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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TYKETTO & VALENTINE (the HUGO fronted melodic rockers) are part of the Firefest line-up (see Press Releases).

CHRIS CONNELL has left AUDIOSLAVE to concentrate on his solo career.

POISON and the reunited RATT are the latest rumoured US summer tour package.

THE JAM’s bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler are reuniting for a tour, minus the group's most famous member, Paul Weller, under the moniker "From the Jam: Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler." The duo, who will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Jam's debut, "In the City," will be joined by singer/guitarist Russell Hastings and guitarist/keyboardist Dave Moore

SOS (Save Our Selves) has been confirmed to take place across Concerts on all 7 continents on July 7 2007. The SOS concerts are to raise awareness of climate crisis and at a press conference the organisers revealed 25 of the 100 acts set to appear in Shanghai, Sydney, Johannesburg, London, Brazil, Japan, United States and Antarctica
The 25 acts confirmed so far include
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Foo Fighters
Snoop Dogg
Lenny Kravitz
Bon Jovi
Paolo Nutini
Sheryl Crow
Melissa Etheridge
John Mayer
Damien Rice
Corinne Bailey Rae
Duran Duran
Snow Patrol
John Legend
Black Eyed Peas
Enrique Iglesias
Fall Out Boy
Kelly Clarkson
Faith Hill w/ Tim McGraw
Bloc Party
Coldplay and U2 are also strongly rumoured to take part.



What can you say about FM? Arguably the biggest AOR act ever to come out of the UK, FM very quickly became Britain’s answer to Foreigner, Bon Jovi et al. The debut album 'Indiscreet' spawned no less than five singles, including the all time classics ‘Frozen Heart’ and ‘That Girl’, which paved the way for the band to become a bona fide headline act in super quick time. The normally difficult second album ‘Tough It Out’ appeared in 1989. Gone were the flashy suits and the quaffed bonces to be replaced by a harder edged guitar sound as the band started to find their feet . The title track ‘Bad Luck' and ‘Someday You’ll Come Running’ showcased a new direction for the band without once forgetting they key ingredient - melody. A change of label saw 1991’s ‘Takin’ It to the Streets’ emerge on Music For Nations and saw the band have a surprise, yet well deserved hit with the old blues standard ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’. ‘... Streets’ also included the mega ballad ‘Only the Strong Survive’, perhaps a slightly autobiographical track in the face of changing and challenging musical times. ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ emerged in 1995 and despite the lack of hit singles the band continued to tour hard to their ever faithful hard core, never once failing to convert even the most cynical of concert attendees with their biggest weapon - their stunning live show. ‘Paraphernalia’ appeared as a Japanese only release in 1996, in effect after the band had decided to call it a day, but effectively was nothing more than an album compiled of out takes and unused demo versions. It wasn’t until 2003 that another official FM release appeared, ‘Long Time No See’, a triple disc consisting of updated versions of FM classics and a live recording from the London Astoria in 1989. Since then FM have seen their entire back catalogue re-issued in one form or another and consequently have never had so much product available on the market at any given time. FIREFEST are delighted that the boys have accepted our invitation to headline Firefest 4. We are also very proud that they have chosen our festival to finally make that appearance that so many have waited, hoped and prayed for over the last twelve years. We’re not sure if they have in actual fact realised that it’s the 21st anniversary of the release of ‘Indiscreet’ but either way it will be a hell of a way to celebrate it! To quote Merv Gold worthy ‘This may the only time this reunion happens’. With no future plans for the band outside of this one off appearance this is a MUST for all FM. fans………the long wait will be over on October 27th .


Tyketto are without doubt one of the finest live melodic hard rock acts ever to grace a stage. A love affair with UK fans that has lasted for sixteen years on the back of the seminal ‘Don’t Come Easy’ and ‘Strength in Numbers’ was only recently cemented with a reunion of the original line up in November 2004. Well, the band had so much fun last time out that they decided not to leave it so long again to come back and say hello to everybody. Tyketto are not a going concern per se, and with all the guys in the band so busy with their other projects we at Firefest are grateful that they guys will take the time out to rip up the stage at Rock City for Firefest 4. Danny Vaughn is currently on the promotional trail with his storming new album ‘Traveller’ and has just been invited by Journey to open for them on their UK tour in March. This of course will be followed by a string of Danny Vaughn band dates throughout the UK and Europe in May. Mike Clayton keeps his hand in by playing regularly in his native New Jersey where he owns and manages one of the biggest booking agencies in the New Jersey/New York area and Brookie ... well what can you say about Brook St James? Talented to the point of insanity, a guitarist of unbelievable dexterity and vocal chops to match, it’s no wonder Tyketto are still hailed as one of the all time greats of the genre. To those of who have had the pleasure of seeing them live you will already know this, and to those of you who have not yet seen them this is the ONLY chance for you to see just why they have earned this reputation.


A swift return for the Canadian maestros after gracing us with their presence at FF2. Harem are a band that have never stood still and continually put out quality product for their adoring army of fans. ‘Human Nature’ is a return to the classic Harem sound with plenty of big guitars and huge choruses as well as more modern elements, ensuring Harem are constantly moving forward musically, not intent in sitting on their laurels. Credited with possibly the most popular benchmark album of the genre, ‘Mood Swings’, they swing easily between the heavier approach of the aforementioned album and the lighter moments contained on ‘Higher’ and ‘Weight of the World’, both of which have earned the band further accolades amongst their huge fan base. ‘Human Nature’ saw the band undergo a huge surge of popularity with it’s instant combination of pounding hard rock and effortless balladry and this will be the only chance to catch the guys live in Europe in 2007. Definitely a show not to be missed.


Jorn Lande is one of the greatest singers on the face of the planet, period! Jorn’s previous work with The Snakes saw him almost out-Coverdale David himself. If that wasn’t enough, he fronted Millenium and took the band to a new level with ‘Hourglass’, endured a brief spell singing for Yngwie Malmsteen and then went on to front German power metal act Masterplan for both ‘Masterplan’ and ‘Aeronautics’ generating almost half a million sales. In between Jorn has continued to record and release solo work: ‘Starfire’, ‘World Changer’, ‘Out to Every Nation’ and ‘The Duke’. Currently on the promotion trail with two new albums ‘Unlocking the Past’ and ‘The Gathering’ Jorn is one of the busiest singers in the world, and of course his live show is nothing short of amazing. Firefest 4 will be Jorn’s first solo appearance in the UK since 1999 and no doubt will be eagerly anticipated by all. Just in case you thought we had forgotten, you can throw in two albums with Ronnie Le Tekro’s Vagabond and another two with Ark just for good measure. There is no end to the man’s talents.


Valentine’s self titled debut album, despite not getting the attention it deserved upon it’s release, is quite rightly revered as a classic of the era. Peppered with up tempo feel good rock songs and heartfelt balladry, tracks such as ‘No Way’, ‘Tears in the Night’ and ‘Nobody Said it Was Easy’ conjure up images of stadium rock as it should be. Led by Hugo Valenti, Valentine were compared to Perry era Journey, Hugo’s voice and looks bearing an uncanny resemblance to the legend himself. Valentine were pushed by the record company, having a number of tracks featured in the hit movie ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead’, but changing musical times meant the band, despite recording a fantastic album, were lost in the mix. Valentine morphed into Open Skyz and released a self titled album in 1994 which once again contained a wealth of stunning tracks, but alas the band called it quits shortly afterwards. Hugo has continued to release albums, in fact the self titled debut ‘Hugo’ featuring Vinny Burns and Gary Hughes can rightly be described as a latter day classic. For the first time in 15 years, Hugo, Adam Holland, Craig Pullman and Gerard Zappa will appear live on stage as Valentine at Firefest 4. The set list is being debated by the band, but Gerard has insisted it will encompass Valentine, Open Skyz and even a couple from the debut Hugo album. Another definitely not to be missed.


Formerly known as Adriangale, Vic Rivera (AG, Poley/Rivera), Jamie Rowe (Guardian/AG) and Eddie Campbell head into the fray once more and despite Adriangale being left behind, are keen to insist it is in name only. It was our pleasure to witness one of the finest 45 minutes of rock and roll in Madrid in 2001 when Adriangale absolutely blew the place apart with their own brand of classic American hard rock. Now calling themselves Crunch, the guys have a wealth of material to draw upon from their song writing past in Adriangale, songs such as ‘Feel the Fire’, ‘Faith’, ‘A Moment’s Notice’, Closer’ and ‘Save Our Love’ are all bound to make an appearance as well as new material which is currently being recorded . The band plan to have new music available this summer and will look to Firefest as the event to premier those songs live for the first time anywhere in the world. Watch out for CRUNCH as possibly the surprise package of the day…..


Germany’s finest exporters of melodic rock have enjoyed a 17 year career . Albums such as ‘Inside Out’, ‘Slaves and Masters’, ‘Mystery Eyes’ and ‘IV’ have helped cement the fact that Jaded Heart are a band capable of coming up with the goods time after time. ‘The Journey Will Never End’ and ‘Trust’ further enhanced that reputation whilst new release ‘Helluva Time’ has continued to draw the plaudits from critics and fans alike. Jaded Heart last appeared in the UK in 2001 and are really looking forward to getting back to play. In fact we’re pretty delighted that they are coming too……….

FIREFEST 4 takes place in Nottingham Rock City on Saturday October 27th . Tickets will be on sale directly from FIREFEST from Monday morning February 19th .

Paymets Accepted : cash (at senders risk), postal order, or bank draft in Sterling pounds made payable to Mr Bruce Mee c/o Fireworks Magazine, 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD, England.

Payment can also be made by PAYPAL . Payment to , please be sure to include your name and address in the message box.

The level of interest in FIREFEST has never been higher, especially with FM already announced, we have been inundated with Email enquiries for tickets and information in general. We would think that this show will sell out pretty quickly, so therefore we would like to advise anybody attending to purchase your tickets well in advance.

FIREFEST is an age 14 years and over show.

The Day 1 show (formerly known as the pre-show ) has taken on a life of it’s own and the full line up for FridayOct 26th will be announced shortly . We hope to have 5 bands appearing and it will NOT be in the Rig. We are moving this to a larger venue to accommodate everybody - bands, organisers and fans - with a bigger stage and more room for all concerned, thus ensuring everybody will have a better vantage point.

Well, we hope you like then line up. It’s taken a while to put it together but I’m sure you will agree it is a veritable best of the best. We think this line up is the strongest yet for FIREFEST and once again would ask you for your support in making this show a success. If you are considering purchasing tickets, you can do so from us . It is the cheapest way to do this as we do not charge booking/convenience fees per ticket or per transaction. Please allow 21 days for delivery of tickets but we will try get them out sooner.

The web site will be up and running shortly. It’s currently being redesigned in advance of FF4 and you can continue to pick up the latest news about the bands and the show there, or indeed at our sponsors sites, and

A full list of ticket agents will be made available shortly , including specialist mail order melodic rock stores where you can purchase CDs and tickets all in one go!

Well that’s about it. As usual we can be contacted at with suggestions, questions, bribes and anything else you would care to send us.

See you all in October hopefully
Kieran, Bruce and Daren

Escape Music are delighted to announce the release of the brand new album "Megalomania" by British band Wildkard, featuring ex Kick members Chris Jones, Mikey J and Nick Workman. Originally called The Zero Hour Project these songs newly recorded in the UK and Finland in January and February 2007, were written by Chris and Nick back in the nineties and were heard only by a privileged few, but it was only a matter of time that they would see the light of day! These songs are possibly the best kept secret in the world of melodic rock, as here you will find an album full of surprises. Indeed, ”Megalomania” is an incredible album and boasts ten of the finest songs ever to recorded by a British rock band.
Wildcard is Nick Workman on vocals, Chris Jones on guitar and Mikey J. on Bass. Helping them out with guest appearances are finnish musicians Jimbo Mäkeläinen on drums, Jaakko Niitemaa om guitar and keyboard players Jonne Valtonen, Olli Cunningham and Steve Newman.

Release date: April 23, 2007
Album track-list: 1. Falling Down, 2. All I Have, 3. End Of The World, 4. 7Days, 5. Whispers In the Dark, 6. Wake Me Up When It’s Over, 7. Something Strange, 8. When Everything Has Changed, 9. Letting Go, 10. Right Here By My Side


11th Liverpool Academy
12th Glasgow Academy
13th Leeds Rio's
14th Newcastle Academy
15th Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

June 6th - Randers, Denmark - Randers Stadium
June 8th - Solvesborg, Sweden Rock Festival
June 10th - Frankfurt, Germany Hessentag Fair
June 12th - Karlsruhe, Germany DM Arena
June 14th - Munich, Germany Olympiahalle
June 16th - Venice, Italy Heineken Festival
June 19th - Paris, France Bercy Arena
June 22nd - Dessel, Belgium Graspop Festival
June 24th - London, England Hyde Park Calling
June 26th - Dublin, Ireland Marley Park
June 28th - Cologne, Germany Cologne Arena
June 30th - Biddinghuizen, Holland Arrow Classic Festival
July 7th - Helsinki, Finland Hartwell Arena
July 10th - St. Petersburg, Russia SKK Arena
July 12th - Moscow, Russia Olympissky Arena

From the Jam: Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler
02 Oxford Zodiac
03 Cambridge Junction
05 Middlesbrough Town Hall - The Crypt
06 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
07 Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
09 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
10 Stoke Sugarmill
11 Liverpool Academy 2
12 Sheffield Leadmill
13 Preston 53 Degrees
16 Bristol Academy 2
17 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
18 Cardiff Point
19 Guildford Surrey University
20 Isle of Wight: The Venue - Ryde Theatre
23 Norwich Waterfront
24 Tunbridge Wells - The High Rocks
25 Northampton Soundhaus
26 Reading Fez Club
27 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms


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