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Friday, December 01, 2006

JUDIE TZUKE is currently working on a new acoustic album, which she is working on with a variety of guest artists. You can check out the demo versions of a few of the new songs on Judie's MySpace page

Terrorvision are to release a DVD called 'For One Night Only' through Dreamcatcher on January 29. This was filmed at the band's re-union show at The Forum in London on April 15, 2005.

Guitarist Tommy Skeoch has left TESLA to be replaced by Dave Rude. The band are planning a box set and covers album for release next year.

Bloc Party will release a new single called The Prayer on January 29 which is taken from their second album A Weekend In The City which comes out one week later on February 5. Various formats of The Prayer will be backed by new tracks called England, Version 2, We Were Lovers, and a remix of the title track.

Gotthard have just started the recordings for their new album, with a release already scheduled for April 27th, 2007 via Nuclear Blast. They touring activities will start with a club tour through Scandinavia, followed by the summer festivals and a big indoor tour starting October 2007 which will take them on the road for at least 5 months.

The new single from The Martie Peters Group, “Shallow”, is now available exclusively through the band's MySpace page at
A new MPG CD, “Road To Salvation” is scheduled for release in 2007. Produced by Martie Peters and mixed by Tommy Hansen.



Britain's music industry is is in crisis; sales of singles and albums are collapsing while digital downloads - often illegal - are exploding. Meanwhile UK artists are failing to exploit the new technologies and sales channels that could give them a competitive edge and the record companies continue to work on a pre-digital redundant business model - one where they have a monopoly of recording, releasing and distributing music.

The Economic Research Council, Britain’s oldest economic think-tank, has commissioned music technology expert Andrew Ian Dodge, and a published author, blogger and rock musician to explore how the UK could regain its past glory in the music industry. Jo-Anne Nadler, former Radio 1 producer and now an established political commentator and author has written the foreword. The paper describes the current crisis, how artists and the recording labels could adjust to the new digital era and what policy changes government should enact to make this possible.

Dodge, highly critical of the BBC's monopoly of the airwaves which has stymied musical innovation says;
"Still top-quality British music is ignored in favour of BBC-approved bland pap."
Furthermore, Dodge bemoans the music industry's failure to adjust to the new digital era.
"Choice for consumers to access music and for bands to promote and produce their wares continues at an impressive rate. The music business continues to stare at the oncoming future like a deer in headlamps."

British musicians are failing to break into the American market, the most lucrative of them all
This is because they are failing to exploit new technology and the recording labels do not understand the diversity of the American market
The BBC – unfairly – dominates the airwaves and decides what may and may not be played
And the BBC even contributes to the mass manufacture of boy-band/girl-band phenomena instead of allowing for musical diversity
American bands manage however to penetrate the UK market with ease
The music industry worldwide though is fighting a losing battle with the internet which regards it as a threat rather than a way to engage with their customers
Aspiring musicians can now use several services and technologies that bypass record companies and traditional retail outlets completely
They can also target new digital sales channels; ringtones, mobiles and taxis
The BBC’s monopoly of the airwaves must be ended for the public to enjoy a wider choice of music
Live music must be resurrected as a vital market research tool to find what customers like
Musicians must embrace the new distribution technology like CD Baby
Recording labels must specialize – not diversify
The cost of recording, releasing and distributing music has never been cheaper
Record companies no longer have a monopoly on sound technology or recording studios
Their model of over-spending on a few stars is over
The future of music is ever increasing choice and diversity

IQ are planning the release of their next studio album for September 2007 with a tour to follow. As a result work on the "Forever Live" DVD, although virtually complete, has been put back until the second half of 2007 to avoid delaying the new album. Martin Orford has also delayed the release of his next solo album, "The Old Road" until after the release of the IQ album.
The band have however just released a new DVD featuring two complete shows from the 2005 'Dark Mattour' tour, the first featuring the band's new drummer Andy Edwards. Latest IQ new letter gives the following information:
Disc 1 features the band's highly acclaimed headline concert at NEARFest 2005 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania from the rarified atmosphere of the Zoellner Arts Centre Theatre, whilst Disc 2 features the performance from the rough-and-ready outdoor stage at the Burg Herzburg hippy festival in Germany.
Both discs are packed with extras including additional footage from the soundcheck at NEARfest and the preceding concert in Montreal, plus "Stage and Screen" tour diary.

The total running time is over 260 minutes and features Dolby 5.1 surround-sound or stereo option throughout. And it's NTSC so it will play on all DVD players.
FORMAT: DVD (NTSC/PAL compatible) Region 0
Price (inc. postage and packing) £19.50 UK, £20.50 Europe, £21.50 Rest of the World

Sequel is proud to announce that they have recently signed with Texas based Perris Records. Their new CD, entitled Back, is scheduled for release in January of 2007 and will enjoy a worldwide release and distribution.
Back, the third full length album from Sequel, is hard rock n'& radio friendly. Packed with melody and guitars, the CD showcases the shared lead vocals of bassist Todd Jensen (David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Steve Perry, Paul Rodgers, Neal Schon, Hardline) and guitarist/songwriter Greg Georgeson (Tommy TuTone). Additional original members include David Wall (guitar) and Grant Roholt (drums).
Perris signs Sweden's own Blind Alley - Destination Destiny for 2007 worldwide release!
Blind Alley had managed to gather the best pieces from the melodic field and also some of the best written songs to come out of Sweden in a long time. Some of you might be familiar with these boys from before, they have released one album in 2003 called Infinity Ends. Destination Destiny is for fans of Giant, Journey and Survivor.


24th FLOWERPOT DERBY 01332 834438 tbc
28th ROBIN 2 BILSTON 01902 401211
1st THE BROOK SOUTHAMPTON (023) 8055 5366
2nd THE BORDERLINE LONDON 0207 534 6970
8th LIMELIGHT CREWE 01270 251929
9th CLUB RIGA SOUTHEND 01702 348 020
11th MR KYPS POOLE 01202 748945
15th THE FLEECE BRISTOL 0117 929 9008
30th Y THEATRE LEICESTER 0116 255 7066



Guitarist Daryl Stuermer may not be a well known to many but he is in the reformed Genesis touring band and has worked with the band and on their solo projects previously, plus of course carved his own solo niche. This collection shows of his guitar style, never too overstated and with a good ear for melody. The music ranges from jazz fusion through to some very prog rock moments and each song ha s tight melody with no OTT noodling that puts many off such instrumental albums. Picks are ‘Determined’ with its soaring guitar and keys, ‘Morning Train’ and ‘Road Warrior’.
Nicely timed for the Genesis reunion next year when Stuermer’s profile will be on the rise once more.

Jason Ritchie


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