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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ROGER HODGSON ‘Take The Long way Home’ Eagle Rock (DVD 2007)

A two DVD set from one of the main members of Supertramp. They may never have been the most hippest of bands but boy did they record some classic tunes, many written by Hodgson. Hodgson performs solo with keyboards and piano save for a sax/clarinet player. This gives the songs a fresh feel and one that is stripped of its multiple harmonies and pomp backing. Juts proves though that a good song can be performed in many ways and still sound good. Lots to enjoy including ’Give A Little Bit’, ’Dreamer’, ’The Logical Song’ and ’Breakfast In America’. A couple of solo tunes make the setlist as well including ‘Oh Brother’. A very enthusiastic sell out crowd in Montreal makes the atmosphere good. The second disc contains interviews with Roger Hodgson, backstage views and fans views.
A great reminder of the many classic songs Supertramp recorded and great to hear them sung with such enthusiasm as Hodgson does,

Jason Ritchie

ROBIN BECK ‘Livin’ On A Dream’ Frontiers (2007)

Best known for her smash hit ‘First Time’ off the back of a Coca Cola advert, Beck has had a successful career in the melodic rock field. This time around she has produced a classic album full of melodic delights and huge ballads being helped out by her husband James Christian and a couple of his House of Lords band members.
The title track really gets things off to a flyer, very rocky and listen out for the ‘Top of the Pops’ intros to her big hit ‘First Time’. ’Always’ is Heart’s ’Alone’ updated and given the Beck touch. The swooping vocals and high notes bring to mind classic 80’s Heart. ‘Magic’ rocks like a mutha and is easily the heaviest track she has done so far. James Christian adds his backing vocals to most songs but takes co-vocals on the heartfelt ballad ‘Till The Last Tear Drop Falls’. There won’t be a dry eye in the house by the time this gem has finished…
Buy if you’re a fan of Robin beck’s previous work or love female hard rock a la Heart and Dante Fox. Quite possibly her best album yet.

Jason Ritchie


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