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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

GENE SIMMONS is apparently appearing in the next ‘I Am A celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’.

SAD CAFÉ are looking to re-issue some albums and are looking at potential vocalists with a view to some live dates.

THE SHINS have covered PINK FLOYD’s ‘Breathe’ as the b-side to their new single.

Starbucks after successfully releasing PAUL McCARTNEY’s new album are now trying to get the rights to release the upcoming album from JONI MITCHELL.

The Offspring are to make their long awaited live return at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan next month. They join Arctic Monkeys, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Kasabian, Avril Lavigne, Block Party and Interpol before returning to Orange County to complete the recording of their next studio album.

Simon and Garfunkel are to release a new live album called Live 1969 on September 17th.
The full track list:
'Homeward Bound', 'At the Zoo', '59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)', 'Song for the Asking', 'For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her', 'Scarborough Fair/Canticle', 'Mrs. Robinson', 'The Boxer', 'Why Don't You Write Me', 'So Long', 'Frank Lloyd Wright', 'That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine', 'Bridge over Troubled Water', 'Sound of Silence', 'I Am a Rock', 'Old Friends/Bookends Theme', 'Leaves That Are Green', 'Kathy's Song'.

MUSE will release a live DVD of their recent Wembley Stadium concerts with a planned release before the end of the year.

PUDDLE OF MUDD have delayed the release of their new album to allow for some more ‘tweaking’ of the songs.

Release date: 3RD SEPTEMBER 2007

With music spanning the entire career of ELP, From The Beginning is a lavish celebration of the U.K. progressive rock legends. The 6- disc set features some of the band's most memorable performances, both in the studio and in concert, including a number of previously unreleased tracks and an entire concert performance from 1972. Interspersed throughout the five CDs are a number of single b-sides, significant live recordings, alternate studio mixes and material taken from band rehearsals. Rounding off the set is a separate DVD disc of The Manticore Years documentary. The accompanying 60-page booklet comes with "in their own words" sleeve notes by all three band members, discussing in depth their entire career together as ELP. Presented in an alluring book-style format with a sumptuous cover image, From The Beginning is the definitive collection for all fans of ELP and followers of the progressive rock genre.

As one of the most successful progressive rock acts of the 1970s, Emerson Lake & Palmer took popular music to previously uncharted territories by marrying neo-classical Hammond organ motifs with powerful, driving rock rhythms. Featuring the virtuoso keyboard skills of Keith Emerson, the soaring vocals of Greg Lake and the powerhouse drumming of Carl Palmer, ELP became one of the first 'arena' rock bands of their generation. With a stage show that utilised cutting edge special effects technology with dazzling lighting production, their performances became the stuff of legend.

From BBC Online –
Guitarist Brian May is to spend two days studying the night sky in the Canary Islands as he completes the PhD he abandoned in 1971 to join Queen.
May is going to La Palma to observe the formation of "zodiacal dust clouds".
The subject forms the basis of a thesis for London's Imperial College, where he had been studying before deciding to pursue a career with the rock group.
The 60-year-old recently published a book on astronomy with The Sky at Night presenter Sir Patrick Moore.
May is basing himself at the Observatory of the Roque de Los Muchachos on the island of La Palma.
A statement issued on behalf of the facility said he had chosen this location because of the "quality of the sky" and the opportunity to use a 3.6-metre optical telescope, "which allows astronomers to study extremely faint objects".
May is also preparing a concert to mark the inauguration of another telescope at the observatory.
He will present his thesis, which he has been preparing for across much of the past year, to Imperial College "within a fortnight".
A number of academics will question him about his work before any doctorate is awarded, a spokeswoman said.

FARRAH ‘Cut Out And Keep’ (2007)

Wow! Farrah have made their best album to date with this their third release. For those who love quirky pop rock like XTC, Cheap Trick, anything featuring Willie Dowling and Jellyfish coupled with a little ELO and Fountains Of Wayne then buy this CD ASAP. Every song could be an airplay hit none more so that the big dumb rock anthem ‘Dumb Dumb Ditty’ with its very catchy but simple chorus. But wait it gets better as ‘Awkward Situation’ and ‘No Reason Why’ as they hint at ELO with Fountains Of Wayne thrown in and of course the band’s own styling as well. ‘Fear Of Flying’ sees Michelle Margherita take lead vocals for a great pop rock single. ‘School Reunion’ tells the story of a school leaver whose life didn’t quite turn out as planned although the music is bright and breezy! It is not all short pop rock gems as ‘As Soon As I Get Over You’ is a heartfelt acoustic ballad and a lovely song.
They have already made a splash in Japan and hopefully this album will get them the recognition they deserve in the UK, Europe and the US. The latter would definitely like the tunes on here given the success of Fountains Of Wayne and the Goo Goo Dolls et al. An album chock full of gems that shows how pop rock should be done.

Jason Ritchie


Peaceville Records has been in the process of re-releasing some very important metal albums for quite some time now, and even though a few belong to bands that were never included in the label’s roster, I was really shocked to see one of these releases belonging to the well-known extreme metal outfit Cradle of Filth. Dani Filth’s band is currently in contract with Roadrunner records and it is no secret that the English noisemakers are considered to be one of the best selling acts of this label in recent years, so how did the Yorkshire-based label manage to put their name on one of Cradle of Filth’s latest releases?

Well, the truth is not as exciting as some of you may think. “Eleven Burial Masses” is the title of a two disc (CD/DVD) release which combines the main disc of the band’s first ever live album “Live Bait for the Dead” (Abracadaver, 2002) and the visual representation of the exact same performance that was recorded in the famous “Rock City” in Nottingham and which was previously released by the underground label Abracadaver (2002) under the name “Heavy, Left-Handed and Candid”. In other words the fans of Cradle of Filth are given the opportunity to get their hands on one package that contains two of the band’s releases at a reasonable price. That sounds indeed quite intriguing, but what about the quality of these recordings?

I have always been a huge fan of the band’s first two albums but began to loose interest in the outfit the moment the first signs of Rock star attitude became part of the general picture. What the exposure to “Eleven Burial Masses” did was to rekindle my interest in Cradle of Filth’s music and remind me of how impressive this band comes across in a live environment. To put this in plain words: if you like atmospheric Black Metal in general and Cradle of Filth in particular, there is no reason in my opinion why you should not choose to invest in “Eleven Burial Masses”.

In terms of material, I was happy to see that “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh” was represented, not only by the same-titled composition, but also by “Summer Dying Fast” and “The Forest Whispers My Name” – the performance of which was among the highlights of the show. The chemistry between the members of this specific line-up was evident not only from the accuracy of their performance, but also by their general stage presence. Dani was trying, in between impressive and highly demanding vocal performances, to get the band’s English fans more involved in the whole process, but he never really managed to connect with them.

There were only a few moments and especially during the performance of the more commercial “From The Cradle to Enslave” that the fans of the band created the atmosphere that such a good quality performance really deserved and that obviously annoyed Dani who responded from time to time with some really “interesting” comments. On a more positive note, the band’s decision to perform four songs from the album “Midian” introduced me to the massive riffs of “Lord Abortion”, the clever arrangements of “Cthulhu Dawn” and the beautiful melodies of “Her Ghost in the Fog”, thus convincing me of the necessity not only of acquiring the album, but also of keeping an open mind as far as the band’s latest material is concerned.

I always believed that a great live performance depends strictly on a band’s ability to recreate their material on stage, but “Eleven Burial Masses” is the living proof of the importance of the crowd’s participation in such recordings. Don’t get me wrong – the guys from Cradle of Filth did a great job but I do believe that had the vibe been different that night at “Rock City”, we would not be talking about a four star release, but about yet another classic live album!

John Stefanis
Rating: **** (4.0 / 5.0)

Y&T ‘Live – One Hot Night’ (DVD 2007)

A very nice three disc set – two DVD’s and a CD of selected songs from the concert. The main DVD contains a sixteen song set performed in 2006 in Zoetermeer, Holland. Only Dave Meinketti and Phil Kennemore remain form the classic line-up but along with John Nyman and the most recent recruit drummer Mike Vandehule they play a storming set (this despite most of them suffering from heavy colds!).
Highlights would depend on your particular Y&T faves but great to see ‘Open Fire’, ‘Summertime Girls’, ‘Mean Streak’, ‘Surrender’ and ‘I’ll Cry For You’ all in set list. It is a very basic stage set as Y&T concentrate on giving the crowd straight ahead hard rock without the needs for flashy pyros or stage effects. Good sound and camera angles throughout make for a very enjoyable DVD. Only minor niggle is the live CD leaves of ‘Summertime Girls’ – criminal!
The second DVD includes backstage footage, before and after the show – including Mike Vanderhule wringing out his sweat drenched t-shirt to show how hot it was on stage, nice. Plus the soundcheck which is fun to watch once but I doubt I would personally watch it again. You also get the meet and greet, a few fan interviews and the real bonus is some live footage from Bang Your Head festival in 2006.
A perfect live DVD for the Y&T fan and perhaps they could release the live CD on its own to entice in a few new fans. One of the most consistent and enjoyable hard rock bands around and long may they continue.

Jason Ritchie


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