation album called 'The Destroyed Room: B-sides and Rarities' on December 11th

MARILLION’s new album will be called ‘Somewhere Else’ and UK dates for June have been announced (see Gig News).

VAGUHN’s new album ‘Traveller’ is released in Feb via Frontiers.

AFTER FOREVER have signed with Nuclear Blast for their new album.


Frontiers Records have announced the signing of Dokken for the release of a brand new studio album in 2007.
Dokken are the legendary US metal band formed originally in 1977. With such albums as “Tooth And Nail”, “Under Lock And Key”, “Back For the Attack” and later “Dysfunctional” and “Erase The Slate” they have characterized a musical style made of technical guitars and soaring melodic vocals backed by a heavy thumping bass.
Currently the band consists of Don Dokken on vocals, Jon Levin on guitar, Barry Sparks on bass, and Mick Brown on drums.
“The new record will be a classic Dokken style release, something that all the fans have been asking for”, says Don Dokken. “We hope to be done with the production of the record within January 07, so that we can plan a full European tour for the summer time!”

TOTO have announced a new stream of tour dates during the spring 2007.
12 March 2007 Colston Hall , Bristol (United Kingdom)
13 March 2007 City Hall , Newcastle (United Kingdom)
14 March 2007 Apollo , Manchester (United Kingdom)
17 March 2007 Porsche Arena , Stuttgart (Germany)
18 March 2007 Philipshalle , Düsseldorf (Germany)
19 March 2007 Heineken Music Hall , Amsterdam (Holland)
21 March 2007 Olympiahalle , Munich (Germany)
22 March 2007 Olympia Halla , Innsbruck (Austria)
24 March 2007 Galaxie , Metz (France)
26 March 2007 Zenith , Paris (France)
27 March 2007 Zenith , Dijon (France)
28 March 2007 Zenith , Nantes (France)
30 March 2007 Palaruffini , Turin (Italy)
01 April 2007 Palabam , Mantova (Italy)

Josh Ramos (HARDLINE, THE STORM) has started to write songs for the follow-up release to the acclaimed “Living In The Light” album. The music style will be once again “straight-ahead melodic rock with great uptempos, ballads and melodies” says Josh. He also confirmed that the extraordinary new talent Don Chaffin will handle all lead vocals. Frontiers hopes to release the album before the summer 07.

Stan Bush

Stan Bush is putting finishing touches to the recording of his brand new studio album. According to Stan the mix will start next week and the album will be delivered sometime in November 06. “This is definitely my best album ever!” says Stan and judging from the demos he’s been working on we can believe him !

Michael Kiske
Popular singer MICHAEL KISKE has confirmed his desire to work on a new recording of old HELLOWEEN hits in acoustic / unplugged mode. All in all around 11 songs will be re-arranged but also one brand new song will find its way on this album. In the meanwhile Michael will also appear as a guest singing a duet with Gisa Vatcky, the female singer of the band INDIGO DYING for the song “Breathe In Water”. The coming winter will be very busy for Michael !

Pride Of Lions
Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchock are busy putting finishing touches to the recording of the third PRIDE OF LIONS album entitled “The Roaring of Dreams”. According to Peterik, “It is a return to the more commercial and hooky sounds of the first album and actually takes much of its inspiration from the Vital Signs album by SURVIVOR. Keep in mind though that it is pure PRIDE OF LIONS and adds the drama of Toby’s voice and the counterpoint vocals of yours truly”.
“The songs are mostly shorter form and more to the point”, continues Peterik, “there are still some grand messages though: the title track is about the massive sound that we hear in our head when a dream is taking shape - even when you are working a 9 to 5 shift or even if you are an unhappy house wife- you still can hear the dream in your head. There is a song about the "The Book of Life" we are all writing- "are you just a footnote- or will you rise to fill it's pages- you were born to rock the ages- just take your pen and write the book of life"- you can shape your own destiny if you really try. Toby has a field day with the Hagaresque rocker " Heaven on Earth", inspired on the night my wife's brother Andy passed away- "I'm not gonna wait till I’m six feet under - we can find heaven on earth". There's a classic pop song called "Language of the Heart" that really rocks, there something for everyone and I am sure this w ill please all”.
Once again the band’s line-up in the recording features Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes on bass, Mike Aquino on guitar and Christian Cullen on keyboards apart from Jim Peterik (keyboards, guitar and vocals) and Toby Hitchcock on lead vocals. Frontiers Records plans to release the album in early 2007.


Following the successful release of the SLAMER debut album “Nowhere Land”, the official SLAMER website was launched ! Go to and enjoy everything about british guitarist Mike Slamer !!!

Former TOTO singer Fergie Fredriksen is putting his finishing touches to the recording of the long awaited FREDRIKSEN / DENANDER project. There will be 12 songs included on the album and according to guitar player Tommy Denander “This stuff is killer!”. Frontiers hopes to receive the finished master within the end of 06 in order to schedule the release for the first half of 2007.

The third album of the KHYMERA project (featuring Daniele Liverani on keyboards, Dario Ciccioni on drums, Tommy Ermolli on guitar and Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 on vocals) has started to take shape. This time the songwriting has been completely handled by the british brothers Tom and James Martin (who did also heavily contribute to the second record and penned the beautiful “Ghost of Time” on the latest HOUSE OF LORDS album “World Upside Down”). The recording will start in early 2007 and the label plans a release after the summer.

Unfortunately the planned JOHN WAITE UK / European tour got cancelled. No other details are available at the moment, but it is hoped that JOHN will be able to play in Europe during the spring 07.

Guitarist/Singer Richie Kotzen was kind enough to send his personal comments on the tracks that will appear on his forthcoming album “Into The Black” to be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on December 8th 2006! Enjoy the read !

1. You Can't Save Me
This is the first song I recorded for the CD... the first 3 songs were this one, "Fear" and "The Shadow"... "You Can’t Save Me" sets the tone for the entire record... I’m not sure where the inspiration came from, but obviously I was a bit pissed at something... It was one of those songs that really wrote itself... I started with the riff and then just began to sing...

2. Misunderstood
This was the 4th song I wrote for the CD... it is really about the effects substances have on your mind... When you're high, you tend to talk about things and say things you would n ever say... You begin to believe in things that to a sober mind would have no bearing whatsoever ... 3. Fear This song is about running out of options... Losing site of goals and surrendering to defeat... It's sort of a sad song lyrically but it's a place that I'm sure many people come to in life if even only for a moment.

4. The Shadow
This song is about inner voices... Also about feeling alone... Living in a bit of a fantasy world and feeling misunderstood on all levels...

5. Doin' What The Devil Says To Do
This song is about mistakes... Also about knowing what the right choice is but for whatever reason you keep on making the same mistake over and over again even though you know your doing it...

6. Till You Put Me Down
This is a break up song... basically says that I’m going to stay with you even though I know it's bad... Saying I won't leave until you leave me sort of thing.

7. Sacre d Ground
This song is about being lost whenever you are without the one you love... I suppose it's a bit of a love song even though it sounds sort of creepy.

8. Your Lies
This song is another sort of desperate love song... More or less saying that you surrender to whatever the other person gives you.

9. Living In Bliss
I wrote this song a long time ago... There were several different versions of this song until I settled on the version on the CD... It is another break up song... Basically talking about how bad the relationship was and how much better off you are without.

10. My Angel
This is one of those disfunctional love songs where you are admitting fault in how you are, but also admitting you can't change.

Just a quick update to keep everybody posted on how things are coming along with our next few releases. Below are the upcoming CD's to be released before the end of the year. To preview a track off each album, click on the link below.
Dirty Rhythm, Daniel MacMaster and Sweet Teaze will be released on the 31/10/06. Kidd Havok, Blackboard Jungle and Pretty Vacant won't be too much longer, we are just tweaking a few things in order to get the production spot on. Enjoy."
A preview of each album mentioned there (via a full length MP3 download) and all album artwork is available at:

Symphonic rock vocalist Lana Lane and her keyboardist/producer/husband Erik Norlander have just completed a pair of covers’ albums for release this winter. It has been a tradition in Japan for the two to release a Lana Lane “specialty album” every two years. They started with the Lana Lane “Ballad Collection” in 1998, then continued with “Ballad Collection 2” (2000), “Covers Collection” (2002) and “Winter Sessions” (2004). Now for 2006, Lana and Erik have recorded not one, but two albums for the winter season.

The first album is Lana Lane’s “Gemini”, an album of classic rock covers from the 60s and 70s, featuring the backing musicians Vinny Appice (d), Tony Franklin (b), George Lynch (g), Mark McCrite (g, v) and Erik Norlander (k) along with Kelly Keeling providing additional duet and harmony vocals. “Gemini” is the astrological symbol for twins, and since this is Lana's second album of all covers, the album carries the theme of “two” throughout. Lana recorded two songs by each classic rock artist for this release: a pair of songs each originally recorded by Cream, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Heart, Jefferson Airplane and Foreigner. Of particular note is Lana's “Pink Moon Suite” that combines the song “Johnny Moon” - originally recorded by Heart - with songs from most of “Side One” of Pink Floyd's landmark “The Dark Side Of The Moon” album.

The second album is Erik Norlander’s “Hommage Symphonique”, an album of progressive rock covers recorded by Erik along with Gregg Bissonette (d), Don Schiff (b), Mark McCrite (g) with Kelly Keeling handling all of the vocal duties. Erik employed a small ensemble of acoustic instruments featuring Jon Pappenbrook (trumpets flugelhorn), Eric Jorgensen (trombones), Mike Alvarez (cello) and David Schiff (woodwinds). David is the brother of Don Schiff, and in addition to Don's NS/Stick work on the album, he also fills out the acoustic string ensemble with the new Bowed Guitar instrument. Erik's choice of covers reflects his own broad musical taste, performing songs originally recorded by ELP, ELO, Yes, Rick Wakeman, King Crimson, Procol Harum and Jethro Tull and Chuck Mangione. The last artist may sound the most surprising, but Erik's stirring rendition of Mangione's “Children Of Sanchez” brings this jazz/fusion classic more into Erik’s world of symphonic progressive rock supported by his seasoned and highly versatile band.

Lana Lane’s “Gemini” and Erik Norlander’s “Hommage Symphonique” albums follow the already acclaimed 2-CD release, “Revolution Road”, from Erik’s band Rocket Scientists. The Rocket Scientists musicians appear throughout these two new titles continuing the collaboration and bringing it to new heights. Like Rocket Scientists’ “Revolution Road”, these two new CDs will be distributed in North America and Europe by ProgRock Records which continues another successful collaboration with Erik and Lana's Think Tank Media label. Lana Lane’s “Gemini” and Erik Norlander’s “Hommage Symphonique” will be released on November 23, 2006 on the Avalon label in Japan and then on January 30, 2007 on Think Tank Media/ProgRock Records with advance sales starting in December 2006.

Track listings:

White Room
White Rabbit
Long Long Way From Home
You Can Never Go Home
Pink Moon Suite
Breathe Introduction
Johnny Moon
Breathe in the Air
On the Run
Breathe Reprise
Dream of the Archer
Sunshine Of Your Love
Wooden Ships
Nights in White Satin

Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight
Turn of the Century
King Of The Universe
Children of Sanchez Overture

Get a taste of the brand-new Gary Schutt CD due out in 2007! See the video for the song “Love Me For Me” by clicking here:
Also the other 2 CDs Gary's has been working on this year - Palisade’s “Lost In Paradise” and Gary Schutt’s “Loss 4 Words” - are due for release in December. The Palisade CD is a collection of songs Gary wrote back in his high school and college days. If you are a fan of Journey, Styx, Van Halen and anything 80s pop rock, you will love this album. The “Loss 4 Words” album is Gary's first guitar instrumental release and the first to have guest appearances from other people since his debut with Jeff Scott Soto (Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen).


16th Norwich U.E.A. Norwich sold out
18th The Civic Hall Wolverhampton
19th Bournemouth Int'nl Centre Bournemouth
20th Plymouth Pavilions Plymouth
22nd Liverpool University Liverpool
23rd Corn Exchange Edinburgh Edinburgh
24th Doncaster Dome Doncaster
26th Assembly Rooms Derby
27th Apollo Manchester
2nd Apollo Hammersmith London

10th Manchester Evening News Arena Manchester
14th National Exhibition Centre Birmingham
18th S.E.C.C. Glasgow
20th Newcastle Metroradio Arena Newcastle
23rd Wembley Arena London
27th Hallam FM Arena Sheffield

June 3rd - Leeds LMUSU
June 4th - Newcastle University
June 5th - Glasgow ABC
Jun 11th - Wolverhampton Civic
Jun 12th - Nottingham Rock City

Thursday, January 25th Acer Arena, Sydney
Monday, January 29th North Harbour, Auckland, NZ
Thursday, February 1st Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Friday, February 2nd Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Monday, February 5th Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Wednesday, February 7th Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
Friday, February 9th Members Equity Stadium, Perth


THUNDER ‘Robert Johnson’s Tombstone’ STC Recordings (2006)

Thunder follow-up last year’s ‘The Magnificent Seventh’ with another strong studio release. The band seemed to have found their stride again as their last couple of studio albums prior to ‘The Magnificent Seventh’ had a few good songs but overall were pretty average. It is classic Thunder in style from the innuendo lyrics and hard rock guitar on ‘Dirty Dream’ through to album closer ‘Stubborn Kinda Love’. However the band do take a few chances namely on the acoustic guitar/cello backed ‘My Darkest Hour’ (not a Megadeth cover!), which just shows how good a singer Danny Bowes is and the title track which as guitarist Luke Morley states in the PR blurb represents all that Thunder is about. The guitar riffs on the latter are some of the best he’s laid down since the band’s classic debut. Bassist Chris Childs gets a co-write on ‘Last Man Standing’ where again Morley’s guitar riffs and soloing delight the ears and of course the percussive delights of Harry James never tire on the listener – he is a very underrated drummer.
Thunder are on a roll, both live and in the studio and long may this continue.

Jason Ritchie

Sticky Honey (single)
Hassle Records

Chunky hard guitar pop, with more guitar chops than licks, and female vocals that give a slight punk edge.
Catchy pop with a new wave feel and a definite rock feel. Two and a half minutes, an enjoyable burst.

Joe Geesin

Surfdog Records

Husky hard rock that kicks off in a country rock way then picks up into a real groove.
Opener “Drugs & Alcohol” nods at guitar pop and country metal. A much more enjoyable mix than it sounds and there’s a decent solo over the riffs too.
“Take A Chance” really gets down to business in a southern rock way.
Later on we get some sleazy rock’n’roll, a nod at the Black Crows cum Hanoi Rocks.
“Don’t Say You Love Me” returns to the heavy country rock feel, and there’s touch of rockabilly in there too.
Good fun.

Joe Geesin

You’re so Pretty, We’re So Pretty (single)

Original Madchester pop returns with a remix of “You’re So Pretty”, the mix giving both new romantic and dance overtones to what is actually a decent tune.
Dark and moody, a haunting keyboard sound and plenty of interesting layers.
If you had any interest in the band, you’ll love this.

Joe Geesin

A Supernatural Marathon Celebration
Mascot M7210-2

A tribute album to Carlos Santana, so jazz funk and latino rock aplenty with a backing band and each of the 10 tracks a guest guitarist.
Opener “Se A Cabo” features some shred from Vinnie Moore, it’s a well worked track, played smoothly, if the production a little bright.
“Europa” (Jeff Richman) is a slower jazzier affair, a definite MOR feel.
“Jingo” some will recognise, the keyboards working well.
If you like Santana’s music or a fan of this kind of fusion shred you’ll love this well constructed celebration. But it is just an excuse for self indulgence, for virtuoso jazz fusion shredders to party, something that’s probably more fun to play than listen to.
Good, but unless you’re a fan approach with caution.

Joe Geesin

Provogue PRD209

A double live CD of hard rock blues, in fact it’s very much influenced by the blues guitar masters of the 60s.
Opener “Worried Life Blues” nods at Savoy Brown with that George Thorogood heavy metal roughness. “The Sun” is a little more experimental, almost jazzy, but with some excellent guitar work.
“6/8 Blues” is cleaver, smooth, if a little MOR, while “Born In The Rain” is honest and dirty, thoroughly enjoyable.
If you like electric blues, you’ll like this set.

Joe Geesin

Elements – Anthology 1968 – 2005 (2CD)
Castle CMQDD1162

Although mainly associated with Uriah Heep, this multi-instrumentalist has had a long and varied career. This well annotated double set covers a touch of everything (almost) and features an interview with Hensley in the sleevenotes.
The album kicks off with “Looking Glass” by The Gods, a psychedelic blues track, and a band that at one time featured Greg Lake and Mick Taylor.
Head Machine’s “Climax” follows and is more whimsical pop in comparison. Toe Fat’s “Working Nights” is rockier and shows the influence Hensley brought to Uriah Heep. Very proto and amateurish in comparison though.
Disc 1 is then completed by 15 Uriah Heep classics. If you’re not familiar with “Lady In Black”, the uptempo rocker “Look At Yourself” and “The Wizard” then you should be and this is your chance. In fact I’d rate “Look At Yourself” as essential listening. Hard organ grinding driving hard rock at its best. Hensley’s keyboards augmenting Mick Box’s guitar well.
Disc 2 spotlights Hensley’s solo material with 14 tracks from his 70s / 80s solo albums. Some good songs, some good tunes, but the emphasis is on the songs rather than an energetic performance and few of the track grab you like the better Uriah Heep songs do. Some great work, but not necessarily his best. “Fortune” is kinda Pink Floyd-ish.
Amongst some other odds and sods is a track by southern rockers Blackfoot, whom Hensley joined for an album. Sadly nothing by Wasp. Yes he played with Wasp! Including the excellent if by numbers cover of Heep’s “Easy Livin’” and the superb Headless Children album.
That said, it’s a good album, some great tracks and a damn good collection and introduction.

Joe Geesin

Live In The Shadow Of The Blues (2CD)
SPV 80001074

Hey, I know we’ve just had a tour and DVD and compilation and remastered albums, so another live set? Well, yes, and fully deserved.
While the DVD released earlier this year was recorded nearly two years previously (October 2004), this set was recorded on the sell out (and well received) tour earlier this year, showing a more up to date setlist (expanded from the DVD) and also the stability of the current line-up (guitarists Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich, bassist Uriah Duffy, drummer Tommy Aldridge and pianist Timothy Drury). And as a bonus, there’s 4 new studio tracks showing how busy the band have been; there’s a new full studio album planned for next year!
The live set kicks off with the uptempo “Bad Boys” and we then get “Slide It In” and “Slow An’ Easy” (two of Coverdale’s less subtle lyrics), and while the early material is given the full American shred treatment that lacks a certain down to earth honest feel of the early line ups, the sound is polished, and they’re still damn fine rock songs. In fact “Slow An’ Easy” does rock you to the bone!
“Love Ain’t No Stranger” shows just how good, strong, popular and underrated the Slide It In album is, US remix or not.
“Judgement Day” is one of the later tracks included, and “Is This Love” goes down well too.
Guitarists Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich play their hearts out, if occasionally adding a few too many notes.
“Crying In The Rain” has the crowd singing their hearts out, and “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” an ever popular anthem.
“Fool For The City”, “Here I Go Again” and “Still Of The Night” close the first disc, the former a real classic and highlight.
Disc 2 opens with a medley of “Burn” and “Stormbringer”, two old Deep Purple classics. Strange that it crashes and burns like the opening number of a concert, which it was at the gig I was at. That said, Coverdale’s voice is on form and well worth checking out.
“Give Me All Your Love Tonight” is great, enjoyable, rocking.
“Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” remains one of the finest around, by anyone.
“The Deeper The Love” is smooth, “Ready An’ Willing” classic (I can see Ian Paice’s flat cap now), and I’ve always loved “Don’t Break My Heart Again”. There’s still hunger, more than a casual market, for this early material. Good though Aldridge is, he’s not in Paice’s class for certain touches.
The set finishes the brilliant “Take Me With You”, a perfect number.
The four new studio cuts finish disc 2, kicking off with “Ready To Rock”, which while is high class, high tempo and well polished, while lacking the commercial angle of 1987, making for a strong rocker and a very decent tune. “If You Want Me Baby” is a heavy number and again sees Coverdale exploring the upper range of his vocals.
“All I Want Is You” is a ballad, and while a good number which Coverdale showing his huskier edge, it is a rather reminiscent of his late 80s work.
Final number “Dog” sees both guitarists working together well. Less of the Whitesnake sound but it’s an excellent number.
David is back and well worth checking out.

Joe Geesin

GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS ‘30th Anniversary Tour Live’ Eagle Rock (2006 DVD + CD)

Recorded on his UK tour back in 2004 (and the CD on here has been released on its own) what you get is a classic run through the Thorogood classics from the instantly recognizable ‘Bad To The Bone’, a classic rendition of ‘The Sky Is Crying’ and the boogie of ‘Who Do You Love’. The DVD adds extra tracks not on the CD including ‘Move It On Over’ plus a video for ‘American Made’ and a couple of acoustic numbers.
George Thorogood is good at what he does and has lost none of his live power down the years. Perfect for fans – a DVD for your home and a CD for your car/PC!

Jason Ritchie

JOHN FOGERTY ‘The Long Road Home – In Concert’ Fantasy (2006)

A two CD live set recorded in 2005 that neatly showcases John Fogerty’s career, both solo and of course those Creedance Clearwater Revival classics. Twenty seven songs in all and all delivered with clear sound and those distinctive Fogerty vocals. Lots of great tunes including ‘Up Around The Bend’ (those opening guitar notes send shivers down your spine!), ‘Travelin’ Band’ (as covered by Tesla), the gentle refrain of ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ and ‘Hey Tonight’. Good backing band as well who keep the music tight and keep to the original sound. Hardly a duffer amongst this set list and as a career spanning retrospective this is well worth getting.

Jason Ritchie

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rising Stars Revisited - MADISON PAIGE

1. What's happened for you in 2006? (Any new music, gigs, etc)

2006 has been a year of new beginnings for us as a band. We welcomed in new bassist Eric David and new guitarist/keyboardist Danny Valentine, we toured the Midwest over the summer, we've written and recorded new music (which we are slowly making available to the public on our website and myspace page), and we recently just played an amazing Halloween show in L.A. that was professionally recorded for a possible live album. Now we're going to begin the shopping process for the next album to the industry.

2. What bands have you been involved with live wise during 2006 and live highlight(s)?

Our tour of the Midwest w/ our old friends in SYDERA was definitely a highlight all around. We also just did a gig with Arista recording artist FREEMAN, which features Paul Freeman of James Blunt's band. They're definitely one to watch.

3. What have been the highlight(s) and low point(s) of this year?

The highlight was definitely our Midwest tour of the summer. It was our first forray into those markets and the reaction was unbelievable. I hope there will be many more midwest tours to come. The low point was probably the difficulty in finding band members.

4. Is your audience the same people who have followed the band since its early days, or are you picking up a different fan base?

Our core fan base is still very present and vocal on behalf of the band, which we appreciate beyond words. But we've certainly seen our fan base expand, thanks in no small part to things like Myspace & YouTube. We recently did an acoustic show, which appeals to a different market and was very successful for us. We'll probably do more of those to build on that momentum, but fundamentally our fanbase is still made up of people who love both 80s hard rock and modern rock. There are a lot more people like that out there than anybody realizes and we're looking to introduce every single one of them to the band.

5. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

Tons of good rock n'roll tales, but we're not telling :-)

7. Your take on the current music scene (both rock & in gerneal terms)...

I think rock is actually surprisingsly healthy. I've seen a real turnaround in the last two years. It used to be all drop-D and screaming. Now I see melody and guitar solos returning to mainstream rock radio with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Hinder and the comeback of Buckcherry. We've been doing it since 2002, when it was VERY unfashionable, so as long as we keep doing what we're doing, we should be just fine.

As for the industry in general, it's still a mess. Myspace has replaced L.A. and Seattle as the hot new music scene, but you can't really on those things alone. You still have to pound the pavement and do the grunt work. And there is a real movement for indie artists to remain indie, rather than take a major deal.

8. Which new musicians/bands do you think have impressed you? Who would you like to work with in the future?

Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance and Hinder are probably the best three "new" bands out there. As for who I'd like to work with, I'm still dying to work with Butch Walker.

9. What would you like to achieve ideally by this time next year?

By this time next year, our next record will already be out, released either by or in conjunction with, a major label (or indie w/ major distribution), and we'll be touring, touring, touring.

10. Message to your fans...

The fans are the single highest priority to this band. We respect them tremendously and we work our asses off to make sure they get their money's worth and then some, both on record and on stage. We're extremely grateful for their support over the years and especially their patience. The best is yet to come.....

Richie Rivera

Friday, October 27, 2006

A representative for BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has confirmed that the highly anticipated and much-rumoured reunion of Iommi, Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward appears to be shaping up and taking a new form. After various promoters have approached the former SABBATH bandmates' respective representatives, the guys have started taking all of this very seriously, as they have apparently wanted to reunite for some time now. It looks as if the new shape may be that of HEAVEN AND HELL — that is the moniker that the band is likely to use on their new venture. If all goes well, HEAVEN AND HELL should be hitting the road in early 2007.

ANDY TAYLOR has left DURAN DURAN for the second time due to the time honoured ‘musical differences’.

Bang Tango have a new album on the way. Called 'From The Hip', it's released on Halloween in America, through Perris.

EUROPE kicked off its "Secret Society" world tour Thursday night (October 26) in Lund, Sweden. The group's setlist was as follows:
01. Secret Society
02. Always the Pretenders
03. Getaway Plan
04. Superstitious
05. Seven Doors Hotel
06. Let the Children Play
07. Flames
08. Sign of the Times
09. Carrie
10. Love Is Not the Enemy
11. Ready or Not
12. Girl from Lebanon
13. Start from the Dark
14. Yesterday's News
15. Rock the Night
16. Got to Have Faith
17. Let the Good Times Rock
18. The Final Countdown

Top selling US albums of all time –
The #1 album is from the Eagles — Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 was released in 1976 and sold 29 million copies. Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 2 came out in 1982 and sold a paltry 11 million copies, landing all the way down at #55.
2. Michael Jackson, Thriller (27 million, 1982);
3. Led Zeppelin, Untitled (a.k.a. Led Zeppelin IV, 23 million, 1971);
4. Pink Floyd, The Wall (23 million, 1979),
5. AC/DC, Back in Black (21 million, 1980);
6. Billy Joel, Greatest Hits, Vol. I & II (21 million, 1985);
7. Shania Twain, Come on Over (20 million, 1997);
8. Garth Brooks, Double Live (20 million, 1998);
9. The Beatles, The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album, 19 million, 1968);
10. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours (19 million, 1977)

The official website of Mike Slamer has now been launched, please visit:

SONATA ARCTICA will release a new single, "Replica", on November 22 through Spinefarm Records. The single will contain a new version of the title cut, which originally appeared on the band's 1999 debut, "Ecliptica", plus the songs "Draw Me" (instrumental) and "Respect the Wilderness".


10cc featuring Graham Gouldman & Friends
February 9th - Vaerket Musik Theatre, RANDERS, Denmark
February 10th – Ringsted Kongrescenter, RINGSTED, Denmark
February 21st – Regent Theatre, IPSWICH, UK
February 22nd – Alexandre Theatre, BIRMINGHAM, UK
February 24th – Winter Gardens, MARGATE, UK
February 25th – Town Hall, CHELTENHAM, UK
February 27th – Parr Hall, WARRINGTON, UK
February 28th – The Deco, NORTHAMPTON, UK
March 1st – Tameside Hippodrome, MANCHESTER, UK
March 2nd – Grand Opera House, YORK, UK
March 3rd – Playhouse, EDINBURGH, UK
March 4th – City hall, NEWCASTLE,UK
March 6th – Pavilion, BOURNEMOUTH, UK
March 7th – New Theatre, OXFORD, UK
March 8th – Pavilions, PLYMOUTH, UK
March 9th – St David’s Hall, CARDIFF, UK
March 10th – The Swan, HIGH WYCOMBE, UK
March 11th – De Montfort Hall, LEICESTER, UK
March 14th – Centre, BRENTWOOD, UK
March 15th – Fairfield Halls, CROYDON, UK
March 16th – Shepherds Bush Empire, LONDON, UK
March 18th – Guildhall, PORTSMOUTH, UK

15.11.06 Berlin, Wild at Heart
16.11.06 Chemnitz, Bunker
17.11.06 Ortenberg/Selters, Eulenspiegel
18.11.06 Siegen, Vortex
19.11.06 Essen, Zeche Carl
20.11.06 Stuttgart, Universum
21.11.06 Köln, Underground
22.11.06 Nürnberg, Musikverein
23.11.06 I-Rom, Jailbreak Club
24.11.06 Töging, Silo 1
25.11.06 Dresden, Titty Twister
1/13 Thessaloniki, Greece Xylourgeio, Mylos Complex
1/14 Athens, Greece The Underworld Club

Feb. 10 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Coliseum
Feb. 11 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Coliseum
Feb. 12 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Coliseum
Feb. 14 - Madrid, Spain @ La Riviera
Feb. 16 - Bilbao, Spain @ Pabellon De La Casilla
Feb. 18 - Barcelona, Spain @ Razzmatazz
Feb. 21 - Paris, France @ Olympia
Feb. 22 - Paris, France @ Olympia
Feb. 23 - Lille, France @ Zenith
Feb. 25 - Manchester, UK @ Apollo
Feb. 28 - Glasgow, UK @ Academy
Mar. 03 - Nottingham, UK @ Arena
Mar. 04 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy
Mar. 07 - London, UK @ Brixton
Mar. 08 - London, UK @ Brixton
Mar. 14 - Koln, Germany @ Palladium
Mar. 18 - Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique
Mar. 21 - Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso
Mar. 24 - Berlin, Germany @ Columbiahalle
Mar. 26 - Stuttgart, Germany @ Porsche Arena
Mar. 28 - Munich, Germany @ Zenith
Mar. 29 - Vienna, Austria @ Gasometer
Apr. 01 - Milan, Italy @ Alcatrazz
Apr. 02 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Volkshaus
Apr. 04 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Volkshaus
Apr. 06 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega
Apr. 07 - Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
Apr. 08 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Annexet
Apr. 10 - Helsinki, Finland @ Old Ice Hall

Monday, October 23, 2006

Rising Stars - THE ANSWER

The ANSWER have released a classic debut album earlier this year that has one foot in the past via Led Zep and one foot firmly in the now. They have supported Paul Rodgers and are currently touring the UK with fellow hard rockers Roadstar.

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

We are currently on the let goodtimes roll tour around the uk with roadstar and rosehill drive and will be heading to Europe for more touring in november and should be home in time for Christmas.

2. Could you take us through the songs (e.g. ideas behind the songs) on your excellent debut album…

The record kicks off with under the sky which is one of the heavier tracks we do, it started off as a jam and we worked it up to its present form. It kicks off the album as it grabs you by the balls and musically has little bit of our past, present and future. Preachin and Memphis water are an expression of our blues roots. The album is the sound of us growing up and living in Ireland and looking out at the world going on around us and looking to get out there and experience it all.

3. What have been the live highlights so far and why? How did you get the Paul Rodgers support at the Albert Hall?On the alterbridge tour we did last year, on the last night cormac and myself got up with the band to do “rock’n’roll”. I got to trade solo’s with mark tremonti which was fun. Playing with whitesnake was amazing too, we were fans since we have been kids and it was great to watch them from the side of the stage everynite and the audiences were great to play to. Also we did a homecoming gig in Belfast before this tour started, it was the 1st time we had been there in awhile and it was sold out with the whole audience going crazy! Someone gave Paul Rodgers an album and he really liked it and invited us to play. It was a dream come true for us as we are massive free fans and the 1st song we all jammed on together was all right now.

4. How is the tour going with Roadstar? Have you seen more people coming along to your gigs?

The tour is going really well, nearly everynite has been sold out and the bands have been on top form.

5. Have you seen an upswing in interest in hard rock/classic rock recently?

Yes there has been an upswing in interest in rock music. I think the darkness kicked a few doors down awhile back and allowed bands like ourselves and roadstar to break through. I think kids are starting to discover hard rock again possibly through the downloading phenomenom, and finding bands that aren’t in the magazine, and classic rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s.

6. How do you think you have developed musically over the past year or so? Any other bands out there that have caught your eye?

I think our musicianship has come on quite a lot as we spent a lot of time in the studio and playing live over the last year We have learnt from our producers and the other bands we have played with. I think our connection with the audience has gotten stronger as well from all the touring we have done.

7. How did you get your first break into the music business? What piece of advice would you pass onto budding musicians?

Our 1st break in the music business came from steve lamacq hearing our demo and passing it on to the guy who became our manager and from there we started showcasing in London and eventually signed a deal. To any budding musicians I would say make sure you are in it 100% for the music and are making music you love because sometimes that’s all you’ll have, its not an easy road to travel. And just keep plugging away as the next break can be just around the corner.

8. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

During the whitesnake tour certain members of the band would join us during the drum solo for a few whiskies in our dressing room and on one occasion they didn’t realize the drum solo was finished and were late back to the stage! Other rock’n’roll tales I cant tell as I would get myself and the others into too much trouble, what happens on the road stays on the road!

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I don’t really get much spare time these days, spare time is spent mostly writing new songs. But I like to collect records and chill with me bitches.

10. Message to your fans...

Thanks for all the support, we really appreciate it and couldn’t continue to do what we do without you guys! Hopefully we’ll see you on tour along the way, keep believe in.
New interview with GLENN HUGHES –

Two rumoured possible big tours neat year are BOSTON & REO SPEEDWAGON touring together and YES & ASIA! Also GUNS ‘N’ ROSES are being tipped for Monster of Rock at the MK Bowl next year…

THIN LIZZY join the DEEP PURPLE & STYX tour of the UK next year.


Postcard from Andy Latimer:
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to send you a card to tell you I'm now permanently back in England and really chuffed to be back home. I've had lots of reunions with good friends, and am particularly enjoying catching up on old times.

It won't be long now, before my studio is set up again and I can return to the joy of recording.

I'm told that our website and shop will be back in business before xmas, and that we'll have the 1984 concert, Total Pressure, on DVD. Blimey! Was I ever that young?

Hope this message finds you all well. Must dash. It's time to feed the camels.

Andy Lat


JOHN WAITE has delayed his UK dates until next March. No explanation of this postponement has yet been offered. Waite's shows were due to take place on November 16, 18 and 19 in London, Bradford and Dudley. They would have been his first British shows for two decades.

1 Nurnberg, Germany Avalon
2 Vienna, Austria Planet
4 Ortenberg, Germany Selters
5 Bochum, Germany Zeche
6 Augsburg, Germany Spektrum
8 Dettingen/Erms, Germany Schillerhalle
9 Walldorf, Germany Session Kulturwerk
10 Pratteln, Switzerland CH/Z7
11 Barcelona, Spain Sala Apolo
13 Helsinki, Finland Ice Hall
15 Oulu, Finland Teatria
16 Jyvaskla, Finland Arena

Dec. 01 - The Myth - Minneapolis, MN
Dec. 05 - Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
Dec. 07 - House Of Blues - Chicago, IL
Dec. 09 - Pepsi Roadhouse - Burgettstown, PA
Dec. 12 - House Of Blues, Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 14 - House Of Blues - Anaheim, CA
Dec. 17 - Hard Rock - Orlando, FL


BLP 2006-02

A fitting title for this Scandinavian band’s tenth album, and it’s a good hard rock / metal album.
Opener “Cumgum” is heavy with a slight commercial tough, with influences in Johnson ere AC/DC and beefed up Bon Jovi / Skid Row. “Asshole” is raff laden, while “2&2” is a laid back bluesy affair. Vocalist Bjorn Lodin is great throughout, clear and solid. In places, including “Something Going On” there’s a touch of Bruce Dickinson to his tones. Returning lead guitarist Thomas Larsson produces some fine sounds but isn’t too flashy.
A strong straight metal album that’s well worth a listen.

Joe Geesin

The Three In A Bed With Bobby George EP
Juxtaposition / Impact

This young Essex 3-piece produce a happy pop/punk blend, maybe a touch of Blink 182 and NOFX. Guitar pop with Green Day leanings.
“Blag Steal and Borrow” features the expected shouted harmonies in the chorus, while “Erin’s Main Obsession” opens with a more punk metal riff.
Very much at the guitar pop end, but uplifting all the same.

Joe Geesin

Turn It On (CD Single)
Pronoia Records

Irish band The Beat Poets release this new single, high energy guitar pop with rock and punk leanings. Powerful and distinct vocals. Second track “Shadowlands” is more anthemic with melody, and there’s a touch of 80s hair metal to the vocals.
Guitar driven pop with substance.

Joe Geesin

What’s It All About
Pronoia Records

New project from vocalisst Josef K, which features a retro new wave singer/songwriter feel, think Buzzcocks, Talking Heads, MOR Punk Folk from the turn of the 80s. Second track “Mind” is upbeat, think uptempo Madness with more guitar and less ska.
Enjoyable listen if rather poppy.

Joe Geesin

The Album Of Maturity (2CD + DVD)

French band Wolfunkind release this triple album to coincide with a new tour. An off the wall blend of punk, funk and rock. Perhaps quite fitting they’re supporting Fishbone on a couple of dates.
A spoken word intro (I recognise the French word for ‘shit’ a couple of times) before we get a riff laden mix of RHCP and RATM.
The inter-song banter plays on their own sense of humour, which is pretty irrelevant if your French is as limited as mine. The music is strong, worth checking out, but the French vocals offputting if you can’t understand what ‘s being said. But if you like it funky it’s worth a listen.
The album completes disc 1, the set is bolstered by a live set and a DVD, which has already proven popular in their native country.

Joe Geesin

Original Sin
Virgin / EMI

The guise for this 1990 album was effectively a solo album by songwriter and Meatloaf collaborator Jim Steinman.
The album continues in the same grandiose big production format you’d expect from Bat Out Of Hell, with orchestration, female choruses, vocal harmonies, operatic hard rock.
The excellent “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” was also a hit for Celine Dion.
“Twentieth Century Fox” hints at 80s power pop/pretend rock. “Safe Sex” hints at Mike/Mechanics too.
If you like it grandiose and epic, this is the album. Comes with a bonus DVD of videos et al.

Joe Geesin


Pronounced Say-O-Sin before we go any further.
Californian post-hardcore with heavy guitar-pop leanings, and with seven million downloads on myspace alone before this, their debut album that’s no mean feat.
For all the brutality, there’s vocal and guitar harmonies too.
Opener “It’s Far Better To Learn” is crunchy, while later on there’s a hint at Iron Maiden in some of the guitar work, in a punk fashion.
Heavy as mental one end, there’s bursts of guitar-pop at the other too.
Should do well.

Joe Geesin

Moment Of Weakness
Metal Heaven 00029

Long awaited debut album from this crew, and it’s straight down the line, heads down guitars up heavy metal of the most enjoyable variety.
There’s a strong Iron Maiden influence in the intricate guitar interplay in opener “Hands Of Fate” without being cliché.
The feeling continues, with strong harmonies and melodies, with power metal style vocals, this is trad British metal with a Euro leaning, retro with a modern feel. There’s a mid 80s Priest feel in places too.
Good stuff with an original modern heavy take.

Joe Geesin

AOR Heaven 00026

A Polished hard melodic rock set, featuring the vocals of Krokus main man Marc Storace.
“Run For Your Life” kicks off with some great guitar work, and when mixed with Storace’s vocals it sounds like some of Graham Bonnet’s heavier work.
“V Card” opens with a catchy riff, and sounds good with production by Michael Voss (Silver et al).
Punchy and catchy, nothing epic or progressive or really outstanding, just solid throughout and very enjoyable.

Joe Geesin

Life With The Machines
Fading Ways Music

Here, for his second album, Johnny Charmers has enlisted The Machines as his backing band, hence the title.
Strong pop/rock with folky / singer-songwriter undertones, a lead guitar is supported by a strumming acoustic for a full enjoyable sound.
There’s a hint of mid 90s brit pop / brit rock with modern production and acoustic feel.
The tribal drums on “Radio Towers” add a slight Spanish feel.
A pretty enjoyable and pleasant set, well worth a listen.

Joe Geesin

Heretics And Killers (CD Single)

Taken from the debut album Kezia, this is a brutal thunderous noisy affair with occasional bursts of acoustic. The guitars and shouts (vocals) are a wall of noise, with odd 5-10 seconds of acoustic strumming you’d find in a progressive folk track.
The noise itself is a brutal form of punk/guitar pop that’s popular right now; and interesting mixture. Fun too.


Joe Geesin

Chips Ahoy (single)

Released as a 7” and taken from their new album Boys And Girls In America, on the surface it sounds like fairly ordinary guitar pop, but a neatly layered (hidden) keyboard does add an extra dimension. When the keyboards break out, it’s a breath of fresh air. A very retro sounding organ, shame the guitar work is just so cliché of the moment.

Joe Geesin

Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell (2CD + DVD)

A 3 disc special edition of the classic Meat Loaf set, with the original album bolstered by a disc of live material from both I & II, and a DVD of promo videos.
The original album may have taken 16 years to come to fruition, but it certainly saved Marvin’s career, with the self penned music, although not actually that bad, dying in comparison. Most will be familiar with the Meat Loaf performed and Jim Steinman penned set. Big, grandiose, powerful, commercial, catchy, orchestrated, choir backed, radio friendly operatic hard rock tinged set. The lengthy “I’ll Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” was a major hit, the album hit #1 just about everywhere, it rejuvenated both Meat Loaf’s and Jim Steinman’s careers. And rightly so. Even if you’re not a fan, even if you can’t stand it, you can’t deny it’s appeal nor it’s impact. Both huge.
The bonus discs and extensive sleevenotes make for a great reissue, timely coinciding with Part III of the Bat Out Of Hell set.

Joe Geesin

Dylan Speaks – The Legendary 1965 Press Conference In San Francisco (DVD)
Eagle Media

1965 was the year the then 24 year old Dylan went electric, and this is the only known press conference to be aired.
Running at a little under an hour, it’s an interesting insight, with a room full of journalists asking a range of questions, on all subjects, on his career and more.
A few amusing quips, stories, the man who made it for being in the right place at the right time comes across as well read and experienced on one hand, and innocent and nervous on others.
The set up is amateurish, sound quality variable, and probably makes no odds that it’s in black and white.
The TV cameras back then looked more like Daleks too.
The short running time and music free angle, it’s of very limited appeal, probably more of interest to fans of Dylan’s philosophy than his music.

Joe Geesin

WETTON/DOWNES ICON ‘Rubicon’ Frontiers (2006)

John Wetton and Geoff Downes have been very busy since they teamed up in this Icon project with a studio debut last year, a live acoustic album and a full live album, a single and now the band’s second studio album. All this and they are back in the reformed original Asia line-up currently touring the world. John Mitchell (Arena/Kino/It Bites) and Steve Christey (Jadis) reprise their roles on guitars and drums respectively with ex-ELO/Wizard cellist Hugh McDowell guesting again. The Gathering’s Anneke von Giersbergen sings with Wetton on two tracks as well, namely ‘To Catch A Thief’ and ‘Tears Of Joy’. Both are enhanced by Anneke’s sweet vocals. Elsewhere it is very Asia in sound especially ‘The Die Is Cast’ and ‘Shannon’, both feature trademark keyboards runs by Downes. ‘The Hanging Tree’ and the title track see the band venturing into progressive lands and both tracks work well. Also good to see John Mitchell chip in with some cracking guitar solos as well.
Another fine effort from Wetton & Downes and fellow musicians have again produced another fine album, that will appeal to Asia fans and the wider melodic rock/progressive rock audience.

Jason Ritchie

INXS, Shepherds Bush Empire 12th October 2006

I approached this gig not knowing what to expect. I have had a copy of INXS new CD “Switch” for some time and had been impressed by it, however, Michael Hutchence was a great frontman and it was obvious that whoever took his place would have a big pair of shoes to step into- and new vocalist JD Fortune is the right man for the job.
Opening the show with a brilliant rendition of “Suicide Blonde” it was not like the band had had a break, save a few gigs with guest vocalists, of nearly a decade- and the audience loved it. The set mixed massive world-wide hits such as “Need You Tonight”, “New Sensation” and “Mystify” with tracks of the recently released “Switch” such as “Pretty Vegas”, “Devils Party” and “Afterglow” (which, in my opinion, should be released as a single immediately!!!). The big one of the night though was “Never Tear Us Apart”- yes, not one person in that room could not say that JD Fortune is an ideal replacement for Hutchence, this was an outstanding version of what, must be, INXS biggest and best known hit.
The band are back in November for 2 mores shows at The Empire and I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on a ticket- you won’t regret it.
This could be one of the best gigs that I have been to in at least 15 years.

Nikk Gunns

Def Leppard “Hysteria- Deluxe Edition” Mercury Records (Cat no 060249843047(7))

One of the biggest selling rock albums of all time has been remastered and repackaged for it’s 20th anniversary, and it is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since we first heard “Hysteria”. There is nothing here that Def Leppard fans don’t already own, but that is not the point, the original b-sides are on 20 year old vinyl.
The packaging itself is impressive, especially the brilliant booklet which tells the story of the album, and the remastering of the original album really does do it justice. The inclusion of all the b-sides includes live tracks, remixes and legendary Leppard tracks such as “”Tear It Down” and “Ride Into The Sun”.
This is definitely one of the best reissues that I have seen and is well worth a look.

Nikk Gunns 5 out of 5.

Susan Hedges “Faces Without Names” Gold Rush Records (Cat No GOLDCD013)

Susan Hedges has a strong voice that, on opening track “Faces Without Names”, reminded me of a rockier Shania Twain- however, as the album progressed it is fair to say that it is more reminiscent of Annie Lennox, and with a songwriting talent was beyond her 21 years of age I can see it only being a matter of time before she makes her mark on the world.
There are a couple of slower, bluesy numbers “Lately” and “Love In A Minor Key”, the upbeat “River City Girl” and “Guess I Got It Wrong Again”, the calypso feel of “Latin Night at Sunnyland Slims”, the country guitar feel of “Dying Fire” and the outstanding “Pain Of Love”.
Hedges has already opened for acts such as The Magic Numbers, Emmy Lou Harris and The Christians, and we will no doubt be seeing a lot from her.

Tracks to burn? “Faces Without Names”, “Pain Of Love”, “Dying Fire”
Why Buy? A great new album from a great and talented artist

Nikk Gunns 4 out of 5

Vixen “Live & Learn” Demolition Records (Cat No DEMCD156)

Although heavier than the Vixen of old, “Live & Learn” does live up to the Vixen name. The harmony vocals and guitars have that familiar feel. Vixen toured the UK recently and it’s a shame that this CD was not out before that tour, although this does mean, of course, that they may be back soon.
Outstanding tracks here include “Anyway”, “Little Voice”, “Don’t Want It Anymore” and a great reworking of Bowies’ “Suffragette City”.

Tracks to burn? “Little Voice”, “Don’t Want It Anymore” & “Angry”
Why buy? This CD shows that the current Vixen are not just a “nostalgia” band.

Nikk Gunns 3 out of 5

Moistboyz “Moistboyz IV” Schnitzel Records (Cat No SRCD1255216)

The Moistboys will always draw comparisons to Iggy Pop and The Stooges. This is no bad thing as this, their fourth CD, is an adrenalin fuelled, loud rock n’ roll record that keeps you listening from beginning to end.
The best tracks include “I Don’t Give A Fuck Where The Eagle Flies”, “Captain America” and “That’s What Rock And Roll Can Do”.

Tracks to burn? “Uncle Sam and Me”, “Captain America” and “That’s What Rock And Roll Can Do”
Why Buy? Fans of sleaze, lous rockn’ roll and Iggy Pop will love this CD.

Nikk Gunns 3 out of 5.

Rain “Stronger” MTM Music (Cat No CD 085-64632)

“Stronger” is an album full of great hooks and choruses combined with stunning guitar work, Michael Bormanns vocals compliment this nicely.
Best tracks include the Zeppelin like “Do You Like It”, slower number “I’d Die For You”, the acoustic “Love Is By Your Side” and “Flesh & Blood”- but to be fair, there is not a weak song on this 11 track CD.

Tracks to burn? “Do You Like It”, “Get Over It” & “I’d Die For You”
Why Buy? A stunning CD that will please melodic and hard rock fans alike.

Nikk Gunns 5 out of 5

AOR “L.A Concession” MTM Music (Cat No 0681-169)

Originally released in 2000 and featuring some big name guests such as Jeff Porcaro, Tony Franklin and Steve Lukather- this is Frederic Slama project AOR.
It has now been re-mastered and features 4 bonus tracks. However, even though recorded in 2000 this album does sound a little dated and very 1980s. The more upbeat tracks such as “World’s Away”, “Leave Her To Heaven” and “Don’t Let Her Go” are the highlights here.

Tracks to Burn? “World’s Away”, “Leave Her To Heaven” and “Don’t Let Her Go”
Why Buy? Original 2000 release sells on Ebay for 150 Euros.

Nikk Gunns 2 out of 5

“The Passing Show- The Life & Music Of Ronnie Lane” DVD Eagle Vision (EREDV621)

Ex Faces/Small Faces member Ronnie Lane is fondly remembered here by friends, colleagues and peers. It tells the story of his time with the previous mentioned bands, his “The Passing Show” and his long battle against Multiple Sclerosis, the disease that unfortunately took this great and well-loved musician in 1997.
A shortened version of this DVD was recently screened on the BBC but this release really tells the story of Ronnie Lane in all its’ glory. Featuring interviews with music legends such as Pete Townsend, Ian McLagan, Kenny Jones and Eric Clapton, thankfully Ronnie and his music will never be forgotten.

Nikk Gunns 5 out of 5

BUCKCHERRY ‘15’ (2006)

Buckcherry are back with their third album and one that has been selling very nicely in the US, driven partly by the hit single ‘Crazy Bitch’ and accompanying video of err ladies in various states of undress. Buckcherry are best at no frills rock ‘n’ roll – simple guitar riffs, catchy choruses and solid rhythm. In fact on songs like ‘Next 2 You’ and ‘Out Of Line’ they sound not unlike AC/DC. The single ‘Crazy Bitch’ is made for airplay, albeit with the f words beeped out! ‘So Far’ could be another hit in the making and features some brutal guitar riffs, whilst ‘Carousel’ has to be one of their catchiest tunes to date, with more neat guitar riffing. They do a very good ‘lighters in the air’ ballad with ‘Sorry’ which steers away from being to cheesy.
Who needs tired old Guns ‘n’ Roses when you have Buckcherry who still have a beating rock ‘n’ roll heart. A must have for any collection.

Jason Ritchie.

DEMON ‘Time Has Come – The Very Best Of’ Spaced Out Music (2006 double CD)

Now if ever there was a band that deserved the ‘underrated’ tag it is this band. From their NWOBHM early days when singer Dave Hill arose from a coffin at gigs through to the progressive leanings of albums such as ‘The Plague’ and ‘British Standard Approved’, right up to their most recent album ‘Better The Devil You Know’ they have kept up their musical standards. They have had many a line up change but through it all Dave Hill has remained the constant focus and his voice has kept its power down the years.
With a two disc set they can only just tap into the band’s back catalogue and I am sure some fans would have wished for their particular favourites to be included. But as a primer for the band’s music you can’t go wrong. From the early days ‘Night Of The Demon’ and ‘One Helluva Night’ still sound fresh all these years later, whilst ‘The Plague’ and ‘Blackheath’ are the pick of ‘The Plague album. Some great head down rockers here like ‘Commercial Dynamite’ and ‘Hurricane’, whilst the epic ‘Remembrance Day’ stands as one of the band’s finest epic songs (another good epic number ‘The Time Has Come’ closes the album). Two remixes on here, ‘Better The Devil You Know’ and ‘Standing On The Edge’ both from their last studio album, sound much sharper than the original versions.
If you are new to Demon by this CD now (and then get their studio albums as I am sure you will become a fan!) and for existing fans like myself it a good chance to update the old vinyl/cassettes copies of the band’s output. Truly one of the best hard rock/meta; bands the UK has ever produced.

Jason Ritchie

Rising Stars Revisited - BIG TRUCK

1. What's happened for the band in 2006? (Any line-up changes, new music etc)

2006 has been the year we recorded our album and launched our band to the masses and have been building up a following. We launched our album successfully and have played an enourmous amount of shows and even played out in Canada, on our Canadian tour.

2. What bands have you been involved with live wise during 2006 and live highlight(s)?

We played with rising stars Lupen Crook and the Michelles as well as a band called Projekt Mayhem with former members of Terrovision. There has probably been too many highlights to pick one, BIG TRUCK show are rarely less than entertaining whether we are playing or not. We know how to have a good time.

3. What have been the highlight(s) and low point(s) of this year?

The loss of our old drummer left us a little hard up for a while and the long process that was our recording left us really really be hind schedule but its all worked out for the best now. Highlights was our album launch where we packed out the Purple Turtle in Camden and literally blew everyone away, it was a really touching moment which people still recall fondly now.
4. Is your audience the same people who have followed the band since its early days, or are you picking up a different fan base?

We have both old and new faces adding to our fan base, always suprised at what people like some good ol ROCK and ROLL. Recently we have gained a lot of Canadian fans from the tour both old and young, cowboy and hockey players alike. haha

5. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

The old adage stays... " What goes on tour stays on tour" if you want to know some stories you have to ply us with booze and corner us.

7. Your take on the current music scene (both rock & in gerneal terms)...

The music scene in London is a bit tired really. The only real good music is underground. Seems like its in a transition state, as Indie has held the torch for a while. But saying that out in Canada ROCK is thriving and they really dont get the London scene at all. So we are not really ones to judge, we just get up and do our thing seems to go down ok.

8. Which new musicians/bands do you think have impressed you? Who would you like to work with in the future?

Muse have been one of hte most amazing bands in the last year, they know how to put on a show. But saying that there are a lot of talented people out there, wouldnt mind working with some R&B producers seeing what the different influences could do to our band. Snoop Dogg as hes just the coolest guy. But most of all Phil Collins... if you have to question that then you really need to listen to him.

9. What would you like to achieve ideally by this time next year?

We'd like to have some backing and be able to quit our jobs. Just making a sustainable income from music. That would be fantastic.

10. Message to your fans...

BIG TRUCK is the unstoppable force of ROCK in London.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Rising Stars Revisited - THE HEAL

1. What's happened for the band in 2006? (Any line-up changes, new music etc)

Hell No!! Why change something that has been working so well! We've had an amazing summer, meeting new people, playing new places. Its been an unbelieveable year and We've just got better and better.

2. What bands have you been involved with live wise during 2006 and live highlight(s)?

Well we had a packed Summer of Festivals. The highlight has to be Oceanfest in Devon tho. Great weather, great crowd. We were'nt really sure what to expect from it, so to play in front of 4000 people was pretty incredible... plus we played an excellent set, so it was even better. We ahve a possible gig in Leicester in December with The Dirty Pretty Things, just waiting on confirmation.

3. What have been the highlight(s) and low point(s) of this year?

As always, the lows have been not being able to practice as much as we'd want to, because of Christians final uni year commitments. But Its Jons last year this year so after next summer we're pretty much free to do whatever we want!
The Highs have been getting a new cd recorded, winning New Moon Studios Battle Of The Bands and an excellent summer of rockin out!

4. Is your audience the same people who have followed the band since its early days, or are you picking up a different fan base?

Well, we have a few die-hard fans but we've also tapped into a younger market, playing The Urban Games at The Lammas, in Staines and a few 14+ gigs in and around London. We ahve some pretty loyal fans now.. and its always nice to see familiar faces in a crowd. Like the people that drove all the way to Norwhich to see us play VW Whitenoise Festival.

5. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

Well, there are a few goodies. Theres one on our myspace site ( under the title of Karma-geddeon... its a long story so you're best goin to read it there. I suppose a good one is the night we went out to Staines with Wolsey (Hard-Fi's Producer.) Rich, Hard Fi's frontman, met up with us and we had a chat about his touring and thier 2nd album. By the time we left we were all pretty pissed. There was lots of drunken back slapping goin on, however byt the time we left The Hobgoblin Pub Rich was COVERED in 'Heal' Stickers all over his back... The Frontman of Hard Fi, with Heal stickers all over his back... You cant buy advertisement like that..... I still owe him a drink for that one!!

7. Your take on the current music scene (both rock & in gerneal terms)...

I think the music scene is a bit commercial at the mo. It seems to rely on the next big thing that comes through a reality show. Its very obviously money orientated, which winds you up, but at the end of the day money talks and theres nothing that can be done about it.

8. Which new musicians/bands do you think have impressed you? Who would you like to work with in the future?

I really Like Reuben at the moment. I thknk theyve just been dropped by the label, which I cant understand, but then Sony are renowned for that! Music is a bit wishy washy at the moment and bands like Reuben really shake things up!

9. What would you like to achieve ideally by this time next year?

The usual. Record Label, Beach house, Porsche!! Nah, but seriously, we just need to improve on everthing we are doing. We are shit hot at the moment, but you're never the finished article. Thats what drives us. It'll happen for us soon. We have faith in ourselves and our music.

10. Message to your fans...

Once again, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Its been a great year and an unbelievable summer. Heres to the next one

We also have a gig at The Clapham Grand on Friday 3rd November. This is the link for all information on it!

Cheers mate

The Heal

Rising Stars Revisted - BLUE SUGAR


1. Get Ready To Rock first interviewed Blue Sugar back in the summer of 2003. What's new since then? (Line-up changes, new music etc)

Martin – Well, only me and TJ are left from the original line-up. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s say some of the others were missed more than others…….. We changed about a bit, brought in a new girl singer, Kirsty, for one gig, and gave the job of second guitar to Matt, who was originally our stage tech. Then we went into hiatus as me and TJ were doing a lot of other stuff, both on stage and behind the scenes. The opportunity to open for Nazareth gave us the impetus to actually get our shit together and get in the studio. Davy Gray came in on drums, who happens to be one of the best drummers around, and Steve, who TJ worked with before, came on board. The, after the gig, TJ moved to handle vocals only, and we added Craig on Bass. He’s the cousin of Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s Chris Glen, so obviously we hope he even half as good, which he is. And I forgot to say, we added a stack of new songs, so our style is varied, but certainly a bit more straight ahead Rock ‘n’ Roll.

TJ – And somehow I managed to end up fronting the band - still not sure how I managed to do that. The girls leaving was sad but they wanted to do their own thing and good luck to them both.

On the plus side it means we only need one dressing room now, although Martin's Ego is trying to get its own limousine to the gigs. Since, of the old line up only myself and Martin remain, this year has been spent cementing a new line up and working on some new material.

Martin – But that’s where you belong, and my ego deserves its own space….., or is it my head?

2. What bands have Blue Sugar been involved with since the last time we spoke to you.

Martin – We’ve played gigs with Doctor & The Medics, Nazareth and Zhain. They’ve all been fun, and each one of them has seen us move forward. They’ve all been fun, and I would say that we’ve generated a decent fan base out of these shows.

TJ - Martin and I also do a lot of work with Dan Baird and Homemad Sin. Dan used to play with the Georgia Satellites. We have been working with him for the past 3 years and I cant begin to tell you how much fun it is (especially when our tour manager manages to get us lost 500km in the wrong direction!). Sounds like an idea for a song……

3. What have been the highlight(s) and low point(s) of Blue Sugar's career to date?

Martin – Losing Lynsey was initially a blow, but I think we’ve both developed from it. Her new stuff is great, and we’re more conventional in our approach now as well. I think we’re having more fun as a band now. Me and TJ joining Dan Baird’s band on stage in Newcastle in 2004 was a lot of fun, although it made the stage quite crowded as we were both quite a bit bigger back then – all that good living and no playing….. The main highlight for me this year is still to come. Playing with Waysted. I’m a big fan of the band and really like the guys as well, so I expect that to be a great night.

TJ - Highlight so far for me was supporting Nazareth at the Glasgow Cathouse in March this year. A sell out show and Nazareth fans were great with us. Low point?? Well the long awaited album is still not done as the producer we were working with has gone off to whore himself as musical director with a boy band.

Martin – Yeah well, money talks and all that.

4. Is your audience the same people who have followed the band since its early days, or are you picking up a different fan base?

Martin – Everyone who has heard us loves us! Seriously, we’re getting great feedback from every gig we’ve done, and it is a broad mix of people, some of whom possibly are not directly fans of our rock ‘n’ roll. However, we have a simple philosophy that we just go out and have fun, break sweat, and try to get everyone involved. Seems to be working so far. Some of the fans from the past have stayed with us, so it’s definitely on the up.

TJ - Yes its a new fanbase now as I have a new girlfriend and we have a new bassist who's sister comes to see us !!

Martin – In fact his whole family can make about 50% of our audience these days.

5. What songs/albums are available from Blue Sugar, and where can we find them?

Martin – We recorded an EP for the Nazareth show, as we felt we couldn’t really stage a comeback without something new. "Here We Go Again" is available from or form our Agents website, It only costs £3.00 so everyone can afford it. You will not be disappointed. The first track is "The Ballad of Tommy Joe". A little song about our travels to Europe with Dan Baird. Every word is true. "RoadTrippin" is a new arrangement of one of our most popular live songs, and "Looking Back On Yesterday" is a nice romantic song which thinks about what might have been if a relationship had gone differently.

TJ – I am Tommy Joe. Told you it was true.

6. Spinal Tap moments.... Every band has them.... Ever lost the way to the stage? Tell us about Blue Sugar's most embarrassing moments.

Martin – A friend of ours has this Bar near to where I live in Glasgow, and we’ve played it a few times. However we really should reconsider, as the first time we played we blew up the Bass Amp and the second time, our drummer passed out mid song. Any other embarrassing moments shall remain secret to protect the guilty.

TJ – I’m surprised that Martin didn’t tell you it was my dress sense! Octopants look good on stage I tell you ! He and I have different views on presentation. But it seems to work for us.

7. The current music scene.... Discuss!

TJ - Its dreadfull, dire and horrible. Too many dance acts with no original ideas stealling classic songs and ruining them. The rock scene also is pretty stagnant but thankfully there are the indy bands making some decent noises - I like stuff The Automatic are doing at the moment. Other than that I'll stick to my fave German bands Rammstien and In Extremo.

Martin – To me, it’s better than it was when we last spoke. More guitar orientated bands, play more indie Rock style as opposed to the straight Indie stuff. Band like The Answer, Roadstar and Rattlesnake Remedy are great. Also, many of the bands who have been around for a while have brought out great records as well, Thunder, The Quireboys, SAHB. I really like bands like The Zutons, The Feeling and Richard Ashcroft, but most of the male "singer/songwriter" brigade leaves me cold. James Blunt, James BLAND more like. It’s still hard for musicians in general unless you are part of the whole "Big Label conspiracy", but more direct sales opportunities are coming through with downloads, wap, myspace and the like.

TJ – Have you started to wonder yet how we’ve managed to stay together through all of these years. (sings) Sometimes I wonder, how did it all start…….

8. Which up'n'coming musicians/bands do you think have got what it takes?

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Martin – Saw The Answer and then Roadstar open for Thunder in consecutive years and really like both of them. I’d play with them any day; it’s all really good stuff. There’s a good few bands of that ilk, like Red Star Rebels and Rattlesnake Remedy. It’s all great, hook-driven songs that are all about having a good time. I’d also work with anyone who would happily pay me……

TJ – ….You musical whore! Although he's been kind of quiete recently but I'd love to work with Rico. Hes been describide as Glasgow's answer to Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor which whilst very complementary, also takes away from what Rico does as he shouldnt be seen as a NIN clone. I loved his last album "Violent Silences" and the collaboration he did with Gary Numan on the single "Crazier"

9. What would you like to achieve ideally by the end of 2006?

Martin – World peace…No wait, that’s my Miss World speech….??? I’d like to get good sales of the EP, and finally get the album finished. Our producer, Greg Friel, has just secured a gig with a new boy band, so we’ve found someone else. We may be cursed to finish this album, but at least we get to write lots more songs, and they are better each time. I’d also like to get to the Classic Rock awards, as I think that’s one helluva party. You can keep your Brits!!!!

TJ - Well it would be nice to have the album done by then but dont think its going to happen. Dan’s tour will put paid to that. Just to see out the year in good health would be nice and build on what we have done this year in 2007

10. Message to your fans.

Martin – We’re back, again! But this time it’s personal. Come along and join the party!!!

TJ - Yeah, be good...both of you!!
Yoko Ono sued music company EMI Group PLC and a subsidiary for $10 million Wednesday, claiming she was cheated out of royalties due from the sale of music recordings by her late husband, John Lennon.

QUEENSRŸCHE raised over $80,000 for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, which supports music education programs across the country, by hosting motorcycle rides with fans, accepting individual donations, and offering ticket packages throughout the band's recent tour. QUEENSRŸCHE frontman Geoff Tate is a friend of Buell Motorcycles head Erik Buell, who made matching QUEENSRŸCHE bikes for Tate and QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Mike Stone to ride.

DIAMOND HEAD have started work on a new album due early next year.

OASIS are to be honoured with an Outstanding Contribution To Music prize at next year's BRIT Awards. The band release a ‘Greatest Hits’ album next month.


MUSE triumphed at last night's (19OCT06) UK Festival Awards, collecting gongs for Best Rock Act and Best Headline Act for their celebrated performance at the Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festivals this summer.
UK chart-toppers ARCTIC MONKEYS won the prize for Anthem Of The Summer for their smash hit of 2005 I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR, at the ceremony at London's Carling Academy.
RADIOHEAD's thunderous performance of CREEP at this year's V Festival was awarded the Most Memorable Event trophy, while rising stars THE KOOKS picked up Best Breakthrough Act
. Rock stalwarts PRIMAL SCREAM won the Festival Feel Good Act.
The full list of winners is as follows:
Best Rock Act: MUSE
Most Memorable Moment: RADIOHEAD performing 'CREEP' at the V Festival
Best Urban Act: THE STREETS
Festival Feel-Good Act: PRIMAL SCREAM
Outstanding Contribution To Festivals: MELVIN BENN
Best New Festival: End Of The Road Festival
Best Breakthrough Act: THE KOOKS
Best Innovation: The Carling Cold Beer Amnesty
Best Dance Act: THE PRODIGY
Best Family Festival: Guilfest
Best One Day Festival: Monsters Of Rock
Best Toilets: Larmer Tree Festival
Party People Award For Dance Music: Lovebox
Fan-Friendly Festival: Isle of Skye
Best Grass Roots Festival: Beautiful Days
Shelter Award for Most Socially Responsible Festival: Sunrise Summer Solstice Celebration Best Small Festival: The Summer Sundae Weekender
Best Medium-To-Large Festival: Bestival
Best Major Festival: T In The Park

On October 24, 2006 Restless Records will release "Butchering The Beatles" -- featuring the BIGGEST, the BADDEST, the HEAVIEST all-star line-up ever assembled to honor what is arguably the greatest band ever -- THE BEATLES. All-in-all, over 50 internationally known recording artists bring their unique bone-crushing slant to these remarkable songs.
Produced by Grammy award-winning producer/guitarist Bob Kulick and ace engineer Brett Chassen, "Butchering The Beatles" features 12 new, ass-kicking versions of The Beatles' chart-topping hits including "Hey Jude," "I Feel Fine," and "Day Tripper," plus the more esoteric "Hey Bulldog," barked out by the legendary Alice Cooper and "Tomorrow Never Knows," uniquely interpreted by the iconic Billy Idol, alongside classic concept songs like "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Magical Mystery Tour."

"Butchering The Beatles" track listing:

1. "Hey Bulldog" - Alice Cooper, vox; Steve Vai, guitars; Duff McKagen (Velvet Revolver / Guns N Roses), bass; Mikkey Dee (Motorhead), drums

2. "Back In The USSR" - Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), vox/bass; John5 (Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie), guitars; Eric Singer (Kiss / Alice Cooper), drums

3. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - Geoff Tate (Queensryche), vox; Michael Wilton (Queensryche), guitar; Craig Goldy (Dio), guitar; Rudy Sarzo (Dio), bass; Simon Wright (Dio), drums; Scott Warren (Dio), keys

4. "Tomorrow Never Knows" - Billy Idol, vox; Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), guitars; Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne), bass; Brian Tichy (Billy Idol), drums

5. "Magical Mystery Tour" - Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen / Soul Sirkus), vox; Yngwie Malmsteen (Rising Force / Alcatrazz), lead guitar; Bob Kulick, (Meat Loaf / Paul Stanley Band), rhythm guitar; Jeff Pilson (Dokken / Foreigner), bass; Frankie Banali (Wasp / Quiet Riot), drums

6. "Revolution" - Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), vox / guitar; Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), guitar; Mike Porcaro (Toto), bass; Gregg Bisonnette (David Lee Roth / Ringo Starr Band), drums; Joseph Fazzio (Superjoint Ritual), drums

7. "Day Tripper" - Jack Blades (Night Ranger / Damn Yankees), vox; Tommy Shaw (Styx / Damn Yankees), vox; Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake / Dio), guitars; Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake / Thin Lizzy), bass; Virgil Donati (Steve Vai / Soul Sirkus / Planet X), drums

8. "I Feel Fine" - John Bush (Anthrax), vox; Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), guitar; Mike Inez (Ozzy Osbourne / Alice In Chains), bass; John Tempesta (The Cult / Testament), drums

9. "Taxman" - Doug Pinnick (Kings X), vox; Steve Lukather (Toto), guitar; Tony Levin (John Lennon / Peter Gabriel), bass; Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton / Tom Petty), drums

10. "I Saw Her Standing There" - John Corabi (Motley Crue), vox; Phil Campbell (Motorhead), guitar; C.C. Deville (Poison), guitar; Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction), bass; Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins / Jon Bon Jovi), drums

11. "Hey Jude" - Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest / Iced Earth), vox; George Lynch (Dokken / Lynch Mob), guitar; Bob Kulick (Meat Loaf / Paul Stanley Band), rhythm guitar; Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge / Beck / Bogert & Appice), bass; Chris Slade (AC/DC), drums

12. "Drive My Car" - Kip Winger (Winger), vox; Bruce Kulick (Kiss / Grand Funk), guitar; Tony Franklin (The Firm / Whitesnake), bass; Aynsley Dunbar (Whitesnake / Journey), drums


Ray Davies has been forced reschedule his autumn tour of the UK – due to have kicked off on October 17 – because of ill health. The new dates are:
3 York Opera House May
4 Perth Town Hall
6 Glasgow RCH
7 Edinburgh Festival Hall
8 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
10 London Royal Albert Hall
13 Sheffield City Hall
14 Manchester Bridgewater Hall
15 Gateshead The Sage
17 Coventry Warwick Arts Centre
19 Cardiff St David’s Hall
20 Liverpool Philharmonic
25 London Hammersmith Apollo
26 Brighton Centre
27 Bristol Colston Hall

Apollo Hammersmith London TUE 13/03/2007 20:00
Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton WED 14/03/2007 20:00
Corn Exchange Cambridge THU 15/03/2007 19:30
The Anvil Basingstoke SAT 17/03/2007 20:00
The Lowry Salford Quays SUN 18/03/2007 19:30
St Davids Hall Cardiff MON 19/03/2007 20:00
The Sage Gateshead WED 21/03/2007 19:30
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Glasgow THU 22/03/2007

2nd Nov Fleece - Over 18's Bristol
23rd Nov The Junction Cambridge
24th & 25th Nov 100 Club - Oxford Street London
9th Dec he Flowerpot Derby

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The GENESIS reunion is on featuring the 80’s line-up of MIKE RUTHERFORD, PHIL COLLINS & TONY BANKS. Full tour details etc are expected to be announced in early Nov.

Latest in the never ending line of KISS merchandise is a perfume. A mere $39 in the US, Kiss Him & Kiss Her. Sadly no Kiss This…

From GRAHAM BONNET’s website –
We know that there is already a rumour about "Alcatrazz" circulating on the internet. Yes, we have to admit that there is a project to form new Alcatrazz involving Graham, Howie Simon (g), Glenn Sobel (d) and Tim Luce (b). The official name is "Alcatrazz featuring Graham Bonnet", and it is not the reunion of the Alcatrazz perhaps you all know very well. Graham is truly hoping to tour Japan with this new band. When any activity of this project is confirmed, it'll definitely be on this News page. So keep your fingers crossed"!
On a side note, Graham has been invited by Don Airey to join the recording of Don's new solo album and sing some tracks. Also, as for the Elektric Zoo recordings, the vocal tracks are now half way done. Rest assured that it is progressing.

Rock Candy Records will be issuing a remastered edition of the classic 1982 album "Hughes/Thrall", with a release date set for November.
Both GLENN and PAT were heavily involved in the remastering process and have re-recorded two unreleased songs for inclusion as Bonus Tracks, "Still The Night" and "Love Don't Come Easy".
HUGHES/THRALL 2 will be released during 2007. Currently, there will be 9 songs in total - 7 new and 2 others which have seen the light of day before, but as part of some demos recorded back in the day.


On October 31, Immergent Records will release "Face to Face" — a DualDisc featuring songs from both QUEENSRŸCHE's "Tribe" (2003) album and Geoff Tate's self-titled solo effort (2002). The package will include the following:

CD Side:
* Complete album in stereo (see track listing below)
01. QUEENSRŸCHE - Desert Dance
02. GEOFF TATE - A Passenger
03. QUEENSRŸCHE - Losing Myself
04. GEOFF TATE - Flood
05. QUEENSRŸCHE - The Art Of Life
06. GEOFF TATE - Off The T.V.
08. GEOFF TATE - Helpless
09. QUEENSRŸCHE - The Great Divide
10. GEOFF TATE - Every Move We Make
12. GEOFF TATE - In Other Words

DVD Side:
* Complete album in 5.1 surround sound
* QUEENSRŸCHE - "Desert Dance" Live Performance Video
* QUEENSRŸCHE Photo Gallery
* GEOFF TATE - "On The Record, Off The T.V." video
* GEOFF TATE Photo Gallery

Bonus Downloads via
* GEOFF TATE - Grain Of Faith
* GEOFF TATE - Over Me
* QUEENSRŸCHE - Rhythm Of Hope
* QUEENSRŸCHE - Doing Fine

QUEENSRŸCHE recently announced plans to record and release a double live album recorded on its current "Operation: Mindcrime II" tour. Tentatively titled "Operation: LIVECrime II", the set will include a live production of the original "Mindcrime" on Disc 1 and a live production of "Mindcrime II" on Disc 2.

Norway's favourite Melodic Rock outfit, HUSH now have a page on myspace. This page is set up and approved by the band members to help promote their latest CD, Mirage. The page can be found at, so come along and make friends with band. For further information please check out the band's official website at

Black Messiah

The first Black Messiah album at AFM Records “Of Myths And Legends“ will be released on November, 17th. Black Messiah once again display their musicianship, but on an even higher level. If you don't have a clue what “Pagan Metal” means BLACK MESSIAH would feel honoured to introduce you to it…

On November, 24, 2006 a spectacular release is approaching: the DORO "Warrior Soul Winter Edition (20 Years A Warrior Soul)" offers, in three different configurations, a view over the career of one of the strongest and most interesting artists of all times.

The regular Winter Edition of "Warrior Soul" includes, next to already established hits such as "You `re My Family", "Strangers Yesterday" or "Haunted Heart" an extra bonus CD with live tracks and a brand new, so far unreleased track.

The "20 Years A Warrior Soul" Edition contains, next to that, a high quality double DVD as well. The DVD is produced in the currently best and technically most developed DVD9-format. On the first DVD you get to see a 90 minutes documentation about the anniversary show, including all guests such as, for example, Lemmy/Motörhead, Biff/Saxon, Zak/Circle II Circle or Udo Dirkschneider/U.D.O.. It also contains a revolutionary road movie about the "Warrior Soul" tour. Like a real movie this road movie leads the watcher through different tour stations in Germany, Spain and Russia, as well as through big festival events (Sweden Rock) and allows several private insights in the daily touring life. The second DVD offers the anniversary show from Düsseldorf in full length. Roughly 180 minutes of that show that Doro will, as well as her fans, never ever forget.

For all collectors and true fans there will also be the exclusive, limited to 1000 pieces, spectacular Fan Box with special shirt, sticker, autograph card as well as a Warrior Soul-snow globe. Next to the winter tour of German rock queen Doro this will be the perfect Christmas gift for sure.


10 Newcastle Academy
11 Glasgow Academy
13 Bristol Academy
15 Birmingham Academy

Nov. 29 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Casino (no MÖTLEY
Dec. 01 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena (no MÖTLEY
Dec. 05 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
Dec. 07 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
Dec. 09 - Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
Dec. 11 - Calgary, AB - Pengrowth Saddledome
Dec. 13 - Vancouver, BC - General Motors Place
Dec. 15 - Reno, NV - Reno Events Center (no MÖTLEY
Dec. 17 - Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena (no MÖTLEY CRÜE)

DENIM AND LEATHER, the classic metal tribute band featuring Ronny Munroe (METAL CHURCH) on vocals, Geoff Gayer (LEATHERWOLF) on guitar, Ira Black (LIZZY BORDEN) on guitar, Jeff Baker on bass, Bob Beaudette on guitar and Rob Daley on drums, has lined up the following dates:
Dec. 01 - The Firehouse - St. George, UT
Dec. 02 - Tailspin - Las Vegas, NV
Dec. 29 - TBA - St. George, UT
Dec. 30 - TBA - Park City, UT
Dec. 31 - TBA - Salt Lake City, UT

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WHITESNAKE frontman David Coverdale has issued the following update on the band's current activities:

"We have LOTS of 'irons in the fire’ right now, and all important. I feel it's time to address the future and know the past will ultimately take care of itself.
"I'm coming into London for the Classic Rock Awards, with fingers crossed, and a few days promo for the new [live] album, then home for a week, back to Europe for a concentrated couple of weeks doing promotoion for the release of 'Live... In The Shadow Of The Blues', then starting 'properly' on the new studio record. Also, compiling the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of the WHITESNAKE '1987' album."
WHITESNAKE's new double live album, "Live ... In the Shadow of the Blues", was mastered in Los Angeles last week for a November release via Steamhammer/SPV. The set includes almost all the remarkable hits from WHITESNAKE's career, as well as two timeless DEEP PURPLE classics in "Burn" and "Stormbringer". Coverdale was the frontman of the legendary British act between 1973 and 1976, making a significant contribution to numerous PURPLE highlights during this era. "Live ... In the Shadow of the Blues" also includes four previously unreleased tracks in "Ready to Rock", "If You Want Me (I'll Come Running)", "All I Want Is You" and "Dog", eagerly awaited by all WHITESNAKE fans. The strictly limited version of the double album will be available in a top-quality digipack, featuring a number of surprises, among them the bonus track "Crying in the Rain", including a haunting drum solo by drum legend Tommy Aldridge.

Environmentally conscious frontman Thom Yorke tells The Guardian that unless steps are taken to reduce carbon emissions, Radiohead may cease touring. “It’s a necessary part of what I do, but the consequences are unacceptable,” he says. “In the US, 80,000 people have all sat in traffic jams for five or six hours with their engines running to get there, which is boll**ks.”

PATTI SMITH was the final artist to appear live at CBGB’s which has now closed.

GLYDER return to the studio with Thin Lizzy producer Chris Tsangarides to record their second album in January. The Irish rockers seek UK-based management, and can be reached at:

The new-look TNT line-up, with ex-Shy singer Tony Mills, is in pre-production for a new album. It will be recorded with Norwegian producer HP Gundersen.

ROD STEWART again talks about a possible FACES ‘one-off’ reunion in BLNDER magazine.

Night Ranger's Kelly Keagy will release his new solo album I'm Alive through Frontiers Records on January 26. The album was co-written with Jim Peterik among others and features several guests.


4th London King's Cross Scala
6th Wolverhampton Civic Hall
7th Nottingham Rock City
8th Cardiff Coal Exchange

EUROPE plan European dates next Feb & March – dates TBA.


AEROSMITH ‘Devil’s Got A New Disguise’ Very Best Of’ Geffen/Sony (2006)

Yes another Aerosmith compilation although this one covers their Sony/Colombia and Geffen years plus you get two new songs to entice in the existing fans. Turning to the two new songs, ‘Sedona Sunrise’ is a Aerosmith mid-tempo number and not to bad but hardly a classic, whilst the title track of this compilation has a bit more too it and has a catchy rock riff. Elsewhere you’ve got certified classics like ‘Dream On’, ‘Sweet Emotion’, ‘Walk This Way’ (the RUN DMC version) right up to latter day hits like ‘Jaded’ and ‘Crazy’/’Cryin’ which sound very similar to these ears!
If you’ve not heard any Aerosmith or don’t have one of their CD’s (shame on you!) then this CD is a perfect introduction to their changing styles down the years. For fans just download the two new songs.

Jason Ritchie

FISHBONE ‘Still Stuck In Your Throat’ Terre Records (2006)

A band who have been going since the mid-80’s and their music covers may fields from metal to punk via funk and reggae/ska. In fact their mix of styles could be why they are not a bigger band than they are as although this album has some cracking songs others just don’t get the old foot tapping. ‘Jack Ass Brigade’ is superb, catchy hook and ‘Let Dem Ho’s Fight’ has an Ian Anderson flute mixed with System of a Down riffage – very bizarre but enjoyable. ‘Party With Saddam’ is another infectious tune although some songs like the ska flavoured ‘Premandanutt’ are not my personal listening choice.
An interesting and varied album that I am sure will delight their fans and if like me you are new to the band its worth a listen, especially the opening four tracks.

Jason Ritchie