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Thursday, November 30, 2006

CORNERSTONE are completing work on their new studio album, titled ‘Two Tales Of One Tomorrow’. The album will be released in Europe February 23 via Massacre Records.

Rhino will release DOKKEN’s new album in the US.

Interesting interview with XTC’s ANDY PARTRIDGE –

The new compilation from Black Sabbath entitled "The Dio Years" will be out Feb.2007. It will contain songs from the albums with Ronnie James Dio - "Heaven and Hell", "Mob rules" and "Dehumanizer" plus 2 brand new songs recorded by Dio, Iommi, Butler and Appice.

THE BEATLES back catalogue should soon be available on ITunes.

Bonfire has a new five-disc box set called THE EARLY DAYS OF BONFIRE, in a "strictly limited" run of 500 copies. Three discs are the band's first albums, originally released under the moniker Cacumen: s/t, BAD WIDOW, and DOWN TO HELL. Disc #4 is AFTER THE FIRE from guitarist Hans Ziller's solo project EZ Livin', and disc #5 is the German-language GLAUB DRAN from Lessmann-Ziller, Ziller's project with vocalist Claus Lessmann.

CRYSTAL BALL have signed to MTM for their 6th studio album due next year.

TENACIOUS D make no.8 in the US album charts this week. STAIND debut at no.41 with their Best Of, whilst the RockStar Supernova album debuts at #101, with a mere 16,679 units sold.


Finally we have got the update that you have all been waiting for. It's taken a while, I know, but as they say “better late than never”.
First off the following three CD's are officially available for purchase - Daniel MacMaster, Sweet Teaze and Dirty Rhythm.
Next up, the news only gets better with two more A-grade signings. We have been lucky enough to secure Canada's finest two hard rock bands Slash Puppet and Ana Black and we are all so excited that these great bands have joined the Suncity family in the pursuit of keeping the flame alight.
Starting first with Slash Puppet.
Most people know Slash Puppet for their stunning 1993 self-titled release but what a lot of people don't know is that they had an awesome debut album they released in 1989 as a cassette only issue. Suncity Records will be presenting their classic debut with all the typical Suncity perks.
After well over a year trying to hunt down the masters, with many leads from many people, we have finally got lucky big time!! These classic recordings will be presented in their full glory and believe me, they sound better than ever. Better news yet, this CD will be released early 2007.
Make sure to check out lead vocalist, Mif's awesome My Space site at -
Check out the track Evil Woman off the upcoming Self Titled album for a great idea of how good these guys really are.

The other signing we have for you is wait for it….the signing of my favorite Canadian band ever in the excellent Hollywood legends, Ana Black.
Just when you thought the hard rock heights of Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood would never be matched again, well every hard rock fan will be overwhelmed with how good this band are. To me, they are Canada's answer to Motley.
Ana Black had a massive following in the late 80's, early 90's not only in their hometown of Kingston, Ottawa, Canada but they were one of the biggest hits on the world famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. So much so they attracted interest from Sony/Epic Records. On the back of the major international success of Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood, Sony thought these guys may just be the next big thing and therefore they were signed. Gearing up to push the album Who Killed Hollywood? with all the money and backing Sony could throw at them, it was only 21 days before the dream was over.
Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Sprit hit the charts and the rest is history. The music scene was changed forever. Sony then did what every other record label did in the change over period and dropped Ana Black like a ton of bricks.
When I got in contact with Dizzy from Ana Black, he told me that they had a bunch of un-released material, probably around 50-60 tracks. I than had him send them to me thinking I would pick through them to get out 1 or 2 CD's worth of material but there wasn't a dud track to be heard. I then said to him “stuff it, lets release them all”.
At this stage we just don't know exactly how many tracks are in the vault but we are thinking from 4-6 Ana Black CD's!! Now that's exciting.
I have never been more excited about the signing a band in Suncity Records's brief history, I say that with the true belief that Ana Black is the epitome of what the late 80's, early 90's sleaze/hard rock was and is all about.
We have flown the original masters for Ana Black's debut album, She's A Tease from Canada over to Los Angeles to have the entire album re-mixed and e-mastered. She's A Tease sounds 100 times better than the original LP released in 1987.
This is pure sleazed up attitude driven hard rock executed to perfection. These guys truly should have been huge!! Ana Black's first album with Suncity Records will be the Who Killed Hollywood album that Sony had ready to go, this should be in every hard rock collector's collection right next to Dr. Feelgood, Black In Black, Slippery When Wet, Hysteria, etc…
Dizzy and Dave are still heavily locked in the music industry, owning their very own studio out of Los Angeles and currently ripping it up in their new modern rock band, Nero Zero. This time Dizzy has put down the sticks and picked up the guitar and mic. I strongly recommend everyone who likes to dabble in hard rock with a modern twist to check out their My Space site at -

We will be announcing the signings of another 2 stunning bands in a couple of weeks. The next 2 bands to be announced have a more AOR flavor to them, this should keep everybody happy going into the New Year.

From Billboard.Com –
The Eagles Of Death Metal did not fly for very long as a Guns N' Roses support act -- one show, to be precise.
The group began what was to be a 15-date run with GNR on Friday (Nov. 24) in Cleveland. EODM was booed by the crowd, and GNR leader Axl Rose didn't make things better, referring to the group during his own band's set as "the pigeons of sh*t metal." EODM left the tour immediately and was replaced at the next night's show in Auburn Hills, Mich., by the local band Novadriver.
In a statement, EODM frontman Jesse Hughes confirmed that the group had chosen to leave the tour, quipping, "At first the audience refused to welcome us to the jungle, but by the time we took our final bow, it had become paradise city. Although Axl tried to November rain on our parade, no sweet child o' mine can derail the EODM night train. We say live and let die."
Nevertheless, it was surely a disappointment to Hughes, who told just a few days before the tour that the prospect of sharing a stage with GNR was "such a rush ... it bewilders me to even think about it." Hughes said that he got the news about the invitation while EODM were touring with Joan Jett. "I actually giggled probably for 13, 14 minutes," Hughes said.
EODM has not announced any additional tour plans, and GNR has not announced a new regular opener for the vacated spot.

Frontiers Records have announced the release of Danny Vaughn's's new album "Traveller" on February 16th 2007
"Traveller is the best album of my career", proudly states Danny Vaughn. And that's quite a challenge if you consider the high calibre of his musical output over the years.
Coming out of nowhere, he became the lead singer of WAYSTED in 1986 and released the band's most highly acclaimed album, "Save Your Prayers". He learned his trade by opening up for IRON MAIDEN in stadiums and arenas around the world. From there, Danny formed the now legendary group, TYKETTO, in 1990 and released "Don't Come Easy", still regarded today as a benchmark in the Melodic Rock genre. Moving from strength to "Strength In Numbers" was a powerful follow up, but even with 150,000 albums sold, 3 videos and countless tours under his belt, the disappointing changes in the music industry in the mid 90's soon led Danny to, unhappily, leave the band.
In 1999 Danny reunited with former TYKETTO companions: Michael Clayton Arbeeny and Jaimie Scott, to release two very well received albums, "Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside" and "Fearless", under the band name VAUGHN. These were Danny's songs, done in his own style and he was writing better than ever.
In 2003, Danny was approached by Frontiers Records with the idea of releasing a project-record more in the classic Melodic Rock vein, using songs from other writers as well as some of his own. Produced by Fabrizio Grossi, the album FROM THE INSIDE was heralded as a major triumph and a return to the style for which Danny is best known.
So, with all of that, and more to his credit, how could he be so confident in the new album, "Traveller"?
Best to hear it from the man himself: "After several meetings with Frontiers, we all agreed that my next album had to be not only a classic melodic sound, but also a step forward, and it had to be very special. By this time, I had done a couple of years of touring with an all English band, which featured a twin guitar attack, and much heavier sound than I had been known for before. This was well received by audiences all over the UK and Europe, so I had the task of working on songs that reflected that new, live attitude. The band, Tony Marshall (CONTAGIOUS) and Pat Heath (BRAVE NEW WORLD) on guitars, Steve McKenna (TEN) on bass and Lee Morris (PARADISE LOST) on drums, took up the challenge of not only recreating our on stage fire, but recording an album with a very layered and full production. So many of these songs allowed me, as singer, writer and producer to try a lot of ideas that I always had in mind and the result is a monster! While a ll the elements of my usual song writing style are there, there is much less of a reliance on acoustic instruments than on previous albums. Yes, there are still a couple of acoustic songs (it wouldn't be me without them) but, the number of fast paced rockers is much higher than I have done before. I can't wait to play these songs live as they are born to be performed on stage! Clocking in at an hour long, it has a little bit of everything that has come before, and some brand new ideas all in one package. It takes you from place to place, from mood to mood, seamlessly, and we are all extremely excited to have our fans hear it."
"Traveller" is set for release on February 16th 2007 on Frontiers Records with a Japanese release to happen on King Records.
The final track listing for 'Traveller' is as follows:
Miracle Days; Badlands Rain; Traveller; Restless Blood; That's What She Says; The Touch of Your Hand; Lifted; The Warrior's Way; The Measure of a Man; Think of Me In The Fall; Death of The Tiger and Better By Far.


8 - Croydon Ashcroft Theatre
10 - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
11 - Sheffield City Hall
12 - Leeds City Varieties Theatre
15 - Hove Centre
17 - Basingstoke The Anvil
18 - Salford Lowry
19 - Camberley Theatre
21 - Burnley Mechanics
22 - Gateshead The Sage
23 - Milton Keynes Stable
24 - Wimborne Tivoli
26 - Bristol St. George's Hall
27 - London Queen Elizabeth Hall
28 - Worcester Huntingdon Hall


Mar 3rd - Manchester Academy 2
Mar 6th - Newcastle University Of Northumbria
Mar 9th - London Bloomsbury Ballroom
March 10th - Birmingham Carling Academy 2


PHENOMENA ‘The Complete Works’ Escape Music (2006 triple CD set)

Hold the Best Of 2006 lists this three CD set is my re-release pick of 2006! All three Phenomena albums are on here (although not this year’s ‘Pyscho Fantasy’ released by Escape as well) along with bonus tracks and three new songs of the forthcoming fourth Phenomena album – a real delight all round. The first two albums are genuine five star classics and with the vocal talents of Glenn Hughes, John Wetton, Max Bacon (GTR) and the late, great Ray Gillan you can’t go wrong. The musicians are not to be sniffed at either with Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Don Airey, Brian May, Ric Sanders (Fairport Convention) and Mel Galley to name but a few featured across the three albums.
Of the debut album ‘Still The Night’ and ‘Kiss Of Fire’ really stand out, whilst ‘Double Six, 55, 44’ and the glorious ‘Did It All For Love’ are highlights on the second album ‘Dream Runner’. Bonus tracks include original rehearsals on the first album and a demo version of ‘Did It All For Love’ which bizarrely sounds really good in its stripped down format. The third album never quite lives up to the first two although with Brian May and Scott Gorham on guitars and Keith Murrell (Airrace/Mama’s Boys) on vocals it still has some fine moments like ‘What About Love’ and ‘Banzai’.
The three new songs of the fourth album all sound promising with the gentle refrains of ‘Karma’ the pick of the bunch. This album will be one to look out for next year that’s for sure.
A truly essential purchase for fans of any of the musicians and vocalists featured on here and a fine example of how to bring together so many varied talents to create timeless, melodic hard rock music. Now all we need are some live shows…

Jason Ritchie

JORN LANDE ‘The Gathering’ Frontiers (2007)

A sixteen song ‘Best Of’ from Jorn Lande’s earlier solo albums, which includes some tracks being re-recorded and others re-mixed for a more up to date sound. This is a good a place as any to start if you are new to Lande’s solo output (or the covers album released at the same time as this album). You get the crunching riffs on ‘Bridges Will Burn’ through to the more mellower ‘House Of Cards’. You just can’t fault the vocal performances on ‘Tungar Knivur’ and ‘Christine’, whilst ‘Big’ has a streak of humour running through the lyrics. Occasionally you can guess the style/sound of a couple of songs although there is enough variety on here to keep you listening.
Perfect for new fans to start with a and existing fans will want this for the revamped songs and their sound.

Jason Ritchie


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